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Childhood friend & his lover comfort broken-hearted lady.


"Oh shut up Andy!" The girls shouted together in disgust. He was still adamant he had a point, I just laughed.

Becky, Rachel and a few of the girls decided to get up and go for a dance on the dance floor. I stayed with most the guys on the sofas, they were still stunned and kept asking me more about Becky while constantly looking over to the dance floor to see what the girls were doing. A few headed over to join them and they all seemed to form a circle around Becky as she raised her arms in the air and danced. A few people around the club seemed to take an interest in our group and there was lots of talking in peoples ears and pointing at Becky -- Strangers would then pull a surprised face and stare more intently at Becky who seemed to enjoy the attention, swaying her dark hair from side to side as she danced.

Eventually a guy tried to dance with Becky, she wasn't showing much interest at first but then he started to sort of grind up against her, which she stopped but they then danced together in the same rhythm. He put his hand around her waist before trying to move his hands lower and lower from her back down over her ass. She didn't seem to mind too much and smiled keeping her hair from her face with her hands multiple times so he could see she was enjoying it. He seemed to take this as his cue and moved his hand down to her legs. A huge group of people now watched, fascinated by where this may go and I was watching intently from a distance completely ignoring all that was going on around me.

The guy dancing with Becky was dancing away and slowly moving his hand further and further up her leg and so far Becky wasn't stopping him at all. He then moved his hand what must have been too far as her smile dramatically changed to a face of shock, she batted his hand away but he wasn't stopping and pulled her closer now with both hands firmly on her ass -- she tried to push him away but he was just laughing, at which point Rachel and some other girls grabbed him and pulled him away. He scarpered off into the crowds with a few guys giving him high fives. Becky and the girls all promptly came back over to us at the sofa's.

"Oh my word, the Cheek!" Becky screamed.

- "Looked like he had both cheeks!" Andy laughed gaining a huge scowl from all the girls, the boys all laughed.

"He seemed to know just what I'm wearing?" Becky questioned to anyone listening.

- "Yeah everyone knows." Jon responded quite sharply.


- "Well people started asking who you were in the middle and we said you were out on your engagement party and had decided to go out naked under your coat."
"Thanks so much... I'm never going to live this down! You may as well have announced it over the sound system!" Becky angrily ranted.

- "No, you aren't going to live it down. May as well burn all your underwear because from now on people will be more surprised if you're wearing it than the surprise in not wearing it tonight!" Jon responded.

"You'd love that wouldn't you!"

- "Well yeah!"

"You think I'll be walking around in tiny skirts and backless tops all day with nothing underneath..." Becky mocked.

- "Sounds great!"

"Well if I do.. it won't be for you lot!" she continued, looking at me and smiling. "Come on Mister. I wasn't done dancing but I need you to look after me so other guys don't try anything."

We got up and a few of Becky's friends came to join us, as we wandered over to the dance floor it was like the whole place was looking at us, and to an extent they were. Becky refused to be phased by the attention and just started to move to the beat. She raised her arms and started to bend her knees and sway her hips quite sensually. I put my arms around her waist and she smiled at me as we danced.

A circle of people started to form around us, many with camera phones flashing.

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