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Bryan is arrogant and biggoted - time to learn some lessons!

An airport voice announced that flights AA 215 an JAL 315 had landed and that passengers would be exiting at gate 37, I looked at my watch, 3:08, well at least this bozo wasn't going to keep me waiting.

Luggage began to travel around on the rattling rotunda and the passengers began emerging through the glass doors. I stood to one side and held up my chalked sign.

People thronged through the doors but no one approached me, except for some punk kid telling me he'd like to take me for a ride, I withered him with a "Get fucked" stare, not even bothering to answer the little prick. At 3:45 the glass doors to the gate eventually shut. I looked around but it was evidently a no-show.

The only person still hanging about the concourse was a young Japanese girl, with a small suitcase and ponytail, dressed in a black business suite, with a white linen open necked blouse and a set of pearls around her slim neck, her ears were pierced with the same pearls. She had and a look of bewilderment and worry. I walked up to her, pointing at my sign and asked, "Are you with or on behalf of Mister Cousins?"

She looked at me blankly and shrugged, "Sorry I don't understand." She said meekly in heavily accented English. I guessed she was about 18, but I was never one to guess ages well. We stood and waited for another few minutes before I pulled my cellphone out and called up my messenger service. Uh huh..... Cousins was a no show, "So credit my account with the fee from his credit card," I snapped, and clicked off the phone.

The oriental girl looked so lost and small I tried one more time, "You need a ride? I'm heading back through the city, I can drop you off if you like."

She smiled, "My new boss did not fetch, me. I'm Sashiko," she said handing me a card, "Randy Johnson" Quixotic Escorts 3347 Bay Street Toronto, "Can you take me to him, there?" She asked.

"I'm Amie," I answered, "Sure I can take you there." I said as I shook her outstretched hand.

It wasn't far out of my way, so I nodded and we headed for the car park. Out of habit I opened the back door for her, and then slid behind the wheel, dropping the glass division down from its normally "up" position when I carry cargo.

Sashiko climbed into the limo and moved forward to the seat closest to the front, and smiled nervously as I started the car and moved out of the parking lot. She looked out the tinted windows opening the vista sunroof as we crawled along the freeway in bumper-to-bumper, peak hour traffic.

I took the scenic route for my passenger, passed the foreshore and famous CN Tower before stopping opposite 3347 Bay Street. The shop front read Quixotic Escorts, with silhouettes of scantily clad ladies etched tastefully on the large storefront glass windows, three blue and white police cruisers were parked directly in front large oaken double doors and women were being led out the oak doors in handcuffs.

Sashiko looked horrified, I remembered the newsflash I had heard on the radio and tried to explain that her new boss had been arrested for being a drug pusher and pimp.

The look of bewilderment and sadness on her face made me want to take her in my arms and hold her, as I said she looked so young and fragile, but if she worked as an escort she was obviously older than 18, I later I discovered later she was 23. I asked if she had any friends or relatives in Toronto that I could drop her off at. She just shook her head. I was just so tired; I put the car out of "park" and headed for my house. Sashi just sat in the back totally blank.

I parked in my drive way and opened the door for Sashi, "Well come in and lets see what we can do for you." I said

We entered the house; I pointed out the bathroom to her and headed into the kitchen and began to make us a snack.

I heard the toilet flush, the door open and sensed Sashi behind me. I asked if there was anyone she could call, she shook her head.

"Ok," I said, "now how can I help, what can I do?"

Sashi looked at me, "No one can help me," she answered, "Nothing can be done, I must go back to Tokyo, but I don't ha

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