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College freshman bangs his gay roommate at all male college.

The whole experience was a bit overwhelming, but very stimulating.

She had to admit that she was a bit curious about women. She had been ever since being seduced by her hot British friend in college. Only to be interrupted before she could actually experience it.
And then seeing Beth fucking guys and playing with herself back in the day.

She had caught Beth looking at her in a way that made her feel sexy while she played with herself. Not to mention how she watched her fuck a date.

They had many sessions of same room sex back in college. And as roommates and bff's they had masturbated together many times. They had watched each other, both with lovers and alone.

But neither girl ever mentioned it. And both loved men, and what they were equipped with! So she never felt the need to pursue these feelings.

When she met Todd he filled her whole world. All curiosities about other girls were forgotten.

And he slowly introduced her to the fun of being photographed. He tapped into her inner exhibitionist. She had always gotten a thrill from being looked at. Posing for naughty pictures felt like a natural extension of that.

Her and Todd often had wondered if there were other couples who got off on taking naughty pictures.

And now that they knew there was an outlet for the kind of naughty fun they enjoyed, she was looking forward to experiencing all of it.

Her mind was all over the place and whirled with all the possibilities!

Jr. was running the vacuum, back and forth over the same spot, over and over again. But it kept him busy as she was absently dusting the furniture, her mind awash with sexual thoughts.

Jr. must have decided that piece of the rug was clean enough and maneuvered it to another spot.

The ugly, high pitched whine of the vacuum cleaner suddenly sucking up it's own cord brought Meagan back to the present.

Jr. had a terrified look on his face as he dropped the handle of the vacuum and ran away screaming.

Meagan hurriedly unplugged the machine and went to find her son. He had only run as far as the doorway to the kitchen and was peering around the corner as she approached.

He was still crying, the noise had certainly scared him badly. He gladly accepted the safety of his mother's arms as she picked him up and reassured him that everything was okay.

When she returned to the vacuum she saw that the brush had actually worn through the insulation of the wire and some of the copper inside was exposed. She was horrified that Jr. could have been shocked while she was daydreaming.

"Well little buddy, we're done with this for the day. Daddy will have to fix the wire." She told her son. He had calmed down quickly, but she was still shook up.

She looked at the clock and decided to see if he was hungry. Heading to the kitchen she asked him if he wanted some yummies. Jr. started smacking his lips in reply. It was his way of saying "Yeah, let's eat!"

Jr. was showing signs of slowing down by the time he finished making a mess of his lunch. He was eating regular food now so Meagan gave him some chopped up ravioli and his own little spoon and cut him loose.

He actually managed to get some in his mouth with the spoon this time. Of course he would occasionally cheat by picking up the food and placing it on the spoon. And was quite proud of himself too, especially when mommy applauded.

Mostly though he just used his hands. He made a hell of a mess of himself, the highchair and the floor, but actually ate a good bit.

After he was finished Meagan carted him off to the tub. She let him play with his boats while she cleaned him up.

He was really showing signs of weariness now and Meagan had to resist the urge to hurry him to his nap. But she knew it wouldn't be long now, and she got more excited with anticipation.

Meagan was preoccupied with the new site. It was calling her, like an addiction. She had a taste of it last night and was already hooked.

Once the boy was cleaned up she got him dry with a big fluffy towel before applying some cream and a di

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