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Dave's past catches up with him.

He undid her jeans and ran his finger down the outside of the zipper and followed the seam. She held his hand fast between her thighs and moaned as he felt her heat through the jeans.

She arched her back and lifted her face towards the darkening sky; the moon's brightness just starting to peak at the base of the mountain. They could hear their camping friends laughing and taunting them. No one knew exactly where they had headed off to in the woods, so the yells and cat calls were faint.

He watched the curve of her neck, watched her lips part and her tongue lick the bottom lip as she moaned again, her body subtle shades of darkness in the night air. He pressed one palm on her breast, his other hand still encased in her thighs. He captured her nipple between his fingers, not able to see it in the dark. He felt her shudder as he ran his thumb along the seam of her jeans and at the same time, with his other hand, closed his fingers on her nipple.

Gently, he took her lip between his teeth and then kissed her again. He felt a tremor through her body as he ran his finger up and down the seam, pressing a little harder into her. Her kisses more fevered, her thighs tightened on his hand, holding him right where she needed him.

Breaking the kiss she pulled a small flask from her jeans pocket, she laughed as he said, "I thought that was your camera." She pulled the camera from her other pocket. The flask was only half the size of the camera.

Handing him the camera she unscrewed the lid to the flask and took a pull of what was inside. He tried to take the flask from her hands as she pulled back and said, "Noooo. Patience. You will like this surprise."

He tasted whiskey as she kissed him full on the mouth and he hungrily kissed her back. She tugged at his jeans and managed to hook her thumb in his belt loop and pull them down with her as she broke the kiss and knelt before him. She pushed him back until he felt the cool, coarse bark against his skin. He was already hard and poking at his boxers. She freed him and kissed the head of his cock.

"Hold still." Her voice low and sexy as she held him in one hand, he jumped as he felt a cool liquid splash on his cock. "If you want more light, why don't you use the camera?"

She was just an outline in the shadows of the night. He fumbled with the camera as he felt her mouth, hot and tight, sucking him into her. A nice contrast as to whatever she had poured on him which had cooled in the night air.

He pointed the camera and pushed the button. The image flashed up at him. He closed his eyes against the brightness and opened them to see her hair flowing down her back, her mouth open, halfway down his length. The shine of whiskey coated his cock. Looking at the picture and feeling her in the darkness sliding him in and out of her mouth made his cock jump in her mouth.

He snapped another picture and his cock hardened again against her lips. Her head was pulled back; just the tip of his cock was between her lips, her hands on his thighs. He felt her fingers digging into the muscles of his legs as she pulled closer to him and drew him in and out of her mouth faster.

He was rocking with her motions, wanting to feel the back of her throat. She stopped and he pushed the button on the camera as her hand wrapped around him. She gripped him in one hand and drank from the flask. The camera flashed again.

He took in seeing her fingers on his cock; her pink painted nails shimmered on the screen. She was smiling, her eyes closed to the flash as she poured whiskey into her mouth. Watching her on the camera aroused him. He barely had time to think as he felt her hand being replaced with her mouth.

His hand shook and he used both hands to steady the camera as he felt her hot mouth with the coolness of the whiskey encase him. Every time she pulled her lips back, her tongue running along the length of him, flicking back and forth caused the summer evening to cool his skin. She pushed her mouth back down on him, warming the cooled skin.

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