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Jasmine is spied upon whilst pleasuring herself.

You feel it too, the heat and the passion, you know you do." She leaned in and kissed me. Oh, my dear lord, that kiss!

I moved into it. Her lips were on mine, soft, pliant, yielding. Kirsten's fingertips grazed my cheek lightly and she applied just the barest hint of pressure as she continued to kiss me. I realized I was kissing her back, my tongue dancing with hers. Kiss after kiss after kiss followed, soft little smacks of our lips together. We stood in the middle of the room, playing kissy-face and loving every moment of it.

She brushed my hair from my face. "My baby girl," she cooed. "I knew I was right. I knew you loved me. I knew you wanted me."

She was right. From the second she kissed me, I could feel my pussy become wet. My nipples were stiff under my bra and my breath was coming in shorter gasps. I tried to regain my composure. "Kirsten - Mom - we can't. Daddy --"

"--will likely want to fuck you himself soon, darling!" Kirsten said as her lips pressed against my skin again. "Now, stop being so silly and come over here."

I couldn't think straight, so I followed her to the bed, like I was in a trance. She sat beside me and removed all of my clothes. My blouse was first, she kissed my neck as she removed my bra, my flesh tingling. My pussy was soaked and I felt her hand glide down my tummy and into my pants, putting slight pressure on my panty-covered cunt. She applied slight pressure and rubbed, hearing my moans and gasps of pleasure.

"Oh, my baby girl is so turned on. Good!" she smiled playfully.

She nipped on my ear as she undid my bra. My tits spilled out and she squealed with glee as she saw them. She took the nipples and sucked each one gently until they were erect and I was already panting hard. There was no turning back now, we were going to share each other's bodies - something I wanted more than ANYTHING.

In minutes that were a blur, my pants; panties; socks and shoes were to follow until I was naked. "Hey!" I said with a smile. "Shouldn't you be naked too, Mommy?"

She smiled and got up. She went over, lit a few of the candles and came back to the bed. "Do you want to do it?" she asked coyly, presenting herself to me.

I shook my head. "I'm so nervous, I don't think I could."

Kirsten smiled again. "I'll give you a little show."

She stood up and removed her silver silk blouse. As usual, her magnificent, natural tits were unencumbered by bra or tan-line. I wanted to taste her skin, but she wasn't done. She wiggled and shimmied out of her tight black slacks and just stood there in her heels. She was gonna take them off, but I stopped her. "Leave them on, MOMMY!" I said smiling, putting extra-emphasis on the word. "They look so sexy on you." I was starting to get into this playing myself.

Kirsten was right, I was as smitten as she was. She came to the bed and joined me, kissing me again with her soft lips. "I love you so much, my special baby girl," she smiled. "We are going to be so happy!"

Kirsten pulled me on top of her. "I want you to love me Shelly. I want you to taste my body."

I wasn't sure what to do at first, it was all so new to me, Despite my liberal sexual attitudes, being with a woman was a totally new experience for me. Luckily, Kirsten was a good teacher. "Kiss me from the top up and work your way down baby. Lick where you want to lick. Be gentle, there are no wrong moves."

I kissed her all over, her mouth softly pressed against mine, tongues dueling and playing, I kissed her neck, lightly scented with Jasmine.

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