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Was it really him taking her? Who was he??


"Your own! Your own!" chanted the bus. Linda giggled happily as she slipped out of her tight shirt and bra. Her breasts were indeed a delicious set. She proudly presented the jiggling D-sized pair and said, "I will now show you how to make those little nipples hard as rock. Just watch and try to do the same with those fat knockers hanging in your face!"

She grabbed one of her nipples with her fingers while still holding on one of the tits from the ceiling to not fall over. "Pinch the little sucker at its base as hard as you can, then twist it first to the right and then to the left. Try to twist it as far as possible, but at least 90 degrees. Like this..."

She grimaced as she demonstrated the move.

"Hurts like a bitch but it always works. See how hard that little poker got? Now try it out yourself."

Lily felt something grab her sensitive nipples. Her entire breast seemed to to be on fire since the time she had dunked them into that oil. And it only got worse. She could barely stand the horrible heat inflaming her sensitive skin and wished the guy below would do something to cool them down. It had been such a bad idea to use that oil!

The slapping a few minutes ago had actually helped a bit to numb her twins even though it also seemed to make them even more sensitive. But now, they just seemed to glow and burn. And something was twisting at her tips, hard! She whimpered, trying to catch a glimpse of the girls around her.

Erin complained, "Ouch, that sucker is really trying to prove something! Does your guy also twist your nips like mad?"

"Y-yes. Feels like they are hard as rock right now."

"Mine too! And I'm so sensitive there!"

"Good work everybody. Let's reward our beauties and give them a good suck!"

Linda grabbed her tit and yanked it up so far that her hard nipple was in reach of her lips. Her teeth closed around the little poker and she started to suck in earnest. "Suck on them like that!", the pumped woman mumbled and let her breast escape again. Giggling enthusiastically, she encouraged her audience, "Go ahead, give them the suck of their life!"

Hungry mouthes engulfed the hard nipples and munched on the warm flesh.

"Oooohhh.. that feels much better," groaned Erin as a warm wet mouth attacked her breast, "Can't he just keep doing that?"

Lily appreciated the feeling, too, and moaned happily. Finally something that she could enjoy! She glanced over to May who seemed to sleep. How could she sleep when somebody was doing that to her?

"May, May!" she whispered, "Do they suck on you, too?"

The girl opened her eyes. "No, no touch... Pause?" she smiled, "Can rest!"

What? The girl was not being fondled? Lily would be so happy to get a break, too!

In fact, only three of the girls were spared of the exercises: May, as Richie was busy with Lily's pair, Noe, the personal entertainer of Betty, and Helen, the owner of the fun pillows at Linda's seat.

"Alright, enough of the sucking. Now, let's get those boobs all nice and tingly. Put your hands on the sides and tickle them a bit. Like that. Move your fingers around and tickle! If you do it right, you can hear their owner laugh! Try it! Try to make them scream!"

"Oh shit, this feels ...he-he, hihihi, oh fuck, he tickles me!" screamed Erin, "Gnnnn...ooooooh..."

The girls started squirming and cursing as their sensitive breasts were attacked by quick fingers tickling their tender skins. The damp compartment was filled by squeaky screams and bright laughter, and many of the stuck women tried desperately to get away from those tormenting hands.

Gus smiled happily, listening to all the screaming and yelling. What a nice entertainment show. And how much better it would get in a moment, when the descent to Tat Mak started! He looked up to Betty and said,

"Can you give me the mic, please?"

Betty nodded and asked Linda to hand it over. As she turned her head, she glanced out of the window. Betty's heart skipped a beat. The road seemed to end and turn into an abyss of mud and stone. She gulped.

Gus stopped the bus for a moment and announced, "Ladies an

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