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Steve returns from Japan.

Propping my good leg up on top of the desk, I was indiscreetly telling Alex I wanted his touch. My freshly trimmed pussy was on display for him. The soft folds offered him a slight hint of a musky smell; I could feel the wetness that I was sure was very visible. Gently he started rubbing the upper part of my thigh, inching ever closer to where I wanted him, where I needed him. Gently he tugged on my lips rubbing my wetness into me. Slowly Alex stood up so our lips could meet. With hard thrusts, he drove his fingers into me. His thumb was rubbing up against my clit with every thrust in. I could hear the wetness. The feeling was intense. His tongue was muffling my yells. An orgasm rolled through my body; I was, for the moment, satisfied but not content.

I pushed him gently away and reached for his pants. "No, I want to wait. I just wanted to offer you a little release. I appreciate the desire to please me, but no thank you." Alex surprised me. I felt odd receiving pleasure, albeit small, and not giving anything in return.

The knock on the door interrupted us again. This time I was content, although there is a distinct difference between fingers and a cock. Unfortunately, I was not in the position to disapprove. Boris came in stating that the conference table was set-up. Once again, back across the house; I had to snicker to myself. This was getting to the point of becoming comical.

This massive oak table dominated the room. There were ten solid oak chairs surrounding the immense table. I was hoping I was not going to be using this table to entertain many people. I could pile piles of papers on it, though. Who needs a filing cabinet? Turning my head towards Alex I said, "I would like a desk and two large filing cabinets to match the desk. Also, I'd enjoy a few bookcases in the same oak against the wall, closest to the bathroom. In addition, I think I have decided on a two-tone color for the room. Two-foot-wide vertical strips, one color a flat light gray, almost white, and the other a satin darker grey."

"She knows what she wants. I like that in a woman. You'd better work hard to keep her happy," Boris said, with a full belly laugh. "Now, can we please get started? I have to leave in three days." Boris sat a large steel briefcase on the table. "Where do we want to start?"

"I am not sure what I am looking for, nor am I sure what you are expecting. So why don't we start with what I am suppose to be looking for." I said.

"I am having a problem; substantial amounts of money have been disappearing at an alarming rate. I want you to see where it is going and why. I have all of my financial records in here." Boris slid a large manila folder over to me. "Also, all of my checking and other bank information are on these CDs. I have had my IT guy format it for use with Alex's software." Two jeweled CD cases slid over to me.

"Okay, I am going to start this very easy. The first place I like to check is what we call a fictitious employee. This is the easiest way to steal money. What I need you and Ivan to do is look over all of the names of your employees that have received a check, tell me if they really exist. Then we will look at their previous pay, before this started and compare it to the present pay. If pay does not match, there is the start of the problem. I will do my normal audit bit, including expanding to all of your vendors. I will do my best to find this problem in the next few days." I was excited. I was actually going to be doing something other than lying on my back.

"Alex, I know you have a lot for me to do, also. Do you mind if you give me the rundown on your financials a little later this afternoon?" I didn't want to get so bogged down with new information that I actually missed something or screwed up. "Another thing, Boris, if you do not mind me asking. How much money and when did you first suspect something?"

"In American dollars, around three million, maybe even more.

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