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She's looking for her Daddy.

.." The torches flicker wildly as Atlas begins reciting the words, the air singing with energy, filling the thief's being until he felt like he would burst from the pressure.

"Don't contain the energy, you'll die! Focus it on the center! Now!" Atlas casts an arm out towards the center symbol as the energy swells, willing it in that direction with all his might.

A blinding light fills the room, erasing every bit of darkness and forcing both Lucius and Atlas to shield their eyes from it. After a few moments of blinding intensity, it softens to nothing until it completely disappears.

Atlas moves his hand and gazes at the great, white wolf in the center of the circle, head held high as she regards the thief. "Maua!" declares Atlas, smiling. The she-wolf approaches coming to a stop at Atlas' side.

"The noble wolf," observes Lucius. "Very--"

"The next trial, Lucius," interrupts Atlas.

"Very well. You have your Familiar. You have your Grimoire. Proceed through the door and return when you have the Dei Oculo."

"The what?"

"You'll know it when you have located it." Atlas scoffs and then nods. " take a torch. It's awfully dark down there, Sir Atlas. Oh!" Lucius removes the satchel hanging at his hip and tosses the leather bag to him. "For carrying your Grimoire, and the Dei Oculo." Atlas tucks the book into it, raises the strap over his head and brushes the satchel towards his lower back. "Do be careful..."

Atlas takes one of the torches from the wall and approaches the wooden doors opposite the two of them, Maua following beside him the entire time. The orange light of the torch illuminates a set of stairs leading straight down into the earth. "Fantastic..." Maua growls a bit and Atlas pats her head. "It'll be alright, Maua. Come on." They descend slowly, the light of the torch illuminating their path.

The air begins to cool the further they descend the ancient stone stairs until finally the ground levels out into a hallway. Atlas' boot-steps echo off the stone walls, and the 'click-clack' of Maua's black nails on the stone floor sounds a strange pattern that adds some noise to the otherwise silent and dark world they now occupy. Their long descent is accompanied by yet another long walk.

The hall changes around them. The man-made walls giving way to cave stone and shortly after, the floor as well. The hall widens, slightly so at first until it expends well beyond the light of the torch.

No longer is the sound of Atlas' boot-steps and Maua's nails the only thing in their world. The soft sound of water flowing rings in the distance, growing steadily louder and more thunderous as the two approach. The air grows damper, colder.

It's all around them, though the crashing sounds of water sounds most thunderous in front of them. The light of the torch begins to reflect off a wall of water in their path, Maua and Atlas both come to a stop in a small puddle of flowing water.

"Guess I won't be keeping my torch..." He looks at the bit of wood and then at the wall of water before tossing it through it.

Over the crashing of the water, the torch strikes stone with a loud clatter nearly immediately. Atlas sighs a bit and steps forward, hand out-stretched to guide him through the waterfall.

It collides with no stone and aside from the cold drenching of the water fall, there is nothing to impede their progress. Atlas' hood sheds most of the water, keeping it from his eyes as he pushes forward.

For several long moments he's completely surrounded by the wall of water until at last he breaks free. A wry laugh escapes from him as he gazes around the absolutely massive cavern, strange glowing crystals illuminating the entire place.

"How is all this-- Maua!" Atlas shields his face as the she-wolf shakes off, flinging droplets of water in all directions from her silvery fur. She growls softly in response to his chastising.

Atlas approaches a massive crystal, the gem standing FAR taller then him and wider then he could even reach around.

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