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Mulder & Scully sitting at Mulder's desk.

And you will allow them to do it for my entertainment."

"Yes Mistress, " I answered eagerly. My nipples were tightly erect and my juices had been flowing long before we arrived.

"And I want you to accept it all in perfect silence."

I was stunned. Silence? I had never been silent during sex. I am what is commonly referred to as a screamer. My Mistress loved to hear me scream her name and beg for more. Why silence?

"Do you understand?" I nearly said, "Yes Mistress," but caught myself and silently nodded assent. Suddenly the game was a much bigger challenge than just allowing myself to be used for fun. "And you mustn't come." The crowd roared their approval. I swallowed my objection and smiled. An eerie silence fell around me.

I kneeled, bent double, skirt riding up with my rear in the air, nipples brushing a soft cloth on top of the table, waiting, not sure what to expect first. I scolded myself over and over to remain silent. I must remain silent. I could barely imagine it and prayed I could obey.

The first smack of an open hand across my ass stung the breath out of my lungs. I spread my knees slightly to create a more stable base, to steady myself against the expected onslaught. But the gesture was read as a spreading of my legs, an invitation, and drew howls from the onlookers.

"Look at the little slut. Damn, she's easy. Does the greedy little bitch want her cunt filled?"

I felt my face flush at the laughter around me. Another slap landed on my other cheek and I absorbed the shock. A solid spanking followed, raising the heat in my rear and thighs. It must have been the work of several people because one person's hand could not have taken that kind of workout. I love being spanked, but I was nearing my limit, biting my lip in a desperate bid to obey Mistress Karin's odd request for silence. I kept picturing her face. I could see the fierce pride she always wore when she showed me off and shared me with friends. I doubled my effort to keep my voice in check and just at my breaking point, the spanking stopped.

The pools of heat in my thighs and exposed bottom pounded with my pulse as the music pounded in my ears. I allowed myself a deep breath and released my lower lip from between my teeth. The first ordeal was over. I hadn't time to wonder what the next would be when a pair of strong hands lifted me. More hands reached, and as the first pair supported my rear, the others pulled my ankles wide until I was split like a wishbone trying to be broken. Instinctively I reached forward to gain balance. More hands found mine and pulled them forward. I was spread eagle now, face down on what had to be a pool table or it would have toppled with my weight on the edge. I was basically doing the splits along the side of the table with my wide-open twat and ass hanging off the edge. My ankles were pinned wide and my wrists were held straight out in front of me. I was extremely uncomfortable and feared I might fall. I thought of Karin and relaxed. She was watching. This performance was for her pleasure and she would never allow me to be harmed.

Cool fingers slid between the felt and my nipples. Karin's fingers? Slender and soft, yes, but I couldn't be sure. For the sake of my sanity, I pretended they were hers. She was touching me, reassuring me. Comforting. A sudden steel bite at my nipple nearly drew a cry of pain. I stifled it best I could, just before a clamp grabbed my other nipple. I knew I was sweating now. The pain and pleasure I had endured many times, but the attempt at silence was confounding.

A thick cock slid effortlessly into my willing pussy and I longed to moan but somehow managed to keep quiet as I arched my back and lifted my offering. The unidentified man grunted like a pig and rooted like one as well. He rode me fast and hard, filling me completely with each stroke. Controlling my orgasm was a well practiced trick and proved hardly challenging when the anti-stud pulled out and spilled his spunk on my ass.

The second and third men were equally as quick and filling, and

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