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After he had sucked one breast dry, he switched his attention to my other nipple. Behind me he lifted my skirt and slipped one hand into my panties, teasing my anus with a single fingertip while his other hand moved around to my front. He gently pushed away my hands and his hand snaked beneath my skirt, stroking my pussy through my panties. My nipples slipped from Uncle Nickie's lips as he leaned back from me. He laid me back on the couch and slipped off my panties. As Uncle Nickie made to pull off my skirt I pushed his hands away.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Uncle Nickie asked.

"Daddy says I have to keep my skirt on," I said.

"Why?" Uncle Nickie asked.

"Daddy says I'm fat, I have to keep my skirt on so my fat won't dance," I said.

"What nonsense has your Daddy been telling you, you look just fine," Uncle Nickie told me.

"Daddy says I'm not, he said I'd break his cock in two," I said.

"He doesn't know what he's talking about," Uncle Nickie said, and then he pulled my skirt off and parted my legs.

He ran his fingertips over my smooth pussy. Uncle Nickie smiled down at me.

"You're so wet," Uncle Nickie said, rubbing my clit with his fingertip.

He ran his hands up and down my thighs, brushing his thumbs over my wet pussy lips. I tilted my head back and moaned, Uncle Nickie kissed my belly and gently patted my pussy. He slipped two fingers in my pussy, gently fingering my as his thumb massaged my clit. His free hand reached up and squeezed my breasts, gently pinching my nipples and tracing his fingers over my trembling lips. I arched my back and Uncle Nickie pushed his fingers a little deeper, thrusting a little faster.

"Uncle Nickie..." I moaned softly, gripping the cushions.

Uncle Nickie gently shushed me, telling me to relax. As I came, Uncle Nickie pulled his fingers from my pussy and presented them to my lips, and as I sucked his fingers dry Uncle Nickie planted soft kisses on my lips, kissing my forehead and cheek. His hardness pressed against my thigh and Uncle Nickie pulled away from me briefly to unbuckle his belt. He rubbed the head of his cock against my clit, stroking my thigh. Little electric jolts traveled through my body from my pussy to my breasts. Uncle Nickie pushed the head of his cock in my pussy and held my waist, and spat a glob of spit on my clit. The cool liquid settled on my clit and Uncle Nickie spat another glob on my clit and pushed his cock in a little further. Holding my hips in his large hands, Uncle Nickie thrust his cock in and out of me, his hips lightly slapping against mine. He grasped my ass, lifting my bottom a little off the cushions and pushed his cock deeper.

"Uncle Nickie... Uncle Nickie..." I moaned.

His hands were on my breasts, fondling, massaging them. He thrust a little harder into me, one hand on my hips and the other stroking my hair. Uncle Nickie's hips slapped harder against mine, his fingers dug into my skin. As he came Uncle Nickie pulled his cock from me and sprayed his cum over my belly, tapping my clit with his cock. He sat for a while, panting, and then knelt over my face and presented the head of his cock to my lips.

I kissed his cock and allowed him to enter, mostly the head because he was so big. I sucked gently on his cock and Uncle Nickie ran his fingers through my hair.

"Watch your teeth baby," Uncle Nickie winced, twisting his fingers in my hair.

I released his cock briefly.

"I'm sorry Uncle Nickie," I said, and took his cock back into my mouth.

He gently bucked his hips, I flicked out my tongue to brush his balls. His cock twitched on my tongue and a bitter salty taste filled my mouth. I gagged a bit and some of his cum spilled out the corners of my mouth and down my cheek.

"Kathy you're making a mess," Uncle Nickie chuckled.

He licked his cum from my face and asked me politely to get on all fours.

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