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Acting out a fantasy.

Daddy gets his fuel from eating out young pink bottoms like yours.

"Okay, sweetie, I'm giving you one last chance to back out of this arrangement. If you stay, from this moment on, I'll no longer be asking you for permission to do anything. I'll be telling you what's going to happen. I will take absolutely anything I want from you, when I want it, and I will ignore all your pathetic cries and protests. I will be extremely forceful with you, I will degrade you, I will use you, and I will hurt you physically on a regular basis.

"But, babygirl, I will also take care of you and spoil you like a little princess. I will keep you 100% sexually satisfied and constantly aroused. I will even love you. I will lose my temper on you and use you roughly in order to relieve my stress and anger, but I will always kiss and make everything better. I will hold you in my arms and cuddle and pet you to sleep.

So that's my spiel. Are we clear? It's time to choose. Are you my babygirl?"

My cunt drooled thickly at his words. "Yes, Daddy. My body belongs to you. I'm yours for as long as you want to use me. I want to be my Daddy's obedient, loving little cum receptacle. My holes are yours to use, Daddy. Even my tight little virgin bottom." Daddy raised his eyebrow at that last piece of news, his left hand pumping bit faster on his thick shaft, his right hand stroking my breasts, which were rising and falling as I wiggled with excitement.

"Good girl," he whispered. "You saved your young little bottom for Daddy. I will make it mine, and I will make very good use of it, but I will not be kind, do you understand? I have no problem buttfucking you while you're crying and begging me to stop. In fact, your tears will make Daddy's cock even harder and bigger.

"And one other thing. Listen carefully. Daddy will never, ever wear a condom or use a dental dam. Daddy knows you're an innocent little girl who could never give him a disease. And as for Daddy...well, if he has a disease then his babygirl does, too. Understand?"

"Yes, Daddy. But what about having babies?" I asked. I wasn't on the pill.

Daddy removed his big right hand from where it had been kneading my breast, and in his first show of physical dominance, reached up and firmly slapped me across the face. "Shut up, little slut bitch. It's not your turn to speak. Daddy was talking."

I nodded shyly as his hand returned to squeezing my fleshy breast, my cheek burning from his hard slap. His left hand pumped his dick a little faster, and I realized how much slapping me had turned him on. Good. I wanted him to abuse me over and over. I'd enjoy every moment of it, just as I'd enjoy the "making it up to me" part that came after.

Daddy continued. "Now. Sit back in your seat, shut the fuck up, and face forward. Relax. Do not put on your seat belt." I did as he said. He shifted the car into gear and began to drive as he continued talking.

"The thing is, sweetheart, Daddy won't get you pregnant because Daddy wants to pull out and shoot his special milk all over your body. Daddy's big fuck rod blasts out loads of special milk if it gets handled the right way, and I'll be teaching you all about that. For the most part, I'll be coating your slut titties and your gorgeous face with my sperm, not to mention your plump little white ass. But when Daddy wants to put his special salty milk inside you, well, he'll put it down your throat or up your naughty little bottom. Understand?"

"Yes, Daddy. I understand." By this point I couldn't feel my legs. I was sliding around in my own pussy cream on Daddy's leather seat as the car glided through the dark. The skirt I'd worn without panties was so short that I was actually sitting my bare ass and pussy right on the seat. I wondered if I'd get in trouble for the mess my cunt was making. I sure hoped so.

"And, of course, if your Daddy wants to put a baby inside you, that will be his prerogative.

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