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Wife's fantasy becomes a reality.

His eyes grew wide with terror when he saw me standing in the doorway and before she became aware of my presence I walked up to the bed and was just about to beat the life out of him when I realized who it was. It was one of her former bosses, married with two young children and a successful career, the one she had been flirting with and almost "crossed the line" with just before we met.

It suddenly became clear that this wasn't a singular, random event and the pieces suddenly fell into place. I felt so stupid, taken advantage of and used. Realizing that this must have been going on without me catching on for at least five years nearly left me crushed me completely. It lessened some of my rage but not all of it.

She turned and saw me and without even an apology asked, "Why are you home so early?" I was stunned into silence. "Are you enjoying the show? You do remember my old boss Roy, don't you?" she asked as if she was doing no wrong.

The entire time Roy is laying there stammering and trying to get up when she introduced us, "Roy this is my husband Rod, Rod this is Roy". It was so surreal I thought that I must be caught in a bad dream.

Then I snapped out of the fog, dropping my bag on the floor I reached out and grabbed his balls in one hand and squeezed them and pulled them as I tried to tear them from his body.

She jumped up as he is screaming in intense pain and a thick stream of his cum leaks out of her pussy onto his stomach as she tries to get off the bed yelling for me to let him go. I let go of Roy and grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed her head down and rubbed her face in his cum while scolding her like a puppy that soiled the carpet.

"Look at this, you did this, now clean it up." I had her face pressed hard into his stomach and she was trying to say something but it was just a mumble, she eventually had no choice but to comply. "That's it, clean it up, suck that cum off his cock too bitch."

For his part Roy was shocked, mouth hung open and confused. I was furious but was aware enough that any physical harm I caused to her or him would land me in jail, further adding to my situation. I was determined to not let them get the better of me yet not walk away with my tail between his legs.

By now she was sucking on his cock under her own fruition and I stepped back and gathered my thoughts, once I decided what my next course of action was it took no time to get an erection you could do chin-ups on. Not because of what I was seeing but because of what I was thinking.

I quickly stripped while Roy looked on in total disbelief while at the same time enjoying my wife's extremely talented efforts, when my thick cock sprung free the wide eyed look on Roy's face further emboldened me. She was on her knees between his legs and apparently giving Roy one heck of a blow job.

I climbed up behind her and shoved my cock in forcefully, "Damn Roy you must be much smaller than I thought, baby your cunt is so tight I swear I just popped into your ass."

Tight she was and her vaginal muscles clenched hard on my swollen member, I started slamming hard and forcefully into her, savoring the gagging sounds she made as I forced her further and further onto her lover's cock.

"That's it slut, suck his cock all the way down, choke on it whore," I said as I slapped her ass very hard with my open hand. Something she used to enjoy before but nowhere as hard as I had just done, she moaned and it sounded like a moan of pleasure. Her face was buried into Roy's abdomen as she had him fully in her mouth now and I held her head in that position as I kept ramming her hard and fast.

"I'm cumming," Roy yelled as he grabbed her head and started bucking wildly, unleashing what must have been quite a load as she gagged with his cock buried in her throat.

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