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An innocent kiss started it all.

She arched her back off the bed and hot fluid splattered and fizzed about their coupling.

Becky knew she was squirting again but she just couldn't help it! It was like something inside her had finally been drilled into, tapped and released, like a newly discovered oil field! The big beautiful cock kept pounding her senseless and she simply capitulated to desire. She was one of the lucky 'ten per cents' and she now reveled in her feminine sexuality. Her fluids squirted unabated and she wanted to laugh with joy... if she could only unlock her clenched jaw. Oh god, oh god...

Back at home Kevin was still anxiously waiting his text. Was Becky okay? Had they gone to the hotel? It was nearly 1 am and Kevin was feeling panicked and nauseous.

Matt growled as he pumped his fresh seed deep into the wailing woman's gripping tunnel. The effort was actually painful. It was like her cunt was a living organism hell bent on milking him dry. He collapsed beside the whimpering wife, totally fucked out. It was his third load for the session!

"Oh god Matt, that was wonderful!" She cooed. Matt held her dainty hand and twirled the wedding ring. He turned his head to examine those bright silver discs that simultaneously searched his.

"Baby, I think you're unbelievable. My cock loves it in there, like it was designed exactly for that beautiful tight pussy."

"I know... I can't get enough... Baby, I was thinking..."

"What darling?"

"Well, I'd like to have kids. What do you think about that? I mean if you didn't want the responsibility, Kevin and I would be okay to raise them. I know he wants kids real bad and..."

"Wouldn't he be pissed if they were mine?"

"No, he'd get used to the idea. I can be pretty persuasive you know?" She giggled and kissed her lover's lips and stroked his flaccid cock. "And anyway, I could be really devious and sneaky and not tell him! I could give him a little mercy fuck sometime and then make out the baby was his!" She giggled. "He'd be clueless, and I'd be strutting about with a belly full of my lover's baby. Ohhh..." She physically shuddered. Of course she wouldn't do that to her loving man, but the fantasy was real.

"Hey, that sounds kinky. Anyway, what about me taking your ass? You said we could do that real soon."

"Oh, I know. But I'm a bit scared, and besides, I want it to be a special occasion, not like when I had my virginity taken in the back seat of Harvey Smyth's dad's Chevy. I was thinking that we should involve Kevin. Like get him to set up the room's ambiance, with candles and wine."

"Real kinky!"

Becky giggled some more. "I think I'm out of control!"

"Hey, we could make your husband take part, like hold your hand and kiss you while I fuck your ass. That would be pretty cool!"

"What if I had him kiss me when you take me?" She shivered and Becky groaned through an aftershock.

"Wow baby, you are out of control, now suck my cock and let's go again!"

Somewhere in suburbia Kevin fell asleep over his I-phone. Wet tears puddled beneath his cheek and pooled out over the laminate table surface.

The lights faded...



"Oh honey, stop being silly. My phone battery went flat is all, and besides I was pretty busy you know. Matt fucked me about a gazillion times and I was pretty exhausted and fell asleep." Becky kissed her distraught husband. She'd just gotten in from her wild night of debauchery. It was nearly noon on a Saturday!

Kevin had slept awkwardly over the kitchen table. He felt awful... both physically and mentally exhausted. Becky was freshly showered and although obviously worn out, she glowed with a sexual radiance.

"Come on mister, let's get you in the shower and freshened up. You smell." Becky wrinkled her nose and led her disheveled husband into the bathroom, quickly stripped him and carefully examined his chastity cage, lifting his balls up for inspection. "Hey sweetie it looks like you're getting used to your confinement?" She peered up questioningly.

Kevin just shrug

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