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Susie and Adam meet again.

Four of her lovers had been happy for photographs to be taken, including Andy who had asked for a few pictures for his own use. At the time it had seemed only fair to give him two or three pictures but John now rued the day.

"Best interview I've ever had." Andy chortled on his way out. "Looks as if I'm going to be a regular visitor to your bed and your wife's cunt; whether you like it or not."

Andy's final words had an ominous ring to them which left John sweating and squirming in his chair.

When he told Anne about Andy turning up for interview and his threat of exposing their secret lifestyle, John expected her to be as shocked as he. Instead she seemed excited by the news that Andy lived so close and, unlike John, eager to visit him that evening.

They duly drove to Andy's house where he met them at the door.

"As attractive and sexy looking as I remember from Devon" Andy said, greeting John's wife with a kiss. "The bedrooms to the right at the top of the stairs if you'd like to go up and undress ready for me."

Without further ado Anne set off up the stairs, Andy commenting that she seemed keen while showing John through to the lounge to read the contract of employment he'd drawn up to save his new boss the trouble of doing so. John confessed to having forgotten all about drawing up a contract, having too much on his mind.

"Just as well I did one then." Andy commented, undoing his jeans. "I'll go up and reacquaint myself with your attractive wife's body while you read and sign the contract."

"What if I decide not to sign?" John asked.

"I don't think you have much choice, do you?" Andy replied, casually showing John a photograph of himself clearly seen fucking Anne from the rear. "Copies could be passed round your firm and even posted on your village notice boards."

Laughing at John's worried expression Andy removed his jeans and underpants to toss them aside. Then flaunting his penis at the downcast John he said, "See, my cocks already hard at the prospect of burying itself between your wife's thighs."

Laughing Andy headed upstairs leaving a forlorn John to study the surprisingly formal looking document that he'd drawn up. It was a normal enough contract of employment until the final paragraph. Below the sentence which read: 'To undertake any additional duties as required' had been added 'NB to service Mrs. A ***** as and when required, but to a minimum of 5 times a week.'

John found it difficult to understand or explain to himself but there was something about Andy's contract of employment which had a curiously exciting affect on him and to his amazement he found himself signing the document almost eagerly, albeit in a somewhat shaky hand. (When, less than a week later, Andy produced a second document, this one banning John from all physical contact with his wife, he experienced the same inexplicable excitement and signed that one also. Much to the smirking Andy's amusement.)

While studying Andy's paper John had been aware of the sounds of lovemaking from above and now heard Anne's orgasmic cries echoing around the house, an experience he was to become all too familiar with over the ensuing years.

A little later Andy returned, naked but for a towel around his waist.

"Good you've signed!" he exclaimed seizing the papers. "Two copies for me and one for your records, though I don't suppose you'll be filing it in the office."

He grinned.

"Just one more thing needs to be done before you piss off home; your wife's spending the night in my bed. Give me your belt and drop your trousers, I'm going to stamp my authority by thrashing your bare arse with it."

Well, John hadn't expected this and hesitated not wanting to be humiliated thus.

"Come on do as you are told. You're mine to command now. Away from the workplace you'll do as I say or face the consequences of me going public with your little secret."

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