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His wife's tales of past experiences.

Come on, let's get out of here and get some privacy." He yanks me out the door and opens the passenger side of his Blazer and settles me in. Pealing out of the bar parking lot he heads down the road a couple of miles and up over the hill by my house taking us deep into the woods. Half way up he yanks the wheel over and parks along a grassy clearing. Climbing out he walks around and opens my door, pulling me out he roughly yanks me up against his body and covers my lips with his, kissing me senseless. "I love a man who can take charge" I gasp as he spins me around and yanks my skirt above my head. I feel one hand caressing my bare ass while the other grasps my thong and tears them off in one yank.

Startled, I jump but his grip on me is quite fierce and I cannot move, even if I wanted to. With one hand pressing me over in the middle of my back and the other sliding all over my ass and thighs he has me firmly where he wants me, my hands against the side of the blazer barely holding me up. His fingers glide down the crack of my ass and plunge into my sopping wet pussy making me groan deep in my throat. "I knew you wanted this baby, you're literally dripping with need" he whispered against my shoulder, running his tongue up the back of my neck.

"Say it Girl---say it"

"Fuck me NOW" I groan, unable to resist what we both know I want. I feel him lower his jeans with one hand while holding me in place with the other. "Now here is what I wanted you to see, or should I say feel" he groaned as he rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy. Gradually sliding in, his cock is so big I can't take it all. My body tensing up he leans over and reaches his hand down to caress my clit forcing me to relax and groan in pleasure.

" I told you that everytime I measure it, the bigger it is" he groans. I chuckle at what he had boasted to me about a long time ago. "Guess you weren't lying" I gasped as I felt him flexing his hips trying to drive his point home. He starts sliding in and out slowly at first building up speed gradually. Before I know it he slams all the way in making me scream. My cunt is on fire and his cock is buried clear up to his balls, which were now resting against my lips.

"Oh yeah, so fucking tight" he groaned just before he pulled it out and slammed it back in again. Reaching around, he put his hands under my top and grabbed my nipples yanking on them as he proceeded to fuck the shit out of me. Harder and harder until my body was pressed flush against the Blazer with my tits now against the passenger door. His hands on each side of me he pounded my pussy with his monster cock, juices dripping down my leg with each thrust.

"Oh fuck" I panted as I felt myself cresting with a whopper of an orgasm. My whole body shuddered with the power of it and I could barely stand on my own feet. He yanked his cock out and spun me around. Pressing me against the truck again, he wrapped my legs around his waist and supported me with his hands on my ass while plunging back into me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and was hanging on for dear life as he continued his assault on my sopping wet hole. Before I knew it, my body was climaxing a second time and the inside walls of my pussy were grasping his cock so hard he groaned. "Oh yeah baby, cum on my dick" My body was shaking so hard I had difficulty keeping my grip on his shoulders. If he hadn't had me pressed against the Blazer he would have had to hold my full weight.

Finally, Setting me down I crouched down in front of him and watched him stroke the monster that was now eye level with me. It was at least 10 inches and as big around as my wrist and I couldn't believe that he had managed to cram that all the way in me. I reached up and put my hand under his balls and caressed them gently rolling them in my hand while he continued to stroke the shaft harder and harder. I leaned over and wrapped my lips around the mushroom head as his hips jerked.

Hot cum spewed forth filling my mouth so fast I couldn't swallow

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