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Cheaters never prosper – except sometimes.

Come on Peter swap over; I want to suck our friend's cock too."

Peter slipped into the water and I climbed out of the pool. It is a strange experience walking up to a girl, both of you naked, your own penis erect, knowing exactly what you are going to do - it is a very sexually exciting prospect indeed - and then doing it; placing the end of your penis right in front of the girl's mouth ready for her to suck.

"Looks good enough to eat," said Tania, "I love how smooth the head of a cock is." Her tongue came out and lightly stroked the smooth skin just near the tip. A lovely feeling. Then she slipped her lips further down, her eyes closed and I was in her warm mouth. She continued to travel down its length taking more and more into her mouth. I'm not saying she deep throated: but she certainly took a lot in. Back up my cock she came and resumed her interest in the head. Meanwhile Peter was again busy between her legs.

"Wow, wow, wow, I'm going to come," Tania said releasing my cock and breathing faster and faster. "Quick suck me tits." I knelt and obliged. Tania came noisily. She let herself slip backwards and lay back along the pool side paving. Peter came out of the water. We stood either side of her looking down at Tania as she recovered. Her eyes opened and she reached up with both hands and cupped our scrotums.

"You get a completely different view from down here. Your big cocks jutting out with your ball sacks hanging below." She sat up and took Peter and me alternatively in her mouth.

"I wonder if I can suck both of them at once?" She pulled our two cocks together so the ends were touching but her mouth was not big enough. She could however use her tongue. With her hands she pushed the cocks together and slid her tongue in between the two and wriggled it before resuming a circular 'figure of eight' licking motion.

"Time for me to be fucked, I think. It's the doggie position isn't it first?"

We went over to one of the loungers and Tania knelt on it and pushed her bottom in the air.

"Mind you get in the right hole - it's the lower one! Who's going first? Remember you can't come like this. I've got to be on top and I want two lots of cum tonight and I want to come again as well. I might even suck you both off later if the mood takes us."

Peter motioned for me to start. Carefully I climbed up onto the lounger and pushed my penis a little into her; leaning forward I reached under her and took hold of Tania's breasts as I pushed fully home. Peter came round to the side and Tania sucked his cock. I fucked Tania until the sensations were bringing me to climax. I pulled out of her and stood up. Peter pulled himself from his wife's mouth, walked round and replaced me. He was soon pushing hard in and out of his wife. I stood and watched the animalistic fucking.

"Shall I suck you again," asked Tania.

"Please, but gently as I'm quite near coming."

"So am I again! You're all wet with me. Look how slippery your cock is, look I can run my hand down and get your balls all wet with me. Let me rub your balls and make them all wet whilst I lick your cock."

She pulled me in and her lips closed over my cockhead as she massaged my balls. It was lovely.

"Phew," said Peter pulling out and watching his wife sucking me closely, "I'm ready to come."

"Right boys who is going to shoot in me first? Well, I know really; I bet Peter wants to watch."

The reality - if what Peter said was true - was that there were two cocks primed and ready to go. It was not going to take much for either to spurt.

I lay back on the lounger my penis lying along my stomach, a little raised and certainly wet from Tania. She straddled me, picked up my cock and pushed it into her as she descended. Peter squatted down, leant forward and watched the connection between us very closely. It was clear he really did like to watch.

Tania raised herself up on her knees and dropped down again on my cock.

"A bit higher I want to see the head going in, please.

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