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She seeks out the man who attacked her in the alley.

Dick and Harry were standing behind her arse as Tom continued to fuck her mouth, holding her head back with a fist full of her hair.

Sabrina lifted her sweater over her head and placed it neatly with her other clothes. She felt the cooler air of her private viewing room caress her naked breasts. This made her nipples respond even more as they continued to firm in her fingers. All this gear yet I didn't wear any bra or knickers she thought. Perhaps there was something in that. She sat down again on the middle chair but not before studying her freshly shaven pussy and allowing her hands to caress her body. It was unusual on the one hand to be so familiar with her body and yet on the other to be so unfamiliar with the way she looked and felt now.

Karen was inspecting the other two guys appreciatively fondling their erect cocks.

Sabrina comfortable with her privacy and anonymity moved the chair as close to the glass as she could and sat with her legs spread wide and her beautiful shaven naked pussy exposed wet and dripping. Susan turned her head to the mirror as the cock invaded her mouth and heavy balls slapped against her chin. She must be wondering what is going on in here thought Sabrina. Her fingers were all soaked now, her entire labia soaking her thighs tingling and her clitoris as big as a little cock. She was fascinated at this unobstructed view of herself. Just then she could see Tom's face wet with perspiration was clearly about to cum! All In Susan's mouth!

Tom arched his back and pulled his cock nearly out of Susan's mouth and let out a primeval series of grunts as he came, shooting vast quantities of white creamy cum. Susan opened her mouth and glanced sideways at the mirror to let Sabrina see jets of cum spurting into her mouth.

It was too much and Sabrina came as well, but this time it was totally uncontrolled and for the first time in her life she ejaculated all over the mirror!

"Ah" said Karen, looking at the mirror. She turned to Susan and said "don't swallow now. Show me what the nice man has given you" Susan turned her head a little more and opened her mouth to reveal a creamy mess.

Karen looked at the profusely sweaty Tom and turned her back to him and held her shoulders back. Tom took the hint and carefully removed the soft black silk gown that she had been wearing to reveal her in her tight black leather corset. Sabrina could see now that the perfect outline of her breasts was in fact moulded leather but that didn't seem to matter. She looked magnificent. The corset was sculpted over her hips and she wore what looked like a 16th century cod piece. Her black fishnet stockings were held in place by elaborate suspender belt, not that they needed to be Sabrina thought as they were almost certainly stay-ups.

Karen squatted down quickly in one fluid movement in front of Susan's face and her grasped her chin in her right hand, her fingers pushing into Susan's cheeks. She tilted Susan's head toward the mirror so Sabrina could get a good look and some cum seeped out over her hand. Grasping Susan's chin firmly Karen stuck out her tongue and dipped it into Susan's mouth. Sabrina stopped and recovered her concentration and breathing as Karen was putting on a show for her. She withdrew her face, stood upright and a long strand of cum stretched between the girls mouths. Susan did not move but Karen whipped up the strand and pushed it and the cum on her fingers into her mouth savoring the flavour.

Mmm nice she said staring at the mirror. She then squatted down quickly again and engaged Susan in a deep passionate kiss their tongues flowing freely as Karen continued to smear sticky fluid all over Susan's face. She withdrew, stood up and said "Alright you can swallow now"

Susan swallowed and made a show of licking her lips to recover as much of the cum as she could but still could not clean her chin or

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