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Short erotic story.

I'm going to go finish up setting up some lights and gathering some music for tonight."

"Ok babe, I'll see you tonight."

They hung up and Kelly was relieved. She'd managed to pull it off nicely.

* * *

Kelly began to really worry around seven that night. Kathy still hadn't gotten home and she'd heard no word from her sister. She knew Chris wanted Kathy at the party by eight at the latest. Kelly went to take a long warm bath as she waited for her sister to get home.

Kelly had finished brushing her hair when the phone rang again. She feared it would be Chris looking for Kathy, but instead it was Kathy again.

"Please tell me you're on your way home," Kelly answered.

"No. I'm sorry Kel, we are stuck and waiting for roadside assistance but they said it would be a while. I'm sorry. Just tell Chris the truth. Tell him I'm a cheater and a liar."

Kelly sighed. "I should. I really should. See, that's what you get for going off with another man."

Kathy's voice sounded shaky. "I'm sorry sis. I know I have to pay for what I've done. I feel terrible."

Kelly could tell her sister was scared. "Well I'll have a talk with Chris then and let him know you won't be going to the party, but you'll have to do the explaining."

Kathy was quiet for a brief moment. "Yeah I know. I know it would be completely ridiculous to ask you to go dressed as Catwoman to the Halloween party."

"That wouldn't be ridiculous that would be just insane!" Kelly yelled at her sister.

"Well, just tell Chris I'll call him and explain when I get home."

"I will," Kelly responded and hung up the phone.

She couldn't believe what a mess her sister had gotten herself into. All throughout their lives, Kelly would always cover for her sister, not anymore. She was tired of always having to clean up the mess her sister made. In a way, Kelly felt that Kathy deserved what she would be getting, but deep down she felt bad. Kelly shrugged her guilty conscious and decided to get the candy ready for the trick or treaters.

* * *

Kelly flopped down on the couch wearing her most comfortable pajamas and decided to watch horror movies. She was getting into The Omen, when suddenly she found herself thinking about that cat suit. She wanted to go to her sister's closet and put it on. She wanted to show up to the party and give Chris the loving he really deserved.

"Stop it Kelly, now your acting worse than your sister!" She scolded herself.

She continued to watch the movie, but when the phone rang displaying Chris' number, she panicked. Just tell him that she's not here and that she will not be going to the party. Tell him damnit!

"Hello?" Kelly answered in a bubbly voice.

"Mmm nice to finally hear your voice," Chris said in a deep tone.

"Ooh, I think you're ready to see me in that Catwoman costume aren't you?" Kelly flirted.

"I am. I've been thinking about you all day baby. I can't wait to be with you. Come over as soon as possible. There are already a few guests here."

"I'll be there soon," Kelly said giggling the way Kathy would.

She hung up the phone and her heart raced. What in the world did you just do? Kelly stood up and paced the room. Now she was really in deep shit.

* * *

Kelly parked her car in front of Chris' house. She felt so horny dressed in her cat suit. She couldn't believe she was actually going to go through with it. She had sprayed on a mist of Kathy's favorite perfume and put on her sister's dark lipstick.

"Keep calm and don't blow your cover," she said to herself.

Kelly got out of her car and walked towards the frat house. As she opened the door loud music blared. She saw tons of college kids like herself dressed up in wild and wicked costumes. So many guys and girls turned to look at her as she made her entrance.

She felt herself blush from all the ogling eyes. She walked in searching for Batman. Her eyes roamed the room and suddenly she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned to see a tall, dark haired guy smiling at her.

"Hey, hot costume! You make it look better on you than it did on Halle Berr

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