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Sex lessons, punishment and confessions.

She felt very alone and soon wished that she had not cum into the forest at all. But that was the trouble. As yet she had not cum at all. Maybe somewhere deep in the forest she would find her lover and he would solve her problems in one thrust. Well more than one she hoped.

Suddenly she spied, beneath a tall oak tree, a handsome Prince. Well he wasn't really handsome; he was rather spotty with unpolished, plywood teeth, and bad breath; and a rare foot disease, but to Princess Linda a Prince was a Prince and she rushed into his arms and fell in love with him.

After a time; or a few times anyway, she decided to hoist her knickers back up around her bum and go in search of a more handsome lover who had a bigger cock; and headed further into the forest. She still had not cum. Not once. Not a sniffling of an orgasm. With her head held low she walked deeper and deeper into the heart of the Forbidden Forest. No one knew why it was called the Forbidden Forest just that it was forbidden to go there.

Princess Linda suddenly had the feeling of Day Ja Vous; and what made it worse was she had no idea how to spell it.

As she slowly tramped across the fallen leaves darkness began to descend, as it usually does at night time, and she looked for somewhere to spend the night. Suddenly, to her surprise, she came across a small log cabin hidden in a small clearing. Well it wasn't really hidden. It was in a clearing so was easily spotted. (Durrrrrrrrrrr) and she slowly pushed the small door open. The cabin was empty. Well empty of handsome Princes anyway. However there was a bed.. well there were 7 beds.. and soon Princess Linda was sound asleep under the quilt of one of them.

Darkness had filled the room when Princess Linda was suddenly awoken by the sound of raised voices. Peeking from beneath the quilt she spied 7 tiny men huddled together on the other side of the room arguing with each other. Without uttering a sound she listened to what they were saying and soon her heart turned to stone.

"What shall we do with her?" Attttissshhhoooooooooo

"I don't know Sneazy."

"I say let's shag her. Hahahahaaaaaaa"

"No Happy. Not yet anyway."

Then let's just chuck her outside"

"No Grumpy we wont do that either."

"I agree with happy. Let's shag her."

"No I'm too tired."

"Your always tired Sleepy."

"Well let's just leave her where she is."

"We cant do that Bashful, we have to do something."

"Ok Doc. Take her pulse."

"Don't be stupid Dopey."

"Oh Fuck let's go with Happy's idea. Lets shag her."

And so it continued with one arguing against the other as to the fate of the young Princess Linda. Suddenly she jumped out of bed and confronted the 7 tiny dwarfs with her hands on her hips and her tits poking out in front of her.

"For God's sake guys. I agree with Happy. Why don't you just fuck me."

And with that she ripped her frock from her body and sat back on one of the beds with her legs open wide and her smile even wider.

Happy was the first to drop his bright red trousers and his cock was inside Princess Linda's pussy and he was pounding away like there was no tomorrow. Princess Linda closed her eyes and took his cock deep and hard until he suddenly screamed something about cumming and duly emptied his load into her wet slit. But still no argasm.

Next it was Doc who thrust his cock inside the Princess but he started shouting that he was cumming before Princess Linda even realised he was inside her. She felt the hot liquid spurt into her but.. sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.. still no orgasm.

Dopey followed but he fucked her pussy for 2 minutes, shouted that he was going and left the room without even cumming.

Still no orgasm.

Grumpy finally decided to have a try and while he rammed his cock deep into Princess Linda's wetness Bashful went to the back of the bed where it was dark and wanked off.

Suddenly Sneazy jumped forward, rammed his cock into her arse, sneazed and shot his load.

Still no orgasm.

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