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They story of how I met my wife.

She stood above me and fellated its ten long inches. Her pink tongue flickering over the veins and nodules.

She raised one leg and planted her heel in my stomach, grinding it in place. She aimed the dildo at her crotch and inserted just its head. She rotated it to touch every delicious nerve. She licked her lips. Her eyes gleamed wickedly. She clutched the dildo by its base and slowly eased it up.

She pulled it out to the tip. Immediately she drove the shaft in to the hilt again. Fingers fluttered over her clit as she screwed her hole faster and faster.

"Don't you just wish this was your cock, geek?" she demanded, staring me down. She drove her eyes like nails into my brain. Her heel dug into my gut. The pain became searing pleasure. "Suffer!" she cackled, mocking me. "Your cock isn't good enough for my pussy. But I'll let you lick my boot!"

She stomped her boot beside my head. I turned my head to face it.

"Lick it, dammit, or I'll crush your throat!" I stretched out my tongue and tasted leather and polish. She groaned like I was tonguing her naked flesh.

"You lick good for a no-count geek. Let's see what you can do with this --" She shoved the dildo in my face. "Clean it good, carnival boy." It was slick with her juices. My tongue traced the veins and ran over the nodules. I tasted her pussy.

"Looks like you've sucked dick before, geek! Have you been bu-fu'd, too?"

She pushed the dildo against my butt. My asshole locked up tight as a bank vault at four o'clock. I kicked her arm away.

"What kind of fiend are you!?" I hissed. "What do you want? I'll do anything! Anything but that!"

I begged, I pleaded, I cried uncle till I was blue in the face. And then I got a hold of myself, and started talking trash. If I was gonna go, I was gonna go with a shred of dignity.

"You loathsome, lowly geek!" she yelled. "Look at you squirming like a worm! I oughta squash you now and put you outta your misery! But then that wouldn't be any fun, would it?"

She straddled me on her hands and knees. Her cheek was pressed against my belly, her gaping sex mere inches from my face.

She reached between her legs and, with two fingers, spread her swollen lips. She picked up the phony phallus and bullseye'd it with a gasp.

"Fuck me," she ordered.

"How? You got my goddamn hands cuffed."

"Use your head, geekboy," she said. "Use your mouth!"

I lifted my head and grabbed the end of the dildo between my lips and got a good grip on it. Clenching it between my teeth, I began to thrust it in and out by moving my head.

Her body writhed and undulated out of control as I gave her the nastiest workout. I could feel my brain sloshing back and forth in my skull as I started headbanging faster.

Drool ran from the corners of my mouth. Snot flew from my nose. I felt like a dirty animal. I didn't let up even when she started to cum. Her powerful cunt ripped the dildo out of my mouth. My head fell back, limp. In a daze I saw the dildo still planted in the clutches of her pussy. The end wiggled at me as spasms rocked her world.

"Lemme outta here, bitch," I groaned. "I done my time."

"There's only one way outta this jail," she cackled deviously. She turned around and straddled my face between her legs. "Eat your way out!"

Before I could take the law into my own hands, I had to take the law into my own mouth. I planted my face in her overheated puss. My tongue unfurled and then fluttered up and down her juicy crease.

Her aroused clitty rose out of its pink hood. I sucked it between my lips and pulled. It was a sucker move in more ways than one.

That's when Klench locked her powerful legs around my head. They were so long she could've wrapped them around me twice. I was crushed between the vicious vise of her thighs. She had me right where she wanted me. I'd fallen headlong for her iron trap.

"You break the law," she laughed cruelly, "the law breaks you!"

Those rock hard muscles flexed and churned, chopping my good looks into raw hamburger.

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