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You can find nymphs in your garden.

I continued my kissing, from her collarbone, down her chest towards her right breast.

I hovered momentarily over the nipple before kissing it. Sarah let out a gentle gasp, one of the first sounds she had made all evening, and I continued my kissing. After a short while I planted several gentle kisses on her chest again as I moved towards her left breast. As I did this I raised my hand and gently stroked at the right one, gently pinching and rubbing as I kissed. Sarah seemed to like the sensation of a gentle pinch on her nipple so I gently gripped the left one in my teeth and pulled slightly away, she gasped, this time loudly, but it was a grasp both of pleasure and of pain.

I looked towards her face once again and again our lips met passionately. As we kissed Sarah began to unbutton my shirt a task that required her to stop kissing every now and then to get a good look at what she was doing. Soon she had my shirt unbuttoned and I leaned forward and pulled it off my trembling body.

Sarah leaned in towards my chest and returned the favor that I had recently earned by kissing and pulling at my nipples as I had done to hers. The feeling was sensational, heightening the feeling of eroticism and causing my erection to grow considerably.

Sarah noticed the increasing size of the bulge in my jeans and slid off my lap and knelt on the floor before me. She put a hand on each of my knees and spread my legs slightly with a cheeky smile on her face. She shifted her weight forward slightly and moved her hands towards the button of my jeans. After some fumbling she managed to undo the button and promptly unzipped the fly.

Seeing the bulge in my boxers she stuck out a finger and traced up and down its length several times before leaning forward and tugging the top of my jeans. I lifted my weight slightly and she succeeded in pulling my jeans off, making a show of throwing them away into the corner of the room. She then threw the discarded bra firmly out of the way and undid her robe and similarly discarded it too. She was now knelt before me wearing only black leather heels and black lace panties, and I was sat wearing nothing but tight cotton boxers.

This was soon not the case as Sarah leaned back towards my crotch and pulled off, and discarded, my boxers in a similar fashion the the rest of my clothes. She stopped for a moment to look at my throbbing penis, she extended a hand towards it and gently stroked every inch of it, getting a feel for its size, its weight and its shape. Finally she leaned in closer and parted her mouth slightly. Looking up at me for one last time, she leaned in and with my cock gripped firmly in her hand she opened her mouth and slid the head past her soft lips.

The feeling was indescribable, it was the best thing I had ever felt and signaled the start of a sexual side to our previously chaste relationship.

She sucked clumsily upon my shaft using her hands for support and her head for stimulation. Occasionally she ventured, perhaps by accident, to take the entire length of the shaft into her mouth at one but every time she had to remove it from her mouth and catch a breath. The feeling was amazing and I remained sat on the couch in a feeling of pure unabated ecstasy.

I managed to get my senses together and opened my eyes and looked towards Sarah, busy at her task. The sight of her performing the act coupled with the actual sensation of her mouth upon my cock brought me close to breaking point. I didn't want to be selfish and certainly didn't want to finish before Sarah had experienced a similar pleasure and so I tilted her head back and kissed her on the forehead. I stood up in-front of her knelt self and lifted her onto the couch, I intended to do to her what she had just done for me and she knew as well as i did what was coming.

I sat her on the couch and in complete role reversal knelt between her outspread legs.

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