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A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire.

"That was delicious," she said, "I could do that all day." Josie leaned over to take my cock in her mouth one more time, in case she had missed any of my semen. Then she said, "we'd better catch up, or they'll call for a search party."

"Oh -- right," I replied. We dressed hurriedly, kissed slowly, and then made our way back up to the trail.

Having satisfied our cravings for the moment, we hiked vigorously and made good time. After ten minutes we emerged from the trees and started up a cinder trail along the side of the crater. To the left was its big, red, treeless dome, and below us to the right was the valley through which we had driven that morning. The cloudless sky was immaculate, except for some unfortunate tendrils of smog creeping up into the valley from the urban area below it. In the distance a commercial jet sketched a gradual trail across the heavens.

We could see what appeared to be Mattie and Lucille a few hundred yards ahead, and we gained quickly on them. They were relieved to learn that they were not the slowest hikers, and we were relieved to learn that we wouldn't have to come up for some explanation for being separated from the rest of the expedition. As a result, we got along famously with the elderly gals, and thirty minutes later we were coming up on the crater's rim, under the dizzying blue vault of the mountain sky.
The trail circled around some big rocks, and then we were walking along the top of the crater. We saw the rest of our party in the distance, relaxing in the shade of some more rocks and eating their lunches. As we approached, we heard Leonard call out to us, "Howdy, slowpokes!" We smiled and waved to him. Amy gave us a knowing smirk. We took our places among our fellow hikers and extracted our lunches from the day packs. Little Evan and Peter were running about indefatigably, while their parents relaxed with the rest of us. As we ate, Donna and Shawna surprised us by becoming very talkative about the wildflowers they had seen.

Donna, in the green cap, said, "We saw six kinds of wildflowers. I think the flowers out here in the woods are more beautiful than the flowers in the city." Shawna, in the yellow, added, "Yes, out here they are not just something added to take the edge off the city. Out here they are a primal force." Donna affirmed, "Right, they're a primal force. That's what makes them so cool."

After lunch, we strolled around the rim of the crater for a few minutes. Butterflies with wings like golden stained-glass windows played among the volcanic rocks. In the distance we could see real mountains on three sides of us, massive snowy crags. I discreetly asked Josie whether Amy had deliberately left us alone on the trail. "Oh, definitely!" Josie laughed. "She knows I've gone a long time without tasting a man." She paused, and shot me a conspiratorial look. "Of course, I may have tasted her a few times." I raised my eyebrows and grinned.

Ralph was rounding everyone up for the return trip, so we assembled and started down the trail. Again the Thompsons took the lead, followed by Ralph and Leonard who were inveterate outdoorsmen. The rest of us proceeded down the path in a loose gaggle. We made better time going downhill, and in about 15 minutes we had left the slope of the cinder cone and headed into the woods, where the shade offered welcome relief from the mid-day heat. Our gaggle began to disperse somewhat.

I was walking along somewhere in the middle of the group when Amy maneuvered her way to my side. "So, you and Josie sort of took your time coming up the hill, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I replied.

"Did you encounter any... wildlife on your way up?"

I chose to ignore the possibility of a double entendre. "Well, we saw a Red-Tailed Hawk."

Amy took off her sunglasses to reveal dazzling green eyes, which she pointed in my direction. "I actually meant something more... earthy."

I hesitated. "You don't mean Josie, do you?"

Amy snickered and said, "That's exactly who I mean."

"I guess so, then,"


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