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Fun in the afternoon, then a strange visit.

The tip hit the back of Julie's throat as she began giving me some of the best head I've received from a woman besides Chelsea.

I grabbed Julie's wet hair and bucked my hips gently in time with her bobbing head. She sucked me down to my balls as I felt one of her soft hands caressing them and an index finger of the other slide into my ass.

"Oh, baby..." I groaned. "That feels so fucking good..."

Chelsea slid up behind Julie and began caressing her tits from behind, running her tongue up and down Julie's her neck. "That's it; give Tommy all you got," she whispered. "You look so gorgeous sucking him."

Julie's head continued bobbing in a steady erotic rhythm as she took more of me into her throat. My moans grew louder when I felt her lips move near the base, slide up, and back down again several times. I can't recall any woman whose blow jobs - aside from Chelsea's - gave me so much pleasure. My senses were overwhelmed; I wasn't sure how much more of Julie's eager mouth I could endure.

Chelsea jumped out of the pool and plopped herself beside me. She buried her tongue in my mouth and her hands began wandering over several parts of my body.

The sensations of Julie's expert-caliber blow job, Chelsea's kisses and the busy hands of both girls drove me crazy. I felt my cock twitch only moments before I busted a nut down Julie's throat. To my pleasant surprise, she swallowed all but the last spurt of my load.

She positioned herself beside Chelsea and pulled her close. Julie then passed the remaining cum held in her mouth into Chelsea's with a deep, hot kiss.

Both girls licked their lips and looked at me. "So, Tommy, did watching us play with each other and Julie's blow job turn you on?" Chelsea asked.

"To say the least," I answered with a grin. "We should continue this in my bedroom. It's cooler up there."


Chelsea and Julie barely made it onto the bed I usually shared with Morgan when their bodies and tongues entwined in a passionate embrace. I sat in a chair beside the bed and watch as the steamy scene unfolded before me.

Chelsea pulled away after several minutes and laid back on the bed, opening her legs. Julie dove between them, pushed three fingers into Chelsea's pussy, and began eating her with fervor. Julie pushed her fingers deeper, thrusting harder as her tongue and teeth worked on Chelsea's clit. I could hear Chelsea's breathing become heavier getting shorter as Julie pulled out her fingers and buried her tongue deep in Chelsea's pussy, slithering it in and out as a hand reached up and caressed one of her breasts.

I felt my erection growing as Julie slipped her tongue out of Chelsea's pussy, replacing it once again with a few fingers. She moved up and sucked one of Chelsea's tits, fingers still thrusting in and out of her wet hole.

Chelsea's body began to shudder in orgasm as Julie drove her fingers deeper and harder. " me!" she cried. "I'm coming!"

Julie removed her fingers, dove back between Chelsea's legs and resumed eating her soaked pussy, sucking and licking up every bit of Chelsea's cum.

"Mmmmm, Jules, that was fun!" she moaned when they finished. She turned her head in my direction.

My cock was aching from the girl on girl action that just happened before my eyes. Julie sensed I was ready to fuck at least one of them and gave me a wicked smile.

"Get over here, you bad boy," she growled and patted a spot on the bed. "I want you to tie me up, eat me out, and fuck me. Chelsea, you sit on my face."

"Do we have anything to tie her with?" Chelsea asked.

I got up and found a few of Morgan's silk scarves in a top dresser drawer. I tied Julie's hands and feet to the bed posts, making sure the bounds were tight but not enough to cut off any circulation. Chelsea mounted her face and ground her pussy against Julie's mouth.

She writhed in pleasure as Julie licked and sucked her slit. "Mmmm...Jules...yes...lick me, give another good eating!"

I buried my face into Julie's legs and went to town eating both he

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