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Man pleasuring a woman, or is he?

It didn't take long for her to find the perfect room for the studio. Huge factory windows flooded the area with light while their position high on the wall provided privacy. Located on the south side, the light would last throughout the day, year round. In her minds eye, she set up shop, deciding what goes where. All that remained was moving in.

With time to kill, Mary wandered around, checking other rooms until there were no more to explore. She headed back to the gallery to wait for Daniel. As she approached the photography room, the pleasant sound of laughter caught her attention. The way they could be so casual about their sexuality both attracted and repelled.

Staying in the shadows, Mary peeked in and drew back suddenly, what she saw burned on her mind's eye. Jenifer and Bruce were naked on the four poster bed. Jenifer's head lay on his stomach as she slowly pumped his erection. Mary decided to eavesdrop instead of peep. She heard a slurping sound and several flashes brightened the door.

Bruce nonchalantly said, "You really like Mary, don't you?"

"I do," said Daniel. "I like her very much." Several more flashes, and then, "Jenifer, straddle him and hold is cock against your pussy." The bed springs squeaked. "Perfect." Several more flashes.

"I do too," said Jenifer.

Daniel said, "Okay, sit down on him."

There was a long groan from Jenifer. Mary couldn't resist another peek. Bruce's cock was halfway home. She watched it disappear and then returned to the listening position.

Daniel continued, "Don't spoil this for me, Jenny. Leave her alone. She's not pervy like us, but she may be the one."

"The one?" Jenifer said, rather breathlessly.

"She's sensitive, caring, and artistic. Being around her makes me feel ready for commitment again. It's the first time since Laura died." There were more camera flashes, and then, "Okay, whenever you guys are ready."

Jenifer laughed. "Daniel's smitten."

He answered, "I'm not getting any younger. I'd like to find someone to share my life, and grow old together."

The bed springs began to complain in earnest. Bruce moaned, "Oh god... that feels so good."

Mary realized she'd been holding her breath since Daniel's confession. Didn't she want the same thing? Didn't she feel smitten as well? If these feeling were the real thing, she had to find out if their lifestyles could co-exist.

Straightening her spine, Mary tried her best to just wander into the room, like it was natural to see people fucking. She sat in the computer chair, trying not to stare at the action, but it was difficult. Finally she gave up trying.

Bruce reclined against the headboard and noticed her first. They made eye contact, and he winked.

Jenifer saw his wink and looked back over her shoulder. "Silvia!"

Daniel, too busy taking photos, remained oblivious.

Bruce and Jenifer immediately fell into their role-play.

"You're making love with me and you call out your governess's name?" Bruce grabbed her ass and flipped over. "Say my name, damn it," he demanded, pounding his cock into her.

Jenifer's legs wrapped over his hips and locked ankles. "Oh Bruce, Bruce I love you. But I can't help my fantasies."

The camera flashes continued, as Daniel moved around the bed, taking shots at different angles.

Jenifer and Bruce regressed into grunts and groans. When the grand finale hit, Bruce drove in hard, while his wife thrashed and pumped in erotic spasms.

Mary realized she was breathing hard and her panties were soaked once the couple relaxed into each other's embrace.

Daniel's pants sported a considerable bulge when he turned away to set down the camera. With a look of surprise, he said, "Mary? How long have you been sitting there?"

Feigning composure, she smiled. "Not long, a minute or two." Motion on the bed caught her eye. Bruce pulled out of his wife, causing a flood of semen to run out. He kissed down her chest and suckled her breast. Jenifer's hands ran through his hair.

Daniel's voice broke the spell.

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