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A fellatrix attends her first CFL game.

More of her juices gushed as he caressed an especially sensitive place and she moaned aloud. He ignored her, knowing her fresh honey would still be there when it was time to lick her pussy clean. Always slowly, giving maximum pleasure to Kathy and to himself, his tongue stroked its way back up to where her clit had completely pushed its way out from the folds of her inner lips.

Kathy was no longer playing with her nipples. Her whole body was writhing on the bed under the ministrations of her neighbor and her arms were flailing the mattress. "Make me come!" She begged the man between her legs. "Suck my clit! Make me come!" To her delight, she saw his head move slightly closer and felt his mouth enveloping her swollen love button.

From the movements of her body -- she was thrashing all over the bed by that time -- and the total engorgement of her clit, Cliff knew Kathy was as ready to come as she would ever be. She was fucking against his face and it seemed as if he could barely cling to her thighs. His mouth drew in her clit and he started to suck, his mouth working in the same tempo as the upward thrusts of her pussy.

"Yes! Yes!" she demanded of him. "Suck me there! Suck me there!"

Her orgasm, which had been building since she first lay on the bed, swept over her body and she cried out in joy. Kathy's hands buried themselves in the hair of the man who had brought her to that fabulous state and her thighs clamped onto his head. For as long as she continued coming, her ass bounced up and down on the bed, ramming her pussy against Cliff's face and her upper body tossed from side to side on the bed. He was a very willing prisoner and clung to her legs while his mouth sucked and his tongue licked the engorged top and sides of her clit.

When she climaxed, Kathy's entire body clenched and she rammed her pussy against Cliff's face for a final time. After the momentous orgasm she had been needing so badly, her entire body relaxed, including her legs, which remained draped over the shoulders of the man who had brought it about. He remained in the same position for a few seconds before moving his face lower so he could feast on all the honey that had just gushed from the sensuous brunette. When Cliff was finished with that delicious treat, he backed away and let Kathy's legs fall to the mattress.

He began preparations for the main event by going to the bathroom and getting a damp face cloth. After returning, he removed his pants, first taking a condom and a small tube of Astro-glide from the pocket, and peeled down his jockey shorts. He had to be careful taking off the latter because his cock was like a steel rod and only fit through the elastic waistband with difficulty. When he was naked, Cliff opened the plastic packet and rolled the condom onto that hard cock and, carrying the tube of lubricant and damp cloth in his hand, got back on the bed and approached Kathy on his knees.

She saw his stiff cock in its latex covering, grinned lewdly and rolled over onto her stomach. She had her legs spread and a pillow under her waist to raise her ass and make it a better target. Wanting to flirt a little first, Kathy reached back, held her soft cheeks in her hands and squeezed and released them and moved them around, making her adorable pink rosebud wink at the man who would momentarily be cramming her full.

He appreciated the highly erotic sight. "That's what I've been wanting all day," he told her.

"Well, it's been wanting you too."

The waiting was over for both of them.

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