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Another Fun Friday at the Hughes. I am, writing at 2:15 in the morning, trying to figure out what to put down. The only thing running through my mind right now is the strange feelings going on in my body. I don't know what's wrong with me...I feel cranky and frustrated, and I can't sleep...I have a throbbing, aching feeling...down there. My nipples hurt...the only thing that makes them feel better is when I rub them. I find myself having sinful thoughts all the time...thinking things that shouldn't be thought, let alone put on paper. But maybe that's the key...if I write them down, the thoughts will go away and I'll be able to sleep.

I went to the mall today with my two best friends, Jenni and Kris. I kept having the most awful thoughts about them while we were there. We went to one of the clothing stores, and Kris was taking a lot of time trying on several outfits...both Jenni and I were starting to get irritated frustrated. I made a comment to Jenni about going in there and helping her...I mean, did she get lost or something?! Just that comment got my mind going...I couldn't help it! I started thinking about Kris in the changing room, naked except for the sensible white cotton panties and bra I knew she wore...her long, black hair flowing down her back over her soft, pale skin...just the thought of it was making my mouth water. I could picture myself in there with her, my own curly auburn brushing against her soft hands lightly cupping her breasts, thumbs brushing over her nipples.

I know I started blushing...where were these thoughts coming from?! What was worse, I could feel this aching starting down there...and I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do about it. I knew I was starting to get kind of...well...wet...I mean, I could feel the lips of my pussy rubbing together every time I moved! And since my hair down there is so fine, there was really nothing to stop the crotch of my panties from becoming drenched.

As my thoughts progressed, I got wetter and head was buried between her breasts at this point, licking and kissing, my hands stroking her all over her body. I could hear her moans, her whimpers...she was panting, grabbing my hair and scratching my scalp, pushing me harder against her. She kept begging me to touch her pussy...she wanted me to stroke it, to play with it. She wanted me to kiss it and lick it... and I did! Oh, I loved every minute of it! I tore off her panties, my hands caressing her curvy body as I kissed my way down over her flat tummy.

I licked her belly button lightly...she loved that!...and then continued downward, till I was kissing over her thighs. I licked and I sucked on her inner thigh...she was leaning up against the wall of the small changing room. I slowly maneuvered my mouth upward, my kissing and licking never ceasing in it's movements, till finally my fingers had lightly and delicately parted the lips of her pussy, my tongue sneaking in to very slowly and very gently lick over the sensitive tip of her clit. She moaned softly, pushing my head closer to her, whimpering and begging me to push my tongue deep inside her.

By this time I was so wet I and flustered I could barely stand...I knew that my body temperature had to have risen about 20 degrees! I swear Jenni must have known what I was thinking...she was giving me that look that says "uh-huh,"...or at least I thought she was. I finally managed to make it over to the chair between the dressing rooms, sitting down and crossing my legs. I was hoping that by sitting down, it would distract me from my thoughts...instead, it made it worse.

Now I wasn't picturing myself between her legs, on my knees.

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