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Cindy lies in wait for the pool cleaner.

After what seemed an eternity, "Here I go again Janis, ahhh, it feels so good baby, "

He sped up, tensed, cried out in ecstasy, and pumped his second load into Janis as she milked every drop possible from his spurting cock.

Our young stud keep up his vigorous humping until finally even his youthful manhood began to soften, eventually slid out of Janis's cunt and hung limply over my face. It startled me but then the sweet aroma and feel of new sex was overpowering.

Now I do not suck men's cocks but to help him clean up a bit, I had this overwhelming desire to take him in hand and proceed to do just that.

The stimulation was unbearable. All of a sudden I was there, raising up slightly, holding his shaft, tentatively at first, then more enthusiastically, and began licking off all their love cream from his prick. He was now helping by holding my head and obviously enjoying my tongue cleaning. The taste of this forbidden fruit was driving me to off the edge.

Soon more cum dripped from Janis's leaking cunt lips. I tried to catch and savor every glob possible. This was too much. It was my sexual pinnacle. Even with my penis in a still flaccid state, I shot my load into Janis's sucking mouth, much to her surprise and pleasure.

We all collapsed totally exhausted and took a long overdue rest from our stimulating sexual escapade.

After cleaning up and quenching our thirst, we all fell asleep on the king size bed with Janis in the middle. During the night, even in our king size limited motion bed, I could feel some unusual activity and realized my wife and Ted were not through. To tired to respond but erotically curious, I got off just hearing their love making sounds and moves.

That's okay. My wife needs this totally open free sex as much as I do. I can't wait to devour her at our next private love session. The fact that other men find Janis so desirable just adds to her allure and mystique with me. I do believe though, we have just about covered every scenario considering our interests- or so I thought... Janis and I have had a complete turn around in our sex lives since the kids are gone and we agreed to do some honest experimenting to enhance our ho-hum sex. First there was Ted getting it on with Janis. Next an arranged peeper, followed by me "helping" Janis's lonely girl friend, Barbara.

Always looking for new thrills, we talked one evening about our next adventure. Seems every few months we get the urge to try something else new.

I mentioned the possibility of a threesome with another guy. Janis liked the idea especially since we basically already had a threesome with another women, Barbara.

The next big question was who could meet our ground rules? My 'turned on' wife knew a candidate right away which made me wonder, but I did understand.

Ted, from England was back at the research center for a six week educational visit. From Janis's first sexcapade with him, we knew he was clean, discrete and really turned on by Janis and she obviously with him. His open marriage back in Liverpool was no problem. He still loved his wife, Clare, who was Cambridge educated and very open minded, but he also yearned for some variety with an older desirable woman. Ted was in his 30's but Janis is "well preserved" and just what Ted craved.

Sure enough, after being back in Houston a month without female companionship, his 30 + year old hormones were beginning to rage. He was again flirting with Janis remembering their previous good times and me being the understanding husband. . When she suggested we would like to entertain him some more, he couldn't say 'sure' fast enough.

Our rendezvous was Saturday evening. We both could hardly wait but the night finally came..

I loved watching Janis prepare! After bathing, she stood before our full length mirror with a white bath towel barely hiding her getting plump but voluptuous body.

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