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Will love be enough?

I hear the sounds, little moans and chirps, you always make as your body reacts to your practiced touch and you approach orgasm.

Your ass is jerking now as you focus on your clit, bringing yourself ever closer to the edge. And then you cum-violently. Your ass pumps against your hand that must be braced against the wall. I cannot tell if your fingers are up inside you or if you are simply pounding your clit against your hand. You moan, a long low moan, and the movements of your ass begin to subside. You place both of your hands on the balcony wall and lean against it for support. I watch for several minutes, giving you time to recover, before I move onto the balcony.

I move up behind you and press my crotch against your ass. My unannounced arrival startles you, but you recover quickly. You press your ass back against me, and I feel your warmth invading my pants and heating up my already hard cock.

I feel you hands move between us and unfasten my pants which then slide to the floor. I pull down my shorts and your warm hands immediately grasp my cock, pulling me toward you. You guide my prick to the opening of your aroused pussy, sliding it slowly up and down between your engorged lips. Without warning, you push back against me, and my cock glides effortlessly up inside of you. So warm, so tight, so wonderful. We remain that way for a moment, enjoying the closeness of again being joined together, locked pussy around cock, intimacy flowing between us without our having exchanged a single word.

You push your ass back as you lower your upper body to rest on the railing. This provides me with easier access to your pussy, and I begin to thrust into you, slowly at first, and then more rapidly. My cock reaches far inside you in this position, and I feel the cool air swirling around my wet cock as it slides out of you on each stroke. But then I glide back in and I am warmed by the heat of your engulfing cunt.

My hands move to your breasts, massaging them firmly, pinching your nipples, pressing them together as we move together. I feel your fingers moving around the base of my cock, and I know that you are caressing your clit as my prick slides in and out of you. I know that I will not last long, because it has been several days since we were together, and the sight of you using your fingers to make yourself cum has further aroused me.

As I pump my cock deep inside you, I look over the railing and I can see the street traffic below. I realize how exposed we are. I look side to side to see if we are being watched by other residents of the hotel, but there is no one there. And then, it no longer matters. I feel you pushing back against me with growing urgency, and I move against you, trusting harder and deeper, until we cum, cum together, pounding against one another, trying to milk the full measure of pleasure from our united parts and souls.

We remain locked together as my cock shrinks inside of you. It is then that you speak for the first time. "I am glad to see you," you say. My heart skips a beat, but I know that all is well between us, and that whatever is troubling you can be worked out.

I move away from you, and you turn to embrace me. We hold each other, still not speaking, but with warmth and affection flowing between us like an electrical current. I take your hand and lead you into the room. I slowly remove your clothes, gently kissing each new curve as it is exposed. Finally you stand before be, naked butbold, smiling that wonderful, that joyous, smile. I pull down the bedcovers, and you climb in. You watch as I undress and climb in beside you. We snuggle together, each seeking reassurance from the other, hoping we can get past this period of uncertainty.

At first, we do not speak, preferring instead to hold one another.

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