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She never expected it to be so good.

nner - why not share my wife?"

Sean gazed at his friend incredulously. He searched Harry's face for signs of jesting but found none.

"You serious, Harry? Because, if you are, I'm right up for it!"

Harry grinned. "Come on. Lets go see Lindsey, just follow my lead!"

Lindsey switched the TV off and put on a CD when her husband and his friend entered the lounge. She could see something in their eyes as they looked at her. The men seemed to be visually undressing her, devouring her with their eyes.

"Don't look now," said Harry as she stood up from the CD player, "but you seem to have popped out, love!"

Lindsey looked down and was embarrassed to see that her robe had loosened and one of her breasts had fallen free of the garment. She sat down quickly and tucked herself back in, pulling the belt on the gown tighter.

"Ah, now that's a real shame," Harry complained with a laugh, "We had a great view there, didn't we Sean!"

"Sure did, Harry," his friend giggled, "a real shame to keep them hidden away like that!"

Lindsey took a deep breath. She knew that the aphrodisiac was working on the two men and knew that they both wanted her. So, why not, she thought? She was feeling so hot tonight and here were two men that wanted her, wanted her badly.

"You want to see a little more?" she asked with a sly grin. "You want to see my tits?"

She smiled and felt good as both men sat goggle eyed and nodded enthusiastically.

Slowly, Lindsey stood and let the robe drop from her shoulders. Her hands remained at her chest covering the large mounds with her hands in true strip-tease fashion. She laughed as the men shifted uncomfortably in their seats as she teased them. She could see large bulges in the front of their pants. Slowly, her hands slid down. She could feel her nipples; hard points that dug into her palms that seemed to throb as she touched them. Her legs felt jelly-like as she planted her feet a little apart on the carpet and continued with her show.

Harry could hardly believe what was happening. He hadn't felt this horny of ages and the sight of his semi-nude wife toying with her breasts in front of him and Sean did little to reduce his ardour. He knew that his cock was hard beneath his pants; he could feel it throbbing and pulsating with a life of its own. He wondered if Sean was feeling the same.

"Wanna touch?" Lindsey cooed softly as she swayed her breasts back and forth in time to the slow, sensual music.

Harry was up like a shot and, seeing his friend act so quickly, Sean was not far behind. Their hands roamed Lindsey's hot breasts mauling and groping the soft flesh and teasing her nipples into further excitement.

Lindsey moaned pleasurably as she at last felt the touch of a man on her skin. She felt waves of lust roll and sweep over her entire body, engulfing her and dampening her panties. She lay back on the sofa and let the robe fall open, willingly surrendering her body to the men.

Harry was becoming more and more excited. His fingers pulled at his wife's swollen nipples and his lips tasted the skin of her neck, chest and her stomach. He didn't seem to be able to get enough of her.

"Quick, Sean!" he gasped. "Help me get her panties off!"

Lindsey gasped as she felt two pairs of hands lift her bottom and roughly start to tug her knickers over her buttocks and down her legs. She giggled, keeping her legs together to assist the removal of the flimsy garment as best she could.

Harry began to fumble with his zipper. His hands were shaking and his heart beat a wild tattoo in his chest. He groaned as at last his throbbing erection sprang free and dropped himself into a kneeling position in front of his prone wife.

"Open your legs, baby," he pleaded. "I got something for you!"

Willingly, Lindsey spread her long, shapely legs and exposed her trimmed pussy.

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