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Cousin Beth & Aunt Helen; Sam joins in the fun.

It made everyone uncomfortable. Reggie just sat there and grinned. After that Jackie tried to say we were busy when her sister would say we should get together and do something.

Now the son of a bitch was passed out drunk on a chaise lounger by the pool. We had put the kids to bed and Jackie and I were standing near Reggie wondering what to do about him.

"I suppose we could roll him in the pool. Hold him under water. Do the world a favor."

"We can't do that." Jackie slapped me on the shoulder.

"Why not?"

"Things have been hard for him with my sister leaving him like that and all. The drinking is because he really cared about Renee."

"He drank too much when he was with her."

"The guy she ran off with had asked her out a few times when she started dating Reggie. Her new guy was fucking her when Reggie asked her out. She fucked Reggie on the second date and found out he had a large dick. Even though she knew the first guy was better husband material she couldn't overlook the benefit of Reggie fucking her. Then Reggie surprised her by asking her to marry him and she said yes. Renee continued fucking both of them right up until the day she ran off."

"You mean she was fucking both of them while married to Reggie?"

"She was probably fucking her co-worker as much as she was fucking her husband! Reggie never had a clue until she left him a note on the refrigerator for him to find after she was gone."

"Why didn't you say anything to me about this?"

"I didn't want you to think our family was a bunch of sluts."

"I couldn't imagine me thinking that." I scoffed.


We left Reggie by the pool, me still hoping the son-of-a-bitch would fall into the water drunk and drown. It was Friday night and I had the whole Labor Day weekend to be with my wife and fuck her without Ted hammering nine inches into her first. Things were almost playful between Jackie and myself. When I got her naked into bed knowing I wouldn't be following Ted for sloppy seconds I decided to bury my face in her cunt. I knew they may be some leftovers, but Jackie tasted good.

"What are you doing?" Jackie squealed. "You know Ted's cum is going to be in me for a couple of days after he fucks me!"

"I know that ... "

"And, you don't mind?"

"Look, I've got a long weekend with my wife and don't have to share her with Ted's big cock. I'm going to enjoy it!"

Jackie is always wet and ready to fuck. Most of that because of Ted. I was making her cum with my tongue and she was really lubing up inside. Ted was beginning to show up a little more in the taste of her. He really did put his seed up deep in her womb. It wasn't too noticeable and Jackie was really putting out her own juices as I had made her cum several times.

"You sure are cumming a lot. You must be enjoying it."

"Oh, God! I know. I guess it's that you're eating me knowing that Ted's seed is still in there."

"He didn't fuck you today. There can't be that much left."

"Really?? I can feel his cum leak back through my cervix the whole next day until he fucks me again the next night. Keep your face in my pussy and you'll see!"

She was mostly right about that. The taste of Ted never really went away and knowing eating her out was my only way of keeping her in my control I made her cum several times over the next hour. A final orgasm hit her hard enough she made enough of a noise that it could wake the kids. My cock had been rock hard all of that time and I was ready to fuck her. I was ready to move in to position.

"Maybe we should check in Reggie before we do this!"

She swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood up. I had to grin with pride when I saw all my efforts had made her somewhat wobbly legged. I had her cunt lips pretty puffy so that they peeked out at me in the gap between her legs. She pulled on her shorts and top without her underwear.

"Don't you think he can see your tits through the fabric?"

"It's not that light out there and besides, he's probably still passed out."

I had no idea how stupid this idea was.

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