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Greg's Christmas is interrupted by four men in uniform.

I must've sobbed loudly because the door opened and Aubrey came in. She stepped in with all her clothes on and picked me up. It didn't seem to faze her that she just saw her dad completely naked. She wrapped her arms around my waist and put her head on my chest. She pressed my body against the shower wall with her body weight. I could only return the hug and finish letting the tears run dry. I pushed away from her hug and looked at her body. Her nipples were poking through her soaking wet bra and white shirt. I couldn't help but feel myself stir.

"Baby, why are you in here?" I looked up at her to see her staring at my cock. I slumped back down and curled up. I felt ashamed. She knelt down to my level and stared into my eyes. To my surprise, she took off her shirt. God her breasts are beautiful. I wanted to suck on them so much. My mouth watered and my eyes kept staring at her.

"Daddy, relax. Every man has a cock, there's no need to hide yours. Let me massage your body with this soap" I blushed profusely to the word "cock." She took my feet in her hands and slowly put them around her waist. She turned her torso and reached for the bar of soap. She lathered her hands up and put her hands on my shoulder. They slid down to my chest and she spent a lot of time there and pinched my nipples a few times. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. She took her hands off my body and lathered them up with more soap and caressed my stomach with it. I kept my eyes closed and my breathing became soft and steady. I felt myself growing every time she placed her hands near it. There was no way of hiding my erection and it embarrassed me. She was torturing me with her innocent acts. She was only trying to take care of me, but my god, I ached for her touch. I let her rub the soap into my hips, my inner thighs down the rest of the way to my legs and then my feet. She told me I needed to stand up and face the wall so she could do my back. In my world, I heard "Turn around so I can see your ass." I stumbled over myself while trying to stand. I felt so weak with her. She had so much power over me. I turned around and knew she was checking at my ass. I looked down at myself and waited for her to make whatever move that was next. Her arm wrapped around and she placed her hand on my lower stomach. I quivered at her soft touch and she ever so slowly massaged the soap into my back. She lowered her hand and paused above my butt. I knew she was scared to touch it but dear god; I needed her to touch it. I let out a moan signaling her how much I wanted her to do this. She still held onto my stomach but I felt her hand go lower and I automatically arched my neck back. She started massaging the soap onto my right ass cheek. I tensed up and she quickly put the soap down. Then she used her bare hands to caress every muscle in my ass. She made my cock twitch in pain, yet in so much pleasure.

"Baby..." I accidentally moaned out. Damn! I didn't want her to know I was enjoying it that much. She couldn't see my engorged cock from her angle so she had no idea but my words gave her a clue. She kept touching my ass and caressed my thighs every so often too.


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