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I do a farewell threesome, go job hunting, & have a reunion.


"Antonio what is it? What happened? Is your family ok?"

"It's Fawn; she ran away from me." Antonio explained "I need your help to find my mate. She's a new unmated wolf, and not yet a pack member. Someone could try to force her to mate with him. Her wolf was so fast that I need you or one of your brothers to come help find her."

"I'll be there in a few minutes." I assured him. "I'll come in my wolf form; it will be faster. If you could have a pair of pants waiting for me that would be nice."

"Thank you, and yes, we will have a pair of pants for you. Again, I'm sorry for the time." Antonio said.

I got off my phone and let my wolf take over. My wolf ran as fast as he could to Antonio's house, getting there in minutes. It looked like Antonio's door was open, but when I got closer to the door I realized it was simply gone. Fawn must have been really mad to go right through the door. What happened here? Doesn't Fawn want to be mated to Antonio? Antonio is one of the best wolves I know.

I walked up to the door and shifted back to my human form. There was Shane with some dried blood on his skin. I walked into the house, and Antonio gave me the pants. It's lucky that we were the same size.

"Antonio, what happened man?" I asked as I pulled on the pants.

"Fawn got upset with me and transformed to her wolf. That was the first time I ever saw her wolf." Antonio said with admiration. "She's beautiful."

"What did she get upset about? It might help us track her down."

"We were talking about the mating ceremony. I told her we could wait if she was not ready yet, so now she thinks I don't want to mate with her. I tried to talk to her, but all she wanted was to get out of the house and away from me. When I didn't let her go, she shifted and attacked me, and I guess Shane too.

"Aww man, what a mess just over a misunderstanding. Don't worry we'll find her." I told him. "Do you know which way she went?"

Antonio showed me the direction I should start looking for her. Antonio and his family transformed into their wolves. I knew they would want to come help find her. I took off the pants and transformed into my wolf again. We started sniffing the ground for her scent. When I got it I howled to the others, then we took off following her trail.

We ran down street after street. We followed turn after turn until her scent went into a back alleyway. We could feel there was something wrong with this. We slowed down to a quiet walk as we entered the alley. There Fawn was, cornered and back in her human form, with ten male werewolves trying to mount her, but she was smaller and quicker, and dodged away before they could do anything to her.

When Antonio saw Fawn being attacked, he let out a loud snarl and charged the males. Connor, Karissa, Shane and I were right behind him. Antonio took down one wolf immediately, and tore into a second as Shane ripped into another. Connor and Karissa had fought side-by-side for many years and worked together to knock out two more of the males. I had taken out one wolf as I raced to get in closer to Fawn. Antonio's anger had him focused on punishing the attackers. As the fight continued, I saw one male trying to take advantage of the confusion to go after Fawn.

I was not going to let this wolf mate with my best friend's mate. I ran over to Fawn, and stood so she was huddled under me. I let out a very long howl and everyone one stopped fighting. I howled once more for all ten of the wolves to leave immediately. They took off once they knew who I was. I felt Fawn being pulled out from under me, so I looked back to see who it was. It was Antonio, pulling Fawn into his arms.

"Oh Sweetheart, thank the gods we got to you in time."Antonio said, holding Fawn closely.

Fawn didn't say anything to Antonio. She just looked around like she didn't know what had happened or who had her in his arms.

"No, put me down or I'll rip your throat out." Fawn threatened.

"Fawn, you are safe now.

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