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"You lived with your family for eighteen years?" Chiyo seemed shocked at the concept.

"Yeah, most people do. Why, how old were you when your mother drove you out?"

"It was just after my second winter, as soon as the snow melted."

"She drove you out when you were two years old?? How did you survive on your own as a toddler?"

Chiyo frowned. "You're not making sense. A toddler is, like, a baby who's just learning to walk, right? Why would I still be that after two winters?"

It took a little more conversation to work out the details of our misunderstanding. Apparently Chiyo had matured on a timeline closer to that of a fox than a human. By the time her mother had driven her out, she was basically as physically mature as she was today. We had to pause that portion of the conversation partway through as our food arrived, but I finished explaining human maturation while we ate our steaks.

Chiyo frowned wistfully as she finished chewing a bite of her steak. "That sounds so nice. Eighteen years with your mother, and father, and brothers. I wish I could have spent more time with my family. I know a Kitsune is supposed to be independent, but I liked my mother and my sisters, and I wish I could have kept living with them forever. My valley was peaceful and I loved it, but it was lonely too."

A thought occurred to me. "Chiyo, did you ever meet your father?"

"No. Mother never talked about him, or where we came from. This sounds really dumb, but until I talked to you I never really thought about having a father. I mean, I'd seen other animals mate, but I was a Kitsune; I guess I always just kind of assumed mother made me and my sisters with her magic."

"He had to have been a human, you know."

"I remember, you said something about that. You said Kitsune can only have children after they mate with humans. So that means my mother must have met a human, and had sex with him. Like me and you. I can't even imagine her doing that, but it must have happened."

I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked away. "Well, probably not exactly like you and me. I mean, your mother was free and living in the wild, not owned and registered."

Chiyo sighed. "Maybe. Or maybe it was like you and me, but he set her free afterwards. I wonder how she felt about him."

"I guess we'll never know, unless somehow you meet your mother again and ask her."

I wanted to ask Chiyo how she felt about me, but I couldn't find the courage to ask. We finished the rest of our meal in silence except for a couple comments about the food, both of us caught up in private musings about family.

The drive home was quiet. I let us into my apartment then put my ND4 back in my safe. Gun safety had been drilled into me at a young age. While I did that, Chiyo used her crutches to get over to the couch where I'd left my tablet and settled down.

I grinned and strolled over to stand next to her. She'd forgotten one of the rules, so Master was going to remind her.

"Chiyo, can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?"

She looked up at me. She'd always been hyper-aware of my body language, and she could tell she'd done something wrong. She held her body very still as she looked around the apartment, then looked up at me. "No Master, I'm sorry, I don't know."
"Where are we?"


"And what are you wearing?"

Her eyes widened. "I'm wearing clothes, Master. I'm sorry, I forgot."

"Now, I know we're still working out the details, but you said you wanted me to be Master in the ways you liked, and you said you liked the rule about not wearing clothes at home."

"Yes Master."

"So, what kind of fox breaks rules that she likes?"

"A bad little fox, Master." Chiyo lowered her eyes, blushing.

"What should Master do to a bad little fox?"

"P-punish her?"

"That's right. I think a spanking is too harsh - you weren't being purposefully disobedient, you just forgot. I'm going to take away your furniture privileges. No couches or chairs until I give you back the right to use them. Go ahead and strip and get on the floor."

"Yes Master.

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