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She kept giving him a peek

Looking slightly puzzled at the empty benchtop he naively asked "what's for dessert?"

I just walked up to him, wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight to me as I flirtatiously answered "me". Looking up with puckered lips, I waited for the moment it took for his brain to register what was happening before he took the hint and bent down to kiss me; his erection pushing deeply into my stomach as it surged with new found excitement.

As we fondled each other's butts I started walking backwards through the main cabin to the forward one; stepping gingerly over the bulkhead until I could feel the end of the bunk pushing against my knees. Then I simply fell backwards, pulling Sam down with me.

If Sam had been caught off guard and was a little bit slow on the initial uptake, it didn't take long for him to catch up. As we landed on the bunk we both instinctively swung our legs around to bring them both up onto the bunk. In a moment, Sam was bent over my chest pulling aside the bikini top which I still had on to expose a breast and let him start gently sucking; flicking the nipple across his tongue as it responded by hardening and swelling into his mouth.

In moments I felt the strings of the top pulled letting him lift it off my body with his mouth to render us both completely naked. As he continued to suckle me he wrapped his legs around mine; binding us together. His hand slid down my stomach and over my mons; his fingers feeling out my state of arousal before contributing substantially too it by slipping back and forwards across my clit and into my tunnel.

Pinned down by his legs and his head across my chest, all I could do was hold his mouth to my breast with a hand across the back of his head and basically lay back and enjoy it as he switched on and turned up the dial on every erogenous zone in my body.

Finally I couldn't take it any more. I started fiddling with my spare hand over my head to ferret out the condom box and pull a packet out; opening it with my teeth. With the condom in my hand I started reaching down between our bodies seeking access to his shaft to slip it on.

As he rolled back off me to let me bend over him and roll it down over me he asked "What works for you; how do you like it?"

It's sad to say the question caught me by surprise. I'm not slutty enough to be able to say I'm judging off a statically valid sample, but it's not a question guys usually are considerate enough to actually ask. I almost defensively answered by just focusing on the second part of the question and replying "a lot"; but fortunately didn't.

Still, I had to think for a moment. I knew what the answer was; it was just strange to have to vocalise it. "I find it works better for me when I'm on top" being a bit embarrassed that it took a few moments for me to add, "what about you?"

"Well firstly, if you're not enjoying it neither can I, so I don't want anything that spoils it for you. But if you go first then I like to finish on top. And after we first join up, I like to spend a few minutes just kissing and cuddling before we start going at it."

I had a slight internal giggle at his use of the innocent "join up" for what most guys would describe as "sticks his dick in me". Still, I was intrigued by the fact he wasn't just after using my body to jerk himself off as quickly as possible.

Lying side by side, I held his erection as I guided it into my body; pushing down on it and enjoying the feel of its unyielding firmness separating the walls of my well aroused and lubricated vagina as its full length penetrated me. Then Sam sorted out the 'too many elbows" problem usually associated with lying side by side by putting mine under his head and folding his up between our pressed together bodies to let him cup my breast; gently tweaking the nipple between his fingers.

For maybe five minutes or longer we just fondled each other as we lay there; kissing, nuzzling, exchanging romantic words or sometimes just conversing normally.

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