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The dream was different this time.

This outfit fit her similarly--which is to say, jaw-droppingly--another spaghetti-strap top, this one a white tank with an army star on the front, cut off to the length she liked, stopping mid-breast so that it had to strain to hide her nipples. Her bottoms were a pair of olive green boyshort panties that fit her like the cheer shorts she wore earlier, except these weren't rolled down, they were just extra skimpy. The waistband read BOOTY CAMP, as did the back, which she showed off, spinning around and dancing for me. To top it off, she wore a camo hat that she played with, pulling the front down over her eyes as she danced. She gradually backed up, still shaking her goodies, until she was right next to our bed.

"Hi, soldier," she purred, and pulled my shirt off over my head. "I hope you brought your cum-gun fully loaded, because we're going to have target practice tonight. And I've got two big bullseyes for you to hit." She flipped her little tank top up, giving me a peek at her nipples. "See these two extra-big targets? These hard, pointy nipples," she touched them with one finger each, "and these big, round areolas. Each one of my targets is even bigger than a B-cup. Think you can shoot enough to cover them, big boy?"

I nodded, licking my lip. I already knew Princesa's (extra-extra-extra large) bra size, but what she just said put the true size of her boobs into perspective--just her areolas ALONE were the size of B-cups! And despite the size of her areolas, they didn't exactly take up the majority of her rack: there was still a ton of breast that surrounded them. My girlfriend was STACKED, which was obvious by any eye test, but it was hitting me all over again just to what extent.

"OK soldier," she said unbuttoning my pants, "First, I'm going to make you stand at attention." She slid off my pants and stood me up, wearing nothing except my briefs. "Ready?" she said. "Attennnnnnn-TION!" She called out the command in her high, girly voice, then giggled. "Oooh, look at you, hottie. You ARE at full attention." She pressed my erection down and let it spring back into place inside my briefs.

"Now let's try that again," she said, sliding my briefs off of me. She slid her top up over her hat and flung it on the bed. Pushing her breasts all the way up to her face, she said, in her girly little voice, "Atennnn-TION!" and giggled. "Look," she said, "I made my boobies stand up, and I made you stand up too!"

The she slid off the 'BOOTY CAMP' boyshorts so she was completely naked except for the hat. "Show me just how straight you can stand up for me, sexy." I started jacking off, but she took my hands and put them behind my back. "I bet just the sight of me will make you stand up all the way straight."

She wound her body downwards so her tits faced the floor, then jiggled them back and forth. My rod swelled even further. Then she bounced up, standing with perfect posture and saluted me, smiling as she touched the brim of her camo hat. She said "Atennnn-TION!" again, giggled again, then said, "Oooh, look at you, you big hard stud, you're saluting right back at me."

She brushed a hand against my lower abs and lowered it past my package, sending shivers all through my body. She put a hand on my chest and whispered in my ear, "I want to feel you standing at attention inside me."

With that, I picked her up and slid her lips onto my manhood, slowly. I held her by the waist and lowered her down the length of me, until she complleted the long journey down to my base.

And just like she asked me to, I stood straight the fuck up at attention inside her.


Princesa talked dirty to me the whole time, calling me "soldier," which was--and I don't know why--incredibly hot. After she came, she kissed me on the lips and purred, "Good job, soldier," smiling a banged-silly smile, eyes rolled back.

"Now, she said, "are you ready for target practice? Yeah? Good.

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