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Talos ventures to Villjord.

If you don't complete the task within the time limit, I have the choice to keep the pics of you attempting that task or a previous one, or you will pose in any way I wish so as to add to my collection. You have to complete ten tasks to get all the original pics back. Plus additional tasks for any you previously failed to complete."

Taylor started to complain but thought better of it. She knew she was in no position to barter.

"Oh, and one other thing, the tasks are totally up to me, no discussions, and no negotiations. You either do the task or fail." Ky said with a note of finality in her voice.

Taylor again nodded as Ky stood up and released her cuffs and shackles. Taylor stood waiting until Ky asked, "Well, what are you waiting on?"

"My clothes," Taylor answered quietly.

"Oh, they're down the hall in the other room, just go down and knock." Ky said and pushed Taylor out the door.

Taylor stood in the hallway for a second. She was naked, her body streaked in paint, and standing in a dorm hallway. Looking up and down the hall, she didn't see anyone. She quickly took off running towards the room of the man who painted her bikini. She rushed to the door and knocked, waiting for a couple seconds. There was no answer. Taylor knocked louder and felt a flash of fear rush through her body. Again there wasn't an answer, now she was panicking. She looked back down the hall and saw there were several students entering from the stairs at the far end. "Shit," she mumbled, that way was Ky's room. Now it was serious. Classes must have ended and soon there would be students everywhere. 'Fuck where is he?' She asked herself. This time she pounded on the door, praying he was just sleeping and not gone. She was just about to run down the hall to the other stairs when the knob turned and a groggy man opened the door.

"What the fuck do you want?" He barked, and then his eyes focused and saw Taylor standing there in all her painted glory.

"Oh it's you, did it rain that hard?" He asked.

Taylor didn't answer but pushed past him and into his room.

"I need my clothes and I need them now!" She demanded.

'Okay, okay! They're over in the corner." He answered and pointed towards the corner by the dresser.

Taylor rushed to her clothes and quickly put them on. It was then that she realized that Ky hadn't removed the collar from around her neck. She reached up to undo the clasp, but couldn't unbuckle the collar.

"Get this off me!" She barked at him. He walked behind her and moved her hair then laughed.

"Sorry, there's a lock and I don't have the key. Go back to Ky and have her take it off." Taylor was pissed as the collar was tight around her neck and there was no way to hide it. She stormed out of the man's room and back to Ky's. On the way down the hall she passed several other students and each one laughed or snickered. She blushed as she knew they had all seen her cuffed to the pole. When she got to Ky's room, there was a note addressed to her. She pulled it off the door and opened it.


I forgot to take off your collar but that's okay.

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