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A dominant man gets handcuffed and teased by a temptress.

She looked like a graceful swan with her clothes escaping from her body, a sight that did more to annoy Mari than arouse her. Somewhere, there is someone other than me that finds this shy foreign girl shit hot, Mari thought in annoyance, it's just a shame that one of those people isn't me.

Better get this over with, Mari thought to herself, shedding her dress and revealing her own slim figure. She strode towards the petrified foreigner in her large blue bed. Mari removed the remains of her Kimono before laying the completely exposed girl flat on the sheets. Mari caressed Kyouko's small breasts for a time, an attempt to help the girl relax. Kyouko looked away from her lover, the expression of fear still evident in her face.

Mari slid a hand down Kyouko's stomach and down between her legs using her index finger to caress the girl's slit, it was unpleasantly dry. Mari sighed, this wasn't unexpected; Kyouko was too petrified to be aroused. Normally Mari would rely on the aphrodisiacs in her skin to calm her partner, but she herself was in no mood.

Mari left her shivering partner and hopped up from the bed, striding into the bathroom. Taking another sip of the sweet red liquor, she grabbed a bottle of warming lubricant from the bathroom counter. Giving a few choice squirts of the slippery substance to her hand, Mari absentmindedly applied the lube to her cock which she realized was completely flaccid. Sighing, she began to stroke herself and closed her eyes, bringing to her mind's eye memories of past lovers. After several minutes of personal effort and a little help from the stimulant she popped earlier, Mari had a functional stiff futanari cock slick with lubricant.

Kyouko had sat up on the edge of the bed once more, this time completely naked with her exquisite kimono folded next to the bed. She looked up at Mari as she returned to the bedroom, eyes falling to her erect member. Kyouko slid back on the large bed resting her head on the pillow. Lying on her back she spread her legs, presenting her bare pussy to Mari.

She really is beautiful, Mari thought. If they had the chance to get to know one another Mari might not have been so turned off by the affair. But that was neither here nor there at this point, and Mari had a job to do. Climbing in bed and atop Kyouko, Mari glided her hips in-between presenting legs and positioned the head of her cock at the shivering entrance. In one slow motion Mari penetrated the foreign beauty, aided by the slick fluids coating her shaft.

Like many of these arranged partners from her mother, the sex was awful. Kyouko avoided eye contact and looked away while Mari pumped in rhythm inside the girl. She made no noises and it was clear there was no sexual chemistry between the two partners. Like fucking a corpse, Mari thought as she closed her eyes. Mari focused on the raw sensation of a pussy around her cock in an attempt to finish as quickly as possible. With a little effort she felt her climax mercifully approaching and with a final thrust and grunt she pressed one final time into Kyouko and emptied her cum into the tiny womb.

While Mari's orgasm was lackluster, Kyouko's body was ravaged by sudden climax. Pushed over the edge by the orgasm-inducing substance of Mari's cum, Kyouko's eyes shot wide while she gasped in ecstasy. Her hands clenched the bedsheets in a white-knuckled death grip. Mari could feel Kyouko's legs shivering and convulsing at the end of the bed, her entire body taken over by the pleasure of orgasm.

When Kyouko's orgasm appeared to finally end, Mari slid her length out of the shaking girl and sat up against the headboard.

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