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Ellie and the twins go back home for their vacation.

"How does that feel Peter? he asked squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger, making it all feel very lovely and stimulating.

I whispered it felt good.

"And this?"

He stretched back the foreskin at which point I was concerned about the smell. It always smelt when I did that. In fact when masturbating it had often put me off until I gave it a good wash, remembering the rule of thumb when my mum used to say to ensure all the cheesy residue was cleaned out from behind the fold, else no girl would want to know me. It is funny how something like that remains.

"I had better nip off to the bathroom Jo and clean up huh?"

But he was already in his own little world I could tell. He did not seem to react unfavourably. In fact he seemed to savour the scent and I watched his nostrils draw in and his eyes close as he inhaled.

"I so l love the scent or ripe young cock" he exclaimed. "Now turn for a moment and let me smell your ass also."

Now my mind was saying to my mum that I was being a naughty boy, letting another guy suck me, and with all the cheese too!

But then, prompting me to lean full over the desk again I was treated to the most delightful sensation, he just lapped me up, slapping and licking it all over and my asshole too. I was in my element and thoroughly enjoyed his exploration of me. My cock was rock hard and wanted release and he thought of that too.

"Was that nice Peter?. It was for me, It was yum-yum and I adore your smell and taste, it is the real smell of sex and it makes me so very randy, so you hade better watch out, it's not just my finger I want up there, your ass is made for fucking and no mistake, and I am the one to fuck you fair and square.

He manually twisted me that way and this way so he could get the best out of me and soon he was sucking my hard pulsing cock to the extreme, prizing it upwards as he licked downwards, there was no sign at all that any cheese residue was putting him off, so at last I could get the image of my mum well and truly out of my mind and just enjoy what this wonderful guy was doing to me. He cupped my balls and licked them too - all over and around and around - it felt so wonderful, and then down again, until prompting me to open wide, he manoeuvred his face into my crevice and I then felt the delight of his busy tongue licking my balls and ass.

"Beautiful Peter. I can see you want to cum. But what about a bit of spoiling from you. Look I have a real hard one for your pleasure, can you maybe give him some of your French polishing movements, I loved to see the way you flicked your wrist and was thinking I could do with a bit of that."

"I touched him, apprehensively at first. It was the first time after all."

"Squeeze, like I squeezed you. Give it some zip. You like it don't you? And if you are really good I shall give you a beautiful feel of it up that beautiful asshole of yours."

I closed my eyes and went for it. It felt good. I liked the way it jerked upwards every time I squeezed and when he asked me to pull back the foreskin. I realised his smelt just the same. For the first time I enjoyed the scent of cock,. It made me more sensual and tempted me to go further. Like to stretch my tongue out and lick its p-hole."

Jo was making all sorts of rapturous s noises which gave me the confidence to carry on doing what I was doing. I indulged first in some gentle sucking. It tasted earthy and interesting and quite by chance I found myself cupping his full ripe balls too, starting to really enjoy this wonderful new experience my life.

All the time I was feeling too a more wonderful sensation in my back passage than before - which seemed to ache for the feel of something up inside ,and I guessed this was brought on by Joe's constant teasing there, ringing his fingers around and around and occasionally prodding with some lubricant he seemed to produce magically from his desk drawer, like he knew what to expect.

We played intensely with each other, simultaneously indulg

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