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A demon's rage is taken over by an unknow desire for a human.

I wouldn't want to get you in trouble by any means. Don't worry about it. I just came back because I realized that I left my mobile here. I hope you learn a lesson and don't do this again in the future because you may not have someone as accommodating as I am the next time," and with that she wagged her finger at me teasingly. Now, I was even more impressed with Kate. To add to all her other attributes, she seemed to be as cool as can be even when faced with a stranger in her room and she really was a nice person for not getting angry or telling my manager on me. Relieved, I said, "Ok, I guess I'll be going now." As I passed her and opened the door I casually called out, "Have a good evening Miss Middleton." While I was saying that I realized my mistake, but it was too late. She rushed in front of me and blocked the doorway.

"You just called me Miss Middleton," she exclaimed. "How did you know? You must have gone through my personal things." I responded by explaining to her exactly how I'd figured it out when her sunglasses fell down, but she wasn't convinced. "You wait right here and I'm going to look around to see if anything has been taken." I stood there nervously as she began looking through some of the drawers and closets to see if all her valuables were accounted for. Finally, she finished her search and finding nothing missing, turned to me apologetically. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I see you were..." She stopped abruptly, staring at the other end of the room. Quickly, she went over to where her shopping bags were lined up and began looking through them. I knew at that point that I was caught. I figured when she got to the lingerie bag and saw everything out of place she'd freak out at the invasion of her privacy and have the police there within a few minutes. My perverted mind had just ruined my life.

Finally she reached the little pink bag. Shockingly, the only immediate reaction was a sharp intake of breath. Kate turned around slowly with a scowl on her beautiful face. I now knew I was facing another side of Kate Middleton that most people would never be allowed to see. We both stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity before she spoke. "You little bastard," she growled at me. I immediately started mumbling an apology but she raised her voice above mine and said, "Just shut up. I should have you reported to the police immediately, but I'm thinking of another idea. I'm getting married in a few months and when I do I will stay faithful to William no matter what temptations I encounter, but I've been looking for one last chance to have another man's cock before I get married. I am totally in control and can have you reported to the police if you don't do everything I say. Now, I need to decide if it's even worth it to bother with you. Strip naked in front of me right this instant."

I was in shock, but I didn't have much of a choice at this point. As Kate stood still with her sunglasses covering her face, her coat on, and her arms folded across her chest, I began to strip. I am a fairly good looking guy and tall and well built yet I was still terrified to strip naked in front of her. As I took off my shirt and pants she didn't say a word. I was left in just my boxer-briefs. I hesitated, and she quickly said, "If I need to ask twice then the police will be here before you know it." I closed my eyes and let my shorts fall to the ground.

I opened my eyes and Kate was just standing there about 10 feet away and staring at my cock.

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