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Sister and brother give in to that thing called lust.

You are pleasing me so," I say.

You moan happily. Yes you love my approval. Moving over to my other thigh you take your hands and place them up on my breasts pulling on my nipples. They are quite sensitive from earlier but you know I won't mind. Taking your fingertips you pull my nipples away from my body enjoying my increasing moans as you start kissing and biting on my thigh. You watch as my hips fall with the pleasure that you are giving me. You can't keep your eyes off my pussy though. You have to taste me even if it just for a second.

Moving up in a quick fashion you lock your lips on my pussy. Oh god the heat and the smell is so hard to resist. You just want to tease but not go all the way. Not just yet. Squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples harder you breathe hot air on my pussy.

I am caught off guard. Oh god yes don't stop. Reaching down I grab your head trying to hold you there. I don't want you to move. I am burning up inside and I need you to put out my fire.

Ah yes you feel my hands. You can tell I want you to go for it. But no that's too easy. With one more blow you give a quick lick then pull back forcing my hands to fall off your head. Down your mouth goes onto my legs going down to my feet. You have more in store.

I groan. Damn you. This is torture. Taking my hands I place them above my head. I have plans for you.

You laugh at my groan. Good now I am the one getting worked up. You move down to my feet. You see I am wearing red nail polish. You love it when I wear red nail polish. It strikes the animal in you. You stare at my feet and feel your cock throb. You know what I will do for you but you know I will do it when I want. First you must indulge in your fetish. Moving your hands off my breasts you take my left foot into your hand.

You stare at my foot thinking of all the naughty things you are about to do. Oh yes you love your naughty mind. Taking my foot you start licking up and down going in between my toes fucking them with your tongue. Taking your other hand you start massaging my right foot enjoying the feeling.

Oh god you are so naughty. Reaching over I grab my whip. You are pleasuring me so and I want to show my apprecation. Taking my whip I bring it down to your shoulders and lightly tap you with it. I then do it again and again as my moans fill the air. I then let the whip fall as I just fucking give in to the pleasure.

You love when I hit you with the whip. It spurs you on. Moving over you start fucking my other foot with your tongue making sure to suck on my toes in between. You can tell I have given in for now. That's good. Your cock is so hard now and you need to feel me playing with it. But you need to ask me first. Moving your head up letting my toes go you keep massaging while staring in my direction.You find you are quite hot and bothered.

"Mmmm mistress will you please play with my cock now using your feet? I'll understand if you say no." you say

Lifting my head I look at you. I could say no and make you wait until I've had my pleasure first. That would be so fun. But hmm I think I'll allow it.

"Yes slave I will. But on my terms okay," I say.

You love that reply. It pleases you greatly.

"Yes I understand mistress. Thank you," you say.

"Get up and place your cock between my feet. But do nothing else understand," I say.

"Yes mistress," you say.

Sitting up you watch your cock sway. You are so fucking hard it's painful. Taking my feet you place them around your cock. You then wait for your next instruction.
Mmmm I love feeling how hard you are. It's wonderful. I can feel more of your precum oozing down my feet. I want to sit up so I can help fuck your cock. I want that cock inside of me and it will be soon. But now I get to play. Sitting up I move my legs to where my knees are bent slightly. I then move a bit closer. Looking right into your eyes I want you to beg for it.

"So do you think I should pleasure you slave? Do you think you've earned it?" I say with a stern tone to my voice.

Ah yes you know these questions.

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