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Is their love strong enough when he puts it to the test?

After a few weeks of spending hours on his computer searching for military websites he thought he finally found out where the product was produced. He did a little more searching on the Internet, found a website that had all the information on how the product was made and all the contents.

"According to this all the ingredients should be sold in a regular drugstore," Glenn said to himself. "All I have to do is buy them, follow all the instructions and start having the time of my life."

Just like Glenn thought, going to his local pharmacy and buying the ingredients was easy as can be.

On a Friday evening after work Glenn arrived home with all the ingredients. He quickly went to his computer, printed the instructions and began mixing everything up.

Within a half hour it seemed like he had the formula all mixed up and it was ready to be tried out.

He poured the formula into an old spray bottle, went ahead and sprayed all over himself. He was in front of his bathroom mirror while he was doing this and within ten seconds he totally disappeared. He couldn't see himself at all. He waved his hands in front of his face and he saw nothing, just like they weren't there.

The inventor of the product also claimed anybody using it would be able to go through walls and any other object. So he slowly pushed his hand against the wall. Instead of hitting the wall and it stopping him his hand and arm went right through it with no effort at all. So he decided to walk all the way through the wall.

"This the coolest thing ever invented by mankind!" Glenn exclaimed.

He was thrilled to death as he discovered he really could walk through anything without feeling a thing.

"This is so dam awesome!"

Glenn was so excited he ran through everything in sight: cars, trucks, garages, houses, swimming pools, anything and everything that was in front of him. Soon he was getting close to his neighbors who doing whatever and they couldn't see him at all.

Glenn began thinking about what the website said about the product. A single spray would make a person be invisible for six hours. Soon he started thinking of all the things he wanted to do while invisible.

Right then he heard his next door neighbors playing in their swimming. For the longest time he wanted to see their twenty-one year old daughter in her bikini. So he walked over, went through the fence that surrounded and just watched them.

"Oh, I'm so glad I didn't have to work today so I could just lay here by the pool all afternoon!" Sally said.

As soon his sexy neighbor said that Glenn got very bold, totally trusted the formula wouldn't suddenly wear off and he'd be visible again, walked up to her and took a very long look at her lovely body. He got so close he could've touched her.

He was getting a big hard-on as he checked her huge boobies and well-round ass. He looked at her skin and it seemed so soft. Then she turned into her right side and bent her legs and laid there with her ass almost busting out of her bikini bottom.

Right then and there he wanted to feel her all over so badly. But he thought he should be satisfied just to be able to check her out so closely without her ever knowing.

He just stood there as she wiggled her ass a little from time to time. A few minutes later she applied more suntan lotion to herself. When she got down to her bikini line she lifted it up just a little allowing him to almost see her muff.

He thought this was too great to be true. He kept right on watching as she rubbed her butt cheek with her right hand. Seeing this he got rock hard. He couldn't help himself any longer so he reached out his hand and tried touching her. Of course his hand went right through her without feeling anything. Although he wished he could've felt her up in a way he was very happy just to be able to visualize touching her all over without her knowledge.

"Seeing that nobody's around think I'll take my bikini top off and let my tits get a suntan," Sally said reaching around her back and unzipped the bikini strap.

Glenn couldn't believe how lucky

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