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Sister coming home changes everything!

It hardened and he could see the succubus in her take over. The vampire couldn't believe his luck.

"It won't save you." It whispered in her ear.

Adrian watched as she leaned up and whispered back, "And it won't save you either."

It took her mere seconds to drain the vampire dry, and then he watched as she looked horrified, threw the body off her and drained off all the energy she had stolen from him, before curling up on the bed where he had found her.

Slowly, he walked back to the bed, and watched as she flinched. Sighing he turned from the bed and stood facing the wall. He took a breath and said softly, "I understand that it wasn't your fault."

He heard her draw in a shaky breath and whisper, "You do?"

"I understand, but I never want it to happen again. Next time, I want you to just incapacitate them until I arrive. I can't question a dead man."

"There will be a next time?" she faltered, terrified.

"Highly likely, until I find the vampire who is sending these cronies to see me."

She looked so shaken by this news that he had to wonder how safe she had thought he could keep her. Surely she knew that, as a vampire, he would have just as many, if not more, enemies than her father. Judging by her face, this thought had not occurred to her.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her wrapped up in the linen bedspread, looking so small and defenceless. He gently tucked a curl back behind her ear and watched as she slowly raised her eyes to meet his gaze.

"You're not mad?" she whispered hopefully.

"As long as you understand you are mine, I will not be angry." He said carefully.

He watched as she crawled across the distance between them and placed her head in his lap, gazing up into his eyes, searching for something. She smiled faintly and then said, "Then I am yours to command, my lord."

"You were always mine to command." He said dryly.

She flushed slightly and then said, "Yes, my lord, I belong only to you."

His eyes glittered for a moment before he whispered, "I'm going to claim every inch of you."

Esmerelda felt her insides turn to liquid as his gaze slowly heated and travelled up and down her body.

His hand cupped the back of her head and brought it up for his kiss. A moan escaped her as he gently explored her lips, before tugging on her lower lip with his teeth and exploring the inside of her mouth.

He massaged her breasts through the sheet before she impatiently pushed it down off her, freeing herself for his gaze and touch.

Her hands reached down and cupped him gently, lifting the weight in her hand and softly caressing the tip.

He groaned and moved her hands up and pinned them gently to the pillow. "Keep those there, or this will be over before it starts." He ordered.

She nodded and then moaned as he suckled on her neck. He slowly trailed down her body, literally caressing and kissing every inch of her, until she smelled of his scent as well as hers.

When he latched onto her breast for a moment she cried out and moved her hands down to cup his head to keep him there.

He raised his gaze and growled at her softly, "Do I have to tie your hands pet?" he whispered.

She shivered in response, but he wasn't sure whether it was a mild fear, or anticipation.

He trailed lower and lashed her clit with his tongue, swallowing her juices as if it was the sweetest nectar.

Her whole body was quivering in response to his lightest touch, her nerve endings strung out, waiting, in anticipation, for every little contact with his skin.

"Please," she whimpered, lifting her hips.

"Ah, you even beg sweetly," he whispered.

Any answer she may have given was muffled by her moan of pure joy as he finally filled her, driving her to instant climax and feeding her the energy she needed to survive.

The fluttering of her muscles drove him over the edge and he gave a hoarse shout as he came and filled her with his seed.

Unbelievably sated they collapsed into a tangle of limbs onto the sheets gasping for breath.

'I love you'.

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