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The day it began ... how I lost my virginity.

But Mark had opened her eyes in a big way that there was more to life than living in the humdrum world she had been, ignorantly, operating in.

She knew with utter glee that her and Darren would more than benefit from her wild sexual frolics with this vibrant young man. He was years beyond his age in her personal sphere of sex. Nancy pressed her luscious soft body tight against his and told him. Which part of me do you want Mar, Hmmmm?" He dived right to her ear, sucked it all into his hot mouth and laid her flat. A right hook from a boxer couldn't have scored a more direct hit, his nails got her nipples and Nancy didn't care which part of her he got!

Her hand sought his cock, and she moaned loud as her fist closed over it, she pulled at it, wanting it to be where it belonged, hard and deep in her tender loving, and very giving pussy. "On your knees Nancy, I want to fuck you from behind." His use of the profanity also scored a hit, she wasn't used to it, and an enormous tidal wave of lust crashed through her. She flipped herself over and head down, ass up, knees parted, Nancy was ready before he even thought of moving.

Mark got behind her, but he stopped for a moment just to take in the sight before him, to gaze at the rounded light brown buttocks being offered to him on the literal plate! The line of her spine and the contours of her back muscle as it swept up to her bent head. Nancy's hands were already gripping the blankets.

He pushed his prick into his boss's wife's hot cunt for the third time this night. Nancy reached behind her head and removed the clip holding her hair in place, she shook her head, and her hair cascaded down around it like a cloud of thick black silk as it settled like halo. Mark sighed with utter lust as she did it; he took it as a sign of her complete surrender to this, to him, to them.

He fucked at her, to her, and for her, hard, long, deep and with a real determination to make her have as many orgasms as she could garner from him. Nancy had many, too many, it wrecked her. Then Mark did what her husband had never done, he had tried many times over the years, and all unsuccessfully, Nancy had flatly refused to let him do it.

Mark pulled back, took dead aim and shoved his thick meat right into Nancy's exposed and unprotected ass. He had done this to a girlfriend once, and she had exploded in a defence that took him time to subdue. So, he half expected Nancy to fight the intrusion, he knew it would hurt, that pain was the order of the day until the ass in question expanded enough for it to go away.

As soon as he was in and Nancy's knees were firing backwards around his, he threw himself on her. Using his body weight and his strong thighs to keep her pressed into the mattress. His arms went under hers and he gripped her in a wrestling hold, his knees, he forced them between Nancy's and split her legs wide, thus Nancy was fully compromised.

Nancy knew she couldn't cry out, her children were asleep in the room next door; she stuffed the sheets into her mouth, pressed her face into the bed and screamed. Mark saw and heard her, his mouth next to her ear. "Shhhhhh," he told her, "stay still Nancy, relax, try and relax, it'll be okay in a minute, just lie still please." Nancy couldn't speak to answer, the pain was horrendous, she was in agony.

But the overriding factor was her capture, the position she was in, she might have well been tied down, she was that helpless. Mark was pressing deeper and deeper, soon his loins were in full contact with her beautiful ass, he was all in to her. Nancy shook her head, 'No, no, no.' but there was nothing she could do, she was completely taken.

Mark was too strong, and too heavy for her to make it even a small contest, there was none to make. His prick seemed tom have split her right o her spine, but he held his place. Massive tears soaked into her bed sheets. But though Mark was sympathising greatly, he was intent on fucking her ass, and he was also intent on making her like it, and want it again someday.

It was several minute

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