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Wife consoles brother in law.

She saw a headline that advertised pictures of naked Amateur Women.

She decided to click on that. Immediately it opened up she got tingles down her spine that she had expected to see when she was looking at the cocks. She was engrossed with what she was seeing. There were ladies of all shapes and sizes. Some had big tits others had small tits. Some of them had hairy pussies and other had no hair at all. She was that intrigued that she nearly did not hear her mother come into her room to check on her. She managed to minimize the page just before her mother opened the door to her room.

From then on she would look at these sites as often as she could and she would learn more and more about the female body. She was fascinated by them and could not get enough of them. As she developed physically and mentally she went out with a few boys just to check things out but as soon as she got home she would open up her computer and look at the images of the women. Then one day she was looking at the computer when she discovered a word that she had not heard of before. It was the word Lesbian. She decided to research the meaning of the word. When she read the definition of the word she realised that everything it said applied to her. So now she knew. She went through her teenage years knowing that she would lose her virginity to a woman and not a man.

When she reached eighteen she started going into the pubs and clubs around her. She would sit there with her girlfriends and be chatting away when a boy would come up and try to chat her up. She would push them away and go back to chatting to her girlfriends.

One night she was stood at the bar waiting to be served by the barman when she felt a hand on her butt. She tried to ignore it thinking that it would be some young man having a cheeky grope. She was surprised when a voice whispered in her ear.

"That is one sexy butt you have got." The voice said.

Julie felt that tingle down her spine. That was no man touching her that was a woman and it awoke all those feelings that had welled up inside of her as she grew up. She had never managed to go with a woman as yet. She dare not tell her friends for fear of being ostracised. She turned to look at the woman and saw that she was a lot older than she was.

"Thank- you." Julie said.

"My name is Maria." The older woman said.

"Hey I am Julie."

As they stood and chatted Julie realised that she was getting aroused and that she wanted to see what it would be like to kiss this woman and have her touch her body. She became lost in her thoughts so much so that when the barman came to take her order she became all tongue tied and could not get it out properly. The older woman just took her by the hand and said into her ear.

"Calm down gorgeous I am going nowhere."

Julie managed to compose herself and placed the order and took it back to her girlfriends. She placed the drinks on the table and then told the girls that she was going to speak to a friend of her mother's that she had just met at the bar. Her girlfriend's did not seem to mind they had all got their drinks and were just looking forward to getting to the club where they could dance and hopefully pick up a man at the end of the night and get a good shagging. Julie left the group and went in search of the older woman.

She walked around the crowded bar looking for the older woman. All that she knew was that she was called Maria and she looked sexy. She moved around the bar for about ten minutes and was just about to go back to her girlfriends when she caught her out of the corner of her eye. She was sat with a bunch of older women and they were laughing and joking and drinking white wine. Julie moved into a position where Maria would see her and catch her eye if she looked up. Julie stood there and drank her pint of lager when suddenly Maria looked up and saw her. She gave Julie a wink and went back to talking to her friends. Julie knew she was going to stay around and see if Maria came and talked to her.

The night seemed to drag an

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