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A pesky notebook starts causing problems.

This kiss was almost forceful, as if she were trying to bury her tongue in my mouth or get the taste of the other woman out of it. After she released from the kiss she dropped down to her knees and started to unbutton my pants. Despite the weekend's activities I was more than up for the event. Julie even commented, "Well, she can't have been too good for you."

With that, Julie dropped my pants around my ankles and put her mouth around my cock. Having not showered, I am certain the flavor of dried pussy juice from Kim was still on my cock, but it didn't deter Julie at all. She deep-throated me as if she were trying to get me to cum from a blowjob again. After a few minutes I directed her up to her feet again so that I could get my feet out of the pants. I was constantly feeling like I was going to fall with the pants around my ankles. As I reached around her bottom, I could tell that she wasn't wearing panties. I slid my hands between her legs and she was clearly wet. Having freed my legs up, I lifted her up so that she wrapped her legs around my body and carried her to the bedroom that way. Julie was maybe 105 lbs and I would love to say it was because she worked out a lot, but really I think it was because she just didn't eat.

In the bedroom I flopped on the bed on top of her and slid my dick in her wet cunt with one big thrust. Usually women need a little more gentle action, but Julie's cunt was already ready for it. I fucked her that way for a few minutes before directing her to suck my dick right out of her pussy. I wish I could get her to talk dirty or something, but it was good enough with her just sucking her pussy juices off my cock. Remembering what she said two nights before, I asked, "What is the treat you promised me?"

As I had hoped she responded with, "Well, you told me some of your fantasies and one of them you are going to get. I won't do a threesome, but you can have the other one."

With that statement she turned over on her stomach and presented her ass to me. I had never had anal sex with any woman, so I wasn't 100% sure how this went. I had tried with another girlfriend before, but we didn't get very far as the pain from my thick cock would get to her. So with Julie I slid my cock in her pussy for a little natural lubrication. I also slid a couple of fingers in there as well. While fucking her regularly, I took one of my fingers and slid it in her ass. She gave a little bit of a resistance as the finger penetrated her sphincter, but once it was in, she loosened up a bit. I tried working two fingers in there, but the odd shape wasn't going in. Though she didn't complain, I could tell it was hurting. So I continued fucking her and actually could feel my penis in her pussy through the walls of her anal cavity.

I had waited a long time to experience anal sex and I finally decided to give it a go. I pulled my cock out of her vagina and tried to place it against her asshole. As I tried to push a little, the lubrication on the cock and her own natural wetness led to my penis sliding down and penetrating her pussy again. She gave an enthusiastic groan with that. I tried it a couple more times before I could finally feel the head hit the angle just right and penetrate her ass.

Someone experienced in this would know at this point to let the sphincter grow accustomed to the size of my penis. I was not experienced and gave it a little more of a push. I did not fully thrust, but I did push a bit and I could feel her natural resistance from the action. The feeling of being in her ass was quite different than her pussy. Where her pussy was quite loose at the opening, her ass was like a tight grip around my cock. I turned her head to the side so that I could see her face. Her eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on her face. I kissed her cheek and lips for a bit before resuming action. I would give a little more of a thrust for a few strokes and then would give her opportunity to rest.

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