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A new home brings new rules.

His lower stomach and thighs were covered by milky white cum. It looked as if he had blown his load at least 3 or 4 times while waiting for my arrival.

As Lexi made her way toward me after lighting the final candle, Craig finally looked up at me. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he recognized me. He made such as ruckus Lexi stopped crawling toward me and looked back at her husband.

"Bitch, come now!" I order Lexi. I snapped my fingers and pointed to the ground next to my feet. Without hesitation, Lexi resumed her crawl back to my side. When Lexi reached me, I directed her to turn so she can face her now struggling husband.

As his wife kneeled on the ground next to me, I stared at Craig. I kept my eyes on the naked man as I felt Lexi looking between me and her husband trying to figure out what was going on. After a moment, I place my hand on top of Lexi's brown hair and soothed her with my touch.

"Slut, the reason your husband is going crazy is I know you 2. I've worked with Craig for years. In fact, I've talked to you both at one of the Company's parties. And now, he's going to watch me fuck the shit out of his lovely wife and there isn't a damn thing he can do to stop me!"

Craig put on a show of trying to struggle against his bounds, but I know it was an act. He was loving this way too much to really want to get loose. I watched the act for a moment, then instructed Lexi to remain in her position. Leaving Lexi, I headed toward Craig.

I stepped behind the wooden chair that he is bound to and grab the rope that Lexi used to bind him. A quick tug on the rope told me that Lexi doesn't knew what tight means. Soon she'd know that I like extremely tight bondage.

After undoing the knot that Lexi tied, I gave the rope a severe tug. Only when the white rope was digging into Craig's wrists did I tie a knot that Craig would never get undone. After I finished tying off his hands, I made my way around to the front of the chair. As I moved, I gave Lexi a stare that told her that I'm not at all happy with her tie job. I saw her visibly shiver with fear before turning my attention to the rope wrapped around Craig's ankles.

After tying his ankles, I made my way up to the rope that is wrapped around Craig's thighs. As I get to work on the rope, I can see the puddle of white cum that has shot from his still erect cock. In fact, Craig's cock looked like it was ready to explode again very soon.

Instead of pulling the ropes around Craig's thighs tight, I loosen them so Craig could move his ass up off the seat. I then wrapped a length of rope around his stomach so he could only lift his ass up off the chair, not move forward or backwards.

With this finished, I stepped out of the room for the bag that I had brought with me. I returned a minute later to find that neither Lexi nor Craig had moved as much as a muscle in my absence. From my bag I pull 3 heavy duty stainless steel eye bolts. As Craig and Lexi watched, I used a chair to stand on and locate studs in the ceiling. I screwed 2 of the eye bolts into the stud roughly 10 feet in front of where Craig sat bound. The 3rd eye bolt I screwed into the ceiling directly above Craig's head.

"Lexi," I ask. "Has Craig ever had anything shoved up his ass?" Immediately, both of their heads twisted in my direction. I flash them both a large smile and wait for her answer.

"I...I don't know, Sir," she responds.

"Ok. Then we'll take it easy on him." I went to my bag and pulled out a thin butt plug and lube. Along with the plug I brought out a long piece of rope. I handed the plug and lube to the still kneeling Lexi.

"Cover that plug with a lot of lube. The more you apply, the easier this will be on Craig." As she quickly began to cover the entire plug with lube, I walked behind Craig and begin running the rope around his chest just underneath his armpits. After 4 loops around his chest, I tied the rope off behind his back. With the amount of rope I had remaining, I ran the rope through the eyebolt in the ceiling.

With everything s

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