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Predators on campus.

Also I didn't notice that as he was sucking on me had had taken his own cock out and as he pulled his mouth off of mine he leant back and pulled my head down towards his. I hadn't ever said anything about wanting to try doing that to him but with my cock still throbbing from the way he had pleasured it I couldn't stop myself. The feeling of his hard cock in my mouth was amazing, it was such a strange feeling to feel something pulse in my mouth, and I held onto it and stroked him as I sucked. It was weird to think that I hadn't had another guys cock in my hand before I had one in my mouth, but both together just made me so horny. I couldn't take it deep but loved slipping the tip of my tongue in his little slit.

As I was sucking and licking his cock he was wanking me hard with a firm grip, getting faster until I started to moan. To keep me quiet he pushed my head down and I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I couldn't control myself and fired cum into his hand. I kept on sucking, the feeling of a cock throbbing in your mouth is so addictive, as he moved his hand behind me and I felt his fingers, that were covered in my cum, pressing against my hole. I've played with my arse before and once when a girl was sucking me off she fingered me as well and I almost blew her head off. But right then with his cock in my mouth and feeling him use my cum as a lubricant when he slipped a finger into me I was more turned on than I have ever been. He finger fucked my arse fast and deep, I wanted more and he seemed to know as he pulled it out of me then pushed two fingers in. I could feel my arse being stretched and it hurt a little at first, but the feeling of being filled at both ends soon took over and I started stroking my already hard cock.

After he had finger fucked my arse with two fingers I knew that I needed to be fucked for real, I couldn't stop myself from taking his cock out of my mouth and turning my back to him. He moved onto his side and rubbed the tip of his massive cock between my arse cheeks. I started to moan so he reach round and put his cum covered fingers, fresh from my arse, into my mouth and I sucked on them as I felt the pressure of the head of his cock press against my hole. Then his rock hard cock, wet from my spit and cum, pushed hard and popped into my tight ring.

He just held it there, my arse adjusting to having a cock in it for the first time, as I sucked my cum off of his fingers. Then he slowly pushed deeper into me, it felt like he was ripping my arse apart but was so slow that I could take it. It just kept getting deeper then when I felt his balls against mine I knew he was all the way in. I thought his cock felt big in my mouth but it felt ten times bigger filling my arse.

He held it there filling me, I could feel his cock throb inside me as he reached round and stroked my cock again which was already hard. Very slowly he started to pull out, I could feel every inch of his cock, then when just the head was still in me he pushed it slowly back deep inside. he did this a few times, it felt so good every time then he quickly slammed his cock right up into me in one fast thrust. I couldn't stop myself from letting out a loud moan and we waited motionless to see if anyone had heard, if they had and come in then there would have been no hiding the fact I was being fucked.

We waited in silence, I could feel my heart and his cock throbbing, then he started to fuck me slowly using his whole length. It felt so good when it was moving inside me but what really got me hot was that I knew how big his cock was from trying to fit it in my mouth, so every time I felt his stomach against my back I knew just how much was inside me. He got faster and his breath got deeper and I could feel him twitching inside me, I knew he was going to fire into me and I wanted to feel it so bad.

We got to the point of not trying to be quiet, the noise of his thighs slapping against my arse turned me on even more.

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