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Jordan learns the truth.

Otherwise, I would have naturally invited you with us. I've never failed to do it so far, have I, Kira?

- No, master. I beg your pardon. I'll behave properly, now. Your wishes are like orders for me, my Lord and Master!

- In that case, I wish you to come to the restaurant in saree. A full day with you not wearing one disturbs me.

- Dan, will my tummy bare offend the other customers? Remember that we have several guests this evening!

- You'll wear your usual outfit for the formal banquet tomorrow. For this evening, I think it would be better for you to wear one of your rather long cholis that will cover your belly more properly so that nobody will even lift an eyebrow. You'll just look rather exotic and everyone will watch you but I suspect that Kyrhan is just looking for that effect!

They were five Chinese people waiting for them in the lobby : The head of the delegation presented himself as Wei Lin (Kyrhan didn't catch his surname). There were also a burly and obsequious man named Li Shan He and another one, very skinny, Chen Tian Bo. Both women were pretty and very fluent in English : Zhou Lan Yu and Li Yan Yan : Jade Orchid and Very gorgeous, quite adequate names for both women who appeared young and intelligent. Lan Yu proposed herself to accompany Dan and Kira to the imperial City nearby of Han Zhou, two days later while Kyrhan would have official meetings Kira couldn't attend.

The restaurant was in the small commercial mall at the floor level of the hotel: a Chinese and a Japanese restaurants, a souvenir shop and a hair dresser. They were given chopsticks but Kyrhan asked for a fork, fearing to disgrace himself. Dan made a demonstration taking a stick in the gap between her thumb and forefinger and the other with the top portion of her thumb, fore- and middle- fingers. The trick is to keep one stick stationary while the other handled by the three fingers movable but Kira was not able to master their use. Dan proposed her another way, taking one of the sticks between her thumb and her fore finger like a pen and the other one between her middle and fore finger in the same way. Kira immediately caught the knack of it and was soon able to pick even a pea or a rice grain with her chopsticks. Lan Yu and Wei Lin watched it closely congratulated her.

- You're a genius to be able to handle the chopsticks properly though not dexterously. We all have struggled for years to learn it in our childhood. Nowadays, more than 30 percents of Chinese adults can't use the chopsticks properly. But as long as they are able to work with them, no body cares.

During the meal, quite delicious as usual in China. Kyrhan noted that The Chinese men often banged their wine glasses on the table, announcing something sounding like Kam Pe, a toast inviting everyone to empty their glasses. After the third one, Kira asked in French to Dan :

- Dan, I'm already tipsy. At this rate, I'll get drunk before the end of the meal.

Dan smiled at her.

- It's a common joke in China with foreigners. Look out : they fill your glasses but not theirs. So they drink far less alcohol than you do. But we can do the same trick.

Dan took the wine bottle and filled the glasses of their guests before banging his nearly empty glass on the table while announcing with a big smile Kam Pe! They smiled back while emptying their glasses but apart for Shan He, the Chinese delegation were frailer than Dan or Kyrhan and they wouldn't stand alcohol as well as them. Dan had never even seen Kyrhan just tipsy so far. Afterward, the Chinese delegation seemed somewhat less at ease than before. Dan proposed to switch to water.

- After all, we are here for sport competition, we should drink the beverage that is recommended to athletes : water!

So no one would disgrace himself or herself in front of them all.

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