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Carol and I meet again!

Duncan watched as Latisha rubbed his sensitive knob back and forth along her juicy slit. He watched as her sex parted with her increasing pressure. It took great willpower on his behalf to resist the urge to thrust his cock up and into her. The excitement of the moment was overwhelming and Duncan could feel his scrotum tighten around his heavy balls.

Latisha lowered herself even further.

"What do you this what you have wanted to do to me....mmm?" Latisha enquired mischievously.

Duncan watched his large round knob disappear. He could feel the resistance of his mother-in-law's surprisingly tight entrance and he looked on as her efforts to lower herself further bent his long shaft somewhat.

Latisha raised herself almost off his cock then eased down again. This time she felt him enter her much further. She repeated this procedure several more times...until finally.

"Oooh...Duncan...oooh....mmmm...." Latisha had to admit to herself, it did feel good....very good. She also had to admit that....he was by far...the biggest she had ever had the pleasure of accommodating!

Duncan watched as every centimetre of his cock disappeared into his mother-in-law's cunt. The pleasurable feeling was intense to say the least, but the knowledge of what he was doing was the most erotic thing he had ever experienced!

Latisha now had trouble with her own willpower! With her own lust building up rapidly she found it increasingly difficult to remain focused on her plan. On teaching the young man a lesson.

Just wanna let him feel his cock in me for a few more seconds...really tease him...she thought to herself.

Latisha raised herself until just his cockhead remained inside of her. She was planning on hopping off his great slug at that moment...but...what the hell...

Once more she lowered herself and with her hands now free she leant back on her arms, a hand either side of Duncan's knees. She then spread her own knees apart even wider and wriggled her pelvis around slowly.

Duncan now had a totally unrestricted sight of his penis buried deeply in his mother-in-law's straining slit. He thought it looked absolutely wonderful, and it felt even better!

Latisha looked Duncan in the eye...and now for her speciality, she thought ...slowly she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his ample girth. She had great control of her muscles...many a time she had "milked" her husbands penis like this.

The feeling was amazing...Duncan had never felt anything like it before! He tried to think of other things...but it was no use!

"Duncan!" Latisha exclaimed when she sensed him tensing up.

But it was too late. It had all been too much for the young man. The speed at which it was upon him both surprised him...and embarrassed him.


Latisha was caught almost completely off guard. The first stream of hot cum shot deep inside of her, she was sure she felt its heat as it sprayed against her cervix! She had barely raised herself halfway off her son-in-law's cock when the next stream of cum ejaculated into her.

"Duncan....nooo....not inside of bastard..." Latisha cried as she struggled to raise herself in the restrictively long leather boots. Things got worse, the zip on her skirt had somehow caught on his suspenders near the stocking tops holding her down briefly and she felt another blast of cum shoot into her just before she broke free.

"Hmmm....ah....ahhh...yessss...." Duncan's balls had ached for relief and his final release was intense. He had not suffered premature ejaculation in years!

Duncan watched Latisha struggling to remove herself and with nothing to loose he thrust his hips upwards...just as another torrent of his hot seed shot out.


"Oooh yeah....oooh yeah...thanks....Latisha....thanks....oh fuck...I needed that...."

"What! You were not meant to cum in prick...what were you thinking?" Latisha screamed.


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