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One of the reasons they had been having so much trouble finding people was that the pipefitter and boilermaker unions in Chicago were picketing the jobsite wanting their people to man the job. Actually, they did not want the job, they just did not want this company to have it. I never did figure out the wisdom of their thinking and no one was ever able to explain it to me.

I was only mildly surprised to find that my friend was already on the new site as the guy that had given my name to the company was his lifelong friend. We were able to hire a crew of pipe welders, mostly from Texas and Louisiana as this particular project would fall under the rules of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and few people up there knew API procedures and owned their own welding rigs and were willing to risk possibly getting shot at by the picketers like we had been a time or two. (Yes, this is true. They did not really shoot at us as much as they would bounce a .22 round off a vessel or piece of equipment just to keep us on our toes. It worked, mostly, as ricochets make a funny but distinctive sound).

Now, my friend was a notorious womanizer it seemed. I do not know how many women he had sex with but he was on either his second or third wife and I know for a fact he was getting more or less regular blowjobs from at least two of the maids in our camp in Wyoming. Easy living, smoking, drinking, over eating, and all that had greatly lowered his body's natural resistance to things like strokes and heart attacks. The idea of a bullet bouncing off the piece of equipment he was operating gave Mack what turned out to be a mild heart attack, although we did not know how severe it was at the time. I said I would contact Linda, his wife back in Missouri, and inform her of his condition. When I reached her, and informed her that he was in the hospital after having a heart attack she acted like she did not believe that he had and was trying to pull something. I did not know the shape of their marriage so I did not say anything but when she told me she would come up to see him I told her to contact me with her flight information and that I would meet her at her gate and take her to Mack's home and give her his pickup keys so she would have something to drive.

The next morning, I drove into Chicago to Midway Airport and after finding the proper gate I waited the half hour or so necessary for her plane to land and arrive at the gate and then deplane. I was holding a sign that simply said "Linda." Shortly a fairly attractive slim blonde came up to me. She had short hair dark brown hair, nice legs, and some signs of a bad case of chickenpox as a child. Not bad, but enough she would never be considered truly beautiful. She looked to be in her mid to late 30s and had what looked to be a perky set of 34Bs sitting high on her chest. I was mildly surprised as I had seen the two women he had been with in Wyoming and they in no way came up to the level of this young lady. She introduced herself as did I and then asked if I had any new information on Mack's condition. I did not and after claiming her luggage, we left for our trip back to our town.

There was not a lot of conversation for the first 30 or 40 miles and then she stated to ask questions about Mack and what he had been doing and if I knew of any relationships he might be having at the time.

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