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That can't be true.


"Oh well that'll narrow it down." Michael said as the bell rang

"Time to go." Isabel said

Just then Tess stopped them, "Oh wait. I should probably tell you now. Ever since last night I've been having this feeling...we need to be together. Together, together if you know what I mean." She said to Max, Isabel and Michael

"Why?" Max asked

"Not that he's complaining." Michael said

"While for mating we were in couples, on Antar we were all together. The psychic links still exist between us, even though it's limited." Tess said

"Like when Michael knew whenever Iz and I were together or when we felt the changes happen after I was with Liz." Max said

"Yeah. Anyway, that bond was always important to us. Even when we were alone we were together...I would like that back. When the powers are fully emerged in Liz, Alex, Maria and whoever I hook up with, they can merge in the same way and we'll all be together."

"You know, I might just be hearing things but did you just say something along the lines of orgies?" Maria asked

"I thought you'd like that." Tess said with a smile

"Well, we'll talk about it and take care of it." Max said

"If you do decide to do it, I wanna be there." Liz said

"No doubt." Isabel said as they walked in through the front doors.

Biology Class, 10:45

It was a free period for the class but Liz was getting some work done. She was sitting at her lab desk with a couple of slugs sitting on a leaf in a plastic tray, watching both intently. Soon Max came in through the door and closed it as he moved closer to his mate. Liz sensed his approach, long before he even entered the hall outside the room and felt her pulse quicken at it.

"Hi. What are doing?" Max asked

"Mating experiment." Liz said

Max smiled as he sat next to her, "I thought you got enough of that at home?"

Liz smiled as she shook her head, "Don't...I need to get this done. If these guys will just do it."

"Stupid question but you're sure you've got a guy and girl in there?"

" least I hope so. If not them I'm gonna be here a long time." Liz said, "So what can I do for my favourite alien?"

"Well I thought we could talk about these powers of yours." Max said

"What is there to talk about? I've got them, not much good it did me when Nacedo showed up in that cave."

"Well that's what I mean. When you used your powers on Tess's broken window you did a lot. If you could learn to put more focus into it so you can do what you need it to do when it counts. Besides, you did very well when Nacedo showed up. Yeah your powers didn't hurt him or anything but they did cancel out his attack on you." Max said

"That's a point. So what do you suggest?" Liz asked

"Tess was raised by Nacedo, he taught her how to use her powers where as the rest of us was just haphazard. We're thinking about asking her to help us all out. For you she could probably help you more that I could..."

"Oh I don't know about that." Liz said as she inched closer, "You help me out lots and lots of times."

"Oh really." Max smiled, "And how exactly do I do that?"

Liz ran her hand over his thigh, she felt the heat of his body as they stared into each other's eyes, "You have your ways."

"So do you." Max said

"You know what?" Liz asked

"You're spiking." Max said confidently

"To the point where I want you to take me, right here on this table." Liz said

"What are we waiting for?" Max asked as Liz ran her hand up over his confined cock.

Just then, as both teenagers were about jump up off their seats, the door opened and their biology teacher walked into the room. The two moved back away from each other sharply as the teacher turned her head to them and looked between the two.

"Liz. How's the mating experiment going?"

"It's going just fine." Liz answered as her teacher nodded, her eyes continuing to shift between them

"I can see that."

What she couldn't see was Max's hand behind the table, moving up Liz's leg and caressing her inner thigh making her hotter to the point that Liz was beginning not to care if their teacher was their or

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