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Partner? Mick is made an offer.

My hand slides across the soft silky material reaching for her firm left breast, cupping and stroking it, my fingers plucking at the hardening nipple. A sigh escapes her lips a look of pleasure is on her face. We gaze into each other eyes as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing large firm creamy breasts topped with hardening nipples covered by a frilly lacy bra. Again my hand reaches out to those engorged globes fondling and squeezing her delicate sensuous breasts. She steps back a finger on my lips while her other hand fumbles with my zipper as her skirt drops at her feet.

She dances away from me in all her glory wearing only flimsy panties and bra covering her treasures. What a voluptuous body sensuous and curvy the body of a mature woman. Desire surges through me and I don't remember removing my clothes. We both lay ourselves on the bed with out bodies touching and her head is resting on my shoulder. I inhale her scent; she smells soapy and clean also fresh like spring flowers. Her odor is inflaming my senses. Her body feels soft and warm in my arms as she cuddles up against me while stroking my hairy chest and murmuring words of endearment. My face is buried in her silky hair as I pull her even closer to me and I feel her moist breath against my neck. I am hers all of me soul, body and mind.

I unsnap her bra allowing my eyes to feast on her creamy firm, fleshy globes. The dark circled nipples are large, puffy and standing to attention. My mouth rotates around one nipple then I gently roll my tongue over it. I feel her breath quicken as her senses are inflamed by my wet mouth. She pulls me closer now smashing my lips hard against her firm flesh. My tongue lashes out swirling around each nipple washing the top of her globes as I taste her flesh, my teeth gently biting and nibbling.

"That feels so good, please don't stop" she gasps.

She pulls back and bends down to my chest and flicks her tongue across my nipples. Flashes of lightening shoot through me because no one has ever licked my nipples before and the sensation is unbelievable. Her other hand searches and locates my engorged shaft. She strokes me slowly while her mouth is still trailing wet kisses down across my chest and belly.

I feel her lips tease my shaft her wet tongue lapping at my length as her lips kiss the engorged head, her tongue licking off my dripping juices.

"Ah" I groan. The hotness of her mouth feels so good and so wet! She strokes the underside of my sack, squeezing my tender balls lightly sending lightning and waves of passion through my body.

"Mmmm" she murmurs. Her mouth continues up and down slurping then nibbling the tender tip with her lips.

"You're so good" I moan softly.

The compliment spurs her on greatly as she slides her hand down my shaft, pulling back the foreskin, her mouth swallowing in frenzy to my base, her nose buried in my pubic hair and I feel the familiar tingle. Oh no I think I'm not ready yet. I quickly pull her lips from my shaft with a noisy slurping sound and pull her to my waiting lips kissing her mouth tasting myself on her lips. She gives me a quizzical look a faint smile on her face and I think she understands.

My hand brushes across the slight swell of her belly stroking across the hot softness of her mound and over her curvy legs. Again back to he covered silk of her sex I pinch and probe through the silky fabric. She gasps and drives her hips against my invading fingers seeking closer contact. Her breathing is noticeably quicker; a sigh escapes between those luscious lips as tremors lurch through her body as an orgasm crashed through her. Again I lean over her with my lips placing hot and fiery kisses on her mouth.

"You are so beautiful" I whisper as her eyes open and a faint smile crosses her face. She seeks my mouth parting her lips slightly and I sense her passion and fire.

My hands slide to the top of her panties slowly and deliberately pulling them down over her raised hips.

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