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He dreams of woman who could satisfy his thirst.

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"Good Lord, Mark!" Mom said. "You certainly seemed to have come to terms with your . . . self! I can't believe that's my son who used to wear his underwear under his swim trunks just to help hide his erections! And now he's proudly standing there with his penis sticking straight out at the camera with two women clinging to his bare body!"

"Well those pictures were just goofing around. They won't be online. Are you disappointed in me?" he asked.

"No, not at all. I think the real pictures are very tasteful and very beautiful. But those last ones . . . they're a little . . . shocking for a mother to see. Boys will be boys, I suppose. You guys just love pointing those things at us women!" she said and we all laughed again.

When he stood up I noticed his hand "adjusted" the crotch of his jeans. Mom and I exchanged a knowing glance and smiled. Then I looked at Jill and she laughed out loud.

"What?" Mark feigned.


"Okay, so that is that. The End!" Mark said. "Finally!"

"I want a copy of this CD." I told him.

"No way. It will be online soon enough and you can look at them all you want then. This stays with me."

"So what's for dinner? Hot dogs? Maybe some Twinkies for desert? Or are we having sausage or egg roll? Personally, I could go for some bananas and pickles, or maybe a nice, big, thick cucumber!" I said smiling.

Mark shook his head at me, "We get it already!"

Again we all laughed and sat down to dinner.


My son, Mark is in love with Jill Bergman and she is very much in love with him. I like Jill a lot she is a very nice girl, she is smart and centered. I think she is a great choice for a girlfriend. We just had her over for dinner after viewing Mark's nude photos-which I am still trying to process!

I don't think many Mothers have been in the position I have been in the last few months, and I have no idea if I am behaving properly or not. Mark had exposed his nude body at a swim meet, he was taken advantage of in our own backyard, being physically "manipulated" and put on the Internet. Then he stripped naked in public to raise funds for Autism then again he was caught naked in our pool by a bunch of women and finally, at my own suggestion, he posed nude for an Internet site run by the daughter of my closest friend!

I don't know if I am the worst Mother since Mrs. Bates or if I'm totally hip!

Is it hip to say hip?

Anyway, I am very conflicted about the way Mark's life is going these days. I think he has handled everything in perfect stride and I am so proud of him. On the other hand I hope these events don't come back to haunt him in the future. I know it is different for men to be naked than it is for women, and the pictures are in a very fun spirit, but at the same time he has an erection in most of them and there is nothing left to the imagination!

I have seen every square inch of my son's eighteen-year-old naked body, with an erection! Not only in pictures but also in real life up close and personal!

Seeing him like that has created some very strange feelings in me. I am not sexually attracted to my son, but I see that he is sexually attractive. I don't know when that happened, he was just a shy little kid not long ago and now he's a grown man with a great body!

I still don't know how I feel knowing that all these people all over the world can see my son completely naked and in a rigid state of arousal, but in many ways I find it very liberating. I think it is sexy because he is sexy as a person, not just a body. And I know women melt at the idea that he did it for his lover and also for a good cause and not because of some kind of narcissism.

I should also mention when he stripped naked at the fair it was because of me.

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