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After the narrow belt, the aftermath.

The next morning he was back again playing a good son. But my feeling for him started changing as I started visualising him fucking me. The idea of my own son hitting on me took my feelings of perversity to a new height and made me anxious to what will happen next. The more I think about it the more I enjoyed it rather loathing it.

Since I am sure that Arun will come onto me that night too, I changed into something comfortable wearing a nightgown so that he would have access to 'my parts' of 'his' interest. But my husband compelled me to change back to the saree saying 'Shame on you! Your son is next to you and you are wearing this flimsy thing???"

'Little did he know?!?'

Apart from this nightly event between me and my son we three had an excellent weekend.

That night we went to bed early as Arun's papa has to get up early for work. So we had more time to play around. That night Arun opened every button on my blouse and also released the saree and petticoat. He didn't whisk the garment below my crotch but he didn't have to. He got access to my already dripping pussy through the side of my petty coat. As I was in the anticipating mode he entering his fingers into my vagina. The first action of my son fucking me. Not with his manhood but with his fingers. I felt I am married again. Married to my son! I couldn't feel anything but ecstatic as my son finger-fucked me to climax. After I climaxed I was anticipating that Arun would fuck me and was ready for it but instead he went back to sleep.

I have to tell you that by now I am more a wanton for my son's manhood than feeling guilty. By now I also realised it could be Arun's sinister plan to get me to fuck him. But instead of feeling disgusted about it I felt great seeing what he had to go through to get his old mother to his bed. I felt lucky to be my own son's bed partner. I thought I passed the age of being an object of lust but little did I know my own son has hots for me. I started being more affectionate to him than hating him for his lust for me.

I had a good sleep that night only to be woken up by my hubby getting ready for his work. I got up, set my saree and blouse thinking about lastnight's happenings as I looked at my son sleeping away as innocent.

I got the breakfast ready for Arun's papa as he finished dressing and had his breakfast. Another 15 mins passed by and my hubby left for work. After I bid goodbye to him I went to the kitchen to cleanup the dishes and as walked in I was shocked. There's Arun standing just beside the door and completely naked.

Before I could get out of my shock, Arun grabbed me and gave me a big kiss on the lips pinning me to the wall and before I could think of anything Arun's hands were all over my body. Then all of a sudden he caught hold of the loose end of my saree and pulled it forcefully. His force didn't give me a chance to catch my saree and on the other hand ended up loosing all the tight entangles as the saree fell around me leaving me with my blouse and petticoat. Suddenly a rape scene in the movies flashed before my eyes as villains pull off the girl's saree and she pleads to them 'leave me'. In my case the villain is my son raping his own mother and even though I am a bit scared I really didn't wanted to plead him to leave me. I guess most part of me wants to enjoy him raping me. Then he came near me and tore the hooks of my front-open blouse and opened my petticoat while kissing me. It's all happening and neither he nor me uttered a single word.

After he got me naked he took me to our bedroom, threw me on the bed, pressed himself onto me, parted my legs and guided his dick into my pussy. That's when I took a gasp and some air. Gasp because he penetrated me for the first time and air because he came onto me like a hound in heat and I don't know when did I took my last breath. My heart is pounding like a racehorse.

But the outcome was what we both wanted.

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