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Matt and Mary continue to enjoy each other.

The brunette let out a very satisfied, "Oh, my God, yes! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!" She then dove back into eating the blonde's pussy while jamming two fingers up her hungry cunt hole.

Meanwhile, the blonde was lapping at the juicy pussy and cock combination that fucked right above her face. After a dozen or so strokes into the brunette's cunt, the guy pulled out, and his friend directed his pussy-soaked cock to the blonde's mouth where she sucked off her friend's juices mixed her husband's male muskiness, and the saltiness of his pre-cum. The short guy then guided the cock back to his wife's waiting cunt hole.

As his friend drove into his wife's hot pussy, the short guy leaned down, and flicked his tongue over her little ass hole. He then pushed it as deep into the tiny opening as he could, and began driving it in and out.

The brunette moaned and moaned into the blonde's pussy as she lapped at it while getting fucked up the cunt, having her clit sucked, and getting tongue-fucked up the ass, all at the same time.

Both Penny and Ryan were getting close to their orgasms, and the closer they got, the more each picked up the pace of jerking the other off .

In the video, the short guy had moved around to his wife's face, and as he held her head, he fucked her mouth, every once in a while pushing his dick all the way down her throat. All the while she continued to noisily pound away at the blonde's wet cunt with her fingers and hand.

As Ryan jammed his fingers in and out of Penny's soaking wet cunt, she suddenly stopped stroking him, and just gripped his stiff cock tightly. Her whole body tensed and she let out a long, high pitched noise, almost like the air being let out of a balloon.

Immediately, Ryan's hand was drenched with her pussy juice as her body spasmed in one orgasm after another.

Still holding his rigid cock, she put her other hand on top of his cunt-fucking hand, and made him pound into her erupting cunt harder and faster, as the juices gushed from her swollen pussy lips.

Finally, she clamped his hand down tight against her soaked pussy, and just held it there while she closed her eyes, leaned her head way back, and sat there panting, trying to recover her breath.

A few moments later, she was recovered enough to open her eyes and look at Ryan. "Your turn," she said.

Never letting go of his cock, she stood and pushed her chair back out of the way. She then dropped to her knees beside him, and began stroking his slippery cock, again.

Less than a foot away from it, she watched his stiff wet cock intently, as she jerked him off.

He gripped the arms of his chair as she pounded her fist up and down his cock. As he felt the familiar signs of his pending orgasm building, he moaned, "Oh, yeah, Pen! That's it, that's it! Jerk off my fucking hard cock!"

Encouraged and turned on by his dirty talk, she jerked him even faster, and he responded by almost groaning, "Oh, fuck, yeah! I'm getting ready, Pen! I'm gonna cum!"

Penny felt his cock pulse in her hand as the first jet of his cum erupted from the top, shooting all the way up to his chin. She continued to jerk him off as squirt after squirt shot out, coating his chest and belly with ropes of his sperm.

He finally had to reach over and stop her hand as the post-orgasm sensitivity in his cock head grew to be too much.

He leaned back in his chair, panting, and moaning, "Oh, God, that was so fucking hot, Pen! I don't think my balls ever made that much cum in my life!"

She pulled her chair back, and sat back down beside him. "Have you ever tasted your cum?" she asked him as she ran her fingers through the thick white juices on his chest.

His first instinct was to lie, and say, of course not, but before he could answer, she said, "I've tasted mine; I like it."

"I ... I guess I have," he answered.

She chuckled, "You guess you have? You're not sure?" She gathered some of the thick juices onto her fingers, and lifted it up.

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