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Doris fists herself, then gets a hand, so to speak

I could imagine how her hubby's cock had rammed in and out of it. Image how she had squirmed and cursed and panted as his hot hard shaft had rammed her. Imagine how she had groaned as he had grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against him stretching her hole wide and deep. Imagine how she had gulped down air as he fucked her asshole hard and deep, his cock swelling bigger and bigger his balls tightening, his legs straightening as he rammed the fucking old whore.

I stroked her ass slowly as I imagined her screams of pain and joy as he shoot deep into her. His cum filling her bowels. My fingers lazily tracing the wide loose hole.

" Fucking bitch!" I slapped her ass hard.

" Stupid cunt!" as my hand came down again on her buttocks.

She let out a slow animal groan.

"Groan cunt groan."

As slapped her ass harder and harder.

My hand coming down heavier and heavier as I watched her full tits swing from side to side as I slapped, her buttocks turning bright red. "Now I am ready to hurt you cunt, now you are going to get what you want. What I want! What you deserve."

As I reached round her up turned ass and pulled hard sending her crashing to the floor.

"Oucccchhhhhhhhh!" she cried as her floppy flesh spread over the floor.

"Come on bitch, time for fun" I snarled as I pushed her over onto her belly. 'Time for me to make it hurt so bad bitch you will wish you had stayed at home!"

I stood there, naked except for a steel studded collar, a steel studded wrist band and calf length boots with three inch steel heels.

I was going to enjoy this!

As I pushed her legs a little apart, smiling as I heard her whimper in anticipation and fear.

"Shut up cunt" I hissed.

As I carefully placed the toe of my boot at the top of her ass crack, the three inch steel heel resting on her quivering asshole.

"Fucking horny bitch," I hissed as I pushed down, the cold steel ramming hard into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god" she screamed as the cold steel rammed deep up inside her.

"Take that you hot horny old cunt," as I pulled out and slammed it in hard again.

" Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Reaching down I grabbed her bleached hair and pulled he hard. " Ohhhhhhhhhh Christ," she yelled as her chest came up off the carpet.

"Fuck you" I cursed as I rammed the boot heel in again and again.

" Cunt!," as I pulled her head from side to side by her hair. Her long soft tits dragging back and forth cross the pile of the carpet. Getting wetter and wetter as I listened to her sobs as my heel went in and out.

" Swing bitch swing," as the top half of her body swung back and forth the carpet cutting into her tits, the pile catching on the needle pricks still smarting from the vinegar.

"Yes bitch! Yes" as she sobbed . My free hand dropping between my legs as I watched her back shiver and shudder with pain. Finding my hot hard clit and pushing the hood back, my baby throbbing and red and hard as my fingers slid round and round her. My heel fucking the bitches asshole as she cried, and groaned, and screamed as her body dragged across the carpet

My hand digging in my cunt as I watched the blood oozing from her wounded asshole

My palm pressing and swirling on my clit as my fingers worked deeper and deeper into my hot hole.

"Oh god," she sobbed

Ohhhhh fuck," she cried as I felt myself tightening

Ohhhhhhhhhhh sweet Jesus," she moaned as her asshole bled and long red streaks started to show on her tit.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes ' I screamed as I arched backwards pulling hard on her hair and exploded!Spasms flashing in my cunt, the room swirling slowly round as I dropped the bitch hard on her tits.


As my juice sprayed out, my piss flowing freely.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god" I groaned as muscles contracted and released, contracted and released, my clit throbbing. Jolts of pure pleasure racing up to my brain, exploding, spreading hot and fast through my body. My tits aching. My nipples pulsing. My clit throbbing.

I pushed her over onto her back.

Spread her legs with my foo

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