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He looked up at me and said that that tasted great.

He told me that I could touch his cock but I told him that was ok I did not want to. James said that he did not want to push me into something that I did not want. "You look a little tense how about a massage to help you relax?" I did feel tense so I thought what the hell. He showed my to the back room where the massage was to take place and I noticed a bed on the floor with clean sheets and towels arranged on it. James told me to lie down on the bed on my stomach and then he would be back in a minute, and that was all I remember. I must have had to much to drink.

When I awoke James had put some soothing music on and was kneeling beside me started to rub my back and shoulders with warm soothing oil. The feeling was wonderful and I started to relax as he worked the tension out of my back. As he worked lower down towards my ass I realized that I was feeling quite relaxed, but I was lying there with my legs spread and my arms also spread. I tried to move but he had tied my hands to the corners of the bed and my ankles to the other corners. James said to relax and he would just massage. He told me if I did what I was told nobody would find out what happened that night.

As he continued the massage James was now kneading my ass and small of my back with his strong hands. He stopped and moved down to my feet beginning to work from them back up towards my ass again and now he knelt between my legs working first on one then the other with his skillful hands. As his hands reached the top of my thighs the pressure of the massage was changing from one of some depth and strength to a caress of my white thighs and buttocks. Then taking more oil he traced the crease of my ass with one finger, while with his other hand he squeezed the inner thigh and parted my legs further.

I have to admit that this was giving me an erection and I was beginning to want the action to continue. Just as I thought he would keep stroking my ass I suddenly felt him use some pressure with his finger and rub it around my anus. The sensation was divine and I sighed a bit when he stopped. I felt more oil drip onto the crack of my ass and then his finger returned and slowly pushed into me. I have done that to myself but had never been fingered by another man before. It was however after a second or two of discomfort a wonderful feeling.

James asked me if everything was all right and lying there with his hand on my ass and a finger up my chute I said "yes, its fine". He asked if I wanted him to continue and again I answered "yes".

Taking his finger from my ass I felt something else placed against it. James told me to try and relax and that he was going to place a small vibrator in my butt. The head slid in and once again after a second or two my ass relaxed to accept the new sensations and the vibrator sent small tingles through my guts.

James removed the vibrator and I felt him lean forward over my back. As he did I felt the head of his prick probing at my ass. Once again he stopped before he entered me and asked if I was still feeling okay and wanted to continue. In response I spread my legs farther apart and pushed my ass back against his prick. With a hand on each side of me I felt the pressure of his cock head pressing against my ass as he waited above me. Suddenly the head of his prick stretched my ass open and popped inside. This time there was considerable pain and I asked him to stop.

James held still there for a minute and told me to try and relax and take some deep breaths. As I did I felt my ass once again stretch and loosen around his cock and suddenly the pain was gone replaced by a desire to feel the rest of his cock inside me. I hunched back against him again and felt the head of his cock move forward another inch into me. As he felt this James again pushed forward and in six or seven short pushes he buried his cock in my ass.

Now he started to thrust into me with greater fervor and although it sometimes hurt a bit I felt my ass

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