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Her husband left her alone to go fishing.

As she played, a wicked thought came to her, and Ally rolled out of bed ever-so-quietly, and poked around in her lingerie drawer for the outfit Ian called her "tease outfit" .... tiny triangles of very thin, clinging black silk, accentuated by lace, which were completely opaque. It was an outfit which promised much more than it delivered. She ran her finges through her hair and checked the clock again.


Ally slid back into bed, and gently eased the sheet from Ian's sleeping body. As it neared morning, his beautiful cock was already semi-hard. She bit her lip slightly, looking at it. Such a nice piece of meat ... if only he knew how to use it. Kneeling, she leaned over him and blew, ever-so-gently, up and down his shaft, her warm breath only just registering. He stirred a little, shrugged his shoulders, and settled back to sleep.

Ally leaned down a little more, and darted her tongue from her mouth. With exquisite care, she lowered her tongue until it touched - just barely - the warm skin of his cock. Still using the very tip of her tongue, she painted his dick from one end to the other. She reached the head, and was rewarded with a low, appreciative moan. He was waking now.

As she continued to paint his dick, his hand reached out, encountering her calf, and slowly making its way up towards her ass. She waited until he was walking his fingers ever so close to the sweet curve of her ass, then brushed him away. "Be still," she whispered, stealing a quick look at the clock.


She returned to her work now, giving him more of her tongue, painting him wetly, in broad strokes now. He was fully erect, straining for more. Whenever his hands reached towards her body, Ally pulled away, admonishing him that she sould not suck his dick while he was touching her, and he obediently let go, until temptation became too much and he'd try again.

She began swirling her tongue around the head of his cock now, the soft wet pressure from her tongue activating every nerve in his dick ... every nerve in his body, for that matter. His breathing had deepened, and every so often a soft moan escaped him. She continued, only using her tongue,not yet actually taking him into her mouth.


By now the assault from his hands had become incessant, and she began to concede some ground, allowing his hands to cup her ass, feeling the round, full curves, and running over her thighs, but the steadfastly refused him any access under her panties to her asshole or pussy. Instead, she kept his attention by slowly, millimetre by millimetre, taking the tip of his cock into her mouth. He tried to raise his hips slightly, to ease himself further into her mouth, but every time he did so, she pulled off him completely, and started the process again. By the time she had taken a comfortable amount of him inside, five minutes had rolled by.


She would have to be careful now. She slowly began to move her mouth up and down his shaft, feeling it twitch inside her mouth every so often as the excitement got too much for him. He was moaning continuously now, and grinning like a loon at such a hot waking-up present. He continued, occasionally, to try to hump gently upwards, but she continued to pull away each time. It was surprisingly how quickly a man could learn, when you had him by the cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to build the pace, feeling him respond beneath and inside her.


She began working his cock more firmly now, in long wet sucks, stuffing most of him into her mouth and easing it out, down to the very tip, before plunging her head on again. He was as hard as she had ever seen, and unable to stop from humping into her mouth. She began adding just a little scrape of teeth to the underside of his prick on every stroke, a touch she knew would drive him mad.


She built the pace towards a fever pitch now, her face fucking his dick rather than the other way around, gobbling all she could like a hungry little slut.

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