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Laura finds her Pasha, part 2.

In the entire 3 years they were married, she never gave him another blow-job.

Since his divorce, he has hooked up with a few women but none that he ever found really interesting. He even tried on-line dating but found most of the women he met that way, kind of desperate and he admitted he felt that way himself. He had a fuck-buddy that he got together with about once a month but that was coming to an end soon as she was taking a new job in another state.

Sam bragged a little, saying that he was "getting more ass than a toilet seat," mostly from women that were his clients. There were lots of neglected women out there and his remodeling projects kept him pretty busy with lonely housewives just looking to fuck. There was nobody special in his life and he was fine with that. He did admit that some of the women were not the most attractive but fortunately for him, his dick doesn't seem to mind. That made us all laugh pretty hard.

Both guys agreed that I am the luckiest to have found Tabby. She is great and a lot of fun. They both really like her... and her boobs!

I didn't want to brag too much but I had to let them know that Tabby is a master at sucking cock. She is by far the best I have ever experienced and her philosophy is that she can always take 10 minutes out of her day to suck her hubby's cock.

That started a very detailed discussion on swallowing which Sam seemed to be the expert on, specifically, how to know if a girl will swallow or not. There seemed to be some pretty hokey science behind his theories. I let them both know that Tabby has no issues with swallowing.

After finishing our round, counting up our strokes and coming to grips with the fact that we all suck at golf, we had a quick beer in the bar where I got a text from Tabby. She asked if I was okay with her "taking it to the next level". When I asked her what the next level was, she just said that I would have to trust her.

I thought about it for a few minutes before I responded. I wasn't really sure what the next level was but based on the reaction in my pants, I decided I was willing to give it a try. Besides I trusted her and no matter what the next level was, I was confident in our relationship and, I was the one that wanted to spice things up. I couldn't really decide on how far I would be comfortable with but I wanted to give it a try. I texted her back, "I'm up for whatever you want to try."

When we got back to the house, I didn't see Tabby. I went to the garage to get beer out of the refrigerator and when I walked into the kitchen, Sam and Nate were standing there with their mouths open, staring out the French doors that lead to the patio.

Walking from the pool toward the kitchen was Tabby, topless and at first I thought bottomless too, but then I realized that she was wearing her tiniest little white lace thong, and a pair of wedge sandals.

When she came through the door we were all speechless and I'm sure staring, with our mouths open, and probably drooling.

"So, how was golf?" She asked, just like she would have if she had been wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt.

Her perfect tits were swaying and even after the thousand times that I have seen them naked, they were still amazing to me. The guys were awestruck and speechless.

There were a few mumbles in response to her golf question, none of which made sense I'm sure, but Tabby just ignored our stupor and poured herself a glass of wine. When she turned away from me it was like she was wearing nothing at all. A tiny string around her waist and then another that quickly disappeared between the cheeks of her ass was all that showed until she bent over and I could see a tiny patch of white between her legs. I'm sure that view was not lost on the other guys either.

"Why don't you guys take a dip in the pool. I know it was hot out there and you could probably use a refreshing swim - and besides, you guys smell like a pack of dogs."

Sam and Nate reluctantly started toward the pool and I held back a moment.

"Is this what you meant by the next step?"


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