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Brian's thumb ended up arriving first and quickly entered. But Marlene's tongue was quick to follow.

Chapter 45

Pam lay on her back and could not believe how wonderful she was feeling right now. Her newfound lover, her very own son, was to her right and the woman that had recently grown to become her very dear friend was on her left. Both were now making love to her simultaneously. Just then, she felt her son's thumb enter inside her wet pussy. It caused her to slightly move up in the bed for just a brief second but then she moved back down into position so he could thoroughly push deep inside her. He did just that. The digit was buried up as far as it could and it briefly stimulated the lips of her pussy and ever so gently touched her clit. She wished it had touched it more but just seconds later she felt Marlene's tongue follow-up.

The tongue gently licked her clit. It sent waves of ecstasy through her instantaneously. Knowing that another woman was eating her out drove her crazy. Marlene continued to lightly flick her tongue back and forth. However, the motions of Brian's thumb kept her hips moving quickly. In order to keep up, Marlene had to use more force and pushed her tongue strongly against the older woman's vulva. As she lapped her tongue up and down with force, this was the motion that caused Pam to feel the best.

Pam felt wonderful as both Brian and Marlene worked together and simultaneously stroked her in all the right places in a continuous and ever-increasing motion. Within less than a minute, she felt her hips start to shake and quiver and her thighs clenched hard around Marlene's cheeks. The sensation of Marlene's hair pressed against her inner thighs was phenomenal. Meanwhile, she felt her son's thumb was still deep inside her. There was a brief pause while the walls of her vagina clenched tightly around his digit. After five or ten seconds, it released and quickly clenched again. This motion continued for another minute. At this point, Pam was finally starting to calm down.

By this time, Pam felt Marlene as she began to move her mouth back up her body. She realized her son was not moving as quickly and he instead decided to stay below as his thumb remained deep inside her. She now awaited a passionate kiss with this woman. More importantly, she was extremely excited by where Marlene's mouth had just been. She had very little time to consider it before Marlene was on top of her and their mouths intertwined. She could not believe how passionately Marlene was kissing her. She noticed how wet the kiss was and realized that it was the result of the juices from her own spent pussy. She could taste it. She had tasted herself slightly as she occasionally lift her fingers after masturbation. But now, her own scent and taste were overwhelming as Marlene continued to kiss her deeply. This womanly taste was wonderful. She realized she wanted more, and it was time to return the favor to her friend.

Chapter 46

Marlene tried desperately to bring herself closer to her new lover Pam. She did so by kissing her deeply. The sex with Brian earlier this week had been an amazing thing, but it did not compare to what she was feeling now. She was apprised that she felt this way about another woman. She had fantasized about women every once in a while, but she never imagined it going beyond that. She was so happy that she invited Pam in earlier this morning. She was about to be even happier.

Marlene felt Brian's mother close her mouth and end the kiss. She was briefly disappointed but knew it this session was not over. She then felt Pam's hand push on her unborn child. She wondered what she was doing; but then realized that it was asking her to step out of the bed. Before she had a chance to become upset, Pam spoke.

"Your turn. Lie down." Pam commanded. While she said this, she was looking at Brian to make sure this plan was okay with him and he nodded in the affirmative.

Marlene was now more excited than ever.

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