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Two classmates and an eventual boyfriend come together.

My heart was thumping in my chest and my temples. I experienced a rash of emotions. While I had no moral high-ground for it, part of me was angry and felt betrayed. Part of me was terrified that I would soon be discovered in my own transgression. 'Had she done this before?' 'Would she believe that I had never done it before?' Those thoughts raced through my head, but were pushed aside by a yet more intense feeling - that of uncontrollable horniness. There were six other men assembled, with possibly more to arrive, and all to have their way with my wife, and it made me more aroused than I had ever been in my life. I felt alive. A mundane life had been wearing me down, but this was completely thrilling.

Right then and there, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I did not bolt out of the house while my wife's back was turned, but instead I dropped my pants and boxers to my ankles and stepped out of them.

Charlene was making a humming sound as she moaned with her mouth full of the athletic man's member. He was, ironically, probably both the oldest and the most physically fit of any of the men in the room. The others stood on the periphery of the room stroking their hard-ons, watching the show, and biding their time. I approached Charlene from behind without drawing her attention because of her intense concentration in addition to her humming comingled with the man's moans. I knelt behind her, and leaned in close to her ear.

"How's the cock taste?" I said in an abrupt whisper.

Startled, she pulled away from the gray-haired man's cock and nearly head-butted me in the check with the back of her skull in the process. As soon as she had withdrawn, she sputtered: "Robert, I... I'm sorry."

Charlene was at the same place in her mind that I had been a moment ago when my zipper was in hand and my jaw was dropped open, but she was in a much more incriminating state. In retrospect sneaking up on her could have resulted in tragedy for the poor guy she was pleasuring, and it was a good thing she maintained enough presence of mind to not chomp down on his dick. On the other hand, she was just where I wanted her.

"Shhhh. You shouldn't stop blowing a guy so suddenly. It's a real downer." As I said this I turned her head back around from its position craning over her shoulder to look at me, and her cheek bumped up against the side of the man's erect member. Putting one hand gently under Charlene's chin and the other at the back of her head, I guided her mouth back onto the man's saliva-coated cock. She resumed sucking him off, though more hesitantly at first.

I maintained my position kneeling behind her, and reached around with my right hand to cup and fondle her right breast. Pressing my body against her, I resumed speaking in her ear. "God this is a turn on. If I'd known what an eager little cock-sucking whore you are, I'd be sticking my cock in your mouth constantly. Not to mention that I could have been promoted three times in the past year if I'd just have brought my boss home to get sucked off." I shifted my position so that my rigid cock went between her legs. She spread her knees apart a little to let the top of my member rubbed on her wet slit.

My talk was clearly having an effect on her. She was hesitant no more, but was, rather, taking more of the man's cock down her throat with each eager swallow. Her hair bouncing against my face felt soft and the familiar flowery and fruity scent of her shampoo was somehow an immense contributor to my arousal.

I could see the man's muscles in his lower abs, waist, and thighs contract spastically and uncontrolled as he began explosively ejaculating into my wife's mouth. He continued to thrust for several waves of release before he pulled out, and Charlene leaned forward to kiss the tightened skin of his scrotum. The gray-haired man backed away, and set himself down wearily on a towel covered sofa cushion.

By now another two guys had joined the group, which now consisted of nine men (including myself), my wife, and the other wom

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