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I told her that there was no doubt in my mind that she would find that person much sooner that she was presently thinking that she would.

We pulled up to the caf__, and Stacy mentioned that she would rather just take something to go and head somewhere where there were not so many people. Stacy held my arm tightly as we walked in together and ordered our drinks. The smell of her perfume was tantalizing, and I could not help but once again entertain those romantic notions that I had previously had of her. I was thinking to myself that I have, and I would continue to treat her just as she wanted to be treated, I have always cared deeply for her, and I wanted her very badly when we first met.

We left the caf__ and drove down to the pier. We talked about love and relationships on the way there. She said that her drink was making her feel warm and she slid off the denim jacket. The skimpy halter-top magnificently shaped the curves of her breasts. I did my best to make sure that I did not drool from my mouth, but I was certainly drooling from my eyes.

I was doing my best to concentrate on acting as a friend to Stacy and not trying to rip her clothes off and take her right there in the back seat of my car. She had me so turned on, just from the way that she was dressed, the way she smelled, and her body language. It was as if each word from her lips was lulling me deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance. She completely captivated me in this trance, and I was ready to yield to all of my carnal desires, yet she would have me exactly where she wanted me.

She snapped me out of the trance when she looked deeply into my eyes and asked "Charlie, if I were your girl would you treat me exactly the same way as you do now?"

"Of course" I answered her, "just as well, and even better."

"I want to be your girl Charlie" she replied. "I love the way you make me feel, and the way you treat me."

As dumbfounded and excited as I was about what Stacy had just said I clumsily asked, "are you sure about this?"

Thankfully, she answered, "I'm very sure about this" with a sly grin on her face, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips down to mine.

I returned her kiss yielding my lips to hers as she deftly sucked and licked my lips. I grabbed handfuls of her soft hair and I pushed her back into her seat and climbed on top of her. I tore my mouth from hers and began to kiss and nibble her neck. I wanted to pull down the halter-top and devour her breasts, but I could not do it like this, in my car at the pier.

I pried myself away from her and I said, "I'm sorry but we can't do this, not here, not now, not like this." Stacy looked at me with a confused and agitated look and said "but you just said that you wanted me, and I just put myself out for you."

"Its not at all that I don't want you" I said, "its just that, I don't want to have you here in my car at the pier, I want our moment to be more special than just the seat of my car" I explained.

I think that my words only made her want me even more, and she insisted that we head back to her place right away. I did not waste any time in driving back to her apartment. Sexual energy filled the car on the way back, as we were both very eager to be all over each other.

We stepped into her apartment, dropped our coats and went straight to the couch. We sat down and kissed passionately. Her fingers took handfuls of my hair and she pulled me down on top of her. My hands roamed her body, as we lay entwined on the couch. I softly ran my fingers down her back, trying to hold back on my carnal hunger to simply ravage her. I felt my cock straining against my pants, and I was certain that she could sense my urgency too.

Our kissing was hot and intense and I was caressing her breasts through the halter-top.

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