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Sarah finds out what her coach has in store for her.

"You can disrobe over there," she said pointing to a screen next to the stage. I was a little surprised at being asked to pose at what was essentially a job interview, but went behind the screen and took of my clothes.

I paused behind the screen and contemplated the moment. A few weeks ago, I would never have done anything like this. But now, I thought nothing of being naked in front of a woman I just met. I was willing to do anything to please Angela, and I realized that I liked being an exhibitionist. I was turned on by the thought of this woman I had never met before seeing me naked and having power over me. I was beginning to get that now-familiar feeling in my stomach of nervous excitement, and it was having its predictable effect further down.

I took a breath and stepped out from behind the screen. Professor Wright directed me up onto the stage and asked me to stand with my arms at my sides. She walked around the room and looked at me from various angles, from all sides. She carried a small sketch pad, and I watched her quickly making some notes, or maybe they were quick sketches. "So I can remember certain things about you," she explained.

Every time her eyes brushed over my cock, it jumped. I felt the weight of her eyes on my rear end as well. A couple times, she took several steps toward me so that she was just a foot or two away from me. One time, she was looking up at my face when she did this. The other time, she stepped close from the side and was fixated on my cock. Since I was up on the stage, her head barely reached above my waist. It was easy to imagine her curly hair spilling over onto my body and her head reaching forward to take my cock in her mouth. It made me rock hard, and I worried that was hurting my chances to model for her again. While she lingered and sized up my cock just a foot or two away, I was happier to bask in the moment, than worry about my chances for a repeat of this experience.

"When you've modeled before, have you had this problem?" she asked.

I knew what she was referring to, and her question made me think this "interview" wasn't going well. It didn't help that she spoke with a sultry, velvety voice that was so close I was convinced I could feel her breath on my member. Rather than getting me under control, if that was her intention, her question only made me harder, particularly when I saw her looking up at my with her beautiful eyes from behind her glasses.

"Well," I began, looking down at her. "When this has happened in the past, it was supposed to." "Because it was erotic modeling," I hastened to add. "I wasn't sure, but thought that's what you might be interested in."

She looked down, made a few last scribbles in her sketch pad, and told me I could get dressed again then meet her back in her office. I was convinced I had blown it. On top of it all, I desperately needed to relief the tension, but I didn't want to make things worse by delaying in getting to Professor Wright's office.

When I walked back across the hall, Professor Wright surprised me by saying that she thought I would be a good model for her to use. "I'd like to put you on my list, just in case," she said. I readily agreed. "I wish I had found you sooner since the summer is almost over," she added, and informed me that she would call me if she needed me.

After Professor Wright explained the pay and some other logistics if I got to model, I asked how many students she had in her summer class.

"Six," she answered. "That's about normal for the summer."

"Could you tell me the gender breakdown?" I asked. "I'm just curious."

"Sure. This year it's all women. Occasionally I've had a man taking the class, but the only one dropped out early in the summer." Her answer was not surprising since she taught at a college whose students were almost all women. "Any other questions?"

"I don't think so."

She thanked me for meeting with her and shook my hand.

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