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Things come to an end for Erica.

"Oh fuck yes, I want to cum all over that little white mouth of yours baby." His hands finding their way to my head gently guiding me up and down his cock.

His hard cock probed my mouth deeply and he continued to push more in with every thrust. "I got a big load in there for you baby girl, you best be getting that dress off!"

Instinctively I got up and removed my dress by pushing the straps off my shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Standing in the cool night air with nothing more than my little while thong. He moved himself down the bench of the table and pulled me to him.

I could feel the cool of the grass as I kneeled down in front of him taking his cock back in my mouth. One big hand made its way to the back of my head holding my hair. His other hand squeezed and massaged my breasts occasionally pulling on my nipples as he fucked my mouth.

When he stood up I know he was close. The volume of precum dripping in to my mouth had begun to increase dramatically. With both hands on my head he began to fuck my mouth. He was so nice about it and not trying to ram it down my throat.

His cock began to swell in my mouth as he yelled at the top of his lungs "Take it! Take my cum bitch!"

His cock exploded in my mouth and I feverishly tried to swallow the torrents of cum exploding from his cock as I stroked it. Holding him there as his convulsions subsided, his grip on my hair relented and I sucked the remaining cum from his cock.

To my surprise, I had managed to catch it all. I could have left my dress on after all.

He reached down and grabbed my dress handing it to me as he helped me to my feet. I quickly slipped it back on as he got himself buttoned up.

Pulling me to him he kissed me deeper than any man had ever done, "We better get back down there before they wonder where you went."

We went back down to the party and it would appear we were not missed at all. He went and grabbed me another cooler. As I sat on the couch, he stood near me talking to one of his friends. It was then that I realized I didn't have a clue what his name was and should have paid attention when we were introduced.

We danced and talked more as the night slowly faded. People began to say their good-byes as they made their way home. Those that weren't leaving looked quite comfortable in their already sleeping or zombie states on the couch.

We snuggled ourselves in to a big corner chair and his hand slowly caressed my thighs. Pulling at my dress and hiking it up enough to show my bare ass. In the smoky darkness, I was confident that the zombies could not see anything and let him enjoy me. We kissed more and he put his hand on the rock hard bulge in his pants.

"Again?" I giggled.

"Fuck yes baby girl!" his breath panting in my mouth.

I squeezed his hard cock through his pants teasing him to a rock hard state as we kissed.

It was that time again after too many drinks and I excused myself as I went to the bathroom again. Cursing to myself, I struggled to close the lock on the bathroom door. Once I finished up, I was fixing my hair in the mirror before heading back out to my nameless lover.

"I should probably be turning in for the night; my cousin will be here early to pick me up." I said with despair.

He frowned and placed my hand on his still hard cock.

"Interested in tucking a girl in?" I smiled coyly

Making our way past the zombies we entered my room for the night. He immediately closed the door and turned on the light.

Squinting in the brightness he found a smaller lamp and turned it on instead "I need to see that fine little body of yours baby."

He quickly reached over and pushed my straps to the side causing my dress to fall. My perky b cup breasts stood firmly off my chest. The light was sobering making my nakedness a stark reality.

His hands pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them.

He stood back and stared at me with a big smile "You are one fine assed lil redhead baby girl!"

"Your turn!" I pointed at his pants.

He quickly unbuttoned them and let them fall to

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