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Husband follows wife who goes off with stranger at a party.

Ellis suckled on Joyce's little titties hungrily, practically able to fit the entire bud in his mouth as his hand raked through the teen's coarse bush, and then used his tongue to encircle Joyce's mocha toned nipples, flicking the tip on the few little curls that grew around the edge of her areolas.

"You sure I ain't too hairy for you?" Joyce said, teasing the practically possessed old man whose feral grunting gave away how he really felt.

"You know what I like," Ellis gasped as he tried to get this work pants off while his mouth moved from her breast buds back over to her exposed armpits, the slightly tart scent and taste only inflaming him as he feverishly kicked at his pants that seemed unwilling to cooperate.

After Ellis finally managed to get his pants down past his knees, he clawed at his boxers while scrambling up between Joyce's skinny thighs which were parted, exposing her profusely hairy crotch and the thick lips of her sex which were barely visible in the jungle.

"Oh Mr. Park! Your dick is so hard!" Joyce cackled, her arms still stretched over her head as the old man guided his slender pale prong into the furry abyss, and while Joyce barely felt his long but skinny tool she adored the lust he felt for her as he began rooting into her feverishly.

Like always the end came quickly as less than a minute of crazed humping had his dick spurting his seed into Joyce's pussy, but like almost always that didn't stop Ellis Park who kept humping the teen even as his dick deflated, his mouth still going back and forth between her salty underarms.

"Ooh - I was thinking about shaving my pits," Joyce said, enjoying the old man's reaction to that suggestion. "The other girls here make fun of me - they tell me I look like a boy because they are so hairy."

"You're more woman then any of them," Ellis snarled as his teeth scraped the dense curls, his lips and tongue tingling from the coarse growth.

Joyce had no intention of shaving, because not only were her armpits exceptionally hairy but the fur grew so fast that when she had shaved she had to do it so often that it made her sensitive underarms sore so now she let the hair grow, much to her employer's delight.

The old man was so sweet and had been so good to her over the years that Joyce had no problem in doing what little Ellis Park asked, even forgoing using deodorant. Joyce had rubbed a little Secret in her armpits once before meeting him back here and Ellis had recoiled, claiming that the scent was unnatural and burned his mouth.

Since Joyce had come to enjoy the feral armpit worship of the cute old guy as much as he loved expressing it, she had complied and now she could feel his dick getting hard again inside of her even though he had cum just a couple minutes earlier.

Although Ellis Park was almost a senior citizen, he was able to get it up multiple times like this for Joyce even though getting an erection for his wife once a week was a chore, not that she wanted him anyway.

Ellis didn't get completely hard but was stiff enough so that Joyce was having no problem feeling his long skinny prong dipping into her pussy as his thrusting resumed its very brisk rhythm.

"Ooh Mr. Park your dick got hard again so fast!" Joyce chirped, bring her left hand down to grab the old man's graying and thinning scalp, grinding his reddened face into her armpit hard while she wrapped her skinny black legs around his white butt.

"You gonna make me cum Mr. Park," Joyce squealed, and although she was fond of embellishing some things her orgasms were real. "You fuck me so good and hard. Way better than the boys do. Your dick feels so big"

"AW!" Ellis growled as shortly she felt Joyce's pussy contract around his cock while her body tensed, and that caused his dick to erupt, sending another albeit more modest load of semen into her womb.

"I love you honey," Ellis sighed after his spent dick slipped out, and only then did Ellis roll off of the teen and drop beside

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