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Couple and their friend get together in the store.

That day, after innumerable years, he masturbated to the memory of his niece's vigorous fucking. And even though he had spent inside her in torrents, he came again in torrents.

He could have taken his lust to Shanta but after what Aruna had done to him, with him, Sudhir found himself withdrawn, drinking a little more, smoking a little more and staring at the distance a lot more.

Aruna now sat down on his thighs, legs astride, and brought her face close to his and with sparkling eyes asked, "So you don't know any of those words?"

The other day she had sat down sideways like she usually did. She then swung her leg around to straddle him. That was when he spotted the absence of panties. That was when he saw his niece's bare pussy. Instead of anger and control, if there was shock and confusion that day, it was because of Aruna's disarming ways; and unbridled, instant lust on his part.

"This," she whispered into his face, her hands between them, grabbing his cock --snared in his underwear and therefore not offering her any grip - as best as her little hand could, "is called cock," she finished. She pronounced 'cock' with a hardness to her voice as if to emphasize what it meant to her.

Her mind went back to that first fuck. She had a complete recording in her mind. She had played that back and forth again and again. Despite incessant fucking by her husband she had found it necessary to play herself at the thought of the fuck with Sudhir. Yes, she remembered it perfectly well. Yes, her Daddy-Uncle was right.

He had not spoken much during their encounter. She remembered having asked him why he had not taught her to "fuck"; but that had been at the height of her own orgasm. And after that she had had to rush to the washroom lest her mom and aunt spot the cum running down her legs. They too had not talked much. Perhaps that was how it was with Sudhir Uncle! Perhaps the sex was so maniacal that nothing else happened!

"This," she said in a low voice "is called pussy," She grabbed his hand and insinuated it between her legs to her crotch and rubbed the back of his hand against herself. She shivered. He felt there was another layer of garment beneath her skirt; thankfully she was wearing panties today.

"You have the experience! You are supposed to be the teacher!" she said loudly as she sat up suddenly, upright, complaining. This was her original persona; nothing sexual.
"Teach you what, ma?" asked Aruna's mom from the far end.

"See ma! He is not teaching me how to be a better housewife!" she complained to her mom. This too was the persona of Aruna that everyone knew; nothing sexual. Playful and child-like.

"Oh god!" said Aruna's mom as she went back into the kitchen to repeat her crib about her married daughter refusing to grow up.

"Do you want me to 'give you head'?" she asked naughtily.

Sudhir looked at her dumb-founded.

"Do you know what it means?" asked his niece, mistaking his shocked silence for ignorance. "Wait, I will tell you," she said, not waiting for his reply.

She shimmied down his legs. First things first. She reached under the cloth of his 'mundu' and found the band of his underwear. Sudhir once again found himself assisting his niece. And what point was the guilt only hers and at what point was he abetting her?

She pulled it down and of course, the erect pillar would not allow the band to slip down.

"Now I know how to handle that," said Aruna looking up at him. Reaching under carefully, she stretched the band to let out the cock. What had been enough of a stretch in her husband Gopi's case was inadequate here. She struggled.

"Do you?" asked Sudhir. Worried that she might let go the band in a snap and hurt him, he reached inside his underwear to pull his cock out. Her hand followed his quickly.

"Oh teach me what I don't know, na?" she said.

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