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Two TLC become aware of each other. There can only be one.

I slid my right hand down Bobbi Jo's flank until I reached her hip, then pulled her slightly to the right and said, "Baby girl, I need you to slide off my lap and lay down on the blanket for a little bit, OK?"

She murmured softly, eased herself off me and lay on the blanket curled up on her side.

Once I was pretty sure she was settled I turned to face Betty. "So what should we do to you for your punishment?" I mused out loud.

"Shit, mister. I'm up for anything you want to do to me! Call it punishment if you want, but I'm up for it."

"Tell you what. While I'm thinking about how this little cheater should be punished, I want to explore this flexibility you were telling me about. Just how flexible are you?"

"Pretty flexible."

"So if I decided to keep this ankle stretched out over here..." I held her right ankle in my left hand as I slid off the hay and knelt, then spun her sideways so her back was side-on to the bales, "and I took this other one and spread it all the way over here..." I'll be damned, I thought, that is a full sideways split and I didn't have to apply any pressure to get it there.

"Let go, mister," she said.

"I don't think so," I replied.

"No, seriously. Let go. I can hold that position without you needing to hold my ankles."

I let her ankles go and sure enough, she held her legs in that split.

Then she pulled herself back further onto the hay, and rolled up so she was sitting completely upright with her legs still fully split. Amazing! Then she blew my mind by putting her hands on the bale in front of her spread pussy and pulled herself up into a handstand, still maintaining those splits.

She was facing away from me so I could see her asshole and pussy clearly from where I stood.

She slowly shifted from hand to hand until she had turned completely around and was facing me with an impudent grin on her face. "I thought I could distract you from punishing me" she said.

I stepped forward, wrapped my left arm around her with my upper arm under her hip and my right in the same position. She tried to pull her feet down to cover her pussy or at least block me from getting to it. But I was too quick for her and ducked my head so her little heels bumped into the back of it.

In that position, the way I was holding her, I had unrestricted access to her and took advantage of it.

I began to lick her cute little slit and her hands reached down to start stroking my cock with one hand and bracing herself on my thigh with the other.

"Like I said, I was pretty sure I could distract you from punishing me!"

I looked over at Bobbi Jo and she was mouthing a word at me, but I couldn't make it out so I lifted one eyebrow in a question. She spread her hands then bent all of her fingers and both thumbs at the same time a few times. Ah. Tickle!! Wait, not with what she has her hands on!

"Hey, Betty, I bet you can't stay in that position without using your hands, can you?" She fell for it and raised (lowered?) her arms up behind her back, waving her hands so I could see.. Since I was supporting her weight with my arms, I was easily able to capture her wrists in my empty hands, one on each side of her body.

"Wow, you can! That's great," I said.

I turned so her back was to Bobbi Jo and went back to licking her sweet little slit.

As I did, I watched Bobbi Jo slowly and quietly sit up and then ease across the hay bales and blanket. I shifted my position just a smidge and carefully relaxed and then re-grasped her wrists.

I lifted Betty just a little, then ducked my head down to get my mouth firmly placed on her cunt and my tongue stretched as far into her pussy as possible, then gave Bobbi Jo a little nod.

She reached out and ran the pads of her fingertips lightly up (down?) Betty's spine. She shivered.

Bobbi Jo tried to reach around Betty's arms and I had to figure out how to pull her arms away from her sides without dropping her.

I finally figured it out and Bobbi Jo slipped her fingers between Betty's arms an

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