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Her beautiful bare feet on the pedals drive him wild!

I hear another soft chuckle and I wince. I open my mouth to say something, but I feel him tilt my head down and his lips meet the back of my neck in that oh-so-sensitive spot. He kisses it lightly, sending flecks of fire spiraling through me. He breathes soft words against my skin.

"You're so hot when you're sexually frustrated. I love it when you try to hide it. But..." His tongue trails across the spot, causing me to gasp and squirm. He pushes me forward, pressing his chest to my back. "Only because you hide it so poorly. Look at how turned on you are." He nuzzles the spot with his nose and lips, his hands trailing down my arms to my hands, then up the underside of my arms, to my breasts. "I bet you're already wet..." He wastes no time in playful touches, and instead grasps my breasts lightly through my PJ tanktop. "I want to hear you, baby..." He parted his lips and nipped at the skin on the back of my neck, instantly sending a jolt of electric through my body.

"F..Fuck..." I breathe, helpless against him. His fingers toy with my nipples and squeeze my breasts roughly. He bites and sucks at the back of my neck, starting lightly at first, then working to a harder, rougher nip. I squirm under him, gasping and panting lightly, half-moans, squeals, and whimpers escape my lips as I feel his teeth against my skin. I barely notice what is happening until...

"Mmm. You -are- wet." he remarks, rubbing the front of my panties. They're practically soaked, and he slides his fingers up and down the front of my panties, kissing the back of my neck. He starts to push them asside, his thumb grazing my clit in slow, gentle strokes.

"Bane..." I half gasp, arching my back slightly. He pushes himself to me even more. "Oh...Fuck..." I close my eyes and squirm helplessly.

"Rook..." He says against the back of my neck, as he slides my panties down around my thighs. "Mmmm... Rook. The things I'm going to do to you..." Without warning, he pushes a finger roughly inside of me while simeltaniously biting the back of my neck, holding the skin in his teeth while he pushes a second finger inside of my tight pussy. "...After all, you are..." He withdraws his fingers for a moment, before pushing them back in, roughly. "Mine."

"Nnngh! F...fuck... Bane!" I open my eyes and look upward at the ceiling. He thrusts his fingers in and out of me, using his free hand to tug at my nipples and squeeze my breasts. He jerks me back against his crotch, allowing me to feel his hard cock against my back and ass. I find myself gridning against him helplessly.

"Isn't that right?" He asks, removing his fingers from my pussy. He takes the hand from my breasts and traces it across my lips, playfully running a finger over my lip ring. "You're all mine... You're -my- girl."

I let out a moan in response, and I make an attempt at capturing one of his fingers in my mouth, but he pulls it away. I question him silently.

"Say it. Tell me that you're mine." He whispers against my ear, his arm wrapping around my chest. "I want to hear you say it."

"I'm yours..." I moan softly, being pulled flush against him.

"Again..." he says, pushing my panties completely off my body without me really noticing.

"I'm yours... All yours..." I say helplessly, my body powerless against his.

"Again..." He growls against my ear. I feel him rub the tip of his hard cock against my lower back and between my ass cheeks lightly.

"I'm yours, Bane... No one else can have me. I'm only yours." I whimper at the feeling of his cock rubbed against my ass cheeks.

"... And never, ever forget that, baby." In one fluid movement, he moved, removed his pants, and pushed me back into the chair. He turns me around, placing my arms over the back of the chair, pushing me cheek down against the over stuffed cushion. "Mmm... I'm going to fuck you so hard, baby."

He takes the tip of his cock and rubs it up and down over my pussy, a soft groan escaping his lips.

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