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Just another day at the office.

She was suffering terribly, struggling to absorb the pain of the evil lash.

The man's arm began to grow weary with fatigue. Christ! How long could she last? She'd never gone this long before.

Finally a long, pitiful wail came from the woman's throat. She was crying, sobbing, and her head hung loosely between her outstretched arms. She hadn't broken, she hadn't surrendered yet, but she was close.

Close enough.

Time for a new toy.

He went back to the bag and pulled out the bull whip. No need to mess with the other floggers. This one would do the job nicely.

Like a long, black snake, he coiled it around his wrist, gathering the length in his hand to keep it from dragging behind him as he moved to the woman's backside. He always wondered if she could see through the edges of the blindfold. At least by moving behind his victim, he was certain she'd never see the blows coming.

He paused, studying her, noting the way her body formed a near-perfect X as she hung between the trees, the tiny silver knob of the pear barely visible between her wide-forked thighs. Her back glowed red from the kiss of the Captain's Daughter, but he hadn't broken her skin. Alexi had warned him about that. Break a rule and the game is over, and she was too good to lose to stupidity. He'd just have to exercise a little self-discipline. That's all.

He relaxed his grip on the bull whip, letting the long, dark leather uncoil. The tail landed with a dull thump against the ground as he positioned himself behind her. She turned her head slightly, as if trying to see what was going on just beyond her range of vision.

There was a whoosh and a loud crack as the long length of black leather wrapped itself around her hip, forming a belt just above her tightening ass-cheeks.

She let out a cry and kicked at the ground, her muscles twisting deliciously, drawing her ass up and away from the pain. The whip clung to her damp skin for a moment, then gently fell away, its energy spent. As the leather parted from her skin, he could see the angry red line already beginning to form.

He drew the whip back and there was another whoosh, then a loud crack as the whip landed just a little bit higher on her body, wrapping itself tightly around the rim of her lean tummy. The tail of the whip caught itself around the woven leather strands, loosely tying itself around her body. The man tugged on the handle, encouraging the whip to unravel, pulling the woman towards him as her feet struggled to maintain contact with the ground.

Another whoosh and another loud crack, the whip wrapping around her torso, leaving an angry red welt across the lattice-work of her ribs. She jumped and screamed, but she did not surrender. He'd have to keep working on her.

The whip flew through the air again, impacting across the lower curve of her breasts, causing them to tremble and shake from the blow. She threw her head back and screamed, an ear-piercing cry of pain as the whip's tail fell limply to the ground.

Again the man drew the whip back, and again there was a whoosh and a crack. This time the leather found fresh skin, higher across her breasts, directly over her nipples. She let out an anguished cry and tugged at the ropes around her wrists, trying to lift herself up as the ropes around her ankles held her firmly in place.

He repeated her whipping ten more times, and each time she cried out in agony and tugged furtively at the ropes. But she did not surrender. Her will was too strong.

He'd have to use the pear again.

He stepped closer to her and drew a line with his fingertip along the inside of her left thigh, starting just above her knee. She shivered at the sensation and instinctively tried to press her legs together, but the bonds held her fast. She was helpless to resist his touch.

His finger travelled upward, tickling the opening to her snatch before coming to rest on the silver turnscrew of the devilish device buried inside her body.

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