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Making love is about giving.

I pressed my tongue in and out of her more rapidly in a sharp, stabbing motion and her pelvic resisted harder that took all of my strength to hold her still so I could keep my tongue inside her. Her juices mixed with my cum were now running out of my mouth and down onto my chin.

I felt her tense and she began to shake aggressively.

"No! yes..s! "She gasped.

I continue to suck relentlessly, sucking in her steady rhythm, my tongue again rubbed over her beautiful clit. Again she tensed and I sped up my incestuous act. She cried out and went over to another orgasm.

Gasping for air, I looked up from between her legs. I waited until she came back down.

Looking up from between her legs, I waited until she came back down as her senses took over her.

Our eyes met and her face broke into a huge smile.

"My God, where did you learn to do that?" She asked.

"From porn movies," I said

"Those are hell of movies you really watch," she said softly

I grinned, thought for a minute, and remembered one of tricks used by Ryan Driller on his porn movie that seemed to work well.

Delicately I inserted my middle finger inside her and then curled it slightly upwards.

"I...I...ohhh...S..s," Ezeta moaned loudly again. "Stop, stop! Aaaaahhhhh don't stop."

Her eyes instantly closed and her head thrashed back against the sheet. Her hips began to move again as she pushed herself towards my finger.

"Oooohhhh...yyess!" she said between gasp and moan and I again locked my mouth on her clit. After two or three minutes of sucking her clit briefly, she started to flex her legs and giving me direction as to what she really wanted.

I wet my two finger, slid them into her vagina and moved them around looking for the sweat spot for stimulate. In her, I found that her sweet spot was towards her deep tunnel unlike my girlfriend Nelly.

Ezeta started to respond and began rolling her hips up so that her bud was brushing my fingers that were really busy. I proceeded to work my two fingers around her bud stimulating the skin before working them into her ass. But before I worked my hand in her ass, her body tensed up, her breathing stopped, and she began to shake almost hysterically.

She was panting hard, looking down at me as my fingers hollowed in and out slurping her juice aroma. I could see in her eyes she was near, so close, until she closed her eyes and let out a loud cry.

"Yeeesssss I'm cumming!"

I felt her cunt contract again and she let out a stream of fluid from lips to my fingers. Call me a pervert but I don't care, l leaned to her cunt and I started swallowing her cum. The fluid tasted so, so damned sweet as I drank hungrily as I dipped my tongue into her hole, tasting her delicate sweetness.

After making sure there was no cum of her left I withdrew myself again from her and gave another chance to come down. Her face was flushed with a lazy smile and still she looked beautiful.

Again she come down, our eyes met.

"My favorite cousin is really a pervert."

My face broke into a smile

"Are we good?"

"Damn good!" she said in a sturdy tone." I have waited for this moment; the moment that made me shed tears when you fucked me earlier. I have waited for this moment for many years."

She glided her body and we kissed again passionately. I was extremely aroused due to the part she had always dreamt of this moment and in the fact that she could taste herself on my mouth.

"Have you had enough?" I asked.

"Not yet until you fuck me cousin" she replied.

I was quite worked up and I really wanted to do something. I kissed her lovingly, and then moved between her legs. She opened them as far as she could.

"I want to fuck you again Ezeta, I really want to!"

"If you really want to fuck me again then I will take the lead."

After saying that, she rolled me over on my back.

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