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Very erotic way to awaken a lover.

I felt the harness pushing on my groin and I looked down. Liz was stroking the phallus with her right hand. She was using a slow rhythmic stroke up and down the hard plastic shaft.

We broke from our kiss and I asked: "Is that the way you seduced your brother the first time you had sex with him?"

She smiled and said: "After Bobby agreed I could stay with him on his bed I had slept in the nude while he wore boxers. The first two nights we held each other tight and I could feel his erection up against my body through his thin cotton boxers. My firm teenage breasts were making him so hard. But all we did was hug and spoon. But on the third night when I got under the covers and scooted up next to him I realized that he was also naked. His cock was already fully aroused so I understood without a word being said that we could go a little further. So I took his ridged pole in my hand and I stroked it, just like I'm stroking your dildo now."

"Oh god Liz, for the first time in my life I wish I had a cock right now. I would love to know how your brother was feeling when you did that to him."

"He was so hard Chris. And the tip of his cock was leaking precum which made his rod all slick. I started stroking him faster and I started squeezing it harder. My big brother started moaning and telling me how good I was making him feel."

"What happened next Liz?"

"I kept stroking his cock until I felt him get all ridged. His cock had swollen so big and then he yelled out as he ejaculated all over the sheets and my hand. His cum was so warm when it flowed across my fingers."

"Did he touch you then?"

"Yes he touched my body that night. He played with my boobs and my pussy and he made me cum twice."

Hearing Liz talk about her first sexual encounter with her older brother was making me so wet and hot. I needed to feel her touch. "Please touch me the way Bobby touched you that night. Make me cum like you did when he touched your body."

My lover helped me take off the harness and then she finished undressing me. I laid back down and we pulled a sheet over us. She touched me just the way her brother had touched her those many years ago. She told me in her soft voice every detail of what he did and what he said. And right on cue I came at the precise points in her story when she said she orgasmed. It was magical how she could do that to me.


Chapter 16

The sun was starting to set and the sky glowed in its reflective brilliance. Liz and I were both very hungry after we finished making love and we decided to drive down to the beach and have dinner in a quaint little caf__ that looked out over Newport Harbor. We both loved to see the sun set into the pacific waves and this was a very special night. We had just decided to get married and we knew we were about to become very rich.

I took my cell phone with me to dinner in case my attorney needed to call me about the settlement discussions. I hoped that he would call and say everything was settled and I would get the money.

Liz looked beautiful and sexy. She had dressed in a blue floral sarong which tied around her waist and the hem was ankle length. She had also worn a white cotton tank top and a pair of flip flops. It was a very simple outfit but she made it look special. Liz's skin was nicely tanned and her hair was such a lovely shade of gold; she epitomized the youthful healthy look of a California beach girl.

I was dressed in denim shorts and a cute little pink tee which had the words "KISS ME" printed across the front.

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