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Separated from his squad, Moreau is stalked by a Viper.

The rest of the vacation was uneventful and pure relaxation.

Two weeks went by and Lisa got a call from Tammy. After they exchanged pleasantries, Lisa asked her if they were still interested in making a movie. Tammy said they were, her more so than Tom, but they would both be there.

Lisa told Tammy that she had to meet with Robert, the manager & producer to discuss an upcoming movie and asked if she wanted to join her. Tammy quickly said they would go.

Lisa picked up Tammy and Tom and they drove up to Pleasantville to meet Robert.

When they got there, Lisa introduced Tammy and Tom to Robert and told him they were interested in doing a porno.

Over coffee, Robert explained what making one of his movies entails. Tammy told him that Lisa told her some things and she and her husband demonstrated what they would do in a movie.

Robert asked Lisa about it and Lisa said that Tammy and her husband did perform for them in Jamaica and did well.

Robert thought about it and told Tammy to undress. Tammy got up and without hesitation removed her clothes completely. Robert was very impressed and nodded his approval. He got up and went over to Tammy and started touching her all over and Tammy never flinched.

Then he told Tom to strip. He then asked Lisa to get him hard so he could see.

Lisa went over to Tom and in an instant got his 10" hard and ready. Robert was impressed and told him to get dressed and to go into the living room.

He also told Tammy to get dressed and wait in the living room until he finished business with Lisa.

Robert told Lisa that the next movie was going to be about two hours long and would star her, with Tiffany as her associate. They would be getting fucked by at least six men. There would be DP and anal, bi and some water sports.

Lisa said that she is going to want $10,000 more money for a total of $25,000 for the movie.

Robert agreed and said the movie would start in a week. He also told Lisa that he would hire Tammy and Tom for this movie as extras and pay them $5,000, if they were good, but they had to do whatever they were told to do. Lisa said she would tell them.

After they finished, Lisa, Tammy and Tom left. On the way home Lisa told them that they got a part as extras and they would make $5,000 if they were good and did everything they were told to do. Tammy and Tom agreed.

By the end of the week all arrangements were made and Tammy and Tom came to Lisa's place and a limo took the four of them to Robert's house to make the movie.

Tom was taken to a room to wait until Tammy was done. He was told to get naked and be ready. I went with Lisa and Tammy to their room to get ready. Tiffany joined them and Lisa introduced her to Tammy.

The make-up woman came in to get them ready as did the woman for their hair.

The three women were enjoying themselves and went over the script just so they were familiar with what was going to happen.

The five men were ready and I just watched from the back of the room. This was Lisa's first movie with her face exposed and I was wondering how she would react.

When everyone was ready, Robert called them all in the living room and gave each person their assignment.

Tammy and Tiffany will be the opening scene. Tammy would be making out with Tiffany in one room when one of the guys finds them and fucks them in their cunts and asses. After he finished with them, he would join the others and go fuck Lisa and do whatever else they wanted to do, including DP and anal.

Eventually, Tammy and Tiffany will join her for a grand finale.

Robert reminded Lisa that this was going to be a great movie and she will be billed as the star and the new queen of porno and will be famous.

Robert got everyone quiet. I got Tom so he could see his wife doing her first porno and be ready to perform. We both watched.

The shoot started and the camera focused on Tiffany and Tammy naked in bed.

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