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You fall asleep in the theater, and they take advantage.

I straightened her and stepped away. "Strut for me, cunt. Wiggle your ass. I want to see the way your big tits bounce in your fuck-me shoes."

Her first few strides were awkward and ungainly in the stilt-like shoes.

"That sucks, bitch. Get your shit together. Make me want to fuck you."

Her second pass around the room was better. She kind of fucked the air as she walked. She stared at the way I rubbed my crotch. She wet her mouth and pulled her blouse and bra under her tits, lifting them for me. Her nipples were long and red from being pinched. She squeezed them like bread dough.

"Look at yourself in the mirror, you sleazy cunt. Look how high and hard your ass is in those shoes. Look at how you're playing with your fucking tits. Look how you're begging to be fucked."

She was fascinated by her reflection. "Yes. So fucking sleazy. Oh, God, baby, let me finger my pussy. I want to watch me finger-fuck myself. I want to watch myself cum. Please."

"No fucking way, bitch. You've got to earn it." I pushed her toward the bathroom and followed, carrying the little suitcase. She was already bent at the hips with her legs spread, looking expectantly at me. I set the case down beside her and rested a hand on her ass cheek, my fingers at the top of her thigh. "Do it."

She talked to herself under her breath while she attacked the makeup. I kept squeezing her ass and tickling her between the legs. She was amazingly wet, her pussy lips hanging open a little, her hair matted and soft and curly.

"You kept your cunt trimmed, slut. I bet every time you shaved your legs you remembered last time and got turned on. Right?"

"Umm," she purred, curling her long black eyebrows in a clamp. "I felt so dirty, honey. I touched myself every time, rolled my clit and fingered my pussy almost every time I took a bath."

"What a fucking cunt," I told her, going for her asshole with two wet fingers. "Did you ever put things in your ass, whore?"

"Noooo," she groaned, pushing against my hand with quick thrusts.

"But you will from now on, won't you, slut? When you feel nasty from now on, you'll want something in your ass, too, won't you?"

"Yesss. Oh, fuck yes."

"And you'll want to play with makeup. And you'll fuck your own ass and cunt in the mirror and watch your slutty red lips and cum until you scream."

"Slutty . . . red . . . lips . . ." she said around the silver tube as she ran it over her mouth. "Long . . . red . . fingernails . . . tight little dress . . . fuck-me shoes . . ."

The mental image made me wild. I stepped between her legs and took her. Her ass had been opened by the shoes and fingers but only the first inch or so was slick and wet. I reamed her anyway, forced myself down her unlubed guts.

She screamed in pain.

I slapped her ass with one hand and glued myself to her bucking as so she couldn't escape. I pushed deeper into her. "Open it up! Take it, whore!" I yelled and slapped her stinging ass again even harder.

She braced herself on her hands. "Go ahead, motherfucker!!" she sobbed. "Rape my slutty ass, you bastard!! Give it to me!!"

I gave up slapping her red cheeks and grabbed her hips and fucked her for all I was worth. She grunted with the pounding. Her eyes focused on her face in the mirror. I could have done it all night, but there were things I wanted even worse. I ripped out of her. Her legs gave out and she had to catch herself by the water faucets. I wiped my huge red hard-on on a towel and held it under her nose.

"Smell your shit, whore? We've got to do something about that."

She was still recovering from what we'd done. She blinked like she didn't understand while I filled up the enema bag with hot water.

"Get in the bathtub, cunt. Lift your legs up and grab your ankles."

She did, kind of sluggishly. I put the oversized nozzle up her ass. She watched numbly until I opened the clip and the water gushed into her. Her heavily painted eyes went wide and her slick red lips went round.

"Two quarts of hot water, cunt.

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