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Ivory becomes the Dark Shaman's Apprentice.

Stepping forward I held my cock at the base and wiped the pre-cum coating the head on her lips. Her tongue snaked out and licked them.

Lucy, suck me off sweetie," I knew my orgasm wasn't too far away either.

She still had that little grin on her face as her hand came up to hold the shaft and feed my cock in her mouth. At the first touch of her tongue I almost shot my load. She must have had a lot of practice because she gave me the best blow job I have ever had. She couldn't swallow me to my balls, but damned if she didn't try. I could hear her moaning and making little yummy sounds as she sucked me.

I felt my balls tighten getting ready to cum; reluctantly I pulled out and told her to stop. Stroking myself I stepped back and just looked at her, she was a gorgeous eighteen year old woman in the prime of her young life and I had complete control of her alone in my house. I couldn't believe my luck.

"Lucy, stand up and take off your panties," she stood up as ordered and dropped them to reveal her smooth shaven mound. Her pussy lips were slightly swollen and distended, "Sit on the table here in front of me so I can lick your pussy baby," she sat down after I cleared the space and pulled her legs open which opened her pussy showing the wet gash.

"I love your pussy Lucy; it looks so good and juicy!" I started licking the outside then slid my tongue as deep as I could making her squirm and moan, "Talk to me Lucy and tell me what you want me to do to your cunt," I used my tongue to fuck her slit.

"Lick my pussy Dave, make me cum on your face. I want to squirt my juice in your mouth!"

She grunted as I licked her clit laying my tongue flat and running it across faster and faster until she squealed and surprised me by spraying out a long hard stream of pussy juice in my mouth and on my chest, "Yes, yes, yes cuuuummmmmmnnnnggggg!" I clamped my mouth over her pussy until the squirting had subsided.

Standing up I noticed she had her elbows down and was trying to catch her breath, her chest was heaving and her tits quivered, "Do you want me to fuck you now Lucy?"

"Yes, yes fuck me Dave. Fuck me!"

She reached out and pulled my cock to her cunt and moaned when I slipped it in her warm wet hole. Her arms went around me and pulled my ass tighter to her burying me to the base in her cunt. I started to pump in her pussy like a madman then quickly remembered I didn't want any kids just now, "Lucy, are you on any birth control?" I kept slamming her as she answered.

"Oh fuck me! No, no, I'm not."

Pulling out I had a little trouble catching my breath. She was staring at my throbbing cock glistening with our juices licking her lips, "Lucy I want you to suck me off and swallow my load of cum," she dropped like a brick to the floor and devoured my cock, slurping and slobbering all over it like it was her last meal. Seeing her work on my cock gave me a lot of incentive to fill her mouth up. I grabbed her ears and held on as she worked me over the top.

"That's it Lucy suck me baby! I'm gonna to cum sweetie, here it comes, oh fuck, shit, shit! Ummmmmmmnnnnngggg!" she clamped her mouth on the head and jerked me into her mouth draining my sperm and swallowing every drop then milking the last drops out to lick them off the slit. When I finished she sat back and swallowed the last smiling like a cat with cream. Using her fingers she wiped her lips and licked them clean.

I sat back down in the chair to catch my breath and watch her, "Shit, Lucy that was the best blow job I've ever had baby!" she sat there looking at my cock as it started to soften her eyes still had that glazed look, but now the grin was like a satisfied lover.

"Lucy, get dressed and sit back down in you seat, please."

She complied as if she was getting dressed for work in her own room and soon sat down looking at me blankly.

Standing up I paced the room trying to see how best to use this new power.

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