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Christmas a time of good will: part 1.

"But I don't think you mean it."

And you know you don't! All tanned and toned with that long, hot tongue; we can't just throw him away!

Stay OUT of this! I growled to myself, then to Montel I said, "But Gene...what about what he you? To us?"

Sure; NOW you wanna put his name up in here!

"You don't want to hurt my brother, and neither do I. But you and I both know you need to stop being his girl and come be my woman."

His what!? Girl, please let me handle this one!

Honey, you didn't even have to ask! And with that exchange, I finally let my Inner Bitch do all the talking. "Weren't you just doing time on Gene's couch because of your latest dating casualty? Thanks anyway, paht-nah, but I can do bad by myself!"

"And you have! But you can't deny you'd do so much better with me." he said as his body slid around the bed to face me. His tight ass and already almost hard dick bounced in front of me, oh so damn ready for round two! But I turned away, refusing to drool. That's when his hand came under my chin, trying to make me look at him. " You're a strong one. You speak your mind and you act on it. I like that! You shouldn't be "keeping it warm" for somebody. You need to be served up hot...and be devoured...and enjoyed..."

Girlie girl, please! At least get a last look at all that fineness!

No! This is wrong! So wrong and hot and...oh damn! Arguing with myself took me out of the moment and gave Montel the opening he needed. Suddenly, I was looking up his naked skin, his smooth stomach, and pecs to make LL Cool J jealous! And oh, his smirks, no cocksureness. He was actually smiling a real smile at me, surrounding me with an all-consuming quickness that defied his large size. I gasped as his hands swept under his jacket to cup my full breasts, squeezing and taunting my already ripe nipples.

"Montel..." I heard my voice cracking, trying desperately to rally my body into fighting off the delicious sensations, to remember Gene was probably on his way back by now. "Please man; you've got to..." Suddenly I felt hot moisture surround my right nipple. I gasped and looked down in shock as the tip of Montel's tongue snaked up and around the hardening nub. "Traitor," I thought to myself while watching his full, moist lips clamp down on my tit, suckling & licking as if he had hours to spare instead of mere minutes. In no time I could practically feel the wet spot on the bedspread growing larger by the second. When his lips finally released my nipple with a wet smacking sound, I moaned aloud with longing & a sense of surrender, knowing that I had lost again.

"Hey Shana. What was that you wanted me to do?"

I could hear the smirk on his face in his voice. The smug son of a bitch just KNEW he was getting the drawers! I can't let it be that easy for him

And it won't! Now here's what we're going to do!

Pulling his hand from my breast, I sucked on his fingers one by one. I could taste the smallest trace of my cunt juices as I curled my tongue around the tip of his middle finger the same way he'd worked my nipple moments before. He drew in his breath sharply, so he was definitely feeling what I was doing. Suddenly, with all my strength, my Inner Bitch and I acted as one. Slamming my palms into his chest, I knocked him off balance and flat on his ass onto the bed!

Now's your chance, girl!

I can't believe we just did this! I thought with evil glee as I quickly straddled his head and planted my wet pussy right over his nose. For the third time that day, I was greeted with Montel's face frozen in shock, eyes wide, his cocksure smirk completely gone. Looks like I'd finally convinced ONE of these fools that this was no ordinary woman they were dealing with, and if Gene couldn't handle business, I might as well see what else Montel had to offer! Together, me and my Inner Bitch barked, "I believe THIS should answer your question. Now get your fine ass back to work!"

Montel grinned, then hearty laughter exploded from hi

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