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He has a formula that makes him invisible.

After a few rings everyone heard the operator pick up, "Nine-One-One operator, how may I help you?"

Kyra attempted to keep her voice under control, though it was breaking slightly, "Hi, my name is Kyra Taylor and me and my friends are locked inside Carter Middle School."

"Ma'am, you've called an emergency number. If this isn't a real emergency please hang up."

"Miss, this is an emergency, we can't get out and we think there may be someone in here."

"Ms. Taylor, he is probably a janitor, ask him to let you out." The operator sounded peeved at Kyra's assumed ignorance.

"Do you think we're morons? We've been there and done that. The janitor is dead and we think our friend Hunter may be also. The person I was talking about is a murderer." Kaylie felt that Kyra did a good job of keeping her cool. She'd have yelled.

The operator was on her toes now, "You're sure that there is a dead man on the premises?"

"Yes!" Kyra was yelling now. "And our friend may be dead too! We need help!"

"All right, calm down now. I'm going to send a unit over as quickly as possible, but it could take from twenty to forty minutes." The operator's voice was calm but apologetic.

"Twenty to forty minutes? Are you kidding? There's a murderer somewhere in this building!"

"I know sweetie, I'll get them there as quickly as possible. It's Halloween and all of our units are dispatched to keep children safe and subdue parties. This is our busiest night of the year. In the mean time try finding an alternate way out of the school."

Kyra didn't bother responding, she simply threw her phone at the nearest wall in frustration. Jon went to try and comfort her as Kaylie and the others began panicking. Claude squeezed her hand, tracing his finger along her finger nervously. Derek went to the doors and continued banging and kicking in hopes that something would break.

Jon spoke up finally, after managing to calm Kyra the best he could, "All right, panicking isn't going to do anything for us. What we need to do is check the other exits; the ones in the annexes may be able to be broken or could even be unlocked. Let's stick together and get there."

"So we aren't even going to look for Hunter?" Derek had abandoned breaking the doors.

"We'll look for him, but we need to focus on finding a way out first. If he is already dead then there's no point in risking our lives to find him."

"What if he isn't!?" Derek was beginning to lose his temper, perhaps because his brother was staying so calm. "Don't you even care about him? You've known him your entire life!"

"Didn't you see Felix!?" Jon barked, "What are the chances that Hunter is alive?"

Derek didn't respond, he simply followed Jon who had turned and was making his way back toward Mr. Murdock's room. Kaylie and Claude followed, with Kyra in front of them. They made their way without incident until they reached a fork that led to two separate annex chains. The group agreed to split up, however Kaylie was a bit dumbfounded when Claude elected to check the right annexes with Kyra. Jon seemed a bit perturbed by this as well.
They didn't bring anything up, however, so Kyra and Claude started down the hallways to their right, flicking on every light they came across as they went. They chose the right hallway because it had accessible lights, unlike the hallway directly before them. Jon had the flashlight, however, and so they'd be able to use that to see.

Kaylie walked in between the two brothers, hoping that they'd protect her if there was an incident.

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