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Jo and Edward enjoy the great outdoors together.

"Oh my!" she shrieked as both the skirt and book fell to the floor. Jackie brought one of her hands to the front of her panties, the other to her breasts. She bent partly over to try to hide as much of herself as possible. It was not particularly successful. Her breasts were so large that a considerable proportion of their roundness was still visible. Her embarrassed modesty even made her appear all the more enticing, bent over in front of him, a mortified expression on her face, her pleated skirt lying helplessly at her feet. Her bottom was sticking delightfully out as she was bent over trying to keep the front of her body hidden from view.

"Oh Mr. Peters, did you have to do that? Even my skirt?"

"Hmm. I'm a little disappointed, Jackie. But, more importantly, how do you feel right now, at this moment in time?"

"Mortified! My goodness, Mr. Peters. Isn't it a little obvious?"

"And where is the book?"

"On the floor."

"Yes, precisely. It's your feelings that dropped the book, not my hands or your skirt. Perhaps though in time you will learn. Now resume the position."

"Oh golly." She looked away from him in shame, bent over further, and removed her hands to clasp them behind her knees.

Mr. Peters took his position behind her, but somewhat to her left. "Excellent," he said as he gazed at her upraised bottom, now clad only in white cotton panties that were stretched across her curves. The pouch of her cunnie poked out between her tightly clenched thighs. He thought of lightly tracing his finger along the mound, finding her slit, perhaps even her clit. But, that would be inappropriate. That would be taking advantage of the situation to satisfy his own needs, his own desires. He did, however, briefly adjust and squeeze through his pants his growing erection.

SWAT! SWAT! "Mr. Peters!" Her bottom danced and jiggled with the spanks. SWAT! SWAT! "Oh Mr. Peters, that hurts. Please, I've never been spanked before."

"Then you are learning quite a bit this evening, Miss Sampler." He paused to admire her bottom. She was so nicely curved. Two delicious white, round hills. "That was four, Jackie. The next time it will be eight. You need to concentrate. Stay in the moment. Allow your feelings to come, and through their acceptance overcome them. You will then learn to balance, to harmonize, your mood. Pick up the text and resume your meditation."

Jackie picked up the history text and, once again, placed it on her head.

"Think only of the text, Jackie, nothing else. Let nothing else around you be a distraction, it is just you and history, balanced in your mind, nothing else matters."

She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on the book, perched on her head, trying to forget that she was standing in Mr. Peters' office wearing only her bra and panties. Well, also, her white socks and Mary Janes, but she would happily trade those for her blouse or skirt. She felt very exposed and vulnerable. She wanted to clasp her hands in front of her, to hide her most feminine part from view, but she needed to keep them to her side to maintain her balance. She wondered what Mr. Peters was doing while she was herself so exposed.

Mr. Peters was enjoying the view. She was entrancing. He wondered precisely how large were her breasts, although the bra size hardly mattered. She would still be very enticing if they were small, standing in front of him, her chest thrust forward, wearing but her cotton panties and bra. They were regulation school panties, no frills, no lace, but they were rather tight, clinging well to her delicate figure. He detected even a bit of camel toe as the cotton clung tightly to the soft rise of fabric in between her legs. Mr. Peters spoke softly. "What are thinking, Jackie?"

"That I must look awfully silly."

"What are you feeling?"


"Accept these feelings, and then turn your attention back to the book. Think only of the book, only of history."

"I'm trying, sir, really I am."


"Yes sir."

"Take a deep breath, keeping your concentration on the book. Don't lose your balance."


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