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Daddy goes away for the weekend.

Shannon stepped back allowing everyone a full view. And they were taking advantage of it, I felt so embarrassed and excited to see their expressions while visually examining us.

"It's like a mushroom and a cucumber." Jill giggled

"It's like you're not even the same species" She commented, "If we could put Shane's cock on Dave's body you'd be perfect." She continued as she reached out taking us both in her hands, she was able to completely engulf my dick in her palm, while Shane's flaccid cock in her right hand easily stuck out three inches. Leading us by the dick she pulled us closer and rubbed our heads together. Placing Shane's head at the base of my penis we looked down and saw that my entire dick was only slightly longer than his head. Shannon leaned forward and placed us both in her mouth giving us a powerful suck before letting go and guiding us to sit back down.

Taking a deep breath to clear her head announced, "The game... is truth or dare."

"Should we draw straws or something to decide the order?" Karen asked

"Well, I think we already have" Shannon smiled, "Angie you drew the shortest straw, so you're first." Karen looked completely stumped trying to recall when we drew straws not realizing she was referring to penis size. Angie chuckled a bit, smiled and shrugged her shoulders conveying she knew Shannon was right, I had the shortest straw.

"Truth or dare?" Shannon asked


"What is your secret sexual fantasy?" Shannon smiled and licked her lips

"Oh, getting personal quick. Um..." She blushed; she rarely blushes so I knew this was going to be intimate. "I've wanted to try something for a while. I want to be... oh my gosh, I can't believe I am saying it! I want to be fucked by a woman with a strap-on cock" she hid behind her dark wavy hair in embarrassment. "I just think it would be different And I love for it to be like 6 inches I've been with a smaller dick and a huge cock, but I've never been with just a normal 6 inch dick."
"I'd pay good money to see that!" Kevin chimed, just before getting a swift elbow to the ribs from Karen. But who could blame him; I was already visualizing it and trying to figure out how to make that happen for her. What Angie didn't know was that I packed our strap-on that she bought me to wear last year on our anniversary, but at eight inches it was pretty big.

"What about that girl... what's her name Dave's ex you've been fucking with?" Bill asked.

"Oh, Amy" Angie answered, "No, I just would rather it be with.... a friend."

"David." Shannon blurted out, "Your turn. Same question, do you have any fantasies that you've kept secret?"

"Well, you mean having a small penis humiliation fetish isn't enough for one person?" I joked. "Obviously I like to be humiliated, and I love to be outed in front of beautiful strangers. But Angie already knows that. I guess maybe she doesn't know I've got a secret fantasy involving her child-hood friend Michelle. I have this fantasy where Angie calls her up and guides the conversation to sex and complains about being frustrated and me being smaller than average. Then she invites Michelle out to visit us during which I am "accidentally" exposed in front of her."

Angie looked at me and I am sure she was trying to figure out if that was something I really wanted or if it was just something I want to keep in the fantasy realm of our playing. Angie loved role playing different encounters and situations with me, and knew that I had several fantasies that we had agreed we would play out, but never actually do.

It was now Jill's turn, having the second shortest straw, and choosing truth Shannon asked her the same question, about having a secret fantasy. She shared how she has always been attracted to strong men, and had a secret fantasy to be taken, dominated and forced to have sex with large powerful men. I am confident she wanted to be "forced" so it would relieve any guilt, but secretly she really wanted it, and wanted to be used, fucked and tossed aside.

"Damn girl!" Shannon snorted.

It was Bill's turn, and he chose da

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