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That can't be true.

"How are you baby girl? I can't say baby anymore, I see." He twirled me around. He was so much fun. I never understood why he was friends with Nadinne. "You're grown now."

"It's the dress. I'm not all that grown."

"Nonsense." He laughed. "I'm almost tempted to address you as ma'am."

"You better fucking not."

"Okay you can catch him up later, I have a schedule." Nadinne snapped.

I exchanged pleasantries with the other room two men. Yunnes was the younger brother of Yurik and he was the best man. He wasn't as tall as his brother and didn't seem as uptight. He had strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. He shared the same nose as his brother but that was it. He had a sleeve tattoo on his right arm and multiple piercings. He greeted me with a hug which I very much enjoyed.

Marcus was their cousin and had the reddest hair I'd ever seen and greyish eyes. He was cute with all the freckles that dotted his face. I noticed some marked his hands too. Marcus was the shortest of the men but he was still taller than I was. He had the sweetest smile too. Before the pleasantries could become conversation, Nadinne handed them the tuxedos for the wedding.

All the groomsmen disappeared behind the divider and Maggie started with my fitting. She loosened the white ribbon that laced up the back of my dress then took a few measurement with the tape she kept around her neck. The dress had a sweetheart cut at the bodice but was form fitted. I stepped into some silver heels and then she measured the hem of it. I felt into the front of the dress to make sure that nothing popped out and I wouldn't flash the fianc__. He kept his attention on me. Nadinne didn't seem to mind because she kept her eyes on me too.

Just then the groomsmen emerged in their tuxedos. It was black with black shirts and pink bowties. Yunnes looked extra yummy in his. The room filled with handsome men but I couldn't shake the feeling that Yurik gave me whenever he looked at me. I tried to shut it down. I looked away, refused to return it but I just had to look at him. The guilty feeling started to overwhelm me. I hated him but I felt drawn to him. I hated myself for feeling that way.

"Are you okay, baby girl?" John's hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality. I almost slipped back into that dark place again. "Can you breathe in the dress?"

"I'm fine. I just feel a little hot." It was an honest answer. I just skipped the reason why.

"What do you want to do with her hair?" Maggie asked Nadinne.

"Straighten it and I want her to wear make up for once."

I understood that it was her special day but some things I refused to do. "No, no and no. I don't straighten my hair. I'll put on make up for you but I refuse to straighten my hair. You can decide what style you want it to be. I'll give you that."

"I agree with Nala." Maggie came closer and pushed a strand out of my face. "Her hair is so long right now. If we straighten it, it will practically hang below her butt."

"No we can't have that." I agreed with Maggie. The dress was tight and made my butt look really good. I never blow dried or did anything with my hair and I refused to do it.

"Baby, what do you think?" Nadinne just had to bring him into this. Her fianc__ stood and made his way toward us.

First, he stood next to his loving fianc__ and observed me, then he came closer. Those green eyes didn't dip to my bulging cleavage but remained on my deep chocolate brown eyes. It was like the world vanished and we were alone. I wasn't aware of my sister's presence or anyone else's. It was only us and I only focused on him. I could smell him, that's how close he was. The scent was strong and sweet, just intoxicating. His hands came toward my face. They were strong and I realised that I only had a sense of what they were capable of. His fingertips brushed my neck and chills ran along my skin. He pushed my thick curls away from my face and then bunched my hair on top of my head. I stared up at him the entire time, mesmerised by those eyes.

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