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At least when the game ended he could go home and watch the Cardinals play, if his sister wasn't hogging the TV watching a nature show on Animal Planet. John loved animals as much as anyone in his family, but how many documentaries on meerkats could one person watch?

Plus, he and Susanna had been uncomfortable around each other lately. It seemed like every conversation turned into a spat. John loved his sister dearly, but he was beginning to think they had made a mistake in agreeing to go to the U of I together. It had sounded great when they talked about getting out of Iowa, and maybe making some friends from real cities, like Chicago or St Louis. But he had been around family his whole life. Did he really want to have someone at his college who would be able to tell his new friends about the time he ate so much cotton candy at the state fair he had blown chunks on the tilt-a-whirl?

Besides, John admitted uncomfortably to himself, he had not been able to ignore his sister's body lately. Susanna had taken to wearing less and less around the house. As the mid-May weather warmed up, she was wearing clothes which would get her thrown out of any store or restaurant in town. Cut-off shorts, tight tops, skimpy nighties. And when he pointed out how inappropriate her clothing was, she just laughed at him! She pointed out that their sister, mother, and other female relatives wore the same sort of clothes, and that he didn't seem to have a problem with that, so why did he have a problem with her?

She was right, he admitted. Mom did have a hot body for an older woman. So did Aunt Sybil. And his cousins. And his sister Eleanor. But he thought that Susanna was the most beautiful of all his relatives. She had long blonde hair that fell in ringlets past her shoulders, a sweet face, and the most amazing blue eyes, just like Eleanor. A corn-fed Iowa beauty, he had heard one fellow call her when they were walking in the grocery store together. And her body! He had heard another senior bragging about getting her shirt off a few months ago and knew that Susanna was a C-cup. Not that her breasts were important. Or the way her thighs, perfectly sculpted, merged with her ass. Or the sweet, soft skin of her belly. Or the graceful curve of her spine, leading up to her neck, right where he would like to...

Mike Davidson punched him in the arm, and he started violently. "For God's sake, Chamberlain, will you quit knocking the bat against the damn dugout floor? If I wanted to drill to China, I would move to fucking Texas."

"Sorry," muttered John, cheeks flaming. He couldn't believe he had been fantasizing about his own sister! He gingerly adjusted his cup. Fortunately, the plastic covering over his crotch kept him from sporting a full erection. Unfortunately, his dick seemed determined to do it anyway. He tried to keep from tapping the bat, but he was so bored and full of nervous energy he could hardly concentrate on the game.

As the sun set and the ballpark lights came on, North High was down to Roosevelt four to two in the top of the fifth. There were two out and a runner on first. Jim Harris, the pitcher, fired one home. The Roosevelt batter swung and hit a slow chopper to short. Andy Shephard grabbed the grounder and flipped the ball to Tom Anderson at second. The play was close, and the runner slid in hard and high. The umpire signaled the out to end the inning, but Tom was laying on the ground. The base umpire signaled to North's bench, and Coach Markovitz and the trainer ran out onto the field.

"That dirty SOB," said Mike, "He spiked Tom on purpose."

Andy North, a relief pitcher who had a sore arm, spit a sunflower seed husk into the pile of discarded dixie cups and gum wrappers that littered the dugout floor, "Should have expected it coming from him."

"You know him?" asked John.


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