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I smiled and said ok, but I was thinking to myself, "no night of sex for me". This was not the first time this had happened. Many of my nights with Tina were spent with Kelly at our side.

My desire to see Tina forced me to let Kelly intrude on our evening. As we were exiting the dorm room Tina whispered to me she would make it up to me and squeezed my balls. I took this as definite confirmation that I would end up spending the night with Tina.

After dinner and a movie, we returned to Tina's dorm room. The dorm room was a typical college dorm room. It had with a couch and a bunk bed in it. The bathrooms were at the end of the hall and shared by the rest of the coeds. In other words, there was no privacy. I could not imagine how I was going to get into Tina's sweet love tunnel with Kelly sleeping ten feet away.

Kelly yawned and said she was tired and going to be. She needed to change into her night gown. She offered to change in front of me and laughed. Jokingly, she started to remove her shirt. Tina immediately kissed me and covered my eyes.

Kelly winked and said I sleep soundly so the two of you stay up as long as you like. Tina turned the lights down low as Kelly climbed into her bed. Tina could not wait very long. She began to kiss me and then started to caress my 7 inch cock through my shorts. I whispered what about Kelly. Tina coyly smiled and said I guess we will have to be extremely quiet.

Tina's kisses were getting me hotter and hotter. She kept massaging the ever growing bulge in my pants. I instinctively began to caress Tina's chest. Slowly, I traced the outline of her nipples on her perky breasts. Immediately, her nipples became erect. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her luscious breasts. As I flicked my tongue across them she cooed quietly.

After removing the rest of her shirt, I maneuvered her body on the couch so she was lying horizontally. She wiggled her hips and slipped her shorts off. As she did this, I lightly caressed her thighs. Then, I began to softly stroke her sweet pussy. She moaned as I slowly took two fingers and probed deep inside her vagina. After gently massaging her wet love tunnel, I bent down and began to lick we juicy pussy. Tina grabbed my head and pulled me closer to pussy.

Tina began to moan a little loader.

She said, "Oh yes, that's it"

Tina's love tunnel was very wet. I wanted to ram that sweet tunnel but I was worried about Kelly waking up. (Tina has a tendency to moan rather loudly during sex). I peeked over to Kelly's bed and noticed Kelly with her legs widely spread. Her hand was rubbing her sweet shaven pussy. She saw me look back at her and gave me a nod. She was getting off on our sex. I heard her moan a couple of times.

Just then, I felt Tina's hand reaching for my zipper. Tina slowly unzipped my shorts and exposed my raging hard cock. She pumped my cock a few times and smiled at me as she noticed her roommate writhing in ecstasy in the bed a couple of feet away from us. I could see this was making Tina hotter and hotter.

I stood up from the couch and removed the rest of my clothing. As I stood there with my 7 inch raging hard on fully erect, I heard Kelly moan, "Oh, that's a nice cock". As soon as she said that, Tina got off the couch and knelt down. She rhythmically pumped my rod.

The next thing Tina said really turned me on. She softly whispered to Kelly to come over and taste this sweet cock. She immediately got off the bed and removed her night gown. She kissed me on the lips and slowly kissed my body until she joined Tina at my glistening cock.

I was in ecstasy. These two lovely beauties were taking turns kissing and sucking my ever growing hard cock. After several minutes of slurping and licking my love rod, Tina eased me back onto the couch. She laid me down with my back on the cushions and my 7 inch love rod standing straight up like a flag pole.

Tina then straddled me and guided my raging hard cock into her wet pussy.

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