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Youthful fantasies can sometimes become adult realities.

"I just want company mostly," she said as she looked down at her phone. "I don't have many friends, due to my work schedule and thought it would be nice to have someone to come home to."

"I'm here for your demands," he quickly added.

"Well, that's good," she chuckled. "For now let's just get you use to your new home."

Lucky was beginning to think he had made out pretty good with this new owner. She seemed nice and seemed to care more about him than his previous owner ever did.

The car pulled up to a one story house and stopped.

"Here we are," she said happily. "First thing's first. You need to wash that adoption center off of you."

She opened her door and walked around to open his. He managed to meet his eyes with hers before saying, "thank you."

Once she opened her front door, he stepped inside and looked around. The house wasn't nearly as large as the massive three story mansion that he was living in, but it felt more personal to make up for the lack of size.

"The bathroom is right over there," she stated with a quick point. "I don't have any clothes your size, so I hope you don't mind wearing a robe while I wash your cloths."

"I don't mind at all mas... Cheryl," he couldn't believe he had just called a female by her name. It was something that felt taboo to him at this point. She seemed to notice his hesitation and smiled at him.

"Good to hear," she laughed. "Now go and take a bath while I cook us some dinner."

Lucky found the bathroom easily and found that a bath had already been drawn for him. His new owner seemed to have everything hooked up through her phone, which was an extreme convenience for both him and her. He closed the door behind him, not locking it, for men were never to lock doors unless they wanted to be perceived as distrustful.

He pulled his clothes off and stacked them beside the door before stepping into the bath. The hot water felt amazing as he sunk down into it. Once he had lathered and washed his entire body from head to toe, he laid his head back and closed his eyes. His exhaustion must have been worse than he thought, because the next thing he knew, he had fallen asleep.

A knock at the door caused him to jump in alarm.

"You okay in there," Cheryl's voice called from the other side.

"Yes master," he gulped in shock. How could he have been so dumb as to fall asleep when a task had been demanded of him. What task? He racked his brain to think of what he was told to do before seeing the bathrobe hanging on the wall reminded him.

He jumped out of the tub and started drying his body off with a nicely folded towel as the door opened. Cheryl's eyes widened as she seen her new pet in the nude. He didn't know what to do or say so he just dropped the towel and stood straight for her to inspect him.

"I'm sorry," he spit out quickly. "I fell asleep in the bath. It won't happen again."

"Well," she cleared her throat as her eyes shot back to his face. "That's probably a good thing. You could drown doing that. Anyway, dinner's ready."

Lucky put on the bathrobe and followed his owner into the dining room, where she had his and her plates setting across from one another at the small table.

"I hope you like pasta," she said, with sound of concern in her voice. "I didn't even think to ask."

He thought it was bizarre that asking him what kind of food he liked was even a thought to her and wasn't sure what to say. He had never even thought about liking for disliking food before.

"I like pasta a lot," he stated as he sat down at his plate across from her. "Thank you."

"You did it again by the way," she said with a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry," he stated, unsure as to what he had done.

"Do you even know what you did," she asked as her smile disappeared.

"No mas...," then he remembered calling her master before in the tub. "I called you master."

"My name's Cheryl," she stated as she looked into his eyes.

"Yes Cheryl," he copied.

He sat in silence as he ate the food on the plate.

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