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New Year's Eve party.

My cock quickly springs back to life as Sophia toys with me. She leans back and lies on the table, placing her feet on either side and parting her thighs. Her moist pussy opens up to me, with her succulent lips protruding out just a bit. Sophia slowly slides her palm down the length of her stomach and rests it on her mound. She rubs it her pussy and spreads it open to me with her fingers. I lick my lips wanting to dive into it.

Sophia brings her hand up to her mouth and wets her fingers. When she reaches between her legs, she inserts a finger and begins to finger fuck herself. He thumb strokes her clit as she pumps one, then two fingers into her wetness. The sight and sound drives me wild. My cock twitches, yearning to replace her fingers. Sophia's moaning increases, matching the speed of her fingers. Her pussy juices are lightly trickling out of her, rolling into her ass crack.

I can't wait any longer and I jump up from the sofa and kneel between her legs and thrust my tongue inside her causing her entire body to shake. I hold her thighs down and lap at her wet pussy. I lick her inside and out, my mouth moving down between her round, tight ass cheeks. My tongue flicks all the way back up and my lips close around her clit. I pull hard on it then release it. Sophia's body shudders and she groans.

"Oh god!" she cries. "I'm going to cum!"

I suck harder and when she is on the edge, I wedge three fingers inside her and feel the wetness spray past them and onto my face. Her hips come all the way up off the table as she rides of pleasure. She clamps down on my fingers as she smashes her pussy into my mouth until she settles down.

While Sophia lies on the table coming down from her orgasm I turn around to Miranda and move onto her. My cock presses firmly against her stomach as I wrap my lips onto her one of her nipples. Miranda drags her fingers through my hair and holds me to her breast.

After a few moments I slide my body into position while still clamped onto her chest and aim my cock at her entrance. She spreads her legs wide and raises her feet into the air. The inside of her pussy walls are hot and tight as I push into her. Miranda reaches down and clutches my ass to pull me in deeper. I thrust inside slowly and then begin moving in and out, stretching her more and more each time I push in. My panting becomes shallow and my cock feels like it is growing harder and bigger with every second.

I groan as I cum and fill her. I continue bucking and pumping until every drop is released into her and then I simply drop down onto her heaving body.

After a moment, I roll off Miranda and am immediately pounced on by my sister.

"I want you..." she whispers into my ear. " my ass."

I swallow hard. She rolls over and presses her ass into my crotch and starts grinding me slowly. My cock pulses back to life as her slender form presses against me. How could I not take the opportunity to have my sister's ass?

My hand goes to her body, feeling the firmness of her perky breast before slipping down her stomach and over her hip. Miranda grabs my throbbing cock and wets it as best as she can. Miranda guides my cockhead between my sister's firm ass cheeks. Sophia shifts her position to line it up with her tight asshole. I gasp with excitement as my cockhead comes to rest against her clenching asshole.

Moaning softly, Sophia pushes her ass back as Miranda holds my cock in place. The tightness of her ass is enticing as I slowly sink into her body. Her little asshole resists every bit of my invading cock. I close my eyes and lose myself to the sensation as her ass clamps down around my cockhead like a vice. I moan with increasing passion as she continues to accept my pulsing cock as she works her asshole around my shaft.

She takes a moment to relax before cautiously grinding her hips back against me.

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