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Liz was very petite and didn't seem to be wearing a bra. Her full B breasts were both capped off with very erect nipples that seem to be wanting to poke their way through her blouse.

Cass tried to focus. "Everything is going well. Thank you Ma'am. Could I get you a glass of wine?"

"Sure, I need something to take the edge off." She followed the pretty submissive into the kitchen.

Cass poured her a glass and handed hold the glass in the upturned palm of her right hand, while the stem was steadied by her left. The practiced protocol appeared to go unnoticed by Liz. Cass smiled anyway at her first test. She turned and started to prepare the chicken. She wrapped the fillets of chicken in saran wrap and started to pound them with a wooden mallet until they were all flattened. Cass pulled the layer of wrap off and placed a slice of prosciutto over each breast than sprinkled it with cheese. She then rolled them up, lightly battered them and set them aside.

Liz had pulled up her skirt and sat on the bar stool watching the pretty submissive prepare the chicken. While she sipped her wine she secretly fingered her clitty. She had been enamored with the young woman ever since she first saw her in Eric's office.

"I love your collar and that nipple jewelry makes them look so fetching. Have you ever thought about getting them pierced?" Liz said as her fingers teased her erect nub.

"I don't know. I wonder if it would hurt?" Cass asked shyly.

"Mind did, but I love a little pain."

"You have pierced nipples?"

"Yes, would you like to see them? My labia and hood is pierced too."

"MMMmmm. Yes." Cass replied.

Cass came around the bar and saw that Liz had her skirt up and was fingering herself. She watched as the young blonde unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her breasts. Each nipple had a silver bar bell horizontally through her thick nipples. Her own nipples tingled with the thought.

"Oh my god, your stockings." Cass eyed the suspenders of Liz's stockings. They were held up by four labia rings and pulled sharply. She could see the glistening juices on her fingers as she toyed with the large bar bell that protruded above her engorged clit.

"Yes, I love and hate them. They keep me aroused all day and can be very distracting." Liz said without stopping her open display of fingering herself.

Cass wanted to finger herself too but couldn't without permission. Her pussy flooded with a fresh supple of her juices. "Oh my, that is so sexy. I'd love to be with Master out somewhere being teased by his rings. That would be so lovely." Her nipples peeked with arousal, thinking of wearing rings for her Daddy.

Both girls were lusting for each other when they heard someone at the door. Liz straightened her skirt and buttoned her blouse, just as Eric entered the kitchen. He moved to Cass and gave her a kiss. He noticed that both girls seemed flustered and smiled.

"Hello Liz. Thanks for stopping by early and checking up on Toy." He turned to Cass. "How are things coming?"

"Everything is ready to start. I will help get everyone seated then I will start cooking when your meeting starts Sir." She said nervously.

Eric left to go get his things ready for the meeting. The girls giggled at almost being caught. "That was close. You'd better get busy with the meeting so I can focus on the meal." Liz kissed her as she slipped off the stool and followed Eric into the study. Cass went back to preparing the Brussel sprouts and salad.

After about twenty minutes, the doorbell chimed. Cass washed her hands and went to the front door. She opened it to find two young men in nicely tailored suits. "Good Morning Sirs. Come in. May I take your coats?" Cass offered. They each let her remove their jackets and watched as she hung them up in the foyer closet. She escorted them to Eric's study, where the meeting was to be held.

When they reached the room, they found Eric and Liz going over the notes for the meeting.

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