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The Bait and the Trap

That's understandable. It will make it all the sweeter when we get in the saddle."

"I don't know. She literally had no experience when I became her lover. Now she may see how much more a younger man can give her."

"Physically, maybe. But you are a more complete man for her, one who can stimulate her mind as well as her body. And for women, sex is 90% in the mind. Let her enjoy Peter's body the way you enjoy the young girls here at the Club. Then get together and talk about it. Ed and I really get off when we describe things we've done with other people."

Ian had been silent, but now he joined in. "She makes a lot of sense partner. Maybe you should give it a try. If Sarah becomes too clingy, turn her over to me for a night. I'll rock her boat so she won't care about you for days."

"Ha," said Gloria. "You can always count on Ian to get his oar in....along with other things."

"I'll think about it," said John in a serious tone.

"No more thinking about it this afternoon. Go summon Joyce and bring her to me."

Chapter 31 -- Joyce is Disciplined

John got up from the table and went to the kitchen expecting to find Joyce tormenting the servants who were doing the dishes. He knew there was one girl that Joyce liked to spank with various kitchen implements as the girl bent over the sink. John had always found that scene exciting and had frequently followed Joyce to the kitchen after the meal was over.

Sure enough, Joyce was there, sitting on a stool behind the bare bottomed girl who washing the dishes. Joyce had a large spatula, which she was using to leisurely spank the girl's ass. The girl was not a member of the Club, but a local farm girl who provided a good portion of the income to her family by working for the Commerce Club. She was shifting her ass and whimpering like she always did, knowing that it pleased Joyce and resulted in a light spanking.

Joyce had undone an extra button on her uniform top, exposing the deep valley between her huge tits. In the past John had seen Joyce lead the girl away after the dishes were done, and it was obvious that the girl was going to be required to perform another duty before going home. There were other jobs in the neighborhood, but they did not pay as well as the Club, and the girl did not seem to mind Joyce's attentions.

Ironically Joyce was also an employee of the Commerce Club, not a member. She reported to Doctor Paul in her role as a nurse, and to Ian and John in other matters. Her reputation was that of a severe dominatrix, but both of the owners had at one time or another taken her to bed. At heart she was a switch who was as happy on the bottom as on the top. John had no problem ordering her to stop what she was doing and come with him.

"Well, Joyce, I see you are up to your usual tricks. How can that poor girl do her job with you stinging her ass so?"

Joyce sneered at him and gave the girl an extra hard swat.

"OWWW...", the girl cried and seized the edge of the sink to keep her knees from buckling under the blow.

"That's enough!" barked John. "Drop that spatula and come with me."

There was no mistaking the tone in his voice, and Joyce was instantly aroused. Someone was going to be forced to submit to big John; it didn't matter whether it was herself or another victim. Either way it promised excitement.

"Yes sir. Just let me get my crop from the far counter," she said humbly.

"Hurry up," he said. "There are some people waiting for you in the dining room."

He waited at the door as she retrieved the crop and came toward him, her expression one of curiosity. The girl at the sink had pulled down her skirt and was watching them. John thought momentarily of inviting the girl to join them so that she could get back at Joyce, but he decided to abstain and let Gloria direct the action. Instead he undid another of the brass buttons on Joyce's uniform and indicated with his head that Joyce was to go ahead of him into the dining room.

The room was deserted except for the table where Gloria and Ian were seated.

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