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A Friday night in on the sofa takes a far naughtier turn.

Gathering what strength and composure I had, I decided to be honest. "Good," I said with a very low voice, almost a whimper.

He nodded quietly, then did the expected and slipped a finger under my thong, sliding it deep and the entire length of me. I threw my head back and moaned, the invasion being a delayed welcome. "You're very wet," he said. "Do you always get so wet so fast?"

What was I to say? Here I was, opening and closing my legs in pleasure as he slipped another finger into me, my nipple on fire and begging. "It's been a long time," I whispered. "I miss my husband." There, I had managed to cover it truthfully.

"Oh, do you?"

"Yes." It was delayed and quiet, but the truth.

"You know, that's a little bit of a surprise." Giving the door a quick check, he surprised me by bringing his mouth down on mine suddenly, deep and full, and leaving it there for a long while as his tongue found mine and his fingers went deeper.

He pulled away. My thoughts gathered and I said "Why?" As if the answer really meant anything.

"Well, even before he left you acted like you were not being satisfied and was going hungry." I wondered how he would know that but didn't push.

"I was completely happy." That was my best response.

"I didn't say you haven't been happy. I said you weren't satisfied." His correct assessment caused my body to give a shudder. Was it so obvious that I could be clearly read? If he could see it, could David?

"Do you fantasize about others when you are with him?" He was whispering very low in my ear, as if this needed to be a deep, dark secret.

I had no intention of feeding his smirk with the truth. But when he took his thumb and forefinger and squeezed my clit suddenly, the pillar of strength I thought I would be turned to sand and I answered truthfully with a very low "Yes. Sometimes."

As if in unison, we both let out with a long "U-m-m-m-m-m," me from the twisting action he was giving my clit and he from the answer I gave which obviously was to his liking.

"Does he ever play games with you."


"What kind"

"Just little mind games." I could hardly speak through the fantastic sensation coming up from between my legs now. I was moving non-stop, my hips pressing back and forth on his fingers, my breast pressing against his palm.

"Not like that. Have you ever teased anybody? Have you ever involved another man or woman?"

I thought about it as best as I could. The overall sensation and situation at the time had fast wiped any inhibitions that would make me want to lie. Finally I said, "When we were driving here from Texas I teased a few truck drivers by letting my skirt rise up real high on the seat." I thought that had been pretty daring.

He smiled and laughed lightly. "That's a good start. Did he encourage you or did you do it on your own?"

"Both. I did it a few times when he and I were playing. But when I was driving and he was sleeping I did it a lot." I couldn't believe I was confiding in him this way, but his fingers seemed to make a very humble person out of me.

"Excellent! That means you really enjoyed it. Would you be open to a game that would really turn you on and nobody would put a hand on you?" To my disappointment, his fingers came out of me and went back on top of the flimsy cloth. He had come around in front of me, his face in mine as he waited for the answer.

Struggling with the departure of his fingers, I didn't know what to say. He seemed to recognize my indecision, so he started speeding up his fingers and tantalizing my clit through the cloth until he got the "Okay" from me he was looking for.

"Now?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Let's do something right now. You have to absolutely promise to follow every one of my instructions, down to the smallest detail. I promise you that you will have an orgasm from it. Are you with me?"

With that, both his hands left me, causing me to be vocal with disappointment.

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