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Addison's first interracial experience.

I realised that this was his intention, for me to masturbate for both our pleasures. The bastard had brought me here to fuck me, but was making me wank myself off!

I was happy to comply. I stopped feeding him and used both hands to satisfy myself, the fingers of one hand thrust deep up my fuck-hole, the middle finger of the other hand to massage my oily pleasure-bud to a screaming orgasm. Now I gave him both hands to suck clean.

"Now take it from the source." I suggested.

He moved slowly down my body, paused to kiss and lick whichever morsel he chose, until his mouth was at last on my gaping maw. His quivering prick hovered above my mouth. I reached up and took it gratefully into my cock-hungry mouth, sucking him deep. As he sucked my only partially sated pussy. I fed on his meat, using all my skill to please him. Very soon. Too soon, I sensed that his own climax was close. My next one was some way off, but I had had two already. This was for him. I held tightly onto his shaft to prevent his escape and sucked hard. His thick spunk erupted into the back of my throat, spurt after powerful spurt jetting into my mouth. He must have been saving it for me, there was a huge amount of the earthy, salty tasting delicacy. I drank it down gratefully.

Spent now. At least for the time being, he climbed onto the bed. I removed my stockings and sussies, and lay alongside, snuggling up very close.

"So," I said teasingly. "Daddy's a Dook?"

Alex smiled his crooked smile and nodded.

"What does that make you." I continued.


"Nothing? The son of a Duke must have some kind of title?"

"It's complicated." He said.

I gently took the very tip of his damp foreskin between finger and thumb and used it to lift his limp prick, letting it fall back onto his belly.

"We have time." I quipped.

He sighed and began the explanation:

"Yes, my father is a Duke. An inherited title which he hates. He believes that a man should be judged by his deeds, not his inheritance. But he is sensible enough to acknowledge that the wealth that came with the title, comes in handy. And that there are many people who do believe in the so-called 'aristocracy'. So he uses the title as a means to give him leverage as a businessman.

He was the second son of the previous Duke. He, the previous Duke, was killed in an air crash, along with his first son, my uncle. This is not the first time that what is called; 'The Copemore curse.' has struck the family. In fact my father is the longest surviving Duke since the title was bestowed. He is sixty, all the Copemores look older than their years.

I too, am the second son. I have an older brother, Charles junior. He is called a Marquis, he will inherit the title from our father. I am allowed to call myself 'Lord Copemore'. But I only use the title to get theatre tickets an tables in good restaurants. I'm just Alex."

It took a while to absorb all this information. All the time, I had been coaxing his droopy weapon back to being a cannon. I said;

"And I thought that I was about to be injected by aristocratic spunk. I'm disappointed."

"It's not inferior." He replied. "On your back common wench, prepare yourself to receive the royal sceptre."

He entered me with ease and what seemed like familiarity. He was above me like this for the entire fuck, which was long and loving, and ended with him inducing another mega-come in me, right from deep inside. Only then did he anoint my cervix with yet more precious fluid.

We both fell asleep then.

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