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Trying to save a marriage worth saving.

As Martin stood between her spread tanned thighs, Tanya grabbed his hairy ass with both hands and drew his purple head to her lips. She methodically licked the entire length of his thick shaft, coating both sides and the underside in slick saliva. She had soaked his dick with so much spit that strings of lube would hang like a spider's web from the end of his knob to the tip of her tongue and lips.

'Man, can this bitch ever smoke a pole,' was all he could think of. Martin's hips began to slowly pump back and forth. Tanya continued to pull his hips toward her face. As she did, each thrust stuffed more meat into her mouth.

"Your mouth is so warm, Tanya," he moaned approvingly.

In no time his pubic hair was tickling her nose. Tanya was a skilled deep throater and had a special knack of getting cock down her throat. Martin grabbed a fist full of her blonde hair in each hand and then began to increase the pace of his face fucking.

"Oh God baby," he said in a guttural groan, "I'm gonna blow my nut."

Tanya kept her hands on his ass and dug her fingernails into the flesh. Sensing his proximity to explosion which she wanted more than anything right now, she began her patented humming blow-job. The tiny vibrations trailed down the length of his shaft and to the core of his tight heaving sack. In seconds he erupted. Tanya began to swallow feverishly. She struggled to keep all of his seed in her throat and mouth. Her efforts were in vain however, as some drops of the ivory liquid broke the seal made by her lips and trickled to the bottom edge of her jaw.

"Oh God! Oh Fuck Yeah!" he screamed as his legs quivered and shook and his knees began to buckle.

"Umm hmm huh huh," she moaned and giggled.

Tanya felt a sense of great pride and accomplishment with her well honed skills.

Slowly Martin pulled his hips back and withdrew his softening member from her mouth.

"Wow, that was quite a load hee hee," she giggled, "You must have been holding on to that for some time."

"I think you sucked me dry babe," he responded.

Martin drew her hair that was in her face behind her ears. He was enamoured with this blonde goddess who seemed to enjoy giving him his pleasure as much as he enjoyed receiving it.

He leaned down gently and whispered softly in her ear, "Lay back now Honey, I'm going to return the favour."

Tanya could feel and smell her own arousal at this time and needed no more coaxing from this stranger. She twisted slightly on the sofa and leaned back on her elbows. Martin grabbed her left leg and placed it on the top of the soft leather sofa. He knelt between her legs and placed her right leg over his left shoulder. Martin too could smell her sweet nectar as he moved his face next to her pussy. Tanya kept her pussy well trimmed, cut short with a narrow strip of hair extending up from her clit about two inches long and 1 inch wide. The rest of her pelvic area was a smooth as a baby's bottom.

Martin started to lick the outside of her labia. With short gentle strokes he consumed the sweetness that her pussy exuded. His tongue traced ovals completely around the outside of her quim.

"Uuuhhhhh, Uuuunnnnhhhh!" Tanya moaned, "That's so good baby."

Martin stuck the tip of his tongue into her sweet honey pot and licked the entire length of her slit from her ass up to her hardened clit. As he touched her clit, he quickly swirled his tongue with slightly more pressure around the bud twice.

"Oh Fuck Yes!" she screamed, "Fuck that feels so good."

He continued in the same pattern.

Tanya's legs tightened. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into her groin.

"Come on lover," she ordered, "Lick my clit baby. Make me cum lover. I'm so close. Oh come on baby, that's it, that's it. Oh shit, ohhhhh shit, oh God.....Yeah, I'm cumming baby. Uh huh, yeah, yeah lick it, lick my clit, I'm cummmmmmming!"

Martin was happy and surprised. He was glad he got her to cum so fast but couldn't believe it .

Tanya caught her breath.

"Oh my God," she said, "Where did you learn to suck a pussy like that? You must make your woman

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