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Shannon continues to pay for the free favor.

Eve kept signing, 'Yes'.

The alien answered, 'No.'

Eve threw herself onto the floor, curled up, and became unresponsive.

The visor briefly faded to black and then a video of the same room began to roll. This time, a different man was in the chair when Eve and the alien entered. Eve looked thrilled.

Grinning, she ran to the chair. But after a closer look, she backed away and violently shook her head 'No'.

The next scene depicted several aliens standing around Eve in the examining chair. She appeared to be sedated. From the distant camera it was hard to see, but it looked as if they were performing a surgical procedure. Afterwards, the caption read, 'Restoration Successful'.

"Restoration of what?"

That was the end of the show. The helmet retracted.

Tim looked around to discover the alien had left. His heart was heavy. What could he do for Eve? Happiness was more than a brief encounter. If they consummated, she would only become lonelier when they took her away. Was this supposed to be some form of coercion to make him want to stay? Suspicion entered his thoughts. After all, the aliens were capable of making up any video they wanted him to see. But then again, they could just take him. What were they expecting him to do?

Movement caught his eye. He turned and watched the chair slowly recline and then lower, to form a bench.

'Nice. I should write La-Z-Boy about this gimmick.' He sat down and waited for the next event.

Seconds later, Eve peeked in the door.

Tim smiled.

Eve smiled and stepped shyly into the room. She looked tired and her hair was wild.

"Hi, Eve."

He stood up and made the sign for chair, and offered her a seat.

It took a second for him to realize that she was staring at his boxer shorts. Slowly, she approached and touched the strange covering.

"Doesn't anyone around here wear clothes?"

Her fingers covered his cock through the fabric.

"Look," he said, pulling out the wasted band. "It isn't permanent."

Eve looked down, until Tim let the elastic band snap back.

She grinned, pulled out the waistband and stuck her hand inside.

"Your alien buddy said you wanted me. I guess I believe it now." Tim lifted her hand out of his underpants, which now sported a prominent bulge. "I'm not easy... Well... okay, I am. But I draw the line at alien pet deflowering."

She flipped her blond tresses over her shoulders, wrapped her arms around Tim and hugged him tight. Her eyes closed and she made a dreamy, satisfied face. Her grinning lips puckered up and kissed his neck.

"You're making this extremely difficult. I'm trying not to take advantage of your innocence."

The hands on his back rubbed pleasantly, as Eve seemed to tease her breasts against his chest.

"So, this is what happens when you're deprived of affection for 24 years."

She separated from him, grabbed his wrist, and placed his hand over her right breast.

"I thought we could practice some new sign language tonight. But I see you want to practice signals that I already understand." He cradled the breast in his palm and swiped his thumb over the nipple.

The shockwaves of sensation turned Eve into a moony-eyed nymph.

"How do you stay in such great shape in outer space?" he asked, tracing the musculature of her abdomen with the other hand. "Do they make their pets run on some sort of big hamster wheel?" When he was done teasing her belly, his hand trailed up to fondle the other breast. "If you only knew how beautiful you are."

Her eyes closed, as she let pleasure take control.

"You know what, Eve? I think I'll teach you how out-of-this-world sex can feel, even without the big bang." Tim moved behind her and cuddled against her back. His hands snaked around to continue their frontal assault, while his lips snacked on the nape of her neck.

Eve shuddered.

"Like that?" Gradually, he kissed along her shoulder.

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