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Nerds lose their virginity @ an impromptu Christmas gangbang.

As the boy kissed down onto her tummy. Hillary moaned and giggled in delight. It was almost ticklish, but felt oh so nice. She hadn't had a man's lips on her belly since she was a little girl and her daddy would blow on her tummy. Back then it tickled terribly; it had been so much fun. This was different, this lit up her libido like a Christmas tree.

He kissed around her belly button and down below onto her lower tummy. Hillary's breathing was labored as she trembled even more. Sparks of delight were radiating out from her vagina and causing her legs and tummy to have exciting little tremors. Wetness from her honey hole was dripping down over her anus, causing yet another exotic sensation.

As the boy's mouth moved down into her blond pubic hair, not that the boy would know it was blond, she gasped out loud; it finally occurred to her what was going on. The boy pulled her sparse thatch with his lips causing her to tremble even more. Hillary was pretty sure that she was going to receive oral sex for the first time. This caused her thighs to clamp together again and her walls of her vagina to compress and release in anticipation of what her imagination told her was coming.

She felt the boy move down beside her hip. She felt him tug on her thigh asking her with his hand to open her flower to him. Hillary gladly spread her legs, opening her lips up, allowing the cool air in the room access to her drenched inner secrets. She could feel wetness even down around the insides of her thighs. She never felt so wet before.

She felt the boy come across her thigh and tuck himself up between her legs. She could feel one of his shoulders on each of her thighs. She spread herself even further to accommodate his body.

Hillary's thighs jolted and quaked as she felt warm, wet lips kiss her outer pussy lips for the first time. She had to work hard to keep her thighs from wrapping around her lovers head just to contain the awesome bolts of pleasure running up and down through her thighs, she pulled her knees up and out to cant her hips up, giving him full access to her dripping pussy.

She could feel sparks of desire flow up and down through her vaginal canal with each move of his lips. He bore his tongue into her vaginal opening reaming up to an inch inside her. She knew she had to be coating his face with all her hot juices. She heard her paramour for the first time, and he moan in his own delight. The buzz in her pussy sent shivers up and down her spine.

The boy broke the rules as she heard him whisper to her, or himself, she wasn't sure. "Mmm, this tastes nice!" Just then he jammed his tongue as deeply inside her as he could get. Hillary gasped out, "AH!" and arched her back. She could feel her clitoris swell and ache, begging for the boy to give it some attention.

After reaming her vaginal opening for what seemed like several minutes. The boy pulled her ample labia into his mouth and sucked them clean of her juices. He made several sounds that made her think he was totally enjoying what he was doing. Then she felt him move up her labia heading for her hooded friend. He was finally going to visit her clit.

As his mouth formed over her clitoral hood, his tongue dug in and around her swollen love button. Jolt after jolt of pure pleasure slammed up through her vagina. Then she felt him penetrate her with first one, then both of his middle fingers. They slid up inside her body as his tongue lashed out at her clitoris. Hillary had felt it building over a long period of time and she knew when her orgasm was unleased, that she was going to be simply overwhelmed when it finally arrived. Her whole body began to tense.

The boy curled his two finger back up and around her pubic bone and started to massage the inside of her vagina that way. It seemed to Hillary that the particular spot he was rubbing had been hardwired to her clitoris. Hillary felt it build, and then she simple exploded!

From deep inside her vagina she felt an overpowering

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