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Conned into gay encounter.

Five booths line the wall on the left, three on the front wall. There is a small pyramid of empty beer cans in the middle of what appears to be a dance floor. The bar is on the right side of the room. There are cigarette burn stains on all ten barstools and on the wooden floor beneath them.

In the rear are several tables with chairs. Behind them and separated by a half wall is a pool table. The light shinning above the table is on but there is no one playing pool at this time. There are a large, stained American flag and a large, torn Rebel flag tacked on the wall behind the pool table.

The 113 kilogram, 1.9 meter bartender has a full beard and a large, curved scar running from just below the outside corner of his left eye across his cheek and ending right above his lip. He is washing beer mugs.

Sitting in one of the booths on the left there is a young a couple; they are making out in it. The man has his right hand inside the woman's blue jeans; she is moaning softly.

There are four men sitting on stools at the bar. Two of the men, wearing blue jeans and T-shirts, are sitting together talking quietly; both appear to be in their late 20s or early 30s.

A third is sitting at the far left end. He is wearing black jeans with silver studs running up the sides, a black T-shirt with a gold fleur de lis on it, a black leather vest with silver studs and dark glasses. Because of the dark Susan cannot tell his age.

The fourth man is sitting between these men. He is wearing what appears to electricgirl to be a shirt with a company logo on it, jeans and a blue jean jacket with a Harley-Davidson logo with eagle wings on the back. He appears to be in his 50s.

The four of them eye her as she enters. She wonders which one if any is Badboy.

Susan takes the seat second from the right end of the bar; the far end stool has a badly torn seat. It is as far from the men as she can get in case she has to make a hasty retreat; she keeps her legs tightly closed. The two men closest to electricgirl are two stools away. She orders a beer and waits for Badboy to show up. She knows that John knows what she looks like but she wonders how she will recognize him.

While she is waiting, the two men sitting together at the bar hit on her, trying to pick her up. She ignores them. Every time one of them asks her if she would like to share a drink with them in one of the booths, the man at the end of the bar snickers and shakes his head. The old man in between them ignores everyone.

'I doubt that any of these creeps can be Badboy,' she says to herself.

After about fifteen minutes the woman in the booth whispers something to the man with her. He shakes his head no but she pushes on him, causing him to nearly fall out of the booth. He gets up for the second time and goes to the jukebox. She calls out after him 'E-2.'

He puts some money in the jukebox and presses some buttons; Shania Twain begins singing Feel Like A Woman. It is the third Shania Twain song to play, the man having played From This Moment a few minutes earlier at his date's request.

Susan guesses that the girl he is with must like Shania Twain music more than she likes her date finger fucking her.

Suddenly the man at the end of the bar gets off his stool, downs his beer and walks toward the door. Susan watches him as he strides toward the door; his boots make a loud thump as he walks across the dance floor. Just as he passes the pyramid of beer cans he turns and saunters toward Susan.

She shudders as he approaches. When he gets near to electricgirl he stops and looks her over but she looks away from him. He looks at the two men who have been hitting on her and then at the bartender.

"Well I'm going to call it a night Sam. I'll see you later," he says to the bartender.

"Yeah I'll see you later dude," the bartender answers him. He calls everyone dude, especially if he doesn't know their name.

"Didn't think a woman like you would ever have the guts to come into a joint like this," he says to Susan.

"I'm waiting for

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