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" Said Louise rudely and abruptly.

"Well, well, so you're Louise, are you?" My mum interjected.

"And what if I am, bitch!?" "What's it to you?" Retorted Louise, with the sound of her female friends giggling in the background.

My mum, seeing that Louise was much bigger and much, much more powerfully built than her, still courageously verbally counterattacked and said, "listen here, you nasty lil' slapper, if you don't stop picking on my son I'm gonna teach you a lesson you're never gonna forget!" Piped my mum in defence of me.

Louise blatantly laughed in my mum's face and trembled her hand insincerely mocking her, and shouted, "bring it on then, if you think you're hard enough, BITCH!"

Without warning, mum lunged at Louise throwing a weak punch, which Louise easily swerved out of the way of, and then she counter-swung a hard punch to the side of my mum's head. My mum was stunned. Then in a split second, a straight punch landed square on my mum's face knocking her to the ground. "Go on, Louise, GET STUCK RIGHT IN THERE!" Screamed one of Louise's friends.

While my mum was on her hands and knees, and a little dizzy, and about to get up, Louise quickly jumped on her and got her in a headlock, she wrapped her left arm tightly around my mum's neck clamping her to the position. "Give it to her!" "Show her who's BOSS!" Shouted another one of Louise's friends.

Louise then began to punch my darling, poor mother extremely hard in the face with her right fist. Not once, twice, or three times, but countless times over and over again.

All I could hear was Louise's female friends cheering her on, the puffs, pants, groans and whimpers coming from my desperate mum, and the demoralising sound of Louise's tightly clenched right fist punching my stunned mum inhumanly HARD in her face...

SMACK! After SMACK! After SMACK! After SMACK!... For what seemed like a millennium.

There was my mum still on her hands and knees unable to move, as if paralysed - either in shock or the power of Louise subduing her with her might. All of Louise's friends were gathered around the onslaught in a circle with their eyes bulging out in awe, but by now silent - hypnotised by the ever-so-increasing momentum of Louise's fist, most expertly, swinging from the shoulder, thundering right into my beautiful mother's face. What a sight! There was my darling mother, as I aforementioned on her hands and knees, but this time I noticed her bum stuck right up in the air with her dress slumped slightly over her back showing her knickers and the view of her arse cheeks and outline of her cunt through the cheaply-made, translucent pink knickers. And right next to her was Louise with her bum stuck right up in the air too, but a few inches higher - adjacent to my mum's behind, but while my mum's bum was motionless, Louise's bum was swinging from side to side in rhythm, as if dancing to techno music. Louise was wearing tight-fitting black leggings and I could just about make out she was wearing a leopard-skin thong through her - now stretched - wafer-thin black leggings and I could see her camel toe bulging out. I could tell her pussy was clean-shaven and massive and shaped perfectly and getting a little sweaty. Evolution had certainly blessed her! As I compared both arses of both my mum and Louise, it was obvious that Louise had the superior and better shaped arse-crack and vagina.

While Louise was continuously pounding into my mum's face with her iron fist like an Amazonian goddess, I looked around the park to see if anyone was there that could help put a stop to Louise's vicious assault, but there was nobody around, just my mum, Louise, her friends, and I.

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