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Sometimes what you want is not what you get.

It was still moist and dewy from Sheryl's ministrations.

Mandy smiled and slid her middle finger up and down Katrina's wet slit, pausing at the top to feel for her hardened bud. The young girl's hips moved involuntarily in response, pressing down to meet the stiff, sliding digit. Mandy pulled her hand out and tasted her wet middle finger.

"Mmmmmm, you taste real good honey, fresh and sweet."

She licked the girl's juices from her finger and then reached around behind her own back to unhook her bra. Fumbling for a moment, she found the catch and unhooked it, sliding the large cupped bra straps down her arms and off. Her large, pasty white teats swung free, the bulbous, rounded flesh flattened and rested on her lower chest as she straightened up.

She lifted her left breast up to her mouth and tasted the dark brown nipple with the tip of her tongue, laving it like a cat cleaning its fur. She slipped her hand down her own panties. The first touch on her love button was electric, sending a powerful wave of pleasure through her deep in her hairy groin.

She took a few swipes of her wet slit with two fingers and brought them out to sniff and taste.

"Not bad, but I like your taste better. There's nothing that tastes better than fresh young meat."

She massaged both of her nipples with her thumbs as she spoke:

"Okay honey, I'm going to take off that nasty old gag but if you raise a ruckus I'll have it back on in a jiffy and I'll hurt you bad . . . real bad, . . . real baaaad." Her voice deepened and lowered to a whisper as she repeated and emphasized the threat.

"Anyway, these chambers are sound proofed so the judges can work undisturbed. Even if you yelled nobody would hear you; . . . nobody but me, . . . just me honey . . . ."

The matron leaned over, heavy breasts swaying and loosened the strap of Katrina's gag. She reached around to the girl's mouth and pulled out the ball gag, removed the entire harness and laid it over the back of the couch within easy reach. Katrina exercised her mouth, opening and closing it, trying to get the numbness out of her lips.

Mandy lifted Katrina's hair up in back to reveal her slender white neck, leaned down all of the way, pressed her heavy breasts and large nipples into the girls back and pinioned arms and kissed her lightly at the hairline. She then ran her tongue up and down the nape of her neck, licking and tasting as she went. She drifted over to her left ear and circled the inside of the lobe with her tongue. The circles drew smaller as she closed in on her ear canal, finally thrusting the tip of her tongue into the small tunnel over and over again.

For Katrina, the tickling, squelching sensation was annoying; the weight of the woman pressing on her back and bound arms was unbearable. She could hardly breathe.

"God, get this fucking cow off of me. I can't breath, . . . can't breath. Just do what she says, . . . do what she says. Let her do whatever she wants. It's only a half hour. I can do anything for a half hour. I'll apologize to that asshole judge and then get the fuck outta here. Just be cool, . . . be cool," her thoughts screamed in her head.

Mandy finished licking her ear and then worked her way up behind her ear, tickling the outside of the lobe and then running down in small circles past her jaw line to the side of her neck.

"Does this ugly fucking cow really think she's going to turn me on with that! C'mon, let's get on with this. Get it over with for Chirstsake!" Katrina thought.

The matron straightened up, raised herself momentarily off the young girl's butt, reached down and slid Katrina's cotton shift up her legs stopping when it got jammed by her hips.

"Okay honey, get that ass of yours up."

Katrina responded lifting her butt as best she could with her arms pinned behind her, taking her weight on her chin and knees and jerking it up.

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