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Love triangle between his step-sister and her best friend.

One barely remembered one-of-a kind moment had ocurred when Manny removed the cork from WW's ass to sodomize her. She had emitted the mother of all farts, carbonated, loud and long, but luckily smelling somewhat like a winery having a bad year.

WW, with a monumental hangover and a splitting headache, spoke first. "Where am I? What have I been doing?"she muttered, then winced as some scattered memory returned. All those unspeakable acts she vaguely remembered; surely just nightmares. But here she was, still implacably bound with her lariat, between her two naked, still stoned tormentors, with both her nether channels sore and throbbing.

She kicked Manny. "Hey, you prick! (bad word choice, she thought, as her wits began to return.) You had your fun; now untie me. Please!"

Groggy, Manny sat up. looked at Jenny. Jenny looked at him.and nodded a slow negative. "Wonder, darlin', if we turn you loose, you'll just cause trouble, won't you? You'll call us all kinds of rotten names, say we held you prisoner, fucked your brains out, and, worst of all, are producing a crummy TV program. And then you'll beat the shit out of us. Well, won't you?"

WW, forced to tell the truth by the lasso's magic, nodded miserably.

Manny was up now, pacing. "We've got a tiger by the tail here --some tail!--" he grinned. "What to do, what to do. Let's see...that good and evil twins idea you had, Jenny, maybe we could do a switch on that. You wouldn't be interested in playing the evil one, would you, Wonder?"

WW squirmed to her knees, This tight ropes were so uncomfortable! She answered: "I told you before, I'm not going to star on your shitty show. No matter what!" Hung over, still a bit drunk, sexually abused in

every way imaginable. she remained stubborn, defiant. (and dumb, Jenny thought).

Manny sighed, "Wonder, you awesome fuck, I'm afraid you are going to be on the show--or at least the audience will think you are. Here's what we're going to do......"


About an hour later, Manny stood on the platform in front of the studio, surrounded by cameramen and reporters. The Wonder

Woman lookalkes crowded the stage. Manny, now shaved. combed, clad

in impeccable white slacks and a black turtleneck, only slightly feeling the cocaine and alcohol, addressed the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor and a privelege to present this tiara and a check to miss Ethel Stubbs, of Cherokee Iowa--the first Wonder Woman lookalike. And such a lovely one! Come up here, young lady. Yes! Let me just crown you and adjust your banner." His hands were all over her chest.

The winner was a slightly overweight blonde with opulent

curves; her costume included red boots with 4 inch heels, a tiny american flag bikini and a harness barely containing her pillow like breasts. She bulged enticingly above and below her skimpy costume. "Must be a wonder bra." Manny whispered in her ear, his arm encircling her love handles. She gave a delighted little squeal.

"Now, I have an important announcement, so stick around." Manny nodded to Jenny, who stepped onto the stage. Jenny wore Wonder Woman's old costume, the belt, and a grave, thoughtful expression. In one hand she held the end of the lasso; at the other end was WW, still tightly trussed with a new loop round her neck, which Jenny tugged like a leash. WW was wearing the TV Wonder woman costume, much the worse for wear from the afternoon orgy; in other words, she was basically naked. Perhaps more important, she had a big rubber ball gag strapped between her jaws, effectively silencing her. She was disheveled, brunette locks a tangle, obviously disturbed and frantic as she was dragged protesting onto the stage. The crowd buzzed as Manny spoke again.

"I have good news and some sad news. First, Wonder Woman" He nodded to Jenny, "who has returned from a top secret assignment, has consented to take over the lead in our program. She will bring more gravity, more real drama to our story. We're proud to have her on board." He led the polite applause, Jenny (as WW) bowed.

"Now the sad news.

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