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Ros's first romance is short-lived.

That afternoon at about three, Miss Mabel presented herself to me in her walking-out dress, forcing a smile to her face. We walked down the steps and into the street in silence, and it was not until we were well away from the house that she spoke.

"Arthur dearest, please forgive me for being such an old misery. I try so hard to be good, but I get so jealous. Perhaps you had better give me a good spanking."

I could not resist teasing her, knowing it would only make the news more joyful when I broke it to her.

"Perhaps we should not go to the house, if it is going to distress you so."

"Oh no Arthur, please don't say that. You know I live for these afternoons. I could not bear to have them snatched away from me."

We said little until we got to the house at Embury Street and got to our room, as we felt it to be. At last I could explain.

"Mabel my love, there is no need at all to be jealous. See here, Jessie has released me from our understanding. I am now free to love you and you are free to love me".

Her face lit up with joy. She took the letter and read. A frown crossed her face.

"What a horrid letter. She's nothing but a cold, unfeeling jilt. She cannot have really cared a fig for you, to write so."

"Never mind about her, dearest, let's talk about us."

"Never mind talking about us, let's do something about us." She began to disrobe as fast as she could, fumbling at her buttons and catches. I was as excited as she was, and soon we were naked in each other's arms.

She lay spreadeagled on the bed, and as I sat by her side, she turned her head towards me and her mouth immediately found my rising prick. I trailed my hand down her flat belly, through the thicket of gingery frizzy hair and my fingers began to tickle her already damp quim.

She spread her thighs wider and lifted her pelvis up, plainly waiting for me to take up the soissant-neuf position that gave us so much pleasure. At the moment, anyway, that was not my intention.

"Well Miss Mabel, I said in a jocular tone, "Is this a good time for us to try something new?"

"Do you mean putting it right inside me, Arthur dearest?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Now that we are free to be each other's love, perhaps we could risk it."

"Well Arthur, your darling fingers and tongue make me very happy, but I am dying to try your prick in my little quimmie. I still can't quite believe that it will go in there at all."

"Darling, if a baby can come out of there, the biggest cock in the world could go in. But, I should warn you that it may hurt a little the first time."

Mabel laughed a lovely peal of delighted laughter. "Arthur dearest, did I mind when you beat my poor bottom black and blue? As if a little pain could frighten me now".

We lay side by side, facing each other. Our mutual caresses had made us ready. I turned Mabel on her back and prepared to mount her. She, as anxious to participate as I, spread her thighs wide and tilted up her hips to accommodate me. I aimed my prick at the entrance to her cave, and pressed it forward.

She lay quite steady and helped me as much as she could. I pushed harder and she pushed too, but I could not gain an entry.

I had enjoyed quite a dozen girls in this way in Hinckley and Loughborough, and spent two memorable nights with Camille in Leicester, but, up until this point, I had never tried to penetrate a virgin. It was more difficult than I had dreamt.

What is more, the discomfort was drying up all her natural juices, making penetration even harder.

"What's the matter Arthur?" Mabel asked worriedly, "Why won't it go in? Is there something wrong with me?"

"Don't worry darling", I replied. "We shall just have to try again, but first I shall give your lovely quimmie a good lick to make it wet again."

"Oh, yes Arthur dear, and shall I suck your darling prick again and make it all stiff?" was her good-natured response.

Three more times we tried, and three times failed, and by then Mabe

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