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An Exhibitionist with too many people who wouldn't understand.

Why is it these are the only things you hear.

He begins walking over to you. Your eyes fixated on his pants.

"Excuse me, did you hear what I said."

You nod in agreement your eyes never leaving his pants.

"Ahh." he says. "Would you like to touch it?"

Touch it, is he serious. Oh my god. You take a deep breath.

"Excuse me" you mutter.

"You heard me." he says in a deep commanding voice.

"Go ahead. You can take it out."

You look around. The room is all a suddenly empty. You hesitate as you slowly reach for his pants. You slowly begin unzipping them. Your hands start to sweat. This isn't right, he is your boss, what if someone walks in. But you want to see it, to touch it. You reach in and slowly pull his cock out. Holding it with both hands, you look at it in awe. It is soft and smooth. It curves up so slightly. It is so wide your hand doesn't even make it all the way around the shaft. You continue to stare at it not knowing what to do with it next.

"Let me show you how it works." he whispers as he picks you up.

Sitting you up on the conference table he pushes you back. As he pulls off your skirt, a chill surges through your body. You want it, but what if you get caught. Pulling off your panties another tingle passes through your body. The naughtiness and the anticipation have your heart racing. You begin breathing heavily. He lifts your ankles onto his shoulders.

"Mmmmm" is the only sound you hear uttered from his lips.

You feel the smooth head of his giant cock sliding through your lips. Your pussy already wet from the anticipation. He slides it up and down a few more times coating it in your juices. Then you feel it. The pressure at the opening. He begins to push inside you. You close your eyes. Breathing slowly as he pushes in. As the tip makes it may in you feel him on all sides. A slight ache resonates as you are pushed open wider.

"Ohhhh..." you moan.

Your pussy now spread wide open taking in all the girth. As he continues to push deeper inside, you feel the tip search for the back. Will it all fit? He continues to push deeper, you can feel the head of his cock slide over your g spot before making its way further back.

The fullness. It's amazing. No room for anything else left inside. He holds it deep inside. The throbbing of his cock matching his heartbeat.

"Mmmmm." And before the last m even leaves his lips he begins sliding out and back in.

The first few thrusts send chills throughout as you get used to the fullness. He picks up pace. Each thrust finding its way to the outer edge before pushing all the way back in to the deepest point possible. The pressure, the feeling, you can't exactly describe it but you love it.

As the pace picks up your hand finds its way to your clit. Rubbing away you focus on the fullness and how each stroke of his cock inside your pussy can be felt everywhere. In and out he continues making sure you feel it inside from tip to end every time. Your pussy dripping all over the table. Your fingers gliding rubbing quickly across your clit now. You are so ready to cum, maybe even multiple times.

He squeezes your thighs with his hands. From the look on his face you know he is close. You can feel the throbbing occurring quicker. The throbbing in your pussy quickly turns to spasms. You rub your clit trying to beat him to the finish line. He shoves his massive rock hard cock into your soaking wet pussy one last time. Digging his finger into your thighs to keep you from sliding across the table. There is an eruption of cum inside you.

As you feel the warm cum oozing inside you it is enough to set you over the edge. Biting your lip and doing all you can not to scream you dig your nails into his arms as you tighten and lock your pussy around his cock. Not letting him pull out, squeezing down so the slight curve in his cock is pushing just right into the magic spot. As the ecstasy flushes over your body you finally just let go.

"Ohhhhh gawdddddd!" you scream.

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