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Natalie Portman, 9 years later.

Grabbing his arms he just about managed to press the probe's de-activate button as they shot the first round of tranquiliser darts at him. Fortunately he was still holding Johan's body and the darts all buried themselves in the young hunter before Aion let go of the body. The man dropped dead to the floor in an instant.
"The other, Sirius?" Aion asked as Carissa bent down and cut Sensi loose.

"I took him out, he's alive but won't be waking up anytime soon."

Sensi stood up and looked first at Carissa, then at Aion.

"That was a fucking stupid idea, that monster nearly fucked me to death!" Sensi said scrambling over to Tessa. She scratched at the bonds, looking for a way to take them off.

Aion wandered over to Marcus and grabbed his lifeless arm. Pressing a number of buttons the restraints holding Tessa suddenly released and felt to the floor in a pile of tangled tentacles.

"Boo-hoo princess, boo fucking hoo." she said. "I'm going to be walking wonky for a week and you're complaining about a bit of foreplay."

Tessa staggered to her feet and looked around, all her kit was lying on the floor and before anyone had the chance to do anything she had dived over and grabbed her pulse riffle, bringing it up to bear on the Aion, Carissa and Sensi.

"Now someone better start telling me exactly what the FUCK is going on, I'm not in a good mood after that and won't care much if I blow all three of you away right here."

Aion raised an eyebrow and turned to Carissa. "Maybe we should have let them fuck her some more, ungrateful bitch." he said.

Carissa nodded and chuckled but Tessa looked less than impressed.

"What the fuck did you just say?" Tessa said pointing the weapon directly at Aion.

Sensi stepped forward, Tessa quickly pointing the weapon at her making Sensi stop.

"Let's calm it down shall we?" Sensi said feeling anything but calm, Tessa was pointing the pulse riffle directly at her. "We're not here to hurt you, that's surely obvious."

Tessa studied Aion and Carissa for a moment, before looking back at Sensi. "You are from the downed pod, AD17-45?"

"Err, you mean AB14-22 don't you? Or did another pod come down as well?" Sensi said looking alarmed. Tessa though seemed to relax a little hearing this and the weapon aim dropped a little.

"No, just a test. Just the one pod came down, who are you and what's your function?"

"My name is Sensi and I'm a coder. Who are you?" she said.

"Great, breading stock. Just my luck." She muttered. Tessa looked over at the other two. "Who are they, and why can you understand them?"

"They are friends, its complicated." Sensi sighed. "I can understand them as I have this."

Sensi showed her the implant on her neck quickly as Carissa took off her backpack and pulled out Sensi's stasis suit. Throwing it over Sensi bent down and picked it up, holding it up to Tessa.

"Come with us, we can explain it all on the way back to the base." She said, but Tessa didn't move.

"Where are the others, where is your marine guard?" She said irately. "I'm not going anywhere until..."

Sensi looked confused as Tessa stopped, then suddenly dropped to the ground unconscious.

"Oh my god," she said rushing over. It was only when she spotted the two tranquiliser darts in her back that she looked round at Aion and scowled. He was holding a control panel in one hand and had been setting up the guard-bots whilst they spoke.

"Aion! She is going to be in such a bad mood when she wakes up!"


Nicole felt like she had been crying for an age, stuck in her isolation every flutter of air over her exposed skin made her flinch. She had no idea how long Cronus had left her or how long he planned to leave her but she knew that if she could avoid this again she would. It seemed like it had been an eternity, drifting in and out of consciousness meant Nicole had now way of knowing how long it had really been.

She could have sworn from time to time she felt the air move around her, as if someone was close but then again it could have just been her imagination pla

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