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A Fantasy Train visit to five masters of world literature.

In one swift motion he had ripped it all the way down to her crotch. She jumped slightly in shock. Then, he simply, gently kissed her check again, to reassure her and walked back over to the chair and sat facing her.

"Step out of that garment, pet," was all he said. As she did, he could see her trembling slightly. He smiled to himself as he took her in with his eyes. What a beautiful creature she is, he thought. "Come over here, my pet and kneel before me," he said. As she walked to him, he could see she was blushing. She knelt down right between his legs and bowed her head down.

"Take off my shoes and socks, pet." She did as she was told with great care, setting them gently off to the side, even tucking the laces inside his shoes. Her hands returned to her back. He stood up and said," Stand up, pet and remove my shirt." She did as instructed and removed his shirt with great care, one button at a time. Then she slowly took it off him and folded it and laid it on the back of his chair. "Now the pants." She knelt back down and gently unbuckled his belt. She unbuttoned the button and slowly pulled the zipper down. When she was though, she pulled his pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Still on her knees she folded them and laid them softly on his chair. He was left wearing only tight boxer-briefs, black with a white band. The bulge was very apparent. "Go back to the bed Vicki and stand with your back to me." He just sat there enjoying the view, letting her anticipation build. Her body looked so fine, smooth butt sticking out at him, and he longed to caress it. She was trembling ever so slightly. He took a deep breath and stood up and walked to her.

Gently he ran one hand over her rear and softly rubbed it. He immediately felt little goose bumps under his hand. "Pet, bend over and place your arms far apart on the bed and spread your legs." "Yes master." He went to the dresser behind him and from the top drawer took out a blue phallic-shaped Vibrator, and then he reached for a tube of k-y jelly and put a very small amount on it. He put just enough on it so she would not be injured but not enough to make it go in easily either. It would hurt but not unbearably so. He went back to her and said, "Pet, I want you to turn your head to the side and put your weight on your face. Take your hands and spread your ass apart. I'm going to put something in it. After I get it in, I want you to hold it in using only your ass muscles...Do not let it fall out...that would make me very angry."

"Yes master," she replied, then did as she was told. Scott had had the bed custom made to the height of her waist just so it would accommodate her perfectly. He loved to have her bent over, with her lovely ass displayed proudly for him.

He took the vibrator and put the tip of it at her asshole and pushed in half an inch. He could feel her clench around it and she winced slightly. "Just relax my love, you have six inches to go still and I will get it all in. Now relax and this will be much easier."

"Yes master."

She did relax somewhat and he pushed it in further, twisting it as he went. He continued to work it in, slowly but continuously. He could feel her muscles opening as she tried to accept it. He knew it was hurting, but after all this was a punishment. She did not cry out as he had expected her to. She was being very brave and he loved her for it. She had resigned herself to the punishment and was just trying to accept it.

Finally, it was all in. Up to the black knob on the base. "Very good pet, you are being very brave," he said. "You may but your hands back on the bed. But remember do not push that vibe out."

"Yes master."

The master ran his hands lovingly around her ass, caressing it, stroking it. "Oh my sweet pet, how beautiful you are, what a truly exquisite body you have submitted to me. I do love it so, that just makes it tougher when U disobey me and I have to punish."

Smack!!! His hand went on her ass.

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