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A man and his daughter stumble upon a dogging site.

wrong now?

I decided to ask her a question to help ease her discomfort. "When did you discover this, Keri?" I expected a benign reply. That's not what I received.

Her eyes blazed into my own. "When I fucked five guys in a spontaneous gang bang all night at a convention in Atlantic City last summer, and then got up the next morning and blew the young bellhop as he came to pick up my bags. And that wasn't all. There were more earlier in the week, I think I fucked or sucked twelve or fifteen guys that week. And that was the culmination of several months worth of promiscuity, ever since my divorce became official two years ago. I was on a massive 'revenge-fuck' mission."

I gulped, and then swiftly gathered my wits, and came up with a very soothing reply of my own.

"Oh." I was smooth.

Fortunately, she seemed to be oblivious to her one-man audience now, and wanted only to tell her story, a kind of therapy for her, I surmised. I was now determined to only sit back and listen. My little head had rendered the big head temporarily incompetent, so anything I would say could not be held against me, I reasoned.

She sighed again, this time more deeply. "You see, that was 14 months ago, and I haven't had any physical contact since, none at all, at least not until the other night, with you. And that opened up the floodgates again, I was afraid of that." She looked at me, vulnerable and exposed, once again the frightened fawn in the forest.

"Afraid of what, Keri?", I asked, genuinely curious.

She looked at me with incredulity, as if the answer was so obvious. "I'm afraid I can't control my urge for cock, John, don't you see?"

I shrugged, acknowledging my ignorance, waiting for Keri to elaborate.

"I need you to help me, John, I've thought about this all week and I want to do it. Please help me, tell me you will. I sensed you were different when we met, and I want you to be the one to help with my idea. Will you?"

Rarely, if ever, was there a time in history when a more chivalrous opportunity was ever presented to a man. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it, I decided.

"Anything for you, Keri, I'm flattered that you feel so comfortable with me. But, well, uh, what exactly do I need to do to help you?"

Keri's face softened. "You didn't try to fuck me last week, John, that's when I knew you were different. That pleasure you provided to me with only your fingers, and God, it was incredible, told me that you were unselfish, and a giving lover. It's not all about your cock, you please the woman first. True?"

I nodded bashfully, admitting the half-truth. My cock is not altogether altruistic, let's face it. But I was interested to see where this was heading. Keri continued.

"I want you to be in control of my cock intake, John. You decide when I get cock, mostly yours, of course. And, I can't wait to have it, by the way. But, I'm also going to entrust you with deciding if and when other men get to fuck me also. If so, you will allow me to partake, and also decide for yourself whether you are going to join in, just watch, or let me tell you about it." I listened, transfixed, amazed, yet rock hard.

"I can't control myself, so I'm going to ask you to ration out my allotment and be my cock adviser, for lack of a better phrase. And, while you're pondering this, I have a pot sweetener for you, as it were. Like to hear it?" I again nodded in affirmation, wondering under what circumstances I would decline such an offer. I didn't foresee hell freezing over any time in the near future.

Keri looked at me confidently. "You no doubt enjoyed the way I kissed you last week, correct?"

My mind drifted back to last week's lip locks outside of the restaurant. "Keri, in all sincerity, you are the best kisser I have ever enjoyed. No one has ever kissed me with the passion and intensity, and , well, the talent that you did." Every word was gospel.

She grinned in self-confident assurance. "Then, just imagine how I suck cock."

My eyes met hers with equal confidence now.

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