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Party dance taken all the way.

Just as I shot a spurts of cum onto the crotch of Lucy's tiny knickers I heard her moan that beautiful, wonderful, fantastic orgasmic cry as she hit her peak, her finger stuffing gradually slowing until her rhythmic contractions finally ceased. She proudly held her three fingers to the webcam, absolutely soaked with her juices. "Thank you Ray. Thank you. We'll talk tomorrow about your reward."

Just then I heard mum's voice call from downstairs. "Are you OK, Ray. I thought I heard you shouting."

I called back, "Yes, mum. Sorry, I was just trying to goad one of my friends trying to beat me in this game." Thank goodness we lived in an older house with solid walls.


I was really surprised that mum was home one afternoon after I returned from the warehouse, a couple of weeks after I'd first hypnotised her. She was dressed in a very short dark blue pleated hockey skirt, white blouse, a blue and yellow striped tie, and white ankle socks. The thin blouse revealed a half cup bra, barely covering her nipples.

"What the ...?"

"Oh I took another TOIL day off. Didn't I tell you?"

I sat on dad's favourite armchair, opposite mum. "No, mum, you didn't. What's with the school uniform? Surely they didn't allow you to wear that? Heavens, the skirt is so short I can see your knickers." That was true. The pleats left the fabric loose and I could easily see the bright white fabric.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot." Standing up, she swiftly removed them and tossed them to me, never turning away so that I got a full eyeful of her perfectly smooth pussy. "I intended leaving them in your room."

"But mum, you just flashed me, not even any pubes to hide your private bits."

"That's your fault for looking. Anyway you shouldn't tell a prize gossip about your likes and dislikes."

"Elaine, I suppose, told you I liked shaved, but what's with the schoolgirl outfit?"

"Oh this?" she purposely lifted the mini hockey skirt, flashing me again, "I'm dressed as a St Trinian's girl. It was for a fancy dress party your dad and I went to, and we got a few more party invites as long as I wore the same. I can't find the hockey stick though."

"But you didn't skip the white knickers?"

"Of course not. Well, that was till we got home and I flashed dad a few times."

"And then you went upstairs and fucked?"

"No we didn't. We fucked on the sofa; going upstairs just wasted time."

"MUM, too much information."

"It's all your fault. You shouldn't dig up old memories with your hypno stuff."

"I was trying to get you and dad closer again. Surely he likes you revved up and willing."

"He gets tired at work. When we get to bed he's asleep in minutes." I was still holding her white knickers. I pushed them in my pocket. "Well that's a waste," she said, looking disappointed.


"That was another trick I pulled at college. Freshly worn knickers count double."

"You didn't?"

"I did," she countered, "Why pay for a drink when you can get them free?"

"You took them off in a pub?"

"Not in full view of everyone. What do you take me for? Just so the guy could see me, I passed them over to him, he went for a wank and gave me them back."

"For re-using?"

"Well not if they were full of cum. Then he had to buy me three drinks." She turned her attention to me again. "Ray, I need some feedback."

"Is this real or am I dreaming?" I asked, pinching my arm. "You're my mother and you're asking me to sniff the knickers I just watched you taking off?"

"Your fault. If you can't live with the consequences then don't hypno fuck people."

"Yes, I know, but I intended you seducing dad, not me." I wasn't going to let this go any further.

"You still haven't passed my knickers through quality control." Mum quite intended this going further.

I took them out of my pocket.

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