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I was able to watch her caress her tits and nipples. Slowly Connie increased the tempo of her rocking and I knew she was beginning the short climb to what I wanted to be an incredible orgasm.

Her pussy began flowing even harder and juice ran out of her and coated my mouth and cheeks. Her breathing started coming in shorter and shorter gasps as her orgasm approached.

She moaned deeply as it began and squealed, "Oh my god I'm cumming Phill... the sexual pleasure cutting off her word. She pressed her pussy harder against my face as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her.

Yes, Yes, Yes... she screamed as her orgasm peaked. Her pelvis twitched and juices ran from inside her and into my mouth as she rode my face. I drank every drop of her sweet nectar as it flowed into my mouth. She moaned over and over as her orgasm began to subside and finally leaned forward again placing her hands on the rug so she could slide her clit across my extended tongue.

As Connie returned to her senses she said, "Philly you're such an incredible oral lover. I came so hard. I can't wait to feel your cock deep inside me."

Connie lifted one leg and slid down alongside me snuggling into my reclined body. My hands now free to move instantly went to her face and I pulled her mouth to mine to kiss her and share the taste of her pussy still coating my lips. She happily kissed and licked her juices from me and drove her tongue deep into my mouth. Her hand slid across my chest and she used her nails to entice my nipples. We kissed deeply for a long time as she massaged my chest and stomach.

Her fingers slid down and when they reached the waist of my slacks she whispered, "These have to go, right now." With one hand she undid my belt and the button holding the waistband together. As she moved to kneel beside me her hand lowered the zipper of my slacks; slid inside and found my rock hard cock.

I kicked off my shoes and lifted my hips as Connie slid my slacks down my thighs. In an instant, they were tossed aside and she returned her hand to massage my erection through the material of my jockey shorts. Moving between my legs she hooked a finger on each side of the elastic waist- band and pulled it slowly down. My cock sprung up at attention as she hooked the waistband under my balls. Her hand moved to the shaft and she slowly stroked upward to the head.

She grasped it like she had the shifter in my car earlier and said, "I like this shifter so much better, Philly."

I smiled and moaned as she stroked down the length of my erection and ran her fingernails over my scrotum. Slipping her hands around to my back she finished sliding my jockeys off my hips and down toward my knees. She moved down toward my ankles as my jockey shorts finished their short trip to my ankles and they were tossed across the room to join my slacks somewhere.

Kneeling between my legs she looked up at my face and said, "Relax and enjoy the show."

Her fingernails ran the length of my legs first bringing goose bumps to the surface of the skin along my thighs. As she leaned forward to reach the top of my thighs she shook her head and let her hair fall around and down toward my rock hard cock. The feeling of her hair brushing against my cock made me shudder and my erection twitched as the pleasure of that feeling hit me.

Leaning further down she began swaying side to side letting her hair slid across my erection and balls and onto my thighs. I was going crazy and she knew it. I moaned deeply as she brought one hand up and grabbed a handful of hair and brought it to my cock. Connie slowly began stroking me with her hair and I gasped as she moved her hand up and down on my erection. Her lustful eyes kept constant contact with mine as she continued this hair covered hand job.

She whispered, "Do you like the feel of my hair around your cock?" already knowing the answer.

I could only respond, "Oh baby it feels like..." searching for the perfect way to describe the feeling I paused and then it came to me, "It feels like angel hair Connie."

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