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Another erotic encounter, with an unexpected partner.

"Um, yeah," I grinned softly, very nervously, "I don't want to, like, interrupt you or anything, it's not important--"

"No, no!" he protested again, seizing the opportunity. He jumped up, standing about a foot taller than me now, his hand on my small shoulder pushing me aside for a second. "Here, let me just -- let me be back in a second." With that he slipped past me, walking with a purpose into the store, straight to one of the sales girls behind the counter. I saw him talking to her, waiving towards the officce, telling her something. She looked at me in the and giggled, and nodded to him with a playful grin. Suddenly, I wondered what the fuck had he told her.

As he walked back into the office to join me, he reached to shut his door while explaining the rouse. "I told her, you were here to plan your Mom's surprise party," he laughed, locking the door with a click. "I suppose that's what it is, right?"

Okay, I was now in this small, disheveled, paper- and box-filled office with a forty-something married man who was fucking my mom, and I was now really doubting what I was doing there. But, I was horny and, you know, I wasn't going to budge.

David paused, wondering what to do, then standing in front of the door -- as if blocking me from leaving -- he asked almost apologetically, "So, I should get you something to model -- unless you are wearing something now, you want to, I mean, could just wear and pretend to model?"

Fuck, he was asking me to strip and show him my bra and panties. Honestly, I didnt get dressed that morning expecting to seduce an adult man -- I only had a boring white, padded bra and even more boring white cotton panties. I must have blushed, and he saw my reaction. "Well, here --" He looked around the office, stepping into the darkened storage room to the side, and returned a minute later -- a very, very long minute, let me tell you -- with a handful of black, lacy material. "Here." He ripped the tags off the two garments, a black French-cut bikini panty with frilly lace at the edges, and a matching black front-hook bra. "These should fit you -- you're about, what, a 30A?" Well, the man knew his business, I'll give him credit for that.

"Um, yeah." I reached out, trying not to wobble with my nerves, and accepted the garments. The look on my face told him my concern. He waived it off, pointing to the door and suggesting I just go into a fitting room, put it on under my clothing, and come back.

Thirty seconds later, I was entirely naked in the dressing room, about to put on the lingerie, studying my smallish teenage breasts and trimmed wet pussy in the mirror. I wanted cock so bad, but, was this worth it? I loved Daddy; was this how I was really going to fuck my first adult man?

Um -- yes.

I put on the panty, and it was something really of a thong. It covered probably about the top third of my ass; I turned and looked at it in the mirror, and fuck yeah, it looked hot -- small, curvy, tight, soft. Then I wrapped the bra around myself, and my brown nipples were obviously little circles in the black fabric. The bra fit pretty fucking good, I might add.
Quickly I put my jeans and t-shirt and shoes back on, stuffing my white undies and bra and my socks into my pockets. It looked stupid, but, I couldn't think of anything else to do.

Unlocking the fitting room door, I peered out wondering who was staring at me, knowing what I was doing. Only no one was paying attention; the fitting room was empty, the girls on the floor were chatting off in the corner, a couple of adult shoppers weren't paying me any attention. So, the coast was really clear, and my knees grew weak when I realized it. It was time to get it on -- wasn't this what I wanted?

Maybe not, but I wandered back into the office, shutting and locking the door behind me, finding David sitting behind his desk again, chair away from the desk, one leg crossed over his knee.

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