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Sister and Mom share a family curse.

Bear with me?" I nodded, unable to speak, and she kissed me lightly. I was curious, and a little worried, as to what this thing was. She got up and took off her clothes-seeing her naked wasn't new, but every time my stomach fills with butterflies, my heart swims up to my chest and I feel such intense love as to be indescribable. As my eyes scaled her body, investigating and intruding on her private areas, her shocking pink pussy, visibly moist from the previous experience, I felt pain in my crotch as my dick pressed against my jeans. I shifted uncomfortably, trying to rearrange myself.

But before I knew it, she was on her knees on the floor, brushing aside my hands and taking out my cock herself. This was the first time she had ever held my penis in her hand. She looked at it longingly, smiling, as she slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft.

I gulped as the penny dropped.

"Are you sure?" I whispered.

She smiled, and in answer drew up closer to my now throbbing member. Her face was now mere millimetres from my dick, and I thought I was going to explode there and then. She rubbed her thumb over my head and I convulsed a little, making her giggle. She pulled back the foreskin and drew nearer to it. A drop of pre-cum lay upon my japs-eye. She blew on it, her hot moist breath making my member throb uncontrollably making it fall out of her hands. She laughed.

"Sorry, I'm teasing." She held it back up and put it fully in her mouth. I fell back, the sudden intense pleasure pushing me back. Her tongue wrapped itself around my shaft, then licked the head, then tickled the top of my ball-sack. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere as her lips ran gently and smoothly up and down my shaft. It wasn't long before the climax over took me. My helmet started to sparkle with ecstasy as my orgasm grew from the hilt of my sword. Pleasure and shot up my long, hard shaft with my cum, and my helmet seemed to burst into flames of delight as I squirted my load into the throat of Elena. I grunted, and felt my face contort as my cum squirted into her in three big shots. She swallowed each and every load as quickly as it came. I breathed heavily, and squirmed as she toyed my helmet with her tongue, collecting the last of my emissions. Yet another first.

"That was amazing!" I panted, and she laughed. She crawled up my body, laying butterfly kisses up my stomach, chest, neck and then upon my lips.

"Right..." I said with a grin, "your turn." I kissed her as I turned so she was lying on the sofa beneath me. She giggled nervously. I kissed down her neck, onto her chest, cupping her breasts as I did so. I travelled down her body, kissing and licking as I went, till a faint trail could be seen going from her lips to just above her mound.

I spread her legs so my head was between them. I came face to face with her tight, pink slit, enlarged and soaked by the passion we were experiencing. I so badly wanted to make her feel as good as I had. I leaned in, so I was millimetres away. I blew a cold blast of air. She gave out a high pitched "mm" of surprise, and brought up her hips involuntarily. Her pussy caught my chin, creating a damp spot. I pushed her hips down and drew in closer. I ran my tongue from the bottom to top.

The heat was the most surprising aspect of it. As the almost-scalding heat of her touched my tongue, she moaned and shook a little in anticipation. I ran my tongue from the very bottom to the very top. Her juices were a blend of sweet and sour which I still crave to this day. I pressed my lips to the top, where her clitoris was, and sucked.


I looked up. Her head was back, and her hands were squeezing her nipples as my hands had an age ago.

I ran my tongue over her now inflamed clit.

She jumped, startled by the pleasure she was feeling.

"oooh Joe...I love you so much...more...please, more..."

I smiled to myself.

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