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After 25 years of marriage, she says yes to new cock.

She jerked up in the tub and heard the water splash out of the tub. She quickly washed herself and then her hair. She kept peaking around making sure she was alone. She knew she was, she had locked the door, but she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was in the room. Those green eyes danced in her minds eye, and she could hear her wolf growling in pleasure.

She stepped out of the tub and wrapped the towel around her wet body, and the other towel she twisted up in her hair. She scuttled across the hall into her room and closed & locked the door behind her. She rested her head back against the door and felt the wariness of the day seep into her body. 'So much for a relaxing bath...' she thought to herself as she sprawled across her bed. She felt sleep take her.

She was walking in the woods, and she didn't know where she was. Up ahead of her she could see a clearing with a small pond. Standing near the edge of the pond, an old weeping willow drooped. She walked over to it, the willow being one of her favorite trees, and walked under the sun dappled branches. She felt like a little girl again, sitting with her mother and brother under the willow tree at home, reading books and having a picnic. She turned her face up to the sun, and breathed in the warm fresh air. There was a noise behind her and she scrambled behind the tree, pressing her back into the rough bark.

She peaked around the side of the tree to see a tall, broad man with gloriously long unruly black hair walking towards the pond. She watched with bated breath as he stripped off his shirt, and then his shoes and pants and walked into the water. She watched the sunlight play across his bulging muscles, and felt her mouth salivate with the need to taste all that succulent flesh. She almost moaned as the water covered his sinful backside and he hunkered down in the water, and then disappeared from view. She licked her lips in anticipation of seeing him surface, and was rewarded when he did. His broad torso was in view and she watched small droplets of water cascade off his form, and slide down his abs.

Her eyes took in his naked, wet form and slid from his waist up to his face. His long hair was plastered against his features, but soon that was remedied as he brought his hands up to slick his hair back. His eyes opened and stared straight at her. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw his green eyes. "It's not every day I catch someone spying on me." His deep voice rumbled over to her and she felt the shiver of excitement course through her. "Who are you little one?" She closed her eyes to saver that voice and looked down at her feet. She suddenly realized that she was naked, and that jolted her gaze back to him. He was slowly stepping up and out of the pond, and getting closer to her.

"No, please don't...: She told him, and she frowned as she heard the pleading whine in her voice. She could feel her wolf in her mind whimpering in pleasure. He stopped and frowned at her. She stepped around the willow and looked at him from the other side, knowing that this side was more in shadow, and he might not be able to see her nakedness.

"It's not often that a woman tells me no, especially in my dreams, and yet you do." His head cocked to the side and s sudden breeze shifted. She held her breath knowing that the breeze was headed straight to him. She heard his growl and saw his eyes widen. "You are mine, you little vixen, and you think to deny me?" She could see him stalk closer, and now he was out of the water, and his nude body was draped in the sunlight. Her mouth watered at the sight in front of her. Her wolf practically running in circles in her head.

He bent down under the branches, and stood in front of her.

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