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Sara is pulled deeper to her feminine self.

She was visibly upset. She had tears in her eyes.

When I opened my eyes, she looked at me, "Daddy, I had no idea that I had hurt you, I bit you and drew blood, Oh god, Daddy, I'm so sorry...please forgive me."

"My love, you didn't hurt me. It was wonderful, now you have marked me as yours. I can never belong to another. I am yours forever, branded by my daughter'" I said smiling.

It was very early, our son was still sleeping. OUR SON, our son. The idea gave me such joy, so much happiness. I was truly alive again. I had a new wife and a new son. I was in heaven.

We went into the bathroom to shower. I looked at my shoulder in the mirror. Debby had truly marked me. I could see the teeth marks and the dried blood, it would scar up nicely.

Debby was still apologizing, and cleaning it up. I told her not to worry as I was going to take a shower and would clean it then.

"Oh, you're going to take a shower...what about me? I guess I will stand out here waiting for you to finish and then I can take a shower. You can just wash your back BY YOURSELF"

I grabbed her and pulled her into me and kissed her.

"You're going to stand out here and wait for me to finish...I don't think so. I don't ever want to have to wash my own back again. And I want to be the only one to wash your back...and front...and cetera," I laughed.

We got into the shower, and we washed each other, very slowly and thoroughly. As we rinsed off, I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I lowered her onto my erection and we made slow, sweet love.

Once again I ejaculated into Debby's body, as she came on my dick.

We just held onto each in the spray of the shower.

After getting out of the shower and drying off, Debby put some antibiotics on my shoulder and then bandaged it.

As we were making the bed, our son woke up and started to scream for his MOMMY.

Debby went to change Danny and get him dressed and I went to make coffee and breakfast.

Debby did not get pregnant that night. But, about two months later, she told me that she had missed her period. The instant test indicted that she was pregnant and a visit to the doctor's office confirmed that.

We were going to have another child. I would have another grandchild/son or daughter.

Debby told every one that she wanted another child and was not going to tie herself to another husband. She could do it on her own. This was accepted by every one. I am sure that there was talk about her being single and having a child but that was all.

But then, who would expect that she was pregnant by her father. Sure she lived with him, but he was a live-in babysitter.

When Debby was in her fifth month, and showing her pregnancy beautifully, I received a phone call from my youngest, Melissa. No she wasn't my youngest...she was my youngest daughter. She was my baby girl.

Melissa said that she hadn't seen me or her sister and her nephew in such a long time she was going to come to Vermont and visit. She is an elementary school teacher in Boston.

She said that she was going to drag her brother, Robert along.

I laughed and said that I couldn't imagine that he could spend a weekend without going into the office.

She laughingly promised that he would be here. But she couldn't promise that he wouldn't call the office.

Robert was an attorney with a corporate law office just outside of Boston. He had gone through a rather nasty divorce about a year ago and had thrown himself into his work.

I had been worried about him, after the divorce, but Melissa told me that she would keep an eye on him. She said that every once in a while she would drag him out on a double date or would set him up with one of her friends.

Debby had told Melissa and Robert about her pregnancy, but not who the father was. Melissa seemed to understand but Robert in his pompous way thought that it was terrible. Especially, because Dad would be stuck with raising the baby.

They showed up on Friday afternoon.

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