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My cheating had to start with someone.

She stared in disbelief as her uniform melt away, badge and holster fall to the ground at her feet.

Strangely, she felt herself becoming aroused, her pussy itched and she needed something to scratch that itch. The snaked that crawled inside wasn't what she'd hope for, but upon entering, it seemed to fill her and she came hard. A moment later, she no longer cared about the chaos, easily breaking free of the hardening gel, she stood. For a middle-aged woman in her late forties, she'd kept herself in good shape. She didn't notice her small breasts swelling three times their original size, having laid its eggs the creature protruded from the blonde covered pussy as it surveyed the diner. In a few minutes, it was all over, three of the beach girls, laid dying ad blood flowed from their wounds. They felt no pain, only tingling afterglow of good sex.

The commotion having ended, a hush fell over the restaurant. A moment later, a panicky young man, thinking he'd waited long enough, sprang to his feet and scurried out the door to his vehicle. He would have escaped had the only driveway from the parking lot not curved back towards the restaurant entrance. Managing to dodge the hail of bullets fired from the naked sheriff, she'd managed to hit the front left tire causing the pickup to careen wildly, crash into a tree and explode into flames.

Carrying her empty service revolver at her side, a massive snake-like mushroom headed alien coiled around both heavy tits, then rested on top, as the sheriff returned to the restaurant, where with her bare feet, she stomped out the small fire. Although they'd suffered some losses, the spacepricks had more than tripled their numbers. By taking control of the locals, they'd acquired vehicles, weapons and knowledge of the surrounding area. They could now travel to larger populations and nearby cities where they would repeat these actions until they had enough numbers to overrun the, county, state, country and finally the tiny blue planet itself.


Entering in from the north, team one was the first to come upon the Cliffhanger Bar and Grill, it looked as if a small war had occurred. Silently, Joe gave his team the signal to wait. Before he could ask, Keira also known simply as Joe's "AI" gave him the report. "...faint human life signs detected. some hostiles detected." Joe took the lead, instructing Nancy cover their flank, as they proceeded into the small town's main restaurant and watering hole.

The carnage was difficult for Ramona to look at, as they made their way into the diner. The floor was sticky with blood. Joe made his way to the still breathing victim, a blonde woman appearing to be in her mid-twenties, she was naked. She would have been lovely to gaze upon, had it not been for the large hole in her abdomen. A shotgun blast, how she was still alive was a mystery. Her eyes were fixed and she was moaning. It wasn't the moan of pain, surprisingly, but the sound of a woman near the peak of passion. Joe looked closely at her, she did appear to be about to orgasm, then she simply stopped breathing.

"Over here," Ramona called.

"Nancy," Joe said. "Keep an eye on the door."

Moving what looked to be a huge male organ with the toe of her boot, she said. "Is this one of the creatures or something else?"

"Matt, are you seeing this?" Joe asked as he peered in for a closer look. Keira confirmed their suspicions. It was a dead spaceprick or at least a part of one. "Bag it." Joe ordered Ramona, who hesitated for a moment, before retrieving a bag from her utility belt and taking a knee.

"Keira can you detect any movement?" Joe asked.

The "AI" replied in the negative, and anticipated Joe's next question. "I do not sense any nearby movement here or one hundred of your yards around this structure. Perhaps you should split up and continue your search."

Pulling Nancy from the door, the three separated and searched the facility.

Searching every inch of the place, it appeared that no o

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