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June's eventful date with Chloe concludes.

He heard the growls from the big male with hair the color of straw. His teeth were bared, and Ewan could tell he was on the verge of shifting. He saw the Alpha's look of rage as he stared past Ewan's shoulder. Ewan turned his head and saw what the Alpha was fixated on, the bite scar on his daughter's neck. Ewan turned back with a grin on his face.

The Alpha roared out in anger. "How dare ye come here, Baxter, after defiling my daughter! Why did ye nae just kill her when ye were done? She's ruined now for a true mate!"

"But father, he is my true mate!" Claire moved to Ewan's side and took his hand in hers.

The pair watched as the Alpha's face went from rage, to surprise, to anger, and finally, abject resignation. He sighed and turned to his sons. "It's done then. Ye have nae sister anymore. She's a Baxter now."

"So ye'll disown her now, Alpha? Ye would have rather mated her to someone who could never have given her cubs?" Ewan yelled it out as the Alpha turned his back on them.

The Alpha turned slowly, his eyes red. "I would have killed ye if I'd known before she. Then she would've had a chance to find another. Now I have no choice. If I kill ye, I kill her. And I could ne'er do that."

Claire's eyes blurred with tears.

"Take her back to yer pack, Baxter. She's nae welcome here." Alpha Collier began to walk towards his own mate who cried and begged him to reconsider through their bond. He refused.

"You'll nae see her again, Alpha. We are going across the brine, to what the humans call the 'new world.' But if ye ever change yer mind, and want to meet yer grandchildren, ye'll always be welcome." Ewan watched the Alpha's back tense.

Collier turned once again and his eyes lingered on his lost daughter. The ice cold blue eyes then turned to Ewan. "If I e'er hear that harm has come to her, I'll kill ye myself, new world or no." Alpha Collier walked slowly to his mate and took her by the arm, forcing her to turn away and walk with him. He held her by the shoulders as she sobbed into her hands.

I know ye'll be a good mother to yer bairns. We'll always love ye, Claire.

I love ye too, Mother. Maybe, someday, he'll understand?

He understands now, lass. But there are some things even an Alpha can't change.


Cole heard sniffling and looked at the teary-eyed faces surrounding him. Even the adult females looked like they'd been crying.

A little red-headed female cub wiped her eyes and snuggled in her mother's lap. "Did she ever see her parents again?"

Cole smiled. "Yes, Bronwyn, she did. We even went to visit them a few times."

She looked up at her mother's face, tears in her eyes. "Mommy, I won't ever leave you and Daddy, not ever!" She buried her head in her mother's arm.

Katy smiled and stroked her daughter's hair, the same bright red as her own. "You might someday, Bronwyn, but it'll be okay. We'll understand."

Cole was then inundated with questions from everyone.

"Uncle Cole, what happened next?"

"When did they move here?"

"Did they ever visit Scotland again?"

Cole put up a hand. "Whoa. I can't answer everyone's questions at once." He could see the sun through the window, high in the sky. "It's afternoon already. Why don't we pick this up after lunch?"


"As soon as you eat lunch, I'll tell you the rest. I could never talk loud enough to be heard over the grumbling of all your stomachs." Cole grinned. "So, what's for lunch?"


Atlantic Ocean - 1622

Ewan Baxter gazed across the vast horizon ahead of him; water, nothing but water.

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