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As beautiful as she was. "Actually, I used to have quite a big crush on you," I blurted out. Her eyes widened with a look of surprise and intrigue.

"Really?" she whispered.

"Really," I whispered back. "I've never really had the courage to admit it to anyone.. or even myself. But.. you make me really happy, Fenn." She swelled with happiness, burying her little head beneath my chin. My heart felt massive in my chest, especially with her so close to it. Unfortunately, my cock shared a similar feeling, and I could feel it already pressing against her stomach. As much as I had wanted to fuck Fennel in the past, this was currently the last thing I wanted; I would've traded the raging hard-on for anything if it meant I could hold her like this for a little longer. Alas, this was not to be. She stirred beneath my embrace, bringing her head out to look at me. "I make you that happy, do I?" she said with her trademark grin. I decided to capitalise on the moment.
"I'm not sure what you mean, how happy is that happy?" She happily responded to my obvious prompt, dipping her right hand into my pants and grabbing my cock with a pleasantly firm, purposeful grip. "Oh, that." I said, grinning like an idiot. She ran her palm down the length of my shaft. Upon reaching the base, her eyes widened. "Where's the rest of it?" My eyebrows hit my hairline. Oh God, I just died on the inside. Seeing the look of utter defeat on my face, she snorted, and then burst into a little fit of giggles. "I'm kidding! God, you're so sensitive!" she said, peeking at it under the covers, "I mean, you actually have some semblance of a shaft, unlike some guys." I beamed. I think I just died. Er, in the good way, not the bad way. Her head went further into the covers. A little, muffled voice emerged in place of hers, "Oh, kudos."

"I'm sorry?"

"Don't be, it looks quite nice." My cock throbbed with happiness at the comment. She re-emerged, looking pleasantly surprised. "I'm sorry but, you know, I have principles."


"I don't tend to have sex with guys to whom I declared an attraction for which I originally disguised as a friendship laden with insults on the first night, minutes after our first kiss."

"That's totally understandable. And hang on, first?"

"Oh sorry, I forgot about my 16th. Guess you didn't really 'rock my world' at the time." Back to the insults.

"Look.. your hand's on my cock, I'm worried that if I insult you back, something terrible might happen, so I'll refrain." She giggled, and started moving her hand up and down along my stiff shaft. I shivered beneath her grasp; this was Fennel, my best friend since the age of 6, with her hand on my cock. And she was hot. Really hot. Maybe I should tell her so. I unintentionally rolled onto my back, cock standing in all its glory, her little hand still diligently pumping away at it. She leant over and kissed me, biting my lower lip as she pulled away. She changed her approach, rubbing the head of my cock between fingers and palm before stroking my shaft again. I was belting out pre-cum by this point, and each stroke of my shaft made a sticky, wet noise. "Mmm, how's that?" she asked, gently kissing my neck and shoulder.


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