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A young couple declare their love for each other

It seems to take forever, but eventually you undo the last button and pull my jeans down my thighs. You see that I have strong muscular legs and a long, thick swell is starting to show through my tight black boxers.

You can see the bulge growing and hardening as you reach towards my waist again and grab the edge of my boxer shorts. You slowly pull them down, revealing my manhood. My cock looks to be over 8" long and is almost as thick as your wrist at the base with large heavy balls hanging beneath. Just as you are reaching for my still hardening cock, you hear me say, "Wait..."

For a split second, you feel relief thinking that maybe I will stop you now.

"Take off your blouse and skirt."

You seem to be moving in slow motion now. Almost in a dream state as you slowly stand, remove your remaining stiletto and then start undoing the remaining buttons of your blouse. You feel the cold air from the air-con brush across your breasts and nipples as you slowly peel the satin material away from your chest, down your shoulders and arms to drop to the floor. You lean forwards slightly as you unzip the skirt and shrug it over your hips and down your legs to join your blouse on the ground.

Looking up at me again; you see me staring at your large heavy breasts, down your torso, over your hips to your stockings and suspenders and the lacy panties that you have on. Despite the situation you find yourself in, you feel your nipples start to stiffen slightly as you stand almost naked before me. You see my cock is fully erect now and pointing towards you.

"Very nice. Now come here and suck my cock, on your knees."

You kneel in front of me and shuffle forwards. Large round breasts swaying as you get close enough to touch me; your small hands encircling my thick cock, feeling the hot rigid flesh for the first time. You watch as you slowly pull back my foreskin, revealing the swollen purple head of my cock. You stroke your hands up and down my length a couple of times, marveling at how much cock is still visible despite you using both hands.

You lean forwards then and flick your tongue over the head of me causing my manhood to jump in your hands and making me gasp above you. Slowly you part your lips and slide the throbbing length of my hot meat into your mouth; replacing your hands with your mouth. You can feel the head of my manhood throbbing against your tongue, thick shaft pulsing as you start to bob your head back and forth along me.

The sensation of my cock in your mouth, being made to kneel in front of me and being forced to suck me are starting to have an effect on you and you can feel your nipples swelling and stiffening; your pussy starts to throb slightly as you focus on taking as much of me in your mouth as you can, swiping your tongue along my cock and creating a tight, hot wet seal with your lips and mouth. Your hands are working in tandem. One hand caresses my heavy balls as the other strokes my shaft along with your mouth. You can hear me starting to moan above you. My hips start thrusting slightly and you taste the first salty slippery pre-cum as it leaks from my shaft into your mouth.

Your pussy is throbbing quite strongly now and you can feel the crotch of your panties starting to get slightly wet and slick with your fluids. Your nipples are fully erect and your breasts shift and sway as you start to bob back and forth faster and faster on my pulsing cock.

"Fuck that's good... you're a good little cock sucker aren't you?" I ask.

You mumble a response around my thick meat just as I suddenly pull you up by your hair causing my cock to pop out of your mouth. You look at me in with a surprise mix of dread and excitement coursing through you. "Turn around. Turn around and lean on the desk. I'm going to show you what happens when you try and steal from me."

Slowly you turn away from me, leaning across the cold desk to take your weight on your elbows.

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