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My Mother and Sister become my Wife's bitches.

He drank his coffee slowly, as I continued to chatt with him!

As he slipped a couple of fingers deep into me, I asked him how his mother was treating him, was she good to him? I asked him if he liked his stay at our house, as I felt him churn the insides of my pussy with his fingers! I told him that he was to be very careful as not to speak to other people about the way that we live in our house, and as he promised that he wouldn't say a word, I could see his cock explode inside his boxers.

I knelt in front of him, pushed him back in the chair, pushed down his boxers and told him to relax and that I would clean off his spill, so as not to leave a stain.

He closed his eyes as he leaned back in the chair, kneeling between his legs, I held on to his strong thighs, as I sucked his slimy cock into my mouth. He was still spurting as I sucked him in, I made a vacuum, closing my mouth tightly around his shaft and head. The wet sensation of my mouth, sent up another load of cum. I held his hot cock in my mouth, it jumped and jerked, oozed, until he calmed down.

As I felt it relax, I started cleaning him off. I collected every drop of his sweet cum with my tongue and mouth as he looked down on me. I smiled at him and told him to be careful not to leave stains when he was visiting someone's house. He looked down at me with a smile; I told him to come to me when he feels that he's going to make a mess, and that as his aunt, I would take care of that for him!


We were still catching our breath when my kids came down for breakfast. My nephew helped me in the kitchen, by keeping my pussy stoppered with his fingers so that it wouldn't leak, as I tended to the kids meal.

While the children ate, I stood next to my nephew, talking about the little things and he took liberties with my dripping crotch!

After breakfast, we went out to the pool, with everything that has happened I didn't bother with my bating suit, my husband wanted me to be a slut for my nephew!

I called him over to spread some lotion on me as I lay on the towel in the sun. He came over, his trunks tenting as he started to massage the cream into my skin.

I watched his cock strain against the material, I saw it throbbing right in front of my face as my nephew touched my naked body.

He couldn't take it anymore, he asked me if I would help him not stain his bathing suit!

I placed him on the towel in front of me, and lying on my stomach between his legs, I slowly crept up taking his cock into my mouth and a good way down my throat!

His cock was trapped, he was sitting down and couldn't move his hips to fuck my face! He slumped over my head massaging my back with his oily hands, as I feed on his cock!

He was trembling on the towel, I held his cock tightly in my mouth, and he couldn't make the few moves he needed to cum!

His cock was younger and a lot thinner than my husbands, so for me it wasn't a strain to keep him in this state of tension! I held on until I heard him whimper almost in pain! Then I had him lean back, and with a glance at my kids, pulled myself up just enough to give him room to move.

He instantly realized that I have given him space and he manically fucked my mouth! I held on to him, took his balls in my hand and played with them as he blew load after load! He fell back on the spread towel as I cleaned his cock for the second time in his life.

As he was catching his breath, I pulled up next to him and teased him, about his mother, does she ever keep him clean as I, his aunt, do?

I was out of my mind, the years of not letting my sexual arousal grow had made me a junkie, now that I am feeling it again. I started doing anything, saying anything just to keep up the sexual tension!

I didn't let my nephew fuck me, I decided that being sexually aroused, even sucking a close relatives dick, was acceptable, but that actual sex, well, that was a sure road to ruin!

And of course my husband did say that everything was going to be alright!

We played some more games during the day, some with each other, some with my kids.

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