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"That looks interesting." I turned to see her talking over the rim of her glass. Her eyes watching my hands. Her lips taking in a taste of wine.

I smiled, knowing that after dinner we would couple together and enjoy our erotic fun.

I wiped my hands off and set the bird into the oven.

I closed the door.

"Well that looked interesting." She smiled.

I watched her, wondering what she had in mind.

"I wonder." "Hmmmmm?" My eyes raised.

"I wonder what about these?"

I watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse with her empty hand. Her wine and cigarette filling the fingers of her other. She smiled as her blouse opened. Her breasts at first rounded globes beneath the open vee of shirt. One, then two brown areoles appearing as she pulled the shirt from the waist of her jeans. Her eyes never left mine. Staring into me, penetrating my eyes.

She pulled her shirt back, as I reached for the butter.

She smiled, stopping me. "You're forgetting something, aren't you?"

I looked at her. She was undoing the top button of her jeans.

She just said one word, "scotch."

I brought the bottle over to her, my thumb partially covering the opening. I sprinkled a few drops over her breasts. Then bent down to touch each amber drop of liquid with my tongue. Connecting each of the drops with a moist touch of my lips. A few more drops on her nipples, quickly savored with my tongue. Her brown skin raised up in response to the cool fluid and my mouth. Taught, tight nubs that responded as I rolled them between my lips, bit them softly with my teeth. I watched as she watched me. Alternating from a breath of her cigarette or a sip from her wine. She smiled as I lifted myself from her.

I moved to the sink to pick up the now warm butter. Squeezed in between my hands and placed them firmly on her breasts. Two small but firm breasts with beautiful brown nipples. Our tongues mixed in a full flavor of Marlboro, scotch and wine. They entwined as my hands coated her breasts, her stomach, her body with the sensual butter. It warmed and oozed between my fingers. It coated her front, leaving a glistening tinge to her skin. The wet feeling of her body, of skin separated by a thin film of oily pleasures was beyond erotic. It was sublime.

I watched as she set down the cigarette and wine and undid my shirt before removing her own. She pulled me in to her, rubbing her chest against mine. Reaching behind me to grasp my ass, to pull me closer to her. I felt, more than saw her legs wrapped around me, feeling the heat of her sex press firmly against mine as our bodies slid across each other.

Her tongue caressed my ear lobes. Her tongue stabbed into the ear itself as her breath blew past me. One of my hands slid down the waist of her pants, following the curves of her cheeks down her rear. She pulled herself closer to me, pressing our sexes together. She pushed me back, her hands moving down my chest to unbutton my own pants, pulling the zipper open and reaching down to hold my erection. Her hands still covered in oil slid without friction over my pleasure. My own hand, still in the waist of her jeans, moving down to her rear.

I stepped back and removed my pants before stepping toward her and removed hers for both of us. I took more butter from the refrigerator's door and held it in my hands. We both watched as it began to drip on her thighs. Small yellow drops of oil that started to drip down her thighs, creating small, thin streams. She reached for the yellow stick that filled past my hands. Taking a square herself and rubbing it onto my cock. Her hand trailed beneath me, rubbing the butter onto my ass from between my legs.

Her lips were covering my nipples, biting them caressing them.

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