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What does Missy know about my cocksucking and how?

His rhythm matched hers, thrust for thrust. He couldn't help thinking how good it was. Watching Suzanne's ass bounce up and down, her ample breast swaying back and forth. She began to orgasm, in torrents, his penis slick with her juices. His pace quickened to match her thrusting; his orgasm was hard and long. He pulled out to spray her full butt cheeks with his semen. "Shit" She said sliding from under him. I got to shower again. Later in the morning, she would need another one, as he stayed the night.


Suzanne didn't want to think about the night before. It just made her mad to think something as simple as a test made her vulnerable to her ex-husband's advances. She continued on about her day, filing applications and giving interviews. Not only was she in a bind, she had to deal with Mitchell. Who was probably thinking he could come over anytime he wanted to. The day dragged on, during lunch, she decided to outline the chapters once again. It was when she hit one particular area of statistics; she had a question and couldn't remember how the formula went. Terror filled her chest; Avery wasn't going back over this stuff. She had to think, whom she could call to get some help. Then it struck her, she had Silas's card in her purse. She dug down in her purse to find the card next to the Kleenex he gave her. The front read: Silas Walden Realty and listed his cell number. She dialed the number and listened as the phone rang, and rang. Just before she hung up, a smooth masculine voice answered on the other end "Silas Walden Realty may I help you?" She wanted to hang up the phone but she asked, "May I speak to Mr. Walden?" her voice trembled "Speaking" he replied "Silas this is Suzanne from school"

"Hey, how are you Suzanne, what can I do for you?" She told him of the problem she was having and they agreed to meet at the local library to study. With that being out of the way, she continued on about her day.

After work Suzanne stopped at Wal-Mart to get some pens and paper because she was running low. Upon paying for her items, her cell phone rang. "Hello she answered?" It was Mitchell, not wanting to be rude to the cashier; she said "hey let me call you back when I get out of the store." She closed her phone and apologized to the woman scanning the items. She hurried out of the store, she didn't want to keep Silas waiting, she was appreciative he was helping her. She called Mitchell back while turning out of the parking lot of the super center. "Mitchell, I was in line. What's going on?" He answered back "I am leaving town tonight, what time will you be home? I wanna say goodbye" She knew what that meant; he wanted more sex. Suzanne replied " I have group study tonight, so I will be home late"

"How late?"

"Around 11:00pm" hoping it would be too late for him to stay. "Well, I will see you in about 2 weeks when I come to get the girls" he replied then hung up. "Whew!" she said aloud, she got caught with her panties down once, and didn't want it to happen again.

When she arrived at the library, she saw that Silas was already there.

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