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Girl has weird reaction when she cums.

He unlatched his belt from his pants, heaving it over his shoulder, and he attached it to the bed post to help scaffold down. Samuel was about 4 inches in size, naked, and at this point, very fearful. As he was about to slide down, he heard footsteps clunking up the steps to the bedroom. He scurried to the edge of the bed, desperate for help. His girlfriend entered, wearing a tight pair of black yoga pants, and blue bra, revealing much of her cleavage.

The bra barely contained her massive orbs, as they fought like heck to hang loose. Each step she took jiggled her boobs, as they bounced in rhythm to her movements. She smiled at the sight of her shrunken naked boyfriend, and saw his clothes in a pile, desolated and empty. She closed the door, spinning around to lock it and stuff a towel under the door so Samuel could not crawl away. As she did that, Samuel got an amazing view of her ass, as it jiggled in her pants. They were unbelievably tight, as he could make out the outline of her panties, and she had an amazing wedgie, pulling her pants even tighter.

She turned around, smiling, and sexily strolled toward shrunken Samuel.

"Help!! I've been shrunk and I think it was from the ingredient you-" Samuel was cut off as she snatched him up and smacked him. "Shhhh you little rat, I did this on purpose. And I'm happy to see that it worked," she claimed. Taking him in her hands, she gave him a squeeze and then laid him on the bed, holding him down to prevent him from moving. She turned around, with her bum over his body and his sex over his face, and she faced away from his feet. Her bum was as about as twice as big as him, and he fought to wriggle away from the fear of what it would do to him. She kept him in place, lowered down, and sank her ass onto him, wedging his body up her crack and his face into her sex. She wiggled around, moaning from the pressure she derived, and she ground hard into him. He suffered, as her bum sucked him up as she flexed her butt muscles, squeezing the air out of him. He gasped for breath as she stood up, spun around, sat down, her ass engulfing his face. She wiggled on him as he struggled, and she crushed his face as he was forced into her butthole. She bounced up and down, smashing him further into her. His face was wedged in her, and he began to run low on breath. He heard a louder than normal moan, as hot, sweet air filled his nose, causing him to scream out of fear for his life. She reached under with a hand, pinning him down, and standing up. He sucked down volumes of air, his watery eyes full to the brim with tears.

His girlfriend laughed, then lifted his body from the bed, sticking him down the back of her pants, shoving his head up and down her ass. She rubbed his face up and down, cleaning the crack out shoving his entire upper half in her butthole. She pulled him out, clenching her cheeks together and holding him in place, as he screamed for mercy. She finally pulled him back in to fresh air, laughing and shoving him down the front. She shoved him up her sex, forcing him up past his feet, and closing her thighs together, locking him in. He struggled to get out, and she pulled him back out, as he was covered in juices from her. She kissed him, then shoved him down her breasts, as her flabs closed over his face, and she plunged him in, squeezing her breasts together and rubbing them together.

After about 10 minutes of that torture, she completely undressed, taking off her blue thong and putting it on the bed.

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