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She then pushed the switch and the machine came to life. It pushed forward the artificial dick and began to move forward and back inside her pussy.

"Come Daniella, let's go pick up a friend for your mother."

"Who is it?"

"A co-worker of your mother and I. Come you'll see."

"Do I have to get dressed?" Daniella asked while placing her hands on her hips to emphasise her nudity.

"Not too much," I responded with a wide grin.

Daniella quickly disappeared and returned only a little more dressed. A little yellow summer dress is what she had on, a little lift of her dress revealed she had nothing on underneath.

We then headed to my car, while the machine continued to fuck her mother. On the journey, Daniella and I got talking and getting to know one another as we did not have the opportunity the previous night.

"It's good getting to know you better Daniella," I said.

"Yes, it is good to get to know you as well," Daniella replied.

"I think we both know I'm not looking to be your father, especially after last night," I said to her.

"Ha, that's for sure, I understand. I just want to thank you. The way you love my mother, she deserves it after all she has been through."

"Daniella, I do love your mother. She told me about her first marriage, and I kind of guessed what has happened to her current courtship."

"Yeah, my mother slept naked with him every night but he never showed any appreciation for that. They stopped fucking a long time ago. His mother always treated my mother and I like outcasts, like we didn't matter."

"I know, she told me about that as well. We talked about everything. She always had time for me, I remember when I left the company she always kept in touch."

"That's why she called you last night, he had left, his mother told him to come to England. He listened and left us behind."

"Wow, I never thought he would do that to Sam. She has been through so much. Daniella, I don't know where this is heading or if there is a future beyond a couple of days of debauchery."

"I understand Billy, I do know that you care about her, and I think you care about me."

"I do, I only realised how much the day I left the company. I told her that I was going to miss her and then hugged her, I had never meant that more than I did that day."

"She told me, we share everything,"

"Including men?" I enquired with grin.

"Now we do," Daniella responded with a laugh.

We continued on our way to meet Jacqui a woman whom was a co-worker from my days at the tech company. She is extremely attractive, brown eyes, dark hair and a body to die for. She always accentuated what, I presumed, she felt was her best asset, her breasts.

She often would leave plenty of cleavage on display at the office, which rarely would slip my mind. Soon we pulled up outside her home and called her up. She came outside with a maxi dress on but with her cleavage spectacularly on display.

"Hey Jacqui," I spoke to her as she drew me in for an embrace.

"I remember that dress," I said to her

"Not quite like this I imagine," She responded as she emphasised her breasts as they heaved out, courtesy of the wide and plunging neckline of the dress.

"Certainly not Jacqui," I responded as I give them a little squeeze.

"I'm assuming this is Samantha's daughter you have with you?" Jacqui enquired.

"Indeed, she looks like her mother, even fucks like her too."

"Well, I would like to find out first hand."

"That is precisely why we are here."

"Where is Samantha?" Jacqui asked.

"Cumming," I said, with a look on my face that explained everything that my words did not.

"Well let's go and make her cum some more."

Jacqui took a ride with Daniella and I back to Sam's house. It was eventful with Jacqui eating out Daniella's pussy as she provided easy access to it. Soon though we had returned. We walked in the door and heard Sam moaning in lust despite the ball gag in her mouth.

I went in to check in on her while Jacqui and Daniella got naked.

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