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How he got there with Kim.

Her hair was up and that made me think about sucking on her sexy neck later. God I wanted to be with her.

At one point she took my hand in hers as she checked out the ring I wore on my right hand. It was a very pretty ring I thought also but she had taken my hand to touch me and I was totally fine with that. As we headed out of the bar to go a few doors down for our dinner, I turned away from her and I swear she purposefully squeezed my ass briefly guiding me away from my bar stood. The shock waves of her subtle yet extremely naughty public move reverberated in my booze filled body as we headed out the door. My ass tingled for minutes afterward. We stood outside and tried to decide on a restaurant.

There were several choices and I realized that I was having a hard time focusing on a decision. I just wanted her to come home with me. We chatted but my body was telling me food could wait. Finally I just felt the nerve to tell her that I really wanted her to come back to my place and see my house. I think she knew what I meant by that because she smiled very wide and agreed immediately.

We left both cars downtown because we'd had a few drinks and the last thing I wanted was a DUI to ruin this night. The cab ride was perfect anyway because we held hands and smiled with each other from the first turn until we got to my driveway. When we got to my door I let her inside and not sure how I planned to start things off I was almost relieved when she pushed me back against the door and immediately kissed me the way we had ended things the night before. It was as if all of the things that had happened since we broke our kiss never occurred. The heat from her mouth, her lips, that sexy tongue filled me and got my engines running.

I ran my hands around her back and this time it was me doing the ass squeezing. She had such a tight sexy butt. She moaned while I grabbed those cute ass cheeks firmly and the taste of our boozy breaths combined between our mouths. We kissed like that for a while, playing quite dirty for two seemingly normal girls. She grabbed a handful of my left breast and squeezed it hungrily while she attacked my neck. I had just remembered that her neck begged for my attention so when she let up a little on me, I leaned in and sucked on the sexiest neck I'd ever experienced. She groaned in pure delight while my tongue and lips attacked her. It was time to get her into my bed my body told me. Just as I was forming the words to ask a woman to join me in my bed for the first time she whispered in my ear that we should go somewhere where I would be comfortable while she gets me naked.

We got to the bedroom and she took off my dress very fast. She helped me out of my bra and my nipples gave away the state of my excitement. She loved my breasts kissing and sucking each one while massaging the other in her hand. I realized I was a lot more naked than her so I helped her out of her jeans and her shirt. She had on about the cutest bra I'd ever seen, but I didn't have time to admire it because she had me back on my bed and was literally pulling my panties off soon thereafter.

So there I lay, my freshly waxed and tanned body exposed to my new lover. She undid her bra moments after doing her hair in a ponytail and then lowered her head to my body. She kissed my hip, my stomach, and my chest. Those kisses only made my pussy yearn for her that much more. She then slowly started to back down my body and I couldn't help but notice how pointed her own nipples were hanging down from her very perky breasts. My legs were parted as she kissed down onto the top of my neatly trimmed hairdo. She licked up either side of it and then gave me the compliment I was not sure I'd ever hear telling me that I had the prettiest pussy she'd ever seen.

I was quite proud of my morning's work on my own but to have this sexy girl actually tell me that was so hot.

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