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Average guy meets a neighbor and finds a new hobby.

This time he kept pumping them until Lady Jane came. Her juice spurted over his wrist and forearm, and she bit his shoulder hard to stifle the screams of ecstatic release. For a long while he held her tightly to him as her body slowly calmed.

"All right Sir William, you win," she murmured in his ear.

"I think you will find that it is we who win My Lady." He paused dramatically. "And anyway I haven't finished with you yet."


William wandered over to the tied off end of the rope ensnaring Lady Jane. With a deft flick or two it was undone. Keeping the line taught he returned to where Lady Jane stood, breasts jutting proudly from between the ragged edges of her shirt and open doublet.

"Tonight I think you will need some more of my wisdom and guidance in your chamber."

Lady Jane's eyes simply narrowed and flashed in the sinking sunlight.

"Well, My lady?"

"If you must," she spat.

"Now, now, we both know what we want."

She averted her eyes to the ground.

William released the rope and slipped the makeshift cuffs from her wrists. He kissed the reddened skin and methodically buttoned up the thick doublet. The he boosted her up onto her horse and they set off at an easy trot to Halden Manor.

An hour later, washed and dressed appropriately the two met again in company of the household for dinner. The guest of honour was Lord Marsham of Romney. As hospitality dictated he was sat beside Lady Jane at the high table. William was a few seats away and opposite. Lady Marsham to his side.

The next couple of hours would be extremely taxing. The Marsham's lived, in fact, in London, eschewing provincial life for the status of the Royal court. Or rather, the perceived status. They were somewhat peripheral figures clinging to the reflected glitter. The truth was they were tediously tiresome people. She only talked about society gossip and fashion and he was nothing but a lecherous bore. However, he was lord of the neighbouring lands and as such relations needed to be maintained.

In pursuit of such, William smiled and nodded his way through a seemingly endless stream of prattle broken only when Lady Marsham filled her trap with the endless courses of food and copious quantities of wine. He even put up with her pawing hands in the cause of neighbourly solidarity. Every so often he looked over at Lady Jane. Despite the mask of good humour plastered onto her face he could tell that her ordeal was equally if not more burdensome. Lord Marsham was in full flow. Talking to her as a master to his pupil. In his pauses for breath, eating and drinking he leered and manhandled. Once or twice William felt almost compelled to call him upon his honour but his Lady's steely eyes kept him in check. With a wry inward smile he reckoned that she was more than a match for the odious man but with deft skill let Lord Marsham think he was the consummate charmer.

Finally, the banquet came to a close. Lady Jane was able to slip away to her private chamber and Lady Marsham retired. William had a little longer to suffer. Lord Marsham regaled him with wholly misguided ideas on how to deal with the rebels. William knew that come the fight it wouldn't be the noble Lord in the lead and so he just let the piffle wash over him. Eventually the man seemed so drunk that he almost passed out in his seat. William was free.

A maid approached him, "Sir William, my Lady's compliments and will you attend her chamber when you can."

"Please return my compliments and I shall be with her shortly."

The lack of command struck William. Not wishing to seem too eager he loitered a while before the slowly diminishing fire in the hall. Then he strode purposefully to the iron studded door and rapped upon it. The pretty maid opened it and let him in before slipping silently from the room. All was as the night before save that Lady Jane was not to be seen in the low light of candles and flickering fire.

Then she appeared from the shadows of the far corner recess.

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