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Wife gets frisky with the delivery men.

She rarely touched me at that was only in the dark and usually assisting me into her. I was pissed. I was pissed wasn't I? Damn it something about this turned me on. "He did what? What did you say?"

"Of course I told him no."

Thank goodness. I knew she wouldn't do anything like that. "And he left it at that?" I asked.

"Well no. He said it wasn't sexual because he wasn't hard and if I was curious it wouldn't hurt anything. Please forgive me honey but something took over and I just reached out and grabbed his penis. It was huge in my hand and felt soft but still kind of hard in a way. I held it for only a few seconds and let it go."

"I can't believe you did that. Melissa, I'm not mad but I am disappointed. Tell me that is all that happened?" I questioned.

"I swear that is all that happened. I didn't mean for that to happen it was like a reaction really. I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me and it won't happen again. I told Larry that I was sorry too. He giggled and said it wasn't a problem. He told me he hadn't been able to get an erection for about 10 years. I told him that I was sorry and thanked him for the eggs. Then I got out of there because it was started to get a little bit uncomfortable."

I was a little bit freaked out. I was turned on but I couldn't let her know that. So I tried to make her feel better. "It really doesn't sound like it was sexual so I am sure it will be okay. Do you feel like it was sexual?"

"No, not at all" she said, but something in her voice told me that she got something out of it.

I dropped it and so did she and we settled in for the 45 minutes we had left of the drive. I contemplated not going back there in two weeks but Melissa didn't act like it was a big deal. So we made plans to head back up in two weeks.

The incident never came up in the two weeks after we got home but I did see an increase in our sex life including the second night we were home my wife grabbed a hold of my dick as we were lying in bed. She only held it for a few seconds and that was it. I was praying she would jerking me a little bit but nothing.

We went back up to the cabin as planned and did not see Larry that Friday night. Saturday he showed up around 10 am while I was painting the front porch. We chatted for a few minutes and I thanked him for moving the rest of the wood during the time we were home. Larry didn't act weird about anything and he never brought it up. Later that afternoon I went to town to go to the hardware store and Melissa decided she wanted to stay at the cabin to clean one of the bedrooms closets out. I got back from town about an hour and a half later and Melissa was sitting on the deck reading her book. It looked as though she had just showered and seemed happy to see me get back. I finished some painting that I had been doing and went to shower before dinner. I checked in the room Melissa was cleaning to see how she had done but realized quickly that the closets had not been touched. Now I was curious. Over the course of dinner I asked how the cleaning went and she said "good" very non persuasively. So the following day I told Melissa that I had to run back to town to get some more supplies at the hardware store. Once again she decided not to tag along so I took off and headed down our road to the first place I could turn off into the forest to conceal my vehicle and began walking through the woods to the back of my cabin. Never before had I been so jealous and untrusting.

I walked about 40 yards behind our cabin and got in position where I was concealed but still had a good view of the cabin.

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