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Niece continues her tease.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to see him again. Yes, he turned her on and excited her but who was he to take those liberties with her. Did she subconsciously give the man permission to do what he did? It sure seemed so.

The train was crowded like it was in the morning. People piled on and Nicole held onto the pole. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands encircle her waist. Nicole tried not to smile but she could not help it. She felt the warmth build in her loins and her nipples stiffened. This time the stranger wasn't gentle in his manner of touch. He cupped both her breasts, fondling them lustfully. Nicole threw her head back then looked around to see if anyone noticed them. No one paid them any attention.

This seemed to embolden him and his hand crept down past her belly to the button on her skirt. He deftly unbuttoned it and slid his hand down inside. Nicole felt his hand groping for her treasure and found it. He observed her moistness in his hand then caressed her clit. He slid her flesh between his fingers and moved them slowly up and down, jacking her off.

Nicole felt herself inching closer to orgasm and she rubbed her butt against the stranger's hard bulge in his jeans. She reached behind and groped the man's crotch. He took his hand from her breast and unzipped his fly. Nicole's hand found the opening and put it inside. She felt his shaft and stroked it.

The man jacked his fingers on her clit faster and his fingers suddenly got very wet as Nicole's cum soaked them. Her breathing was coming in spurts and sweat had broken out across her brow.

The train stopped and people got off. Suddenly, the man tore away from her and her hand was empty. His hands no longer explored her body and she was left again standing frazzled.

Nicole went home and took a measure of what happened today. She surmised that the man must live nearby. Maybe he had even been watching her for some time. Whatever he lived, she knew that he had figured out her schedule and her comings and goings. Next time, she'd be ready for him.

So this morning, she was prepared. She wore a conservative grey business suit, three button style. They'd be easy to unbutton. She also wore no bra under her blouse and no panties under her skirt. They both were in her purse.

Nicole was exhilarated as she left her home headed towards the subway station. Her nipples were hard and her pussy very wet in anticipation as she boarded the train. She had never been so sexually open and adventurous as she felt now. She was yearning for the touch of a perfect stranger.

Her ride on the train continued and as more people boarded, she expected the stranger to come up behind her and take her. Alas, her ride to work ended with her new friend nowhere to be found. Visibly disappointed, she got off the train and went to work.

All day, she tried to figure out what went wrong. There she was, waiting for him but he was not there for her. Was it all a dream? A fantasy she wanted to come true so very badly? No, he was real and he would come around again. She knew he would. She just would have to be patient.

Nicole felt so alive as she headed home from work. Maybe she would see her perfect stranger; maybe she wouldn't. The anticipation was driving her crazy.

The ride home was not crowded at all. She started to sit down after a stop then suddenly she saw him. He came on and his eyes locked on hers immediately. She started to stand up but he came over and sat down beside her. He looked into her eyes for a few seconds. Then he spoke to her.

"Do you want me?" he asked softly.

Nicole swallowed and nodded slowly

"Yes," she answered.

The man smiled then got up from his seat. He moved over to the doors and looked back at her. The train stopped and the doors opened. The man smiled at her and stepped out.

Instinct took over and Nicole leaped from her seat.

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