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Law student Cara sees her long-lost dad at an interview.

"I'll never get tired of this..."

I rocked back and forth on top of her, rolling her hips slightly while she churned and squeezed me with her ass. Her arms were hooked around my neck and she clamped her legs around my waist, pulling me in even deeper. We kissed feverishly, one of my arms propping me over her while the other squeezed and groped her breasts. The feel of her incredible body beneath me, the unreal delight of making lover to her... how could I ever give this up?

Why must I?

Alexa was panting beneath me and bucking her hips rhythmically, flexing her ass around my throbbing tool. She pressed her forehead to mine, gripping me tight. My thrusts were strong and steady, bringing us both closer to the bliss we now sought- a mutual ecstasy that we could not do without.

"Yes, Alex..." she whispered, her fingers caressing my neck. "Cum in me, my beautiful husband. Cum in your loving wife..."

Her words sent my heart soaring and I pushed down deeper inside her, making her gasp. She pressed her mouth to mine and kissed me feverishly, using her legs around my waist to pull her hips off the bed and crush herself to me, straining. I pushed down into her with all my might, my body shaking with effort before the dam burst- we moaned into one another's mouths as we came together, my pearly essence flooding deep inside her ass. We writhed, bucked and churned together, lost in rapture. The tingling fire of orgasm blossomed through me, touching ever fibre of my being.

She collapsed onto the bed and I went with her, both of us panting in exquisite exhaustion. I could feel my cock throbbing inside her and the beat of her heart around me. My eyes were closed, the darkness punctuated with unreal scintillating colours and a deep bliss. I don't know how long we were holding one another, just that this moment never needed to end.

Alexa finally sighed in contentment and found her voice. "Love me?"

"I gots no other way to be." I replied, smiling and rubbing my nose against hers.

"Let me stay with you tonight, Alex," she whispered, caressing my face. "My door upstairs is closed, Mike and Karen will just assume I'm sleeping in after a long day. I already told Freja and Jeanie to let me contact them and not the other way around, so they won't message me. Your parents won't come down here, will they?"

I shook my head. "They never have. That one night my dad called down and turned on the lights was as close as it's ever gotten. They respect my privacy, especially since they know I sleep in the buff."

She giggled. "That's one of the principle reasons that I like to come and bother you in the mornings. May I stay with you tonight, then?"

"I'd love that more than anything," I said with complete honesty. "If you never left my side again, I'd be the happiest man to ever live."

She kissed me again and then allowed me to pull gently out of her ass. We took turns using the bathroom and then cuddled close, arms wrapped around one another. We kissed and whispered words of love before drifting off to sleep, both of us dreaming about a future we knew could never be.


I was yawning and scratching as I stumbled upstairs, clad in boxer shorts and a t-shirt with a Clan Wolf logo on it. The kitchen and dining room smelled of strong coffee, bacon, eggs and toast. Sure enough, dad was sitting at the table, reading a paper while mom was shovelling a few kilotons of eggs onto a large plate.

"Good morning, Cinderfella," dad said cheerfully, looking over at me. "Nice to see yesterday's insanity didn't wipe you out completely."

"I got off lucky," I said, shrugging. "All I really had to do was talk to Jeanie for a few, literally a no-brainer. At least I didn't spend two hours walking around on my hands with my knees latched beside my ears."

"Good Lord, that girl is unreal," mom muttered, pushing a few pigs' worth of bacon onto dad's plate. "She belongs in Cirque Du Soleil with that flexibility."

"I wonder if we could turn that into a sex position.

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