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Review of "Women: Stories of Passion" episode.

I never saw it coming. The blow to my left cheek was so hard that it knocked me halfway off the toilet and my head smacked hard into the stall's side wall. I had read stories about people seeing stars after a blow, but I was examining the whole Milky Way.

"You done fucking around, Babe?" she asked, "'cause I got a few more where that one came from."

I was so groggy; I couldn't even form an answer.

She reached down, grabbed my hair, and yanked my head back. She brought her face down within two inches of mine and growled, "There's that hearing problem again. I asked you a question, Faggot."

"Yes," I murmured. "Yes, I'm done fucking around."

"Good! Now get my dick back in your mouth," she ordered.

She painfully pulled on my hair and forced my face toward her crotch. I opened my mouth slightly and she rammed her cock all the way to the back. As she bumped my throat, I gagged, choked and felt I might throw up, but then she pulled back a little.

I looked up at her pleadingly as tears rolled down my cheeks. "Please don't," I pleaded.

"Let's stop and talk for a minute," she offered and pulled her dick out of my mouth.

"Yes, please," I croaked.

"What's your name?" she asked

"Robert . . . Ah, Bob for short," I responded.

"Well, considering the size of your dick, I'm going to call you Bob for short," she laughed.

"My name is Ronda and "yes" at one time in my early life it was Ron."

Hello, Ronda," I sniffled.

"So, Bob, did you enjoy me making you suck my dick?"

"Yes . . . I liked sucking your dick." I replied hesitantly.

"I know you did, that was pretty obvious. But not what I asked you. Did you enjoy me forcing you to do that?"

I had to think about that for a few seconds before I replied, "Yeah, I guess I did. I mean I wouldn't have done it otherwise. You making me do it was a big part of the thrill, I think."

"Exactly . . . the domination adds an extra level of excitement to the event for both parties. You're a submissive and I'm a dominant. It's like a baseball pitcher and catcher . . . we complement each other. A single sexual act can bring us both great pleasure and satisfy our different psychological needs."

"What did you know about this bar before you came in?" Ronda asked.

"I work around the corner, so I had heard it was a transsexual bar."

"Did you hear that those transsexuals were tops? That they were inclined to be dominant?"

"Kind of," I offered.

"What the fuck does that mean, Bobby?"

"Well, there was a rumor in the building that a guy that works there has . . . . like . . . like a transsexual mistress here."

"And did you believe that?"

"Kind of."

"And is that why you came in here tonight?"

"Kind of."

"Bobby, you say those words once more and I'll smack you again. Is that the reason you came in?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I guess it was."

"You know, Bob, there are a whole bunch of people with gender issues and they all handle it different ways. Some occasionally dress up in clothes of the opposite sex. Some live as the opposite sex. Some change their plumbing to become the opposite sex. Additionally, some of these folks are "bottoms" and others are "Tops". Bottoms are the passive partners in sexual acts and the Tops are the aggressors. Many Tops are also dominant. That means they enjoy being in an authoritarian role and having their partners submit to their orders."

"This is a big city, Bob, and we have quite a few spots where folks with gender issues gather. This place happens to cater to transsexual dommes. Most of the girls that come here regularly are dominate tops. The guys and girls who visit here are usually looking to be sexually used and abused. They want to be ordered to do things they feel ashamed to do, but love doing. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I understand what you're telling me."

"Here's the deal, Bob, you're a subbie . . .

you have a submissive sexual personality.

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