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Lose a race, pay the forfeit.

Drucilla was great though and after the first couple of groups, I had her split off the ones she figured would pick it up quicker and show them herself. It cut the time down, but we still weren't completely done until almost ten that night.

"Damn," I rubbed my neck. "I'm beat."

Drucilla/Debbie just grinned at me, "It was fun though, wasn't it?" She danced around a little and the three rings in her eyebrow bounced up and down so hard I wanted to wince.

"If that's your idea of fun than you really need to go find a job in the computer industry."

She nodded, "I plan on it. That's what I'm studying at college."

It's what I'd figured. I already knew that this was just a part time job for her. She'd told me the only reason she'd been in while I was there was because her school was on semester break and she was picking up extra hours.

"Well, when your finished, let me know." I handed her my card. My bosses were always looking for talent and her fashion sense wouldn't be a deterrent either. I mean they'd hired Leroy hadn't they? "How would you feel about living in Chicago?"


Drucilla didn't have a car. She'd hitched a ride with her dad that morning so I'd offered to drop her off on my way to the motel. Hell, it was the least I could do. Without her help, there would have been no way I'd have been able to get out flight out the next day. I might have even needed to stay another weekend.

In the state I was in that would not have been a good thing, not only for me but for anyone else I happened to come in contact with. Hell, you might even say she'd had a potential hand in saving Arnie Pederson's life and prevented me from having an up close and personal relationship with a seven foot convict roommate who went by the name of Sven the Impaler.

She went to get her coat and I looked at the clock. It was still early enough to call Amy. It still wasn't ideal, but if I wanted to talk to her at all before I finally got home, it was going to have to happen soon. But before I could punch in the number Dru came back. I sighed and pocketed my phone.

We walked out together into the bitter wind of a Minnesota winter. It was snowing like a bitch. I'd vaguely been aware of some talk of a blizzard, but hadn't taken the time to look out a window. Now I could see what they were talking about. Damn, and I thought we got snow in Chicago.

My stomach growled. There hadn't been any pizza tonight. Once I'd ordered Arnie out of my sight, he'd apparently done a powder. At least no one had seen him. D/D had told me he was a jerk, but had real job security because his wife was the chief physician's sister. I only hoped that didn't mean he'd be back to playing with the computers again any time soon. Fergus Falls wasn't exactly my kind of town and I didn't want to be revisiting for as long as possible.

My stomach rumbled again. I guess it wasn't happy with the fact that all I'd put into it that day were three apple fritters and half of Dru's tuna sandwich. Which gave me an idea.

"Hey, I haven't even thanked you for how much you helped today. How about I take you out to eat? Where's the best steak in town?" I was hungry and I really did owe her.

"Burgoyne's," she shook her head and laughed, "but it's been closed since nine."

"Anything open?" Though when I thought about it, I seriously doubted it. This was not a booming metropolis. Hell, it wasn't a booming anything.

Dru thought about it for a second while I stomped my feet to prevent frostbite, then her face lightened. "I know a great place. I can't promise you steak, but I can guarantee whatever it is will be excellent."

"Then lead on MacDuff."

Looking puzzled, the girl said seriously, "Actually, my last name is Sorenson."

Oh yeah, she'd fit in great at my company.

The roads were worse than bad. For one brief, second I was grateful to Arnie for the upgrade to four-wheel drive. Then I thought about the fact that he was why I'd needed to be here in the first place and the warm fuzzies died a quick death.

Druscilla/Debbie directed me down a bu

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