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Can something positive come out of so much negative?

I will find a way out of this. If not, I'll kill him. Dip-shit son of a bitch has been trying to get in my wife's pants for nine months. She needs a spanking for not telling me. I put that on the solution list, again.

She said, "I feel so safe when you hold me. Please don't stop loving me Luke." She fell asleep. She had been waiting for me to get there before she slept. I could tell she was emotionally exhausted.

I patted her on the butt and drew her closer. I lay there with her for two hours. I didn't sleep. Part of the mission was complete. Her mind was at ease for the first time in weeks probably, and now I am carrying the load. That's the way it should be. I'm stronger than she is, and besides, she doesn't want to kill the bastard.

I figured Lex Had some information for me by now, but I didn't want to get up. I stayed there with her for another hour. I didn't see how it would make any difference, and I needed to feel close to her. After all I was about to commit murder for her.

I managed finally to slide out of bed without waking her. In her sleep she wadded a pillow up in my place, made some sounds like a dreaming kitten and went back into a deep sleep. I put my robe on, slipped my feet into my house shoes and went to my office. I called Lex and made some notes on the information he had.

I got up and fixed myself a drink. It was five o'clock somewhere. I took a sip of the whiskey. It was straight this time. It felt good, working its way down my throat.

I sat back down, and read the notes again. What I needed was there. I didn't feel sorry for the shit head though. In fact to my chagrin it looks like he lucked out. I might not have to kill him. I chuckled. That was the first time that had happened since early this morning. I could clearly see the way out. It did entail some risk but not much. Now I have to decide how big Lex's bonus is going to be. He is a good man.

My plan started forming in my mind. I am one devious asshole when I need to be. The first thing I needed was a hall pass for Linda. I typed ten of them out on some middle-weight pink card stock that I had. I cut them apart and put them in my top drawer.

I sat there sipping my whisking, rereading the notes and trying not to laugh out loud. I couldn't let Linda catch me doing that. I was starting to think this was going to be fun. Then I thought, "Never underestimate your enemy, and never let yourself become overconfident."

I poured myself another whisky, and sat there for another hour. I was turning different scenarios over in my mind. I made a few notes when I had good thoughts that I especially wanted to remember.

I heard her coming down the stairs. A minute later she was standing outside my door looking in at me. She was wearing one of my long-sleeved white dress shirts. It was way too big for her, and the tail hung down half way between her butt and her knees. She knows that I think that is one of her sexiest looks. She is one hundred percent woman. She never misses a trick. She is trying to soften me up with that shirt. It always has the opposite effect. The monster stirred. I really was in a better mood.

I told her to get herself a glass of wine and come back. We needed to talk some.

In a minute she was back. I got up and walked to her and told her to set the wine down. She did. I picked her up like she was a toy doll and sat down on the couch. I put her face down over my lap and pulled her shirt tail up to expose her naked butt. I knew there would be no panties. I swatted her ten strokes, five on each cheek, fairly hard. I didn't hurt her, but she thought I did. I cupped my hand, so there was a loud smacking sound with each stroke. She was screaming, "Stop Luke, you're hurting me." She was thrashing like a snake and trying to find a way to get loose. I'm a lot bigger than her. I held her immobile.

When the last blow was delivered, I stood up and just dumped her on the floor.

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