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A husband hear and witness the rape of his beautiful wife.

You answer the door and the gods have truly spit on me because you look the same too, just more muscular and filled out, your green eyes widen slightly as you look me up and down not saying a word.

Oh yes, you remember me too. I bet the sweet taste of my cunt is even now filling your mouth. You step aside without a word holding the door open and I enter hearing the door close behind me.

I look around for a moment taking in the intricate wood carving along the walls, the windows that sparkle. I always knew you had real talent. I turn to face you.

We stare at each other for a long while greedily soaking up the vision of the other. Have I haunted your dreams as you have haunted mine?

Before I can say a word you come at me backing me up against a wall placing your lips hotly on mine. Oh god, this is the kiss that I have desired for seven years, this is what no one else could ever give me. I raise my knee up to your hip and you slide your hand down the outside of my thigh to my ass which you grab hard.

I place my hands on either side of your face, looking into your eyes.

"I love you. I'm so, so sorry I never should have left you. I never loved anyone the way I love you."

Your words stun me as much as your passionate kiss. I move my hands down your cheeks and your neck to your hardened chest and stomach down further where I wrap my hands on your big cock.

"Do you remember me?" I whisper stroking your length up and down through your jeans feeling you push yourself against me.

"I could never forget you. The way you taste, that sweet, sweet cunt, the way you moaned so softly when I touched you. I remember the way you loved me once, probably more than I loved you at the time. I never forgot you and how you were the best I ever had." He kissed me softly on the lips whispering against my mouth. "You're the one that got away."

"But I'm here now. Just one more time, one more time for old time's sake. Just one little taste of you to take away with me."

You kiss me again hotly and taking my hand you lead me up some stairs and into what appears to be your bedroom, the place where you fuck your wife. You close the door and I move to sit on the bed watching as you begin to strip for me, I remember another time when you stripped for me, when I asked you to masturbate in front of me and you did it, no hesitation. I loved the way you came in my panties and how I held you close afterward until you fell asleep.

When you're naked I can see that huge cock of yours and I think again how much it both hurt and felt so good to have you deep inside me. I recall our first time together how I came to you a virgin with a black ribbon about my neck letting you untie it and then take me. You kept that ribbon when we were together, I wonder if you have it now?

You walk over to the bed and begin to pull my tank top off of me marveling once again at my breasts, you always liked them, to suck on them and you bend your head to do just that. I arch up wrapping one hand about your back and the other around your neck stroking your hair and nape. You move to the other breast and I feel the familiar sparks of pleasure run down my spine.

You kiss down my stomach undoing my jeans, pulling them down my legs as you whisper. "I want to taste that sweet cunt once again. I've been dying for one taste, I've been dying for you."

At the first hot lick I arch my hips up to your face moaning, you are all I ever wanted, this was all I ever wanted. You don't stop, you were always insatiable when it came to licking my pussy. You find my clit and work it until I cum and you swallow every bit working your tongue in my cunt.

You slither up my body and I kiss your cum-flavored lips, our tongues tangling. I can't wait to have you deep inside reaching down I take your throbbing cock and place it against my dripping cunt.

"Please." I whisper.

And you push in gasping at the feel of me once again beneath you.

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