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The Dad of her former boyfriend runs into Peggy.

Something to get your mind off the kiss. You could read the bible too."

At that point, he started laughing. "Any other suggestions?"

"Sure. Instead of trying to fight it, you could give in to it."

"What do you mean?"

"Go with it, keep thinking about it and play with yourself until you get your release. Or, you could hop in your car and meet me at my place in about 3 hours, after my night shift."

"That's too far away, I can't last that long. Why don't you talk me through it."

Julie was stunned. So much so that someone could have pushed her over with a feather. Nonetheless, she wasn't going to let such a golden opportunity slip away.

"Where are you in your apartment?"

"I'm sitting on the sofa, why?"

"Mmm. Well, just imagine me there with you, we're standing next to your sofa, kissing like before. We've got our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. I am running one hand through your hair. I love your hair, it's so soft. My other hand is slowly making its way down. I'm feeling your shoulder, your arm and then your back and all the way down to your rear end. I like your rear end, especially in those jeans that you dislike because the bottom hem keeps rolling up. Those fit your ass so nice and snug."

She heard him moan softly. She then worried about someone entering the lab so she took the phone and its long extension into the sample preparation room where she could keep an eye on anyone approaching and continued.

"Now, I'm reaching to the front of your pants, forcing your arm to go over mine. While you start undoing the braid in my hair, I'm unzipping your jeans and putting my hand in. Are you rubbing yourself yet?"

All she got as a response was another moan and heavy breathing. Taking that as a yes, she went on.

"At this point, I stop feeling you down there and use both my hands to take your sweatshirt off. I also push down your jeans and your boxers. Instead of going back to kissing you, I start kissing your neck, your shoulder and then go down to your nipples where I spend a little time. Meanwhile, my hands are back at work on your beautiful erection. I am stroking it up and down with one hand while caressing your love sack with my other hand. Slowly, I make my way down your chest, past your navel and kneel in front of you while I push you onto the sofa."

He was breathing heavier and heavier and she could picture him stroking himself.

"Tell me what I see when I look at you?"

He seemed a little confused at her question so she guided him further. "How long is it? How thick? Is it hooded or not?" He hesitated and then replied "Six inches long, about an inch and a half in diameter and no hood."

"Perfect. Don't stop caressing yourself, just imagine those are my hands. Now imagine my lips on you. I'm kissing the tip of that beautiful hard-on of yours and starting to lick it up and down, just like I would a huge popsicle. Mmm, I can almost taste you. Imagine that I am going down on you, up and down your love shaft, enjoying it immensely. My hand is still playing with your balls very softly. I stop sucking you just for a moment to go kiss those two luscious balls I've been playing with and then take you in my mouth, all of you."

Julie heard him moan again and moaned herself. That seemed to be his undoing and she heard him groan even louder, the kind of groan a man makes when he comes.

"That's right, let me have every drop of that love potion."

She heard him moan again and let him enjoy the moment. After a few seconds, Robert seemed to regain his voice.

"Wow, I never thought you'd be so good and this was just over the phone! Thank you for doing this. You have no idea how good it felt."

"Well, you know where to find me if you want the real thing. Someone's coming, I have to go."

Within a second, Robert had hung up and Julie, despite wanting to go to the washroom to go relieve herself, had to get back to work. The rest of the night was non-stop work and Julie didn't have time for anything but samples.

As she drove home, Julie thought about the phone conversation and figured she'd use it hersel

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