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Dressing naughty doesn't go unpunished.

I was just lucky enough to finish working early today and wander in to this."

I was walking across the bedroom to the far side of the bed where Rose now lay, smiling contentedly as I finished my little speech. Mac's cock had shriveled and now lay across his thigh, still oozing the baby-making semen with which he had filled my wife. Rose, at his side, reached over and gave it a gentle squeeze as I sat down on the edge of the bed, next to her.

"Was it as good as you hoped?" I asked her, still smiling.

"It was perfect," she replied slowly with a salacious grin of her own. She turned her head and looked at the still slightly shaken Mac. "And how about you, Mac? Did you enjoy that?"

I could have predicted the answer. Mac was anything but a fool. He assured her that it had been as delightful for him as it had been for her. I knew the attraction was there and had been just too tempting to pass up. I could see his cock stirring once again under the warmth of her hand.

"Looks like he might be thinking that a tad more might be in order," I told Rose as I began taking off my shoes.

"M-m-m, could be," Rose nodded, turning on her side and facing her lover who still lay on his back. "How about it, big boy, are you game for some more fun?"

Mac obviously didn't know what to say, but when I stood and began taking off my trousers, I think he began to accept the idea I wasn't complaining. I was taking my shirt off while Rose cuddled closer to him and gave him a lingering, sensuous kiss, letting one breast slide over his perspiration slicked chest as she slid higher to let her lips close on his. Her upper leg slid over his thigh until her knee was just below his slowly growing cock. He started to pull her over his body until she pressed him back down and said softly, "Not yet, you have to share this time."

I was ready by the time Rose had Mac back in the mood. Now naked, I slid into the bed behind her as Rose took his cock in hand. Mac got the idea and turned on his side facing her as she pointed his now aroused cock at her pussy lips. I got a good view of it pressing between those engorged, reddened lips as he pulled her closer to him. I watched the bulbous head make its way into her vagina. It went in easily; sliding on the bed of cum, filling her until only his balls were left pressed tightly against her perineum. I suggested he pull partially out of her before I used three fingers to take the still warm cum leaking onto her thigh to coat the head of my cock and another dollop or two more to spread around and within her tiny rosebud. The best lubrication available made it slide in enough to allow her asshole to dilate as it was filled with my cock. What I had seen and the pre-cum coating of my cock head helped me to press it home and I began slowly working it into my wife's ass.

She groaned softly as I worked it deeper into her and pressed her hips toward Mac's cock, until he too was pressing into her from the other side. I felt the fantastic sensation of his cock working it's own magic on the other side of that thin membrane as Rose' hips shuttled back and forth trying to escape the imminent threat only to impale her on the opposite side. Finally, with a shiver of delight and a deep groan she confirmed what we all already knew.

"Oh, I'm so full! Hold still for a moment and let me get used to this." Even as she complained, I felt her hips moving back and forth taking everything we had given her and slowly beginning to let the muscles expand to make it easier for her to accept.

"Wow! It feels like I have a baseball bat up my pussy and my ass," she giggled as her hips moved slowly back and forth, gaining momentum as the muscles stretched to accommodate the total diameter filling her.

Our legs were in a tangle as we rode her back and forth for the next hour or so.

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