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A few things to keep in mind during the summer's weather.

And then he noticed that the few other "lesser immortals" that walked the streets of Solopolis did indeed treat anyone with golden skin as if they were deities. He wasn't sure how he'd have felt about that if he'd been alone. Disgusted, hopefully.

Though he couldn't deny that he found it a bit intoxicating as well. Like he'd finally discovered some secret about himself that made him special. He was one of them. The beautiful sunlit gods and goddesses who'd inspired beliefs in heaven and angels. The original immortals. It didn't matter that he only had a little more of their blood in him than the other immortals did. That was enough to make him different.

But the idea of expecting other immortals to bow down to him struck him as incredibly obnoxious. He liked the idea of being connected to something greater. But he didn't like the way his people behaved towards everyone else.

At least, he wanted to believe that he didn't.

Taking his cousin by the hand, Kurt led Patty down the street. Like all the sideways and byways, it was paved with marble. That was good. Kurt didn't think he'd ever quite get used to the sound footsteps made on streets of pure gold.

They stopped in front of the fifth house on the right.

It looked identical to every other building on the street. Or any of the ones in the outermost ring of the city, for that matter.

That was to be expected, of course. They'd quickly learned that it was only when you got closer to the center of the city that any sign of individualization could be found, either among the buildings or the people themselves. And, even there, few people chose to differentiate themselves from their peers.

They were all quite distinguishable from those who lived in the outer rings, though. And not just because they were taller, closer still to physical perfection, and had halos. Though those things were hard not to notice. It was other things too. The higher status sunlit folk never traveled anywhere on foot. They flew on wings of white feather or pure light. They rode about in a golden chariot or on the back of a pegasus. They also wore a whole lot more gold. Their belts were often paired with sashes or vests or stoles that were also woven from cloth-of-gold. They wore solid gold rings, necklaces, ankle bracelets, bits of armor, diadems, and earrings. Many of them carried weapons, of which there appeared to be but three acceptable choices: the stereotypical flaming sword, an ivory bow coupled with quiver full of golden arrows, or a white spear with a broad golden head.

He'd heard tell that some of the oldest among the sunlit folk didn't even wear bodies of flesh and blood. They could choose to take on human shapes if they wanted, but they'd long since become beings of pure energy. Allegedly. None of the residents of Solopolis they'd spoken to seemed to know whether that was true or not, seing as none of them were allowed to enter the innermost rings of the city.

This far out, the sunlit folk looked a lot like the people of Summer. Relatively tall and unnaturally beautiful, but nearly human. Except, of course, that they all had golden skin.

As did Kurt, now.

It was like returning to his ancestral homeland had awakened something inside him. Brought out his inner angel or something.

Kurt raised his fist and rapped on the golden door, hoping that the man who answered proved to be just a little bit more normal than the rest of the people here.

To his surprise, his mother answered the door.


"Mom? What are you-"

Before he knew it, she was hugging him so tight he couldn't breathe.

And when she let him go, Olivia appeared and all but tackled him to the ground as she leapt into a hug.

Needless to say, twenty minutes came and went without him once acknowledging that he and Patty were supposed to revisit the decision of whether to return to Summer. She let him know it too, though she wasn't overbearing about it. Just gave him subtle, imploring looks now and then or glanced at her wrist pointedly.

Kurt totally understood where she was coming from

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