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She enjoys being taught to behave submissively.

The house had been in the family for over seventy years so selling it was out of the question and even if it hadn't been it was his, left to him in the will.

"Do you know what this is?" She plopped down on the table spreading her legs indecently wide and staring him in the face. Under normal circumstances this would have been a dream come true, a chocolate hued woman with a body like a goddess wearing nothing but a skirt. Right now she was a terror to behold and her spell didn't stop his heart from trying to beat its way through his ribs. "You don't do you?" She gently pressed her bare blood soaked foot Jack's face and leaving a perfect five toed imprint on the right side of her face. "Of course not, if you did. . ." She trailed off. "Get up, I want to get a better look at you."

Jack wasn't in control of his body. It was the strangest sensation to feel his body standing up all by itself. He couldn't fight it, he couldn't even scream. "Well that's a good boy. Big and muscly, momma likes." The woman grabbed Jack's shirt by the collar and violently tore it open sending buttons shooting across the room. In a single motion she ripped the fabric from his skin and returned her attention to Jack.

He wasn't spectacular, he didn't have massive pecs or chiseled abs. Instead he had the very average body of young man blessed with a fairly good metabolism and a fairly lazy life. "I was hoping for a little better." She cooed before raking her painted black nails down his chest leaving angry red scratches in their wake. "But you'll do." She leaned forward and kissed his nipples one after the other, then bit down.

As much as it hurt the only thing Jack could do was endure. His body wouldn't flinch or let him pull away. He could even hiss, it didn't matter how hard she was biting down or twisting at the sensitive bit of flesh the only thing he could do was endure. "You're delicious. Let's see what other treasures you've been hiding from me. Her lips traveled down h the center of his chest alternating between laying sweet kisses and harsh bites on his flesh until she reached his pants. The woman bit down on his fly and yanked it open, a moment later she captured the key of his zipper and lowered it. His black trousers sank to the floor and the woman followed close behind. She hooked her fingers into his boxers pulling those down as well.

Stop, don't! Jack screamed. Except no sound came out. The only action his body took was the completely predictable one. His cock reacted to her warm breath spilling over its head and started to harden straining towards her lips. It was moving like had a mind and will of its own. When it finally managed to make it to its goal she greeted it with a warm kiss.

"My gods it's magnificent. You're hung like one of my profane beasts." She was so close to his cock that Jack could feel her purring against the sensitive flesh. "I hope you don't mind."

I mind you rancid bitch! No amount of screaming in his mind kept his cock from becoming even harder and it certainly didn't stop her from wrapping her lips around it. She managed to swallow him whole in a single go and her tongue slithered out against his scrotum. Stop, please stop! Jack pled mentally but he wasn't sure any longer if he truly meant it or was just trying to convince himself that the horrid witch wasn't giving him the very best blowjob of his life. He was only a few seconds from blowing when she eased off him.

"Ravage me." Those were the first words she'd said that Jack could agree with. The motions his body were taken weren't entirely under his own control when he spun her around to face the table he tried to slam her head down on the table hard enough to crack her skull. Instead it was just hard enough that she winced. Winced and gasped in delight. "Just like that!" She squealed.

"You want it to hurt?" Jack snarled.

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