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She rejects him for the job so he gives her a hard lesson.

"Hmm, what do you think?"

"No.." was all he could mutter grimly.

"Pity, but it will be more fun this way," she stated confidently. "Lisa, come!" she barked while walking around behind his head. Lisa trotted over, hands behind her back, breasts bouncing underneath her top. Her nipples now pushing out against the fine mesh but too large to slip through.

"What do you think of him Lisa? Looks like he will make a fine slave no? Go ahead look him over. But don't touch yet."

"Yes Mistress," came the slave's reply. Her eyes hungrily devoured his body coming to rest on his thick hard cock. Lisa pursed her lips and hungrily licked them, her breath quickening.

"Lisa turn around and bend over. Show him what you have to offer."

Lisa turned and bent at the waist. Her skirt rode up on her ass, all her charms on display. The sweet curves of her ample hips framed the lines of her sex meshed in between sinewy muscular thighs. "What a nice pussy. Wouldn't you agree?" His gaze was transfixed at her rotund bottom. His breath was quickening and his tongue licked his lips. Would he be allowed this woman? As he wished? He had given up hope. He had put such thoughts from his mind, but his mistress had planted the seed in his imagination and his mind ran wild with it.

"I think he likes you Lisa! Stand up turn around and show him how yummy your boobs are," mistress coaxed. Lisa stood, turned around and gathered her breasts together in her hands. Pursing her lips in pleasure, her hands kneaded and massaged her breasts pressing them up and together.

"Take off your top and play with your nipples," mistress continued. Lisa complied and soon was rolling her nipples between the fingers of her hands. He stared up at her transfixed, longing to bring his mouth to one of the slave's nipples. "Lisa, is your pussy getting wet?" mistress asked.

"Yes mistress!" Lisa replied as she kept tweaking her nipples.

"Mmm let's see then.. put your fingers in your cunt and see if they come out wet." Lisa reached to her crotch and massaged her slit, then slowly inserted a finger in her cunt. Her hips moved forward to embrace the advances of her hand. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as she gave herself up to her fingers.

"Tut tut now, that's enough," scolded the mistress "I give you an inch and you snatch a mile!" With a sigh Lisa removed her fingers from her slit and took a moment to catch her breath. "Ooo look at that, you are wet aren't you.. what a good little slut," mistress chimed in, "Wipe your hand off on your tit."

"Yes mistress," Lisa responded, doing as she was told. Her fingers lingered around the nipple, rolling around the areola and covering them with the sticky sweet wetness of her sex.

"Would you like a taste of 'pussy nipple'?" the mistress bent and whispered in his ear loud enough for Lisa to hear. All he could do was emit a low guttural moan. He was staring hypnotized by Lisa's breasts.

"Lisa!" the command was simple but Lisa knew what was expected of her. Lisa bent to offer him her breast smeared with the juices from her cunt. When her breast was barely inches from his face she stopped.

He tried to crane his head to reach Lisa's breast but his mistress had a hold of the hair on his head immobilizing him. He whimpered in frustration. "Not just yet," she said reaching up to fondle Lisa's breast just above his face. "Would you like a little lick?" she purred in his ear.

His breath had quickened and his lips were parted in passion. His head strained trying to reach the breast, but she held it immobile. "Stop. Be a good boy and wait till you're told to lick."

He sank back and waited. Hoping he would be allowed to. "Now let's see your tongue, stick it out." the voice breathed in his ear. The voice was all consuming. His world consisted of the breast looming in front him and a voice echoing in his head. "There we go, stretch out your tongue. Show me how you would lick that nipple. Good, now put it back."

He complied, licking his

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