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Allison & Bill spend their first day together.

Her breathing increased along with the woman's moaning next door. I cleared my throat to grab her attention. 'What are you up to?' I asked in a mock sleepy voice.

'Nothing,' she responded quickly. I propped my head up and looked towards what little I could see of her in the darkness.

'You were playing with yourself,' I said jokingly. 'Are you wanting some attention?'

'Well kind of,' she responded, and cleared her throat.

'Well then, what were you thinking of?' I moved a hand under the duvet and traced a finger lightly across her thigh. 'Come on, tell me so I can join in.'

Suddenly there was a loud wail from next door. 'He's in form tonight,' I remarked as my finger moved into the warm area between her legs.

'I know, he sure is,' she responded, showing great enthusiasm. 'That's what I was thinking about. Wondering what he does to get such a response from his women.' I withdrew my roaming hand from between her thighs but she immediately clasped my wrist and placed it back again. 'You should try to get some tips from him,' she said, and closed her legs tightly round my hand. She moaned and gyrated her clenched thighs. Her excitement increased as I forced a couple of fingers into her wetness.

'Would you like to find out for yourself?' I whispered as her breathing increased its pace. I could tell she was nodding in response. 'Would you?' I asked again.

'Yes!' she shouted. She positioned herself impatiently on top of me. 'Fuck me!' she cried. 'Fuck me now before I go and knock on his door.' I entered her eager body, and she quickly rocked and swayed; forcing my cock deeper into her. All the time I was thinking what she had said, and found myself incredibly turned on at the thought of her being screwed by Steve. I came all too quickly and fell asleep with the idea firmly planted in my mind.

We never spoke about it until an evening about a week later when Jan was getting ready for a night out with some of her work-mates. She rummaged about inside her underwear drawer looking for something different to wear. 'How about this?' she asked me, holding up a black lacy G-string. I laughed as she looked towards me, her eyes widening with excitement.

'Only if you wear stockings with them,' I replied. 'And only if you bring them back with you.'

'Are you frightened I leave them next door?' she said. My heart pounded quickly as I was reminded of her previous comments. 'I noticed Steve go out earlier,' she continued. 'Maybe I'll get a chance at finding out exactly what he does in that bedroom.' I felt my cock stir inside my trousers as she continued talking. 'Keep your ear to the wall, and you never know what will happen.' She gave me a sly sexy smile and continued organising an outfit.

When the taxi arrived to take her out, she looked sexier than I'd ever seen her in a short velvet dress, shear silk stockings and very high-heeled stilettos. Before going out the door she lifted the back of her dress and flashed the G-string and suspenders at me. 'Just to show you what you'll be missing.' She winked, smiled then marched out to the taxi. I stood staring at the closed door for ten minutes with all sorts of thoughts racing through my head. The scent of her perfume still lingered in the air and my cock remained hard for some time.

I spent the evening watching the television and trying to keep thoughts of Jan out my head. It was still early when I settled down to sleep, but I dropped off with reasonable ease considering the images my over-active imagination was conjuring up.

I was awakened about 2 a.

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