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Marie is visited in jail by a demon with an offer.

This was weird.

I don't know if I was dreaming it or if I remembered this right but at some point after I dozed off, I swear Eric was jerking off laying on his side facing away from me. I heard very subtle but steady movement and it really turned me on.

The next night was weirder. They went to their training thing during the day and it was about 7 when they came up to the room. I'd gone out for a bit and was watching tv. They told me they were going to a dinner thing that was paid for by their company. I was not invited. By 10 I had gone to bed. I was really not sure what to expect.

A little after 11 they came back and watched TV for an hour and were inconsiderably loud.

Joe decided he was tired and was going to bed. Eric asked if he needed to leave the room and Joe told him no. So I guess no fucking tonight?

We all went to bed and turned out the lights. At some point I woke up with joe spooning me. He had reached around me and was rubbing my clit in circles with his rough manly hands. It felt amazing. I whimpered a little and he shushed me under his breath. He pushed against me, his cock was rock hard. I reached behind me, into his boxers and grabbed it. I knew I was already soaked, I wanted his cock in me. I was wondering what to do about Eric but also didn't care. Maybe we could go fuck in the bathroom.

I turned to face him and while laying on our sides I slowly and quietly made my way down the front of him until I found his cock. I reached my tongue out and touched the top of his cock with it. He was leaking so much pre-cum!! I licked it up and down before I slowly lowered my head down on it. He immediately put his hand on the back of my head, wrapped his leg around me and slowly started pushing his cock in as far as it could go. A few times he just held my head down as hard as he could with his cock touching my throat. Once or twice I gagged, he would let up, then push it back into my throat. I sucked a little more with him humping my face before I moved upwards and positioned myself under him. He slid right in and fucked me hard but slow. VERY, very slow. It was torturous. I wanted him to slam into me and really let me have it but no, he kept fucking me so slowly. I don't know what it is about that that made me cum. I stayed quiet but kept shaking and convulsing around his cock, thrusting my hips up and down on his cock while he held my hip trying to keep me still. When I was done cumming there was a puddle on the bed. He didn't pull out but he pumped a few more times then came. He was mostly quiet except for one loud grunt, some heavily breathing, and an "oh yea... mmmm..." as he emptied himself into me.

At this point, as pitch black as the room was, our pal Eric was obviously jacking off and trying to be subtle. Joe turned the light on and Eric tried to act like he was asleep.

Joe abruptly said "yo. We seen what you're doing. Why don't you come have a turn?"

I was surprised and shot Joe a "what the fuck??" Look. He knew what I was thinking and said "relax sweetheart. I'll pay you for him too."

Eric asked joe, "are you sure?"

"Yea I'm sure." He said, then tuned to me and said "why dont you go hop on over there?" He said to me.

I was pissed but I did it. I walked over to his bed and layed down: I didn't care how he wanted it, I was just going to lay there. But then I saw him take his dick out and Holy Shit, how does a guy so short and scrawny have such a big cock??

Joe wasted no time. He got on top of me with the covers pulled over us, pushed his hard cock into me, pumped a few times and came. Well that was easy at least, now I was gonna go to bed.

But he never stopped fucking me even tho he had just cum. Ahhh to be young again. He kept going and said breathlessly "sorry can't stop..."

"Mmmm it's okay your cock feels sooo good inside me. You're tearing me up it feels amazing" I said quietly.

That inspired him to pump faster.

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