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After a long day, he treats her like a princess.

He just couldn't take his eyes off me.

The next day I slipped into Andy's room to check out his diary. I found some new jottings. He had continued from where he had left.


June 19


Four years down the line, mom looks as sexy as she was before. In fact, she is looking hotter. She seemed to be a great mood. She asked me what she should wear for the evening. If only I could suggest the birthday suit to her. I had a great view of mom's legs and buttocks up the stairway. I soon found mom wasn't wearing any panties. The only thing her mini skirt was hiding was her pussy.

Will I ever get to see momma's pussy? Later at the pool, she looked gorgeous in her bikini. I masturbated to mom in the shower but that did not calm me down. I masturbated again before I slept. are sexy.


I was now looking for new ways to expose myself to my son. The next day, I changed into my sexiest lingerie and as I stood before the mirror admiring myself, I had an idea. I undid my bra and went into my bathroom and hung it up where my other bras were left hanging.

Then I wrapped myself up in a sheet on the bed and called up my son Andy on his cell phone.

As he entered my room, he saw me with one leg out of the sheet exposing my thighs and panties.

"Oh darling, can you make a cup of coffee for momma."

"Of course."

And he left the room.

Minutes later he arrived with a cup of coffee and placed it on the table next to my bed.

"Thanks just go in to my bathroom and fetch momma a bra."

He went in to my bathroom.

"Oh mom...which one...there are so many here."

"The one to match my panties...honey."

"Oh mom...I'm really confused....there are so many nice bras here."

Looking at my lingerie collection must have been a hugely exciting thing for him.

'Oh darling...didn't you notice the color of momma's panties."

"It was black I guess."

"That's right honey."

"Now get me a black bra please."

He was in front of me a minute later holding a black bra.

He handed it to me. I took it from him.

And then I allowed the sheet to fall off my boobs exposing them to my son. As he stood amazed, I put on the bra taking all the time in the world letting him watch my breasts.

I threw away the sheet and kissed him on his cheeks.

"Thanks honey for the coffee."

A couple of days passed. Late in the evening, I opened the door of my bedroom and my bathroom. I switched the music on loud.

Then, I placed a little mirror in front of me. Then `I started to undress as I enjoyed the music. I was soon down to my birthday suit. I was showering all naked with my back to the doors of the bathroom.

Minutes later, I heard the sound of my son coming to my room. He reduced the volume of the music. Then, he stood in my bedroom outside the bathroom, absolutely stunned by what he had seen. I knew I was completely naked. I was enjoying my exhibitionism. I could look at him in my little mirror. Andy could see only my back and buttocks. I pretended that I had not noticed him.

A couple of minutes later, Andy left the room.

The next day, I opened his diary. This is what I found.


June 21


Accidentally, I saw mom in her bathroom. She was.....naked. I could only see her back and lovely round ass. She was simply stunning. If only such beautiful accidents could happen more often.


I had tasted more of exhibitionism. Now, I longed for the moment when I could display some frontal nudity to my son. But How? Then, the next day, an idea struck my mind.

I decided to go for a bath. I left the bedroom and the bathroom doors open. Then I switched on some music. It was the same music that I had played when I had shown him my back and butts. I stripped down to my bra and panties. Then I walked into the bathroom and opened the shower.

I danced gently to the tune of the music. I unhooked my bra and let it fall down. I felt my nipples harden with excitement.

I slid my panties down an inch; then another and then another.

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