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Pretty blonde mother-in-law's teasing goes too far.

"Hand them to me." She lowered her eyes and did so immediately. I took them and put them in my car. "From now on, you will wear nothing but thongs. I will check on you ever occasionally at work to make sure you are an obedient slut. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," she said, eyes still lowered.

Good. You will meet me at that restaurant, Bobby's, right after work. You can meet me at the bar. I will have a table waiting when you get there. I then got in the car, watching her skirt slide into place. I drove off, making sure things were set for tonight.

Before Krystal got to the restaurant, I arranged with a friend of mine that worked there, to keep a table for me that was out of the way, and unscrewed a light bulb, making it a little darker than the restaurant is normally.

I was at the bar, watching whatever sports news was on and chillin with the bartender when Krystal came in, slightly unsure of why she showed up, and slightly nervous, but smiled when she noticed me.

I finished my drink slowly, walked over to her, and whispered the order to follow me. I took her over to our table, and told her that before she could sit, she will lift her dress, placing her bare ass on the chair. She bit her lip, fighting the urge to question my orders. Nevertheless, when she realized that I had arranged it that she was in a dark corner, and no one could see her, she resigned herself to the fact that this is what she wanted.

She raised her dress so that nothing was visible from the front, but her ass was exposed to the wall, and then slowly seated herself across from me.

"Do you like being commanded and following those commands, Krystal?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Spread your legs wide, over the sides of the chair."

She did so, and I removed my right shoe, and placed my foot on the chair.

"Scoot your ass closer to my foot, Krystal." She complied and felt my sock between her pussy lips, as I moved my toes to run up and down her slit, feeling the moisture through my sock.

I picked up the menu, and started reading it, deciding on what I desired for the evening. After a couple of moments, I put my menu down, and looked at her. "I am sorry. I should have told you to pick up your menu and decide what you want. This is, after all a date... and I am sure you don't want to have too much attention on you as you sit there like this." As I pushed my toe between her pussy lips. After a few moments' times, (me trying hard to ignore her gasps as I continued toeing her pussy) the waiter came and took our orders.

When the waiter left, I looked into her eyes. "I am looking for a new play toy. Someone to serve my whim and desires sexually. I have decided I want someone I could train and mold. I can tell by what you have done with me so far that at least the thought is there for you. The question is, do you wish to serve me? Do not answer me with a yes or no yet. You can answer as we leave tonight. Now is the one night you can comment freely, or ask questions. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir. I understand. I...I just do not know. I have never been approached like this before, and I never even considered doing what I did the other night, let alone, sitting here like... this," she said as she blushed. I pushed my toe further into her pussy, making her pause to breathe deeper, as I pushed inside her.

"I am not sure. I have never even thought about being submissive to anyone before. In addition, with you... it feels somewhat natural. I don't know. It just is kind of fast for now." as I pulled my toe from her pussy and ran the wetness over her pubic hair.

"I understand. It takes a while to realize your true nature, especially in this day and age where people say you have to be assertive, and take what you want. No one will do it for you. But, when you agree, and I have a firm opinion you will, you will realize this great opportunity afforded to you."

We participated in some idle chitchat, and I kept my foot firmly planted so that her legs would not close.

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