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A new start and a new woman.

I walked to the center of the room and introduced Robert, "Hi everyone it's good to be back home. This is Bob, Bobby's twin brother. I"m sure you've all met Bobby." She blushed and everyone laughed. "Bob is not only the father of my baby but also the man I'm going to marry." There were cheers and I led Bob over to met Betsy and Jim. Betsy stroked Bob's cock as we talked briefly. As we moved on to Becky and Ross Faith came in with Jack.

Becky played with Bob's cock as I sat on Ross's cock waiting for Faith's introduction. Faith started, "This is Jack the father of my baby. He has come here alone as I will be marring Adam. He's single if you have any unmarried daughters or grand daughters." Everyone laughed and cheered. She took Jack over to meet Betsy and I got off Ross's cock and took Bob to meet Carolin and Phillip. A little small talk and cock stroking and we moved on to Rose and David. After a few moments Hope came in with Keven and I sat on David's lap.

Hope came in and looked around the room. I had David's cock in my pussy while Faith had Ross's cock in her pussy. Both wives were still playing with our guest's cocks. Hope introduced Keven, "This is Keven. We are both still single with no plans of getting married to any one just yet. He is the father of my baby." She brought Keven over to Betsy and we all moved another couple around the room.

By the time Mom came in the room Faith had moved to Carolin and Phillip. Faith sat on Phillip's cock. I was with Grandpa and Joan and Hope was with Ross and Becky. Mom was grinning from ear to ear as she introduced Tom, "This is Tom. He is Sharon's brother and as yet not spoken for. He has already knocked up my two daughters and is also the father of my new baby."

All three of us turned and at the same time said, "MOM?" We all knew she must have just fucked him in the kitchen. That's what took them so long to come in. We made our way around the rest of the room introducing the men to each couple. Bob and I were finished first and got something to drink and found a seat. Bob questioned me about the name change. I just smiled and said, "A new town, a new lifestyle, a new wife and new baby why not a new name to start all new?" Bob kissed me and said he liked it.

By the time Mom had finished the rounds and before we could question her about her fuck in the kitchen, Betsy, not shy at all, said, "Joy, bring that nice man over here. I want something besides cake to eat." Everyone rolled in laughter but it started the ball rolling. All the men were being requested by one or more of the women.

As we went to Betsy we passed mom and Bob whispered to her that she was right about Betsy. Mom stroked Bob's cock and said, "Tell me how right I was after she sucks this beautiful cock of yours. When she is done I want my turn."

I looked at mom and said, "Since this is not your generation you'll have to wait until tonight. Now I think "the father of your baby" is being requested by Rose." Mom pouted but stood and led Tom over to Rose Donalson.

Over the next two hours Bob as well as the other three had their cock in every women's mouth there. No one expected them to cum each time they just wanted to taste them. When one of the men did cum it was like bingo. Which ever woman received it would cry out. Of course we women weren't just standing around watching. The husbands were fucking us pretty good as the wives sucked our guy's cocks. I don't know about my mother or sisters but I took three loads in my pussy that day. The best was from my grand father as Bob made sure that he came for grandma Joan.

Finally it was time to leave and get ready for the party that night.

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