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The sweaty sex between a client and a prostitute continues.

"Come, I'll take you to your hut and we can talk more about what you need to know to live here."Jack said as helping Julie stand up.

Without any of the three knowing, six bumps across fireplace was letting his eyes wonder around the body of this exquisite female. She was taller than the tallest man in the tribe. Her skin was smooth and as pale as the moonlight. She had a very fertile looking body and long shaped legs. She had the most beautiful face and type of hair he had ever seen. The most interesting thing was that even though she covered them it was obvious that her breasts were big but firm like a newly flowered girl. It was kind of unusual for them to lust for outsiders since they looked abnormal, but fertility was overflowing from this woman. The distance between the bumps on his penis started to increase as desire to claim this goddess surged across his body.

The next few days went smoothly as Jack taught them about tribal customs and ways of things in the village. Their hut was at the edge of the village away from other huts. Villagers tried to avoid them whenever they went around the village. The women were around the same height as the men but they had very wide hips. As Jack said earlier almost all the women of breeding age had sagged breasts due to lack of support when they grew. The duties of the women were mainly to take care of the children, keep the hut maintained, cook, bring water from a nearby stream and forage at the forest near the village. Following jack's advice, Julie stayed in the hut most of the time and went out only to bring water as the chief was sending some food everyday till Sam get hang of hunting and gathering. This was no easy task for him since he was used to work the brain, not the body.

Every morning Sam went in to the jungle with Jack to learn new skills of hunting to return in the evening. Julie was surrounded by jungle, but this was far from her dream vacation. And she was practically a prisoner in the hut. On the fifth day after Sam and Jack went in to the jungle, Julie got ready for her trip to the river to get water. As she was filling the big pot with water she looked at herself and realized she's in need of a bath and her short sundress is in need of a wash. She normally picked a time that villagers did not come to the river and were busy with other things in the village. So after double checking if anyone around, she peeled off her dress and got in the river.

Few minutes in the past, the chief was going on his usual patrol along the edge of the village when he saw the pale female walking to the river alone. His curiosity and desire peaked and he silently followed her. The six bumps hanging between his legs were not only for show as it showed his hunting skills. So stalking her was not at all hard for him. The sway of her hips as she walked and the way she so modestly bent down to get water and the way her hands moved, everything had some erotic aura to them. As he was enjoying the view, suddenly she stood up, looked around very carefully and peeled off the thin dress had been wearing all this time. An electric shock went from his heart to the tip of his penis as his eyes feasted on the glorious sight it was presented. Her hips were not that wide, but everything else more than made up for it. He was mesmerized by how her breasts seemed to defy gravity. They were full, round and had a mind of their own and bounced around when she walked towards the water. Her pink colored nipples were pointing to the sky like as if they were trying to show something flying in the sky. Her blue eyes reminded him of the rare gem stone he wears on his braided pubic hair. Her slender and well shaped long legs were inviting him to get between them and bury all six bumps in to her waiting depths.
As Julie dipped in the water and came up, water that hung to her flowed down along the contours of her body highlighting her fertility to the burning eyes of six bumps.

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