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Lovers reunite for a weekend of lust.


Mona bit her lip and nodded, slightly pensive.

I was now very aware of the way our lower legs were touching and wasn't sure where to go with the conversation but I couldn't help but keep it on the sexual track it was on. "I like to lick her pussy in little bursts - I lick with long strokes and then stick my tongue into her. When she is hot, she really likes that." Of course, I wasn't thinking of being between my wife's thighs as I said this. It was Mona's cunt that was taunting me. The water was strangely hot and uncomfortable and part of me was relieved when Kirsty stood up and climbed out the tub. I had to admire her arse as she walked away from us but I admit to being a little disappointed when she called over her shoulder to Mona who obligingly also left. I caught a small glimpse of her shapely breasts through the fabric of her bra but was suddenly alone thinking I had probably overplayed my hand and possibly offended them.

All in all I was somewhat relieved that the sexual tension had reduced somewhat - all I needed was the girls telling anyone how much of a pervert I was. I relaxed back into the now soothing water and had delicious day dreams for 10 minutes until I decided to get up and out of the tub. I dropped my now wet jocks and pulled on the pair of shorts from the day and headed into the house. The girls were in the kitchen wrapped in white towels preparing some food.

I got myself a drink and went through to the open plan sitting room and sat on the sofa. I grabbed the TV remote and flicked my way through the channels in a reasonably comfortable silence. I was stalling though - I wanted to apologise before I got myself into trouble - I could pass it off as having been an innocent answer since they had brought up the subject. I was about to speak when Mona came into that part of the room and started to apologise herself.

"I'm so sorry I put you on the spot like that, Mr K, please don't think less of me, of us." She gestured vaguely behind her where Kirsty was fastidiously chopping carrots.

"Of course, not - don't think about it."

"Can we make it up to you?" she asked. "We have a salad ready and the food has been heated. Please come join us in the kitchen.

I was pleasantly impressed - Kirsty had laid a lovely table and we sat down at the little four seater table quite comfortably to enjoy a lovely little meal. We washed the dishes and returned to the sofa to relax.

Mona sat across the small coffee table and folded her legs underneath her quite unselfconsciously. Kirsty settled herself on the other side of the two seater while I found some bland romantic comedy on the TV which we watched in companionable silence. The girls seemed to enjoy the film but I found myself looking at their bodies hoping that the tightly wrapped towels would slip.

After some time Kirsty tapped my knee and said demurely, "Mr K, if you weren't offended earlier can we ask you a question again?' Her request was polite and ignored the stifled gasp from Mona across the room.

"Do you think we're attractive? Seriously?"

I assured them that I thought they were both very pretty and that any guy would be lucky to have them. Then, why, interrupted Mona, did they have such trouble getting guys to look after their needs?

I was at a loss - I couldn't imagine being so self-centered that I wouldn't want to look after the sexual needs of either of these gorgeous creatures. I didn't know what to say so I kept my answer vague. "Maybe you need to communicate what you want more effectively?"

"I don't understand." Mona's eyes crinkled in confusion.

"Let's say Kirsty was your boyfriend. How would she know what you like? How would it feel if you were in her shoes? Okay stand up, both of you. Let's say your boyfriend comes up to hug you - what do you say?"

Surprisingly the two girls hugged.

"Where do you like to be kissed Mona?"

"Just below my ear to the base of my throat."

Kirsty was doing an excellent imitation of Mona's boyfriend - she tilted her head slightly and kissed Mona's earlobe and then nuzzled

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