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A young couple experience sex for the first time...

Just small strokes in the beginning and gradually working up to full withdrawal and slamming it back into my ass.

Oh my God, I can't believe my body is responding. The feeling is something I have no words for. It feels so good. I feel another mouth suck my clit as the plug fucks my ass and I scream out as I squirt cum all over. My breathing has become gasps as I try to catch the air.

Everything stops. I am on the table spread and no one is touching me. My body is on fire with deep desire. I feel your breath before I hear you whisper, " Do you want the gag removed?" I shake my head yes. You whisper, "I am going to untie you, turn you over, and retie you again. Are you going to fight or run?" I shake my head no. You tell me the gag will be removed when you are done but for now it must stay.

I feel the ropes being loosened and the men turning me over onto my stomach on the table. The ropes are tightened again and I am spread eagle. You whisper, "So you like to tease men, these are a few of the men you have teased. You only let them go so far with you then you kicked them out to fend for them selves. Am I right?" I shake my head yes. My nipples hard against the wooden table top and rubbing roughly with any movement.

You whisper, "You must pay for teasing these fine men, do you understand?" I feel the butt plug being removed. Breathing a sigh of relief until I feel a bigger one at the entrance to my ass. I scream against the gag and shake my head as my nipples scrape against the rough table. I nearly pass out as it is shoved in my ass with one thrust. Oh God, I have never experienced such pain.

I feel a hand exploring my pussy and gently rubbing my clit. I am torn between the pain from the butt plug and the pleasure on my clit. They enmesh to one over all feeling of pleasure and I cum hard again.

I hear the sound of swishing in the air and wonder what it could be before I can even begin to think of an answer I feel the searing pain of the whip across my ass. I scream out fiercely against the gag. You whisper, "You will learn to love this punishment my dear." The whip lands again at the crease from my ass to my legs over and over the whip strikes across my ass and back. I pass out from the pain.

As I come to again you whisper, "I told you that you would have to pay for teasing these cocks, we are almost finished my dear." I just sigh because I know there can be nothing worse than the whipping and the butt plug. I was wrong.

I feel the ropes loosening again and I am lifted off of the table. Someone has lied down on the table where I was laying. I am lifted back on to the table and positioned over his cock. In one plunge I am impaled on him. The butt plug in my ass in combination with the huge cock in my pussy fills me like never before. I am lifted and dropped over and over on this huge man's cock, my body defies me again and I shudder in orgasm.

I feel the ropes being tied around my wrists again as I am pulled down over the man's body and tied again; his cock still impaling me, deep in my pussy. I feel hands all over me then reaching between us to stroke my clit. My body begins to dance on the cock that is buried in my pussy to the hilt. I begin to rock on that cock until someone yanks the butt plug out of me. I try to get off the cock but the hands press me down harder.

You whisper to me, "I am going to take what is rightfully mine. You will be thankful for those small butt plugs after you feel my cock rip your ass open." I begin to cry and thrash about screaming behind the gag no!! Please no.

I feel you climb up on the table behind me and I try to kick you, but the hands hold my legs down tight and my back is pressed tighter down on the cock in my pussy.

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