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Gwen must be punished and Charlotte learn how.

You keep Jason happy."

"I WILL!" Candy screamed when she climaxed.


"NOW BABY NOW!" Amy screamed. It had been so long since she had an orgasm and she knew it was because of Rob's touches and sexy talk. Seconds later Jason grunted and filled her pussy with his hot spunk. He rolled off and quickly fell asleep. Meanwhile Amy's fingers again found her clitty and caressed it while the hot cream poured from within. After her second climax she too fell asleep on top of the silk black sheets.


The Next Morning

Jason woke with a slight hangover. He was unsure of where he was until he turned and looked up at his nude body in the mirror. He needed a shower badly and headed to the huge shower in the bathroom.

Amy moved in and out of sleep and loved the feel of the silk sheet against her breasts and tummy. She thought she heard Jason get up and when she heard the shower come on she again drifted off. She didn't know how long she was asleep when she felt him touching her buttocks. "Ummm.....didn't you get enough last night?"

He didn't respond so she just relaxed and let him squeeze and explore. "You keep that up and you might need another shower," she giggled. Again he was quiet so she turned away from him to look into the mirror. She looked, closed her eyes tightly and looked again. "OH MY GOD!" Rob was sitting next to her on the bed with his hand on her butt. "Stop........what are you doing?"

Rob smiled because he knew she wouldn't turn over and show him what he had already seen. He kept rubbing her buns. "I'm touching your wonderful ass dear."

She realized she was completely naked in front of another man for the first time. "Please Jason may come out," she peeked at the bathroom door and realized the shower was still running.

"He won't."

Amy flinched when his middle finger tickled over her small anus. She squeezed her butt cheeks to prevent him seeing it. "Why is he allowing you to do this?" She whispered. She knew something else was going on.

"He wants you to experience a real man," Rob laughed.

"I.....uh..don't believe you," she said feeling hotter than last night. His middle finger was pushing under her butt and was trying to get between her thighs at her pussy. She knew if he touched it that she would not be able to say no. Her tiny hand reached back and grabbed onto his wrist. "Don't.......I don't want you to touch me there."

Rob was disappointed but also happy because he wanted her to resist enough to make it fun. "So I can touch your bare and wonderful ass."

She knew it was wrong but said, "Yes."

Rob moved closer and did just that for the next minute. She was wiggling and moaning so when his lips kissed each cheek she froze.

"Oh God what are you doing?" She asked feeling his damp tongue start at the top of her crack and slowly lick down deep into her pink valley. She tried to squeeze him out again but his fingers pried her open before his tongue pushed down into her puckered hole. "Oh no........not there.......not there." But her voice was weak and barely audible.

Rob smiled when she opened her legs to allow him more access. She didn't realize it but it allowed him access to her dripping and waiting pussy lips.

Amy was lost in lust feeling the nasty sensation so when his tongue moved out she was disappointed until it touched the bottom of her pussy. "Rob......oh God......" She didn't resist when he lifted her hips and then licked all the way to the soft little golden bush.

Rob heard sounds from her mouth but couldn't make them out. She moaned loudly when he sucked her tiny clitty between his lips and flicked it back and forth with his hot tongue. He felt her legs opening up and knew he could fuck her without a whimper. But then the shower turned off and he pulled his tongue away. After kissing both mounds he moved off the bed. "And Jason told me that you don't like oral sex."

"I never said that," Amy smiled as she looked at the huge bulge in his loose cotton shorts.

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