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eatening Catwoman again, "And I bet you put her up to it didn't you!"

"Don't be ridiculous! Get away from me!" she responded as Batman's angry face stopped just inches away from her, meaning, " Come on Batman, try me on! You're so incredibly sexy when you're angry !"

Batman took the bait, pushing Catwoman backward against the smooth, shiny Batmobile bonnet.

"You wouldn't dare!" she gasped excitedly as she reached down for her bull-whip, meaning, "Wow, I didn't see this coming, but don't think for one minute that you're leaving here without fucking me hard!"

By now Batman had lost it completely. The combination of painful emotions during the day, the aborted trip in the evening and now Catwoman's taunts had made him snap completely!

He grabbed Catwoman's hand as she pulled out the whip, and fell forward over her , pinning Catwoman's firm body backwards over the Batmobile's hard bonnet. In an instant he'd dragged both her wrists above her head and coiled the whip around them before fastening them to the wing mirror on the other side of the car.

When he'd stepped back he was breathing hard and looked hot and confused.

Catwoman was lying on her back, spread-eagled over the car, her lithe suited body squirming sensuously against her bindings. The tight shiny black suit made her look almost nude as she struggled on the hard metal surface of the Batmobile. Looking up, she was a little worried about the confused look on Batman's face though so quickly stepped in to wind him up again.

"You miserable mistake for a man! When I get free from this I'm going to give you the biggest hiding of your life!" meaning, " Stop messing about Batman, unzip me and get that big cock of yours into my wet pussy!"

Batman's eyes narrowed and hardened, "Oh really Catwoman? Well, we'll see about that!"

Leaning over her again he threw off his back gloves and his big hand went to her throat. For a horrible moment, Catwoman wondered if she'd gone too far. Then his fingers looped themselves around the silver zipper clasp under her chin and twisted it in the secret way that released it from around her neck. His finger immediately looped into the silver ring and began to drag the zipper down Catwoman's front, the shiny black material parting as it descended to reveal her silky smooth white skin.

Her bare breasts were partially peeping out from within the folds of the suit until Batman gave a grunt and dragged the material wider apart to feast his eyes on them, pulled taut and high, beautiful in their nakedness by her out-stretched arms.

Catwoman too was breathing hard, her excitement mounting relentlessly. She waited impatiently for him to move, aching for him to touch and grasp them. Then her head shot back and a sigh escaped her lips as he finally leaned forward again and cupped each of her tender orbs, letting his fingers roughly work their way up against her nipples, squeezing them and flicking at them as Batman watched Catwoman gasp in response to his little assault.

She watched Batman's eyes gradually detach themselves from her breasts and range downwards.
To encourage him further, she made a half-hearted attempt at kicking out at him, forcing him to grasp her ankles, pull them apart and push his body between them. Now her eyes fixed themselves onto the large bulge in his pants and it was her turn to stare in hunger.

"Don't you dare Batman!" she whispered slowly, her legs spreading wide and dangling over the car bonnet's edge, meaning, " Oh God Batman, get on with it!"

Batman swallowed fast, ignored her, and swiftly unbuckled her belt, throwing it wildly to one side before grasping the silver zipper ring again and this time dragging it all the way down and under her crotch, exposing Catwoman's sole piece of underwear, a sheer white thong. He didn't pause to examine it long though as his fingers looped under the side of the material and ran roughly over her pussy hair and then down to her wet slit, already swollen and inviting.

"I might have known!" he gasped as he realised how aroused Catwoma

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