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a couple?"

"No, thanks. I have food in my pack."

I opened her pack and found her supply of food and her .32 snub nose. I put it on the table. "Good thing you came inside. That pop gun would have really pissed off the cougar if you hit her. Killing her would have taken a while."

"The guy at the store said it was all I needed."

"When you get home go back and kick his ass. He could have gotten you killed."

Dinner was easy. I combined one of her freeze-dried dinners with one of mine and we ate. Outside, it stormed hard. It got dark. After we ate she took two Tylenol. Then she fell asleep. I watched her sleep for a while and decided we should both get some sleep.

One bed. No problem.

Slowly and carefully I undressed her. The flannel shirt was easy. The cargo shorts were easy once the belt was loosened. That left her in white panties and white bra. I left them on. I skinned down to my skin and covered us both. It was a cozy fit, warm and comfortable.

I was asleep when lightning hit a tree outside and three seconds later the thunder shook us awake. She screamed and sat up. I woke up but didn't move. She screamed again when she realized we were in bed together.

"Relax. I never have sex with women before I know their name." I smiled as I said it. Her sense of humor was switched off.

"You undressed me!"

"Yes. I figured you'd sleep better without all those clothes. If you want them back I'll get them for you." I started to get up.

"Wait!" She reached under the blanket and said, "You didn't strip me completely."

"No, I didn't. lots of people sleep in underwear. Most don't wear cargo shorts and flannel shirts to bed. You want to talk fashion or sleep?"

"Sleep." She snuggled back under the blanket and was fine until she moved, just a little and bumped into my skin. She jumped and asked, "Are you naked?"


"I'm afraid."

"Listen! If I wanted to rape you, it would have already happened. I found you passed out in my home. We're miles from anyone or anywhere. You're beautiful! If I was the kind of man who would take advantage it would have already happened. I haven't touched you inappropriately. I haven't even stripped you so I could see your breasts. I want to sleep. Can you just lie still and worry about cougars while I sleep? Please?"

"You're right. I'm sorry."

The next time I woke up it was morning. She was dressed and sitting near the fire wrapped in her jacket.

"Hungry?" I asked.

"Yes! More than that I'd love some coffee. I would have made it but I'm a little afraid to go outside to get water."

I got up and grabbed the water bucket in the kitchen. I went outside and quickly filled it from the rain barrel. While there I drained my bladder off the edge of the porch. When I came back inside she was looking away. I was naked. Too late to worry about being seen.

The coffee started brewing and I went back to bed. "You never told me your name." I said.


"Glad to meet you, Tina. Please tell me why you left the bed."

She blushed and said, "Your thing kept pressing against my butt."

"You have six brothers and you call it my thing? I only have three sisters and I know the proper names for all your parts. And, I use the proper names most of the time."

"Well, it's hard to sleep while being poked!"

"Wake me. Tell me to take it outside and pee. As soon as I do, it stops poking you."

"I'll remember."

"Good. While we wait for the coffee please come back to bed."

"Why? It'll be ready soon."

"Because holding you while we slept felt good. Because I like how you smell. Because ... because I asked you to."

She limped into the kitchen and filled a big mug with coffee. She took a sip, smiled and came to bed. She handed me the cup. I took a sip and held the cup while she got in beside me. We traded sips until the mug was empty.

"Can I ask questions?"

I smiled. "You're a woman. Isn't that what women do?"

"Why isn't your wife with you?"

"Translation: Are you married? Addendum: If you are, what next? If you're not, what next? Answer, I'm not married.

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